50 Orange Nail Ideas to Make You Stun in Every Season

50 Orange Nail Ideas to Make You Stun in Every Season

By: Avatar photo Claudia Williams Updated: Mar 10, 2024


Orange nails are the color of tropical sunrises, juicy peaches, monarch butterflies, and crisp Autumn leaves. Orange appears in so many of the most beautiful aspects of nature, but the color was relatively underrated in the worlds of beauty and fashion—until now. Sure, you could always count on a spike of orange around September to November, but now the color is increasingly making its mark on every season. In fact, orange has been named the ‘it’ color of the year. You can catch orange all over the runway and street fashions alike. So why not incorporate this stunning color onto your cute nails?

50 Reasons to Choose a Beautiful Orange Nail Design This Year

Blush and ‘millennial pink’ are so last years. Orange nails are bound to become this year’s biggest trend. One up everyone else’s orange clothing by flaunting some gorgeous orange nails. There are so many shades and ways to incorporate the color. We’ll prove that there are orange nail ideas to suit every season, just like burgundy nails. You can choose a lovely pastel or coral shade for spring. In the summer, brighter or neon shades will rival the intensity of the sun. Burnt orange or mustard orange is the perfect cozy shade for the fall. Finally, your winter style will be complemented beautifully with coppery orange nail polish.

Of course, solid color nail designs are only the tip of the iceberg. Orange patterns and orange accents will give you more exciting and nuanced ways to wear the style. Experiment with stripes, dots, jewels, French tips, glitter, marble patterns, ombre, and more. Orange also pairs wonderfully with an array of other colors. You can change up the style further with glossy, gel, or matte powders and polishes. You can’t forget about all of the different lengths and nail shapes that you can try too, like short coffin nails.

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed by the possibilities? Don’t worry! We’ll show you a range of orange nail ideas to try at home or with your manicurist.

1. Floral and Spring Fling Orange Nails

Floral and Spring Fling Orange Nails

The flawless almond shaping of these orange nails is just one detail in this design. Yellow-orange polish is the perfect shade for the spring. Additionally, the flowers echo all the lovely daisies popping out all around you. The nail artist lays down a base of off-white polish and tops it off with simple white flower petals. The yellow-orange of the flowers’ centers perfectly match the other orange nails.

2. Simple Almond-shaped Neon Orange Gel

Simple Almond-shaped Neon Orange Gel

This orange color nail truly packs a punch—a punch of color, that is. Their bright neon hue looks like a mod couch straight out of the 70s. But, perhaps unlike that couch, you won’t have to worry about this color going out of style. Its classic almond shape will make sure of that. The high-shine and flawlessly smooth finish is all due to the gel polish.

3. Orange, Black, and Silver Trio with Glitter

Orange, Black, and Silver Trio with Glitter Orange Nails

Tri-colored orange nails never looked so cute. Mustard orange nails adorn the thumb, pointer, and pinky fingers. Black and silver accents stand out in between. The glitter and glossy coating really take the look to the next level. Switch up the order of the colors in any way you desire for more customization.

4. Pretty and Practical Coral Orange Nails

Pretty and Practical Coral Orange Nails

Look good while getting stuff done. The shorter and rounded style of these orange nail designs ensures functionality. You can continue to use a keyboard or touch screen device with a great experience. The muted coral shade practically glows with its glossy sheen. Pair with a coral blouse to really make your look pop.

5. Ballerina-Shaped Orange Nails

Ballerina-Shaped Orange Nails

If you prefer elongated orange nails, look no further than these for a great experience. Their ballerina shape features a flat tip for your fingers to dance on. The color looks like it’s straight out of a vibrant sunrise. When you’re wearing these, you may just be convinced to stay up all night to catch one of those sunrises for yourself.

6. Pink and Tangerine Gel Dream Orange Nails

Pink and Tangerine Gel Dream Orange Nails

Who said that both of your hands needed to match? Defy expectations or your nail salon with a little extra effort on your end. Adding a different color on each of your hands is a simple way to make a statement. This combination of pink and orange complement each other wonderfully. File your orange nails into a short, almond-shape to get the look.

7. Trendy Matte Orange Nails

Trendy Matte Orange Nails

Matte finishes are one of the latest trends in the world of nail design. Anyone can pull off this look with a bit of matte nail powder. This orange nail design features ballerina shaped orange nails, but you could easily choose any other shape instead. The coral color is soft yet striking. Get ready to rake in the compliments!

