31 Super Trendy Nail Inspirations

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As the fall season approaches and the fashion world prepares for its most exciting time of the year, clothing, makeup looks and trendy nail designs are breaking the old rules and creating new ones along the way! Clothing designers are experimenting with looks that range from the deconstructed power suits, relaxed menswear looks, and lounge style garb to funky, vintage styles, glitter and glam, fringed Western. inspired clothing, neutral colors, and mismatched, eye-popping prints. The newest trends for makeup and nails are just as varied with options that suit practically every personality, style and occasion!

31 Super Trendy Nail Inspirations that You Must Try

Nail trends this season are inspired by bold designs, modern art, geometric shapes, sparkle and shimmer, classic neutrals (such as burgundy nails) and make inventive use of color. Some of the most standout nail trends we’ve seen so far are featured here so read on to discover which style you’d like to try first!

1. Pretty in Pink and Grey

Source: vk.com

One of the prettiest and romantic looks for nails this fall would have to be the grey and pink color combinations which are soft and muted and have a touch of vintage romance. Accent with a flower or leaf pattern in black or white to add just a hint of drama!

2. Embellished Cuticles

For such a simple design, the metallic stripes on nails this season have a stellar impact! These square tipped nails in pink and white are given a stroke of genius with these gold nail stripes across the top of the cuticles. For extra sparkle,add a a few jewels and alternate the colors of your cute nails!

3. Marbled Coffin Nails

These marbled nails are totally different and definitely out of this world cool! The aptly named short coffin nails (which are named for their shape that tapers and is squared off at the end) is one of the hottest trendy nail styles this season. So if you like to wear them long, then you have to try this look. The marbled design is another trending look so try them together for an edgy and totally far out style!

4. Transition Nails

Blurring the lines between one color to another complementary hue looks smooth and effortless with these transition nails that are beautiful and colorful. These shades look particularly amazing together and are as dazzling as a gorgeous sunset. Varying your choices of colors that have a similar intensity will show off the gradation in colors best.

5. Leaf Motif Designs

Source: vk.com

What better way to celebrate fall than with a sprinkling of leaf art on your nails? These pretty nails are a simple neutral shade and highlighted with a bold green leaf design in the corners.

6)Pink Blush Nails

A classic look that you can just never go wrong with. The pink blush nails are mega popular this season especially if you go with a super shiny, slick, baby pink shade that is feminine and soft!

7. Glitter and Wine

These dramatic nails are a great look for the season. The wine colored nail polish has a deep ombré color look that is slick and mysterious. Cover with some glitter on one nail on each hand and you have a beautiful combination that combines two of the seasons best looks!

8. Grey square nails

A new color this season that can be worn in so many ways is grey and it is anything but drab! This look is low key and the shorter square style is easy to wear. Add some glitter to one nail and your shiny grey nails have instant sparkle!

9. Metallic Stripes

Whoever thought a natural color for nails was too plain, these metallic stripes came along to add a little emphasis to cuticles and make your nails sparkle with a hint of gold! Metallic stripes can be worn anywhere on the nails but the uniform look of the stripes on the cuticles gives them balance and makes natural nails pop!

10. Minimalism

The muted colors of these grey and maroon nails are given a little added style by putting some minimal geometric design on one nail. The colors are perfectly coordinating but still in line with a simple and understated style that has big appeal!

11. Shades of Purples

If there is another color that is really on trend this season it would have to be any shade of purple. Lilacs, mauves, and deep purple hues are all shown here along with white and some more geometric designs to accent one nail. The look gives new meaning to the term nuetral!

12. Grey Color Sprays

Source: vk.com

These grey rounded shapes nails are given an extra special dose of prettiness with arc shaped color sprays that accent he moon of the cuticles and one entire nail. The design combines an unexpected use of bold pastel colors that look perfect with the grey and bring them to vibrant life!

13. The New Neutrals

The new neutrals of the season for nails are most definitely soft greys, pinks and silvers and these nails show them off, one by one most delightfully! Add a cracked twig look design to one nail and you’ve got nails that are show stoppers-in a very subtle way!

14. Extra Square Tips

Source: eslamoda.com

Square is cool and when the nails are a short length, the exaggerated square tips are particularly unique and stylish! These simple style nails have a little gold triangular design on one nail that makes them one of a kind and personalized.

