43+ Sultry Burgundy Nail Ideas to Bring out Your Inner Sexy

43+ Sultry Burgundy Nail Ideas to Bring out Your Inner Sexy

By: Avatar photo Claudia Williams Updated: Mar 10, 2024


There are not many universally flattering polish shades, but burgundy nails are one of them. While we stand behind sporting burgundy color nails at any time of the year, they’re incredibly cozy for the colder months.

The rich, warm color perfectly complements other seasonal shades like gold and white. We will show you 50 burgundy nail designs so you can slay with some of your nails this winter.

We’ve got you covered from (anything but) bare shimmer to all-out nail art. Read on for some need-to-know basics on maintaining your best burgundy mani, then get inspired in our gallery of awesome nail designs.

43+ Trendy Burgundy Nails to Make You Feel Fresh and Powerful

Burgundy nail designs are like green tea – it’s great, but it leaves behind stains if you’re not careful. The lesson here is to use a good quality base coat on your nails, whether short coffin nails or a different style.

Not only will it prime your “canvas,” but it will also keep those pigments from yellowing your cute nails. One of the best things about burgundy nail polish is that the formulas are usually highly pigmented. What that means for you is that you can usually stop after 1 or 2 coats.

Burgundy ranges from a deep, dark, true red to a purplish, almost brown shade of red. The color gets its name from a type of wine made in the Burgundy region of France. Who’s feeling fancy now?

Burgundy is a shockingly flattering and versatile color. No joke, it suits every skin tone. If you’re part of a bridal party or want matching burgundy nails with your friends, this is a good color candidate. Since burgundy is a classic red, it is professional and suitable for the workplace.

Of course, no one said you have to stop there! Nail art and accents ranging from white to gold to black to pink pair beautifully with Burgundy to give your mani a little pizazz. C’mon, let’s get you lacquered up.

1. Glimmering and Trendy Burgundy Color Nails with Snowflakes

Glimmering and Trendy Burgundy Nail Designs with Snowflakes

What’s more charming than these rounded square-tipped burgundy nails? The sparkly Bordeaux polish doesn’t have to work hard to capture our attention. That offset snowflake embellishment is the perfect way to embrace a seasonal change. Of course, you can always try out different accent configurations without losing any of the look’s elegance.

2. Matte Burgundy Stiletto Nails with Sparkly Leaf Branches

Matte Burgundy Stiletto Nails with Sparkly Leaf Branches

These elegant matte burgundy stiletto nails feature a mix of wine red and rose gold gradients, Bordeaux solids, and silver leaf accents. The warm and shimmery blend of polishes and strategic placement makes them an unstoppable force. Treat yourself to this elegant blend of texture, and you’ll never settle for DIY nail designs again.

3. Trendy Burgundy Color Nails with Nude Highlights

Burgundy Nails with Nude Highlights

This multicolored burgundy nail design features a blend of nude and maroon polishes. The color placement appears to be completely arbitrary. However, some of the nude nails boast maroon tip embellishments.

4. Shimmery Red Wine Laquer Trendy Burgundy Nails

Shimmery Red Wine Laquer Burgundy Nail Designs

What raises your holiday spirits better than a glass of red wine? These ruby red nails are incredibly resilient of our favorite crimson-colored vintages. Those shimmery gold embellishments are sure to pair well with that gold jewelry you requested. We hope you are on Santa’s nice list.

5. Christmas Ribbon Stiletto Burgundy Color Nails

Christmas Ribbon Stiletto Burgundy Nail Design

This dramatic holiday nail idea starts with a lengthy stiletto foundation. We cannot think of a better base for this over-the-top holiday mashup. Two fingernails feature solid gold foil overlays. Meanwhile, another two boast shimmery black and silver finishes. The highlight of this burgundy nail design has to be the Christmas ribbon-inspired designs that encompass the middle four nails. The red and gold plaid is tremendously festive.

6. Purplish and Trendy Burgundy Galaxy Glitter Burgundy Nails

 Purplish Burgundy Galaxy Glitter Burgundy Nails

Let us all just take a moment to declare in one united voice: we love glitter nails. It sparkles and it makes your mani last longer! This purple-rich shade of burgundy is super fun and festive. This would be a great look to go with a party dress on New Year’s Eve.

