50 Beautiful Short Coffin Nails to Boost Your Style

50 Beautiful Short Coffin Nails to Boost Your Style

By: Avatar photo Claudia Williams Updated: Mar 10, 2024


Being able to keep your style fresh isn’t the easiest thing in the world. This is especially apparent during the warmer months of the year, as you’re going out so frequently that it can easily feel repetitive to put together the same outfits every week. This is why it’s important to have many different aspects of your outfits to customize, as sometimes changing even the smallest detail can make a look completely different!

50 Dazzling Short Coffin Nails to Compliment Any Outfit

This is where short coffin nails come in. As one of the most unique trends to hit the fashion scene in recent years, these types of nails have made a serious name for themselves. Short coffin nails are known for their distinct look that is similar to normal coffin nails but simply shorter in length. This distinction is important due to the inaccessibility of coffin nails for many people. Though they’re very trendy, they can make a lot of activities (i.e. typing and texting) difficult, making them not the most sensible options for a fashionista who is always on-the-go!

However, this is why short coffin nails are so elegant. Not only do they provide you with the iconic style that you’ve come to know and love, but they are also are small enough that they don’t inhibit you at all! They also come in a wide variety of different designs and aesthetics, making them very flexible choices for anybody looking to truly stand out with their outfit.

Because of the wide variety of different short coffin nails out there, we’ve compiled this article with 50 of the best short coffin nail ideas to boost your style!

1. Elegant Velvet Matte Topcoat Coffin Nails

Elegant Velvet Matte Topcoat Nude Coffin Nails

First on our list are these very elegant, velvet matte nails that are just as casual as it is impressive. Because it only has one nail per hand that has a flourish on it, it’s a great option for anyone looking to add a subtle amount of flair to their look. The black matte style also makes it match with a lot of colors!

2. Stylish and Muted Ombre Babyboomer Acrylic Nails

Stylish and Muted Ombre Babyboomer Acrylic Nails

There’s nothing quite like good acrylic nails. This is why we’re incredibly excited that these ombre nails give you muted colors that are still stylish. These are perfect nails to take on a fancy night out! The color palette is also quite simple, meaning that you can pair it with a wide variety of different outfits.

3. Dark Crystal Coffin Nails Perfect for the Club

Dark Crystal and Nude Coffin Nails Perfect for the Club, Coffin Nails Break Easily

Finding the right pair of nails to wear on a night out is more complicated than it seems. Not only do they have to look good when you’re outside, but they also have to look stylish under dark lighting at a club. This is why we love these Dark Crystal Nails, adding a severe amount of color pop for anybody looking to dress up for a night on the town.

4. Shimmering Pink Lindgrens Coffin Nails Make a Statement

Shimmering Pink Lindgrens Coffin Nails Make a Statement with Coffin Nail Shape

It’s natural that one would want colorful and vivid short nail designs to match their personality. After all, using color is often a great way to express yourself, making these Pink Lindgrens Nails an effective way to show how colorful you are on the inside. We also love how much they shimmer, with a good variety being displayed between the two middle nails having the addition of glitter.

5. Add Class with Fine Art Dorita Coffin Nails

Add Class with Fine Art Dorita Nude Coffin Nails, Nail Shape

If you want to wear some nails that will truly show how sophisticated you are, you can’t go wrong with these Fine Art Dorita Nails. Giving off hints of Gustav Klimt and Jackson Pollock, these nails are cool as they are contemporary. Highly recommended for anybody wanting to put together an outfit for a night at the museum!

6. Subtle and Beautiful Coffin Nails by Sam

Subtle and Beautiful Coffin Nails by Sam, Nail Shape

Having very vivid and loud nails is always fun, but sometimes you don’t want to wear nails that will put all of the attention on you. These Nails by Sam are perfect for any subtle occasion, giving you a wonderful shade of pink with a perfect acrylic nails shine. Each ring finger also has a bit of glitter to give a “pop” to your look!