8. Fiery Red and Orange Nails with Glitter Accent

Fiery Red and Orange Nails with Glitter Accen

How awesome is this orange nail design? Red-orange polish sizzles on the thumb, pointer, middle, and pinky finger while the ring finger shines by itself. The coppery-orange of the polish is dusted in a coating of gold glitter. Perfect for a summer soiree or date night, this polish is a sure-fire way to turn heads.

9. Glossed to the Gods Orange Nails

Glossed to the Gods Orange Nails

Flat tips and rich color are necessary for this stunner. Layer on the clear coats to make your orange nails as glossy as possible. Here’s a quick tip. If you find your clear coat getting a little messy and spilling over your skin, wait for it to fully dry before removing it. Soaking your hands in warm water or taking a steamy shower will help the mess peel off in no time.

10. Neon Tri-color Orange Nails with Palm Trees

Neon Tri-color Orange Nails with Palm Trees

You’ll feel like you’re lounging in the Bahamas with this cool design. The nail artist uses a base of neon nail powder in orange, yellow, and pink. To amp up the tropical vibes, even more, she uses a subdued white palm tree overlay and finishes it off with a high shine clear top coat. Now all that’s needed is a refreshing margarita.

11. Peaches n’ Cream Orange Nails

Peaches n’ Cream Orange Nails

For a peachy punch, try a yellow-orange shade like this one. The orange nails are extra long to maximize the ombre effect. The classic nude nails shade at the base transitions beautifully into the sunny orange tips. Best of all, you won’t have to worry too much about your orange nails growing out. Just add a quick touch up of clear coat along the base to disguise it.

12. Indigo and Mustard Orange Nails

Indigo and Mustard Orange Nails

Who knew that mustard orange and indigo went together so well? Use this orange nail idea to inspire other daring color combinations. Paint eight of your orange nails one color and two of your nails on the same hand another color. This is an easy way to add a little more interest into your look.

13. Cute, Short, and Neon Orange Nails

Cute, Short, and Neon Orange Nails

This short and rounded nail is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to fuss with extra length. The shape may be simple, but the bright orange shade makes up for it. Make sure to push back your cuticles to get the most color you can on your orange nail designs. In this style, every millimeter counts.

14. Nude Nails with Updated Orange French Tip

Nude Nails with Updated Orange French Tip

This orange nail design is absolutely awesome! The nails are filed into a square shape, but give the illusion of a stiletto nails point. A pinky-nude polish is painted on first. After it’s dry, the tangerine polish is added to the tips. As the technique is a little advanced, you may want to leave this style up to your manicurist to recreate.

15. Cute and Simple Pastel Rainbow and Orange Nails

Cute and Simple Pastel Rainbow Orange Nails

Easy, youthful, and fun is the mindset behind this look. It would be perfect for the spring season as it is reminiscent of Easter eggs. The square oval shape is timeless and really showcases the pastel colors. The nail artist used yellow, orange, indigo, blue, and green. Just imagine how stunning it would look with a breezy white dress.

16. Square-tipped Acrylic Ombre Nails

Square-tipped Acrylic Ombre Orange Nails

Tap those fingertips in style. Your friends and co-workers will do a double take when they see an orange nail design like this. At first glance, they may only see a put together nude nail. On the second glace, they’ll notice the bright pinky-orange tips. This is all due to its stunning and subtle ombre.

17. Pinky Orange Nails Mix n’ Match

Pinky Orange Nails Mix n' Match

This fun and bold look uses a range of designs to create a nail look with impact. It all begins with choosing light and darker pinky orange polish. From there, all you have to do is play with different techniques. You don’t even have to bother with doing the same techniques on the same fingers. Have fun painting French tip nails, sparkles, metallic lines, and different shades anywhere your heart desires.

18. Sophisticated Matte Orange and Marble

Sophisticated Matte Orange and Marble

All we can say is wow! It’s safe to say that this is one of the best. The matte coppery orange nail color alone is enough to stun, but the accented pointer finger takes the look to a whole new level. The metallic, marble design on the pointer finger contrasts beautifully. Plus, the ballerina shape? Incredible!