15. Celestial Nails

If these nails make you think of space travel and moon beams that’s because they are straight out of a celestial dream in holographic colors, distinct almond points and glittery sparkle! Holographic nail polish and doses of glitter are a fun and extremely gorgeous way to show off your pointed nails which have also made a comeback this season!

16. Falling Leaves

Since fall is a time for leaves to fall, these falling leaves on soft, muted grey nails give the look a autumnal beauty that is fresh with a little color and a perfect way to ring in the start of a new season!

17. Moonstruck Nails

Source: vk.com

Another look inspired by the moon and the stars, these nails are soft and pretty in shades of pink with a heavenly glow! Add a little gold embellishment with jewels and sparkles and you can show off your tribute to the night sky!

18. Pastel Rainbows

A combination of rainbow colors in a fresh and youthful looking array of pastels! These nails are fun and full of life with colors that are popping with flashbacks to tye dye prints and peace loving hippies!

19. Meteor Showers

Give your soft taupe nails a boost of shimmer with some random glitter adorned nails and one or two metallic shades thrown in. The combination will definitely be exploding with style!

20. Whitewashed Nails

White colored nails have been seen to highlight other shades of nails but try painting all nails in white and then accenting with a few little gold dots on the cuticles and add some gold glitter to one nail. This look is striking in an ultra minimalist way!

21. Black is Back

Source: vk.com

Maybe it’s the colder weather or perhaps it’s because Halloween is not too far away, but black nails are back with a fresh update using a soft pink color on one and some intricate black detailing on top. These nails are dark and mysterious and most definitely alluring!

22. Polka Dot Neutrals

So the neutral colors we’ve been seeing here are once again revamped with yet another popular trend: polka dots! Come up with your own blend of pinks, tailed, greys, and black and white for a fabulously simple but well put together look that is perfect for shorter shapely nails!

23. Glamazon Nails

Not only are these nails long and lovely in the new coffin nail shape but they are loaded with an extra helping of glam with glitter and embellishments that are dramatic and striking like never before! The trick is to use a soft shiny color and then apply your glitter and jewels with finesse. Notice the jeweled cuticles? This trend is another reason why glamour nails are even more spectacular than ever before!

24. Geometric Gems

These beautiful nails use only white, pink and black colors but manage to look extremely modern and interesting. The arrow shaped designs are the perfect way to bring the colors together and adding some jewels in a triangular shape to the cuticle area gives the look an extra bit of savvy style!

25. Triangular Tips

This super pretty style uses pink, white and a glittery silver metallic color to make another modern art looking statement that is subtle and bold at the same time! The triangular color blocks are great on just one nail while the glittery shade on the pinky nails ties it all in for a triangular trend that you definitely have to try!

26. Tropical Twists

The colors are bright, bold and almost neon and the design is simple but totally effective in boosting the color and look of these tropical nails. The lime green orange nail colors are an unexpected twist to the neutral shades we’ve been seeing a lot of and will give your nails an exciting and juicy pop of style!

27. Sparkly Sunsets

Source: bmodish.com

These nails are pretty, sparkly and oh so stylish! With the pretty peachy pink color and the use of triangular shapes and glitter, here’s another version of a color scheme that is a huge trendy nail look with a bit of sparkle to easily go from day to night!

28. Purple Ombre Nails

The deep dark purple shade is given new life with the ombré design that shows off a graduating Depth of color. Top off with the black tips, another new trend in nail art and these nails are totally chic!

29. Blue Jeweled Moons

The color is a fascinating blue black that is high gloss and has incredible shine. One nail is detailed with a super pretty half moon jeweled cuticle and the result is magical!

30. Pink Half Moons

A new interpretation of the French tip nails, these nails look fabulously girly and luxe in shades of pink and rose metallic. The half moon cuticles are followed by another half moon to end with the metallic tip. A lovely and totally new way to wear your nails!

31. Sweet Starry Shine

These nails manage to look totally demure and fresh in a nice pink shade that is just a little darker than your natural nail color. The dusting of glitter is a beautiful sparkly idea to really make your nails glow with glitter and shine!

31 Super Trendy Nail Inspirations

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