7. Classy, Sassy and Trendy Burgundy Nail Design

Glossy Burgundy Nails

You can really appreciate that deep red wine color in this glossy shade of burgundy. The high-gloss finish on short stiletto style burgundy nail designs is a backdrop for some classy AF nail art. A few strategically placed diamond-style crystals make the whole look really pop. This is a great date night style!

8. Christmasy Chrome Trendy Burgundy Color Nails

Christmasy Chrome Red Matte Burgundy Nails

A burgundy nail design will never go out of style. This shade of burgundy is a little more on the true red side. If you like the subtle chrome sparkle of this nail designs idea, then look for a formula that has just a touch of shimmer. Formulas like that tend to go on with full coverage and dry quickly – a win-win!

9. Mocha Red Chrome on Classic Square Burgundy Nails

Mocha Red Chrome on Classic Square Burgundy Nail Designs

Do you work in a conservative office but yearn for fun nail designs? This is a great way to sneak in a little personality while still looking professional. This mani uses a shade of burgundy that’s a little on the brown side. Then use a chrome effect topcoat to give it that amazing finish.

10. Winter Diva Glossy Burgundy Nails

Winter Diva Burgundy Nail Designs

Can’t decide whether to go with a solid color or some wild ombre glitter nails? Why not both? Opt for a multicolor burgundy nail design with alternating micro glitter burgundy and raspberry-to-silver glitter ombre nails. With burgundy nails this bold you can’t be shy. Get ready to turn some heads!

11. Different Shades of Burgundy Nails with Multicolor Mani

Shades of Burgundy Nails with Multicolor Mani

Using variations of cream and glitter nails formulas and subtle shades of burgundy is a great way to rock a multicolor manicure without too much contrast. Just find some formulas that are in the same general color family but are slightly different (i.e. lighter and darker, shimmer or matte nails). Add in a couple of crystals and an ombre accent nail and you’re ready to go!

12. Matte Minimalist Geometric Burgundy Nail Design

Matte Minimalist Geometric Burgundy Nail Design

These look like nail designs right off the runway – and it’s so easy! Elevate basic burgundy nails with a matte top coat. Add some thin, lines in white or gray using alternating directions. You could go to a salon for this look, but it’s so easy you could even DIY at home.

13. What’s Your Sign? Gold Starry and Trendy Burgundy Nails

 What’s Your Sign? Gold Starry Burgundy Nail Designs

You’ll be as beautiful as the moon and stars with this whimsical nail designs. Use a plummy cream shade of burgundy as a base. Using stencils or stickers, add some sparkly gold stars and finish with top coat. Now if you can just find that cute ring you’ll be all set!

14. Glam-tastic Burgundy Glitter Burgundy Nail Design

 Glam-tastic Burgundy Glitter and Glossy Burgundy Nail Design

If you can get your hands on a glitter nails polish that’s this deep, glossy, and dense, then you owe it to yourself to sport this mani. Alternating shimmery burgundy nails with full glitter nails will do the trick. If you want to kick it up a notch, add some horizontal ombre to the burgundy nails for an interesting visual effect.

15. Silvery Glitter Nails and Purple Burgundy Nail Design

Silvery Glitter Nails and Purple Burgundy Nail Designs

Like short burgundy nails? This is a great shade of burgundy polish for you to try. The rich, regal purple hue is peppered with silvery glitter that shines through. Sometimes glitter nails polish like this can look a bit dull after a few days. Re-apply top coat as needed to keep your burgundy nails looking shiny.

16. Sumptuous Champagne, Burgundy and Gold Nails

Sumptuous Champagne, Burgundy and Gold Nails

We suspect that these nail designs alone can make you feel like a million bucks. The deep, dark shade of burgundy is illuminated with a hint of gold foil nail art. The accent burgundy nails are like a glass of bubbly pink champagne with the gold and burgundy glitter complimenting each other beautifully.

17. Feeling Fancy in Burgundy Nails and Gold Claws

 Feeling Fancy in Burgundy Nail Designs and Gold Claws

These nail designs show how burgundy can be used almost as a neutral. If you choose a shade that’s a little more muted like this one, then the other colors around it really pop out. Gold and burgundy are BFFs, so a bold gold glitter like this is a natural choice. The peachy chrome accent burgundy nails really show how versatile burgundy can be!