7. Awesome Shining Claws Bring Bling Coffin Nails

Awesome Shining Claws Bring Bling Coffin Nails, Nail Shape

As the pop queen Beyoncé once said, “if you like it, then you should’ve put a ring on it”. However, what if you want to have the same bling a ring gives without actually wearing one? These Shining Claws fit just that purpose, giving each ring finger a wonderful shine that looks like they’re covered in diamonds. This is also balanced out by a nice light purple!

8. Cool and Elegant Goth Black Coffin Nails

Coffin Nails, Nail Shape

Sometimes it’s not the best look to be bursting with color at all seams. However, when painting your cute nails black also won’t do, these black nails are a great option. Having a mixture of completely black ballerina nails while also incorporating some sparkling gray patterns, these nails evoke a true goth fashion sense.

9. Light Purple Acrylic Nails Perfect for Pastels

Light Purple Acrylic Nails Perfect for Pastels, Awesome Nail Shape

On sunny days, it’s hard not to break out the pastel dress and find the nearest place to have a picnic. This is why we’re including these purple acrylic Nails by Paige, as they have the perfect light purple shade to go with many different colors of pastel dress. They also have a little sparkle to them to give your look some attitude!

10. Pretty Shiny Pink Coffin Nails Evoke Flowers

Pretty Shiny Pink Coffin Nails Evoke Flowers, Nail Shape

When trying to find good inspiration to model your looks after, you can’t really ever go wrong with flowers. This is why we love these Pretty Shiny Pink Nails, as they have the elegance of rosebuds! The sparkle pattern that is also included is wonderful for wearing these ballerina nails on a fun-filled night on the town.

11. Beautiful Romantic Coffin Nails for a Date

Beautiful Romantic Coffin Nails for a Date, Pretty Nail Shape, Coffin Shape

Having the perfect set of ballerina nails for a romantic date can sometimes be the difference between having an awkward time and having a night to remember. These Beautiful Romantic Nails make it easy to feel confident while on a date with someone, whether it’s your first date or your one hundred and first date with a person.

12. Pretty in Pink Coffin Nails by Mztina

Pretty in Pink Coffin Nails by Mztina, Coffin Nail Shape, Coffin Shape

Mztina is a nail artist known for her designs that are incredibly organized and ornate at the same time. This pair of ballerina nails is no exception, giving you incredibly detailed floral arrangements and contrasting that with gorgeous shades of light pink. The small jewels also make the colors stand out even more!

13. Candy Crush Swarovski Coffin Nails Are Luxurious

Candy Crush Swarovski Coffin Nails Are Luxurious, Coffin Shape

Short coffin nails don’t often hit the high end of prices, but they can with the right amount of luxury components. These Candy Crush Swarovski Nails prove that it is possible to have wonderfully beautiful black plum colored nails that are also incredibly luxurious. The acrylic shine compliments the Swarovski crystals very well!

14. Groovy Colorful Tie Dye Jessica Way Coffin Nails

Groovy Colorful Tie Dye Jessica Way Summer Coffin Nails

Sometimes having vividly colored nails isn’t necessarily enough. This is why we love these Jessica Way Nails, as they totally give off a groovy vibe! These are perfect for those summer concert nights as well as any 60s/70s themed party you’re going to! The tie-dye portion is incredibly elegant as well, being just as smooth and shiny as the solid color nails. .

15. These Seductive Ruby Red Coffin Nails Are Radiant

These Seductive Ruby Red Shape Coffin Nails Are Radiant

Being romantic and mysterious doesn’t necessarily mean you have to obscure everything. In fact, it often means that you maintain a good sense of mystique, combining vivid colors with toned hues. These Ruby Red Nails do just that, having enough red to feel colorful, but a dark shine to them that makes them stand out. On top of this, the jewels add a wonderful touch!

16. Perfect Halloween Coffin Nails

Perfect Halloween Coffin Nails

Having nails to go with outfits at any time of year is essential for anybody who wants a versatile wardrobe. These Gothic Coffin Nails allow you to show up to any Halloween party in style, not just looking good for the occasion, but throughout the autumn months as well! We especially love the intricate flower design.

