Our editorial policy and guidelines


We want The Cuddl to be your favorite spot on the internet for beauty and gift inspiration, and to create a place where you can always count on finding the right choices in a wide variety of topics:

  • The latest hairstyle trends: Our huge collection of articles on the latest hairstyles will ensure that you can find that perfect look you seek.
  • Stunning makeup ideas and products: We’re obsessed with creative makeup and we love to write about them. Sometimes we also carefully curate various makeup products that we think you would love.
  • Loveable gifts for family and friends (and you!): Choosing the right gifts can be a daunting task, and sometimes we all need a little inspiration.
  • Nail designs: We feature the latest trends in nail fashion so you can always keep things fresh and interesting.

Our number one priority at The Cuddl is to create engaging and top-notch content that is actually helpful for our readers. We achieve this by working with carefully selected authors who are experts in their respective fields, be it hairstyle, nail design, makeup, or even gifts.

However, it’s not just about the expertise itself: our writers also deeply care about these topics, ensuring that all the content you’ll see here is created with lots of passion. Since our content creators come from all walks of life, you can expect a wide variety of opinions and styles in the articles, but our mission always stays the same: to help you navigate through the latest beauty trends with ease and find the perfect style for your personality.

How do we write our articles?

All of our articles start with research: we always stay up-to-date on the latest beauty trends and make sure the information is helpful and relevant to you. We achieve this by working with writers who have a lot of knowledge in their respective fields and never shy away from learning more.

With so many beauty gimmicks coming and going, we find it especially important to keep up with current trends so our readers will never have to feel lost. Our authors don’t just repeat information you have already seen elsewhere but provide new perspectives that will be actually helpful on your beauty journey. Their experience will ensure that you will read unbiased articles on every topic.

Why we take curation seriously?

When it comes to the topic of beauty, it can be very difficult and time-consuming to comb through the countless articles on the internet until you find what you actually need. We do not want to bombard you with unnecessary information, but rather help you find the inspiration you need the most. We know it’s pretty much impossible to cover everything within this huge topic, so our focus remains on a handful of categories we know and care a lot about. Our goal is to create content that you’ll find satisfying and informational while keeping you curious and inspired. All of our articles are carefully checked multiple times before publishing to ensure they are all high-quality and deliver the information that was promised in the headline.

Corrections and article updates

Every article is created with you, the reader in mind, and we want you to be the best version of yourself. We take feedback very seriously and it plays a big part in creating the content you see on The Cuddl, so never hesitate to reach out to us! Although we do our best to carefully curate and research everything, mistakes can happen sometimes. We always try our best to keep our articles up-to-date and correct false information when necessary, or even upgrade articles if we believe there’s new information that’s relevant and useful.


Our product review policy

Even though the majority of our content covers various beauty topics from hairstyles to nail designs, one part of our goal is to recommend various wellness products that we think you would like to use. There is no shortage of beauty products out there, but no matter what we review, we always stick to our most important criteria: never recommend products that we would not use ourselves.

When it comes to reviews, we always make sure our writers have no conflict of interest, so they can always provide their unbiased opinion on the products. The goal is to provide as many details as possible on each item to make sure you can make an informed decision about whether or not it fits your needs, style, and budget. We find it important to mention that some of our articles contain affiliate links, for which we may receive commissions if you make a purchase through those links.

How do we review products and why you should trust us?

The product reviews you see on The Cuddl all come from our independent and unbiased writers who have no affiliation with any of the featured brands, so they can provide their honest opinion on them and what they can offer. Just like with any other of our articles, every published product review is preceded by extensive research and curation. Our process involves collecting the most important details about each product, including the price, ingredients, and how they should be used.

Author experience provides the core of our product reviews, but the feedbacks of users also play an important role. We regularly maintain and update a detailed spreadsheet where we log feedback and opinions from real people who tried the products. We heavily take this feedback into consideration before publishing reviews, so you can be as informed as possible about them.

We always fact-check product reviews to the best of our abilities before publishing, however, we always recommend additionally consulting with your trusted healthcare provider about specific products in order to make sure they are right for you.

Last Updated: 12th June, 2023.