18. Cute Holiday Sweater Burgundy Nail Art Style

Cute Holiday Sweater Nail Art Style

Forget the ugly Christmas sweater trend. Turn your burgundy nails into a cozy traditional holiday burgundy nail design instead! Start with a classic burgundy base color. Using a small brush, paint on the holiday design in white. Be sure to leave room for a dense silver glitter accent nail that shimmers like fresh snow!

19. Ultra Luxe in Black, Gold, and Burgundy Nails

Ultra Luxe in Black, Gold, and Matte Burgundy Nail Designs

Simple, chic, and oh so elegant! These burgundy nails are what to wear when you want to look expensive. You can see how different top coats can add variety to the same polish. Just compare the glossy and matte nails. You can make a gorgeous chevron pattern like this with just a thin brush and a steady hand.

20. Holiday Gold and Burgundy Nails

Holiday Gold and Burgundy Nails

Classy yet festive, this is a cute holiday themed mani with a graceful touch. All you need is 3 colors to pull this off: burgundy, champagne, and gold. You may need to visit a pro for the pretty nails with snowflake nail art, but you can do candy cane stripes at home by simply using nail tape on your natural nails as a guide.

21. Burgundy Unicorn Burgundy Nails and Gold Chrome

Burgundy Unicorn Glossy Burgundy Nails and Gold Chrome

These burgundy nails look a little dangerous! Shy gals need not apply. These nail designs use strategically placed swirls of different shades of burgundy polish to accentuate the pattern in the unicorn texture. The gold chrome nails accent burgundy nails have tips dipped in red for a little extra drama.

22. Fun and Fanciful Grape Crush Burgundy Nails

Fun and Fanciful Grape Crush Burgundy Nails

Wear these burgundy nails to your next dance party. This is on the purplish end of the burgundy spectrum to be sure, but you can still see the deep red undertones. The sparkly polish is topped with crisscrossed lines in micro glitter gold. A look like this can work just as well for long or short burgundy nails.

23. Super Girly Matte Nails with Rhinestones

Super Girly Matte Burgundy Nails with Rhinestones

Multicolored natural nails look amazing when you pick 2 ends of a shade spectrum like this burgundy and soft pink. They pair together naturally. It’s also a fun color combo to use when playing with alternative French tip nails. Finish it up with some sparkly rhinestones and you’re on your way.

24. Deep Red Burgundy Nails

Deep Red Burgundy Nails

Uncage your wild side with these daring claw nails. The shape is quite bold all on its own so you can keep the polish simple here. A deep, dark shade of burgundy with a very glossy burgundy topcoat gets the job done. As you can see by the rings in this picture, this color can pair well with either silver or gold colored jewelry.

25. HD Floral Burgundy Nail Art on Glittery Pink Polish

HD Floral Burgundy Nail Art on Glittery Pink Polish

Burgundy doesn’t always have to be a base color. Just look at these nail designs! Using a bright, shimmery pink as the base color the rose pattern nail art is applied in a dark burgundy manicure. The contrast is totally gorgeous. And, really, who wouldn’t love that nail art?

26. Contemporary Burgundy Nails in Holiday Style

Contemporary Glossy Burgundy Nails in Holiday Style

Want a holiday manicure but tired of the same old trees and snowflakes? Try this artsy take on the holiday theme. All you need are red to burgundy ombre nails and a holographic green color for simple crisscrossed lines. Voila! You’ve got yourself nail designs worthy of an art gallery.

27. Burgundy Nails with Precious Jewels and Marvelous Marble

Burgundy Nails with Precious Jewels and Marvelous Marble

These nail designs are proof positive that you don’t need super long burgundy nails to have awesome nail art. It’s also more evidence that glossy burgundy might just be the most sophisticated nail color there is. The beautiful gemstone nail art and gold foil and marbled accent burgundy nails just put the whole shebang over the top.