19. Black, Burnt Orange, and Floral Dip Powder Orange Nail Designs

Black, Burnt Orange, and Floral Dip Powder Orange Nail Designs

Don’t you dare write off nail stickers. The right ones can add all sorts of elegance to your orange nail designs. This look features pastel coral dip powder orange nails and an accent of black polish. The orange and red tones in the nail sticker blend the black nail seamlessly into the rest of the look. You’ll want a neutral almond shape to make sure your polish is the star of the show.

20. Glitter Dusted Pastel Orange Nails

Glitter Dusted Pastel Orange Nails

We’re all about playing your nail game up with differing textures. That’s what makes the glitter and sparkly topcoats of this style so successful. Each nail starts off with a smooth base of pastel orange. Next, sprinkle some fairy dust (aka a blend of fine and chunky gold glitter) sparingly over two of the fingers. Finish it off with a sparkly, metallic polish on two other fingers, and you’re set.

21. Orange Nails with Golden Circle Décor

Burnt Orange Nails with Golden Circle Décor

For a sweet look with a dash of spice, look no further than this design. The orange base coat is soft with a hint of a metallic sheen. But the real showstoppers are the delicate hoops that adorn a couple of the orange nails. Copying the style is as easy as pressing some golden circle stickers in a diagonal. Complete the look with an almond-shaped nail.

22. Ombre, Glitter, and Marble Orange Nails

Ombre, Glitter, and Marble Orange Nails

Mangoes are the inspiration for this awesome design. The orange nail designs use a combination of three different techniques to achieve their look. The first is an orange-tipped ombre. The second is a marbled orange and cream design. Finally, the third is tipped with large chunks of translucent glitter. How glitzy!

23. Matching Orange Nails and Eyeshadow

Matching Burnt Orange Nails and Eyeshadow

Matching your makeup, outfit, and nail color is the perfect way to create a cohesive look. In this case, the artist uses an orange hoodie and bold orange eyeshadow to emphasize her nails. The orange nails pair perfectly with the other elements of the style. The simple ballerina shaping of the nail helps add even more drama to the look.

24. Pastel Orange Nails with Scratched Silver Accents

Pastel Orange Nails with Scratched Silver Accents

Typically, scratched nails are a disaster. However, this cool orange nail design transforms flaws into focal pieces. To achieve this look, start with a layer of silver polish. Once dry, apply a thin layer of pastel orange and use a tool and light touch to scratch off some of the orange. You’ll be left with a design reminiscent of one of those scratch art activities from your childhood.

25. Monogrammed Black and Orange Nails

Monogrammed Black and Orage Nails

This is personalization to a whole other level. The nail artist incorporates stunning calligraphy into her orange nails. You can try this style out with your own monogram or even spell out a word onto your fingertips. Have fun playing around with stickers or test your artistic skills with some freehanding. Don’t be afraid to test out an array of fonts to find your favorite.

26. Orange Nails in Two Awesome Tones

Burnt Orange Nails in Two Awesome Tones

This style is for all of the indecisive ladies out there. Sometimes the best solution for choosing between two nail colors is not to choose. Use both! The artist paints a vibrant orange on one hand and a muted pinky-orange on the other. She completes the look with a multitude of sparkly rings.

27. Brilliant, Botanical Black and Orange Nails

Brilliant, Botanical Black and Burnt Orange Nails

A simple way to dress up your orange nails is to paint on a botanical accent. Use a thin brush to create a thin stroke about ¾ down your nail and add small blotches on each side for leaves. In just under a minute, you’ve created a pretty fern. Another black line near the bottom creates more visual interest. You can’t go wrong with a classic almond shape.

28. Skull, Stripes, and Sparkles Halloween Orange Nails

Skull, Stripes, and Sparkles Halloween Orange Nails

You had to know that we couldn’t get through a post on orange nails without referencing Halloween. White, orange, black, and sparkly gold nail polish is needed for this look. You can use a tip of a toothpick to recreate the thin lines of the skull. Also, why not shift the stripes horizontally and pay homage to candy corn? This is too fun not to try!

29. Burnt Orange with a Metallic Sheen

Burnt Orange with a Metallic Sheen

As your hands are typically resting close to your wallet or handbag, why not have them match? The orange of the wallet echoes the orange of the nails. Additionally, the metal plating on the bag is reflected in the metallic finish of the orange polish. You can even find chrome nail topcoats in the store to amp up the shine on your nails. Sounds like it’s time for a shopping spree.

30. Gold Dotted Orange Nails Gel Polish

Gold Dotted Neon Orange Nails Gel Polish

Sometimes the simplest touches have the most elegant effects. Elevating your orange gel nail polish can be as easy as adding a dainty gold dot right above your cuticle. This would also be a great opportunity to bust out some pretty jewels. A rhinestone will do, but if you happen to have any spare diamonds, why not?

31. Nude Orange Nails with Black Accents

Nude Orange Nails with Black Accents

How cool is this orange nail design? The simple rounded nails with glossy nude polish provide a lovely base. Then switch it up with a couple of nails in a matte finish. Some nails are simply different bold colors while others have more of a modern art flair. Thin white lines will always add extra oomph to your design.

32. Bright Orange Nails with a Bite

Bright Neon Orange Nails with a Bite

Just look at how this shade pops! It just goes to show that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a stunning look. You can find this Essie nail polish in any drug store. Paint on two coats for extra vibrancy. Don’t forget to purchase and use a clear top coat to achieve that extra shine.

33. The Best Translucent Rainbow Acrylics

The Best Translucent Rainbow Acrylics Neon Orange Nails

Here’s a different style. See if you can find nearly translucent acrylic nails. These rainbow ones will brighten up any cloudy day. Your natural nails will play peek-a-boo underneath which could allow for your creativity to shine through. If you paint your natural nail with an intricate design, it could show through the rainbow acrylics on top.

34. Pastel Coral Orange Nails with Sparkly Tips

Pastel Coral Orange Nails with Sparkly Tips

Your manicurist will love this style. Ask them for a squared oval nail shape and a coral gel polish. Next, choose which fingers you want to be tipped with fairy dust. The silver sparkles are concentrated the most on the tips and become sparser closer to the cuticle. Make sure to use the finest ground sparkles you can find for the most magical effect.

35. Autumnal Brown and Orange Nails

Autumnal Brown and Orange Nails

These fingers were practically destined to wrap themselves around a pumpkin spice latte. The deep orange and chocolate shades are the epitomai of Autumn. An ultra-fine gold glitter makes these nails glow. On the orange nails, the glitter covers the entire nail. However, the brown ones have the highest concentration of glitter on the tip.

36. Sparkle and Shine Orange Nails with Lace Overlay

Sparkle and Shine Neon Orange Nails with Lace Overlay

Overlays are an easy way to add intricacy into your nail design. The swirling black lace on this overlay will give your nails a little Victorian flair. The super sparkly yellow-orange and silver gel polish stands up perfectly against the overlay. Finish it all off with a clear top coat to give the utmost shine.

37. The Lightest Touch of Orange Nails

The Lightest Touch of Neon Orange Nails

This look proves that you don’t need the boldest color for a great looking nail. The subtlety of the orange is just what makes these nails so pretty. With slightly pink undertones, the color also complements the ballerina shape. Did you notice the sparkly pinky finger? The rose gold glitter makes all of the difference.

38. Orange Bejeweled, Glittering Show-Stoppers Orange Nails

Orange Bejeweled, Glittering Show-Stoppers Neon Orange Nails

Is anyone else getting Aladdin vibes? This orange nail design oozes extravagance. On one nail, a clear coat is elevated with purple and gold chunky glitter. Another nail flaunts an orangey-gold ultra-fine glitter. That doesn’t even get us started on the stunning hardware on the next finger. Wow!

39. Awesome Deep Orange Ballerina-Shaped Orange Nail Designs

Awesome Deep Orange Ballerina-Shaped Orange Nail Designs

Simple and stunning best describes these nails. The elongated ballerina shape is beautiful. The orange nail polish sports a sophisticated red undertone. Pair with a black clutch and black dress for a streamlined look. This may just be your go-to date night choice.

40. Super Long Copper Orange Nails

Super Long Copper Neon Orange Nail Designs

This copper orange color is perfect to show off long nails. If you’re inspired to grow out your natural nails this long, make sure to give them some assistance. Biotin is a powerful vitamin that helps strengthen nails. It’s naturally contained in foods such as salmon, egg yolks, avocados, and nuts.