28. Blooming Burgundy Nails

Blooming Burgundy Nails

During the cold winter months, you can start to really miss those beautiful blooms of spring and summer. These nail designs are like a gorgeous winter garden complete with beautiful white blossoms. The lattice pattern and rhinestones curving toward the flower add to the botanical fee. We can almost smell the flowers!

29. Chic and Short Burgundy Nails

Chic and Short Burgundy Nails

If you’re short on time or just prefer something simpler, then you cannot go wrong with a dark burgundy manicure. The almond-shaped tips on this style are especially elegant, but this could work easily with just about any nail shape. Apply top coat early and often to keep that glossy sheen.

30. Dazzling Snow Queen Matte Burgundy Nail Design

Dazzling Snow Queen Matte Burgundy Nails

It is simply amazing how a matte finish can transform the appearance of burgundy polish. With nail designs like these, you can keep things simple with a burgundy and white base so that people cannot miss that accent nail dripping with jewels. Yas queen! Using gold, red, and pearl gems tie the entire nail design together beautifully.

31. Adorable Christmas Red and Reindeer Short Burgundy Nails

Adorable Christmas Red and Reindeer Burgundy Nails

You can transition your classic burgundy nails into a holiday theme with the addition of a little cute seasonal nail art. The sweet reindeer burgundy nail design pictured here are a perfect and unexpected choice! They are unmistakably Christmasy without being too “on the nose” (Rudolph pun intended) .

32. Daring Burgundy Nails and Electric Blue Mashup

Daring Burgundy Nails and Electric Blue Mashup

Blue and red are both traditional holiday colors. Combining the two makes for a really lovely and unique style. The cool, crystal blue shines in contrast to the burgundy red. Combining such different colors can appear messy, but keeping the blue in the gemstones makes the look very pointed and chic.

33. Stylish Winter Wonderland Burgundy Nails

Stylish Winter Wonderland Burgundy Nails

There is something about that creamy burgundy color that is the perfect shade of cozy for winter-themed nails. This set combines a pretty, rosy burgundy with white marble, ombre, and a glitter accent for good measure. A single accent nail with a rhinestone pattern sets the whole thing off.

34. Matte-alicious Caramel and Burgundy Nails with Bling

Caramel and  Matte Burgundy Nails with Bling

These burgundy nails will warm you up! Caramel and burgundy make such a nice color combination that will also look great with many winter outfits. The matte finish makes the other colors seem cozier somehow. Some strategically placed bling on the caramel nails elevates the entire look to a new status.

35. Floral Design Print Half Moon Burgundy Nails

 Floral Design Print Half Moon Burgundy Nails

So many trends, so little time! Burgundy nails? Check. Pretty nails with pink floral design nail art? Check. Gold chrome half moon style? Check. These nail designs have a lot going for them and it’s all good. Let this be a lesson for us all. You don’t have to choose just one hot trend. Mix and match, The results might delight you!

36. Easy DIY Old Hollywood Glam Burgundy Nails

Easy DIY Old Hollywood Glam Burgundy Nails

Channel your inner Marilyn Monroe with just a few coats of burgundy polish. The “squoval” nail shape is the best canvas for this classic style. Make sure you do a swipe of polish across the tip for a professional look. This is the best way to get a beautiful, timeless nail design in a snap.

37. Sparkly Burgundy Nails with Boho Chic Gold Designs

Sparkly Burgundy Nails with Boho Chic Gold Designs

For the ladies who are new to burgundy nail designs, this is a subdued foray that will still mix up your standard burgundy nail design. First, pick a shimmery version of your typical burgundy shade. That alone will add some glam. Next, do geometric pattern nail art in a complementary color like gold. As you can see, it’s fun but also simple.

38. Burgundy Nails and Miami Pink Multicolor Nail Design

Burgundy Nails and Miami Pink Multicolor Nail Design

Mix some beach life into your winter time with this fresh take on the multicolored mani. Burgundy and marbled accent nails go together like PB&J, but that Miami pink, tho! Splash in a surprising pop of bright color to remind yourself that spring and summer are on their way!

39. Pretty in Purple Burgundy Nails

Pretty in Purple Burgundy Nails

Some like it purple, and we don’t disagree. If your favorite version of burgundy is more on the “grapes on the vine” side of the wine spectrum then go for it! This shimmery purple hue is dark, sultry and just a little bit shimmery. You get all the beauty of a burgundy Nail Design with an added splash of plummy flavor.

40. Fierce and Feminine Muted Burgundy Nails

Fierce and Feminine Muted Burgundy Nails

Tired of dark winter colors? Why don’t you try something a little softer? This shade is a muted version of burgundy that’s soft, feminine, and so easy to wear. This creamy shade will act almost like a neutral so you can style it with loads of different outfits. This is also a perfect option for gals who work in a formal office setting – totally SFW.

41. Dreamy Creamy Burgundy Marble Nail Art

Dreamy Creamy Burgundy Nails

Part sweet candy and part chic marble, swirling in burgundy create a unique effect. Just take your simple, deep burgundy nail design and add a white accent nail. Instead of using gray or gold for marbling on the accent nail, use the burgundy from the other nails. Talk about a matching set!

42. Geode Inspired Swirls of Earthy Burgundy Nails

Geode Inspired Swirls of Earthy Matte Burgundy Nails

This burgundy nail design is inspired by nature. The rosy burgundy is as pretty as a petal, but the marbling is what really makes this nail art special. Different shades of burgundy, pink, green and gold are expertly swirled together to create an organic marbled look that’s truly unique.

43. Plum Burgundy Nails and Holographic Accents

Matte Burgundy Nails and Holographic Accents

Deck the halls with this festive nail art! Nothing adds glitz to a nail design quite like holographic polish. It is as if outer space and a kaleidoscope met up just to project beautiful prismatic color onto your natural nails. Using a gloss top coat over the burgundy nails help match the holographic shine.

44. Dramatic, Sexy and Matte Burgundy Nails

Dramatic and Sexy Matte Burgundy Nails

Sporting a deep burgundy red shade on your tips is the surest way to a glamorous nail design. Just look at those nails! They are polished and chic with just a hint of sexy. These are total boss babe nails, so wear them with pride and let your inner leader shine through!

45. “Pour Me Another” Red with Gold Facets Matte Burgundy Nails

“Pour Me Another” Red with Gold Facets Matte Burgundy Nails

These burgundy nails are like a cross between almond shape and lipstick shape. That rich cabernet shade of red makes us want to pour a glass! Faceted metallic nail accents are a fun alternative to gemstones. They catch the light and add a metallic sheen without a crystal effect. It’s like minimalist jewelry for your burgundy nails.

46. Ultra Long Chocolate Matte Burgundy Nails

Ultra Long Chocolate Matte Matte Burgundy Nails

When your natural nails are this long you can keep the color simple and still make an impact. This chocolaty shade of burgundy looks good enough to eat! The semi-sheer formula makes it appear very luminous even though it doesn’t have any shimmer. It’s the perfect shade to rule your winter style.

47. Pop Matte Burgundy Nails

Pop Matte Burgundy Nails

What do you get when you combine burgundy, cherry red, and a healthy dose of shimmer? This nail polish! You’d be hard pressed to find a better shade of red for the holidays. The cherry highlights and burgundy lowlights of the color combination with shimmer for an ombre-like effect when it catches the light. We’re a fan.

48. Marvelous Mauve Art Nouveau Burgundy Nails

Marvelous Mauve Art Nouveau Matte Burgundy Nails

Matte burgundy and mauve are very harmonious together. The mauve is a nice soft neutral which makes burgundy an ideal accent shade. But don’t stop there! Add some gold and gemstones into the mix to really shimmer and shine. Since metallic is neutral it simultaneously glams up and tones down the burgundy nail. Fabulous!

49. Daring Black Marble and Burgundy Nails

Daring Black Marble and Matte Burgundy Nails

Marbling in a black base is a simple color inversion, but look at how different the result is! The swirls of white are like beautiful smoky clouds inside the matte black color. The stunning marble is offset by blood red matte and gold-hued gems. Overall, the effect is dramatic and full of style.

50. Animal Print Matte Burgundy Nails for the Holidays

Animal Print Matte Burgundy Nails for the Holidays

Animal print lovers don’t have to give up their favorite patterns just because it’s the holiday season. Just shake up your palette! Beautiful matte burgundy has some brown undertones so it’s a natural swap for different shades of brown and black. This style uses burgundy and white to make a zebra print style along with some traditional holiday decor.