41. Burnt Orange Nails with Silver and Gold

Burnt Orange Nail Designs with Silver and Gold

This is another style for the woman who wants it all. You’ll easily look (and feel) like a million dollars with nails like these. The brownish burnt orange color provides a sultry feel. Meanwhile, the silver streaks and gold flakes look as if you’ve just returned from your summer villa. Clearly, the lavish life is just a few nail polish strokes away.

42. Luxurious Orange Nails and Gold Acrylics

Luxurious Neon Orange Nail Designs and Gold Acrylics

It’s safe to say that we’re completely in love with the combination of orange and gold. Cleopatra would even be jealous of these nails. The artist keeps it simple with solid orange nails on one hand. But the ring finger of the other hand features gold flakes. Don’t forget about the stunning arrow design on the pointer finger as well.

43. Bright and Bold Teardrop Orange Nails

Bright and Bold Teardrop Neon Orange Nail Designs

Who knew that this crazy combination of colors would complement so well? The speckled violet on the ring fingers sparkles like amethysts. The solid baby blue color is so sweet, and the orange ombre is a perfect touch. The real stunner is the almost teardrop-like shape of the nails. Do you think your manicurist could do that?

44. Peachy Nude and Copper Masterpiece Orange Nail Designs

Peachy Nude and Copper Masterpiece Neon Orange Nail Designs

This look takes quite a few different techniques to achieve. However, you can’t beat how pretty it is. You will need acrylic nails, peach gel polish, copper glitter, and clear acrylic powder. A nail salon with great customer service can probably find these in no time. Ask for a shorter, ballerina-shaped nail to match the look as closely as possible.

45. Chic Orange Nails and Pink Watercolor Dream

Chic Orange Nail Designs and Pink Watercolor Dream

If this isn’t artwork, what is? You’ll need one of the best nail artists if you want this look for yourself. The crescent moons of clear and black polish along the base are so unique. You or your friends won’t be able to stop looking at the smoky swirl of orange and pink. The rhinestones may not be absolutely necessary, but wow are they cool.

46. Short and to the Round Orange Nails

Short and to the Round Neon Orange Nail Designs

Don’t have a great experience with acrylic? Round off your natural nail and reach for a peppy shade of orange. Gel polishes are becoming increasingly easier to find on drug store shelves. You can now paint on gel polish in the comfort of your home. Even better, it will probably still look as good as if you went to a nail salon with great customer service.

47. Light Pink Orange Nails with Accented Ring Finger

Light Pink Orange Nail Designs with Accented Ring Finger

Combining two different nail shapes in one nail look is both unique and genius. The artist chooses an almond-shaped nail on the ring fingers and a ballerina shape on the rest. The pink-orange shade is delicate enough to wear at a wedding. You also get a subtle statement with the silver sparkles.

48. Bold and Beautiful with Bling Orange Nails

Bold and Beautiful with Bling Neon Orange Nail Designs

Calling all attention-seekers! This is your look. The long ballerina shaping and pink to orange ombre already bring the drama, but the bling is the icing on the cake. Arrange an array of jewels in different shapes, sizes, and colors to create this masterpiece.

49. Long Orange Nails in Electrifying Orange

Long Orange Nails in Electrifying Orange

Want to make even an orange highlighter a little envious? Try out this vibrant shade at the nail salon with great customer service and let your fingertips do the talking. The polish is applied onto a set of long acrylics with a beautiful ballerina shaping. If you’re looking for a more dramatic look, adding a nice jewel to the base of the nail would be a cute touch. Now show off those nails!

50. Beautiful and Subdued Orange Nails

Beautiful and Subdued Orange Nail Designs

If you’re still not sure about all of these orange nail ideas, maybe this last one will win you over. The design primarily features darker, neutral colors, but the orange and white add a slight vibrancy. The entirely orange color nail has similar darkness to the olive and black nails to blend in well. The real stunner is the white nail with a cute and easy floral pattern.

The Best 50 Orange Nail Designs Straight from Instagram’s Greatest Nail Artists

With so many shades, shapes, and designs of orange nails to choose from, it almost seems crazy to reach for other colors. Orange is so versatile. Depending on the shade, you can easily transition from the beach to a spring wedding to a hot date night in a snap. Orange looks fantastic on a range of skin tones, especially those with warmer toned skin. But when skillfully paired with clothing or accessories in complementary colors such as blue, pink, yellow, and any kind of neutral, you can always feel confident that you can rock your orange color nails.

50 Orange Nail Ideas to Make You Stun in Every Season

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