51. Silent Night and Shining Stars Burgundy Nails

 Silent Night and Shining Stars Matte Burgundy Nails

Here we go a-caroling! Step 1: Start with a festive sparkly red. Step 2: add a white glitter nails accent nail. Step 3: paint on cute starburst nail art in wintry white. Step 4: add one more accent nail in deep and mysterious burgundy chunk glitter nails. Now get ready to rule the holiday party.

52. Rock n’ Roll Holiday Holly Orange Nails

 Rock n’ Roll Holiday Holly Burgundy Nails

Punk rockers need holiday-themed nail art, too. Using an orange-red to blackish-burgundy ombre as a base, each nail is adorned with a tiny sprig of holiday holly. The combination of unconventional holiday colors and traditional seasonal motifs is edgy and exciting. Just what we’d expect from any lady with cool rocker chic.

53. Disco Diva Matte Burgundy Nails

Disco Diva Burgundy Matte Nails

Foil polish transforms simple burgundy color stands into a celebration on your fingers. This is one of those burgundy nail design ideas that you probably didn’t think of but would love to try. If you’re tired of using glitter nails to get your sparkle on, then try switching to a foiled chrome like this polish.

54. Juicy Burgundy Matte Nails with Nude Accents

Juicy Matte Burgundy Nails with Nude Accents

Burgundy matte nails really let the gemstones do the talking in this nail design. The glossy burgundy looks positively bursting with color. Contrasted against the gloss, the burgundy matte nails really stand out – which is no easy feat for a naked nail! Gold-hued gems complete the look and always compliment burgundy well.

55. Half/Half Matte Burgundy Nails with Rhinestones Down the Middle

Burgundy Matte Nails with Rhinestones Down the Middle

Do you like minimalist nail design ideas but want just a touch more glam to your look? This is the solution for you. The classic matte burgundy color is offset on the accent nails with blush pink painted straight down one half of the nail. You could stop there, or you could line up your rhinestones and get to blinging.

43+ New Ways to Wear Burgundy Nails that You Haven’t Thought of Yet

With so many burgundy nail design ideas how on earth will you pick just one? Luckily, there’s plenty of winter left so you can try on all of your favorite styles of burgundy nails. As one of the best, most universally flattering different shades out, the possibilities are truly endless. Keep it simple for work. Make it sparkly for play. Vamp it up for date night. Wherever the season takes you, there is a burgundy nail design that is perfect for the occasion. Even when the snow melts and you pack your sweaters away, this all-seasons color will serve you well any time of the year.


What looks good with burgundy nails?

Burgundy nails are versatile and exude elegance. They pair well with neutral shades like beige, black, and white, offering a sophisticated contrast. Gold jewelry accentuates the richness of burgundy, while deep green or navy clothing complements its depth. Opt for metallic or glitter accents on the nails for a festive touch.

Is burgundy a good nail color?

Burgundy is a good nail color, popular primarily in cooler months. It's elegant, versatile, and suits a range of skin tones. Whether for everyday wear or special occasions, burgundy nails add a touch of sophistication. Pairing it with outfits is easy, as it complements neutrals and bold shades.

Are burgundy nails elegant?

Yes, burgundy nails exude a timeless elegance. Their deep, rich hue is versatile, complementing both casual and formal looks. Perfect for any season, they add a sophisticated touch, making them a popular choice for those seeking a chic and refined appearance.

Can you wear burgundy nail polish in summer?

Yes! While burgundy nail polish is often associated with cooler months, it's a versatile color that can be worn in summer, too. Its rich depth can be a striking contrast to summer's bright colors, making it a stylish and unexpected choice for the warmer season. It's all about personal preference and the vibe you're aiming for.

Do burgundy nails go with everything?

Yes, burgundy nails are incredibly versatile. The deep, wine-red hue complements various outfits, from casual wear to elegant evening gowns. It acts as a neutral with a hint of drama, making it suitable for various occasions and styles. Whether you're dressing up or down, burgundy nails add a touch of sophistication.

50 Sultry Burgundy Nails to Bring out Your Inner Sexy

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