17. Merlin Nails Gorgeous Gradient Coffin Nails

Merlin Nails Gorgeous Gradient Coffin Nails, Nail Art

Are you getting married or taking part in your friend’s wedding as a bridesmaid? If you said “yes” to either of those options, these are the coffin nails for you. Not only do these nails have incredibly subtle colors, but they are so easy to match with almost any outfit, making them one of the most versatile options on our list!

18. White Tip Coffin Nails Add Impressive Flourish

White Tip Coffin Nails Add Impressive Flourish, Nail Art

For those who aren’t interested in having their short coffin nails stray too far from what their nail color really looks like, these White Tip Nails are a great option. Not only do they have that iconic shine that can only occur after a great manicure, but they also have white tips that bring out the aforementioned natural color.

19. Botanical Garden Coffin Nails Match With Floral Prints

Botanical Garden Short Coffin Nails Match With Floral Prints, Nail Art

With so many wonderful designs to choose from, we can’t help but put even more Nails by Mztina on our list. These ones sport an almost neon light pink look that is complimented with transparent nails containing flowers on them! These are perfect nails to wear on a trip to your local botanical gardens.

20. Cute Pink and White Coffin Nails by Capps

Cute Pink and White Short Coffin Nails by Capps, Nail Art

If you’re somebody who is interested in finding the cutest possible nails available, you’re going to love these Pink and White Nails by Capps. Not only are they incredibly sturdy and durable, but they also have wonderful gems, floral prints, and silver glitter to increase the cute factor! Aren’t they just adorable?

21. Steel Gray Elinas Coffin Nails Perfectly Formal

Steel Gray Elinas Short Coffin Nails Perfectly Formal, Nail Art

If you want elegant coffin nails that work in formal situations, sometimes it can be difficult to find products that aren’t just black. However, these Steel Gray Elinas Nails are a great example of how you can have dark colors without just having to resort to black. These are suitable for any office party just as much as they are for an awards show!

22. Easy Perfect Rose-Colored Coffin Nails Lacquer

Easy Perfect Rose-Colored Short Coffin Nails Lacquer, Nail Art

Sometimes having the perfect short coffin nails is as simple as putting on the right type of nail lacquer. This rose-colored product makes that easier than ever, giving you color while also having it not be bright enough to completely drown out other parts of an outfit. This color is also very versatile, working well as a contrast to light colors just as much as a good pairing with darker outfits.

23. Pretty Marble Light Gradient Coffin Nails

Pretty Marble Light Gradient Short Coffin Nails, Nail Art

Having a detailed design doesn’t always mean that the thoroughness has to jump out at you immediately. This is why these Pretty Marble Light Gradient Neonails are so ideal. They give you a splash of creativity while still remaining subtle enough to wear to formal events and other gatherings that require more muted colors.

24. Regal Royal Pink Jewel Coffin Nails

Regal Royal Pink Jewel Short Coffin Nails, Nail Art

Have you ever wanted to feel like a princess at a ball? These Royal Pink Jewel Nails are incredibly regal, allowing you to feel like a true member of a royal family. The silver glitter-filled gradient pattern coupled with the sharp contrasts gives a lot of variety for two seemingly basic colors. Did we mention there are also incredibly elegant jewel swirls?

25. Creative and Unique Eye-Filled Yellow Coffin Nails

Creative and Unique Eye-Filled Yellow Short Coffin Nails, Nail Art

We’re including these on our list because it’s not very often that you come across such unique nails. The eyes are beautifully painted on, having just as much of a surreal effect as they do It’s also very seldom that we see yellow coffin nails that work very well, making us love these nails for pastel outfits that need a splash of courage.

26. Stunning Emerald Green Chrome Coffin Nails by Paige

Stunning Emerald Green Chrome Short Coffin Nails by Paige, Nail Art

As another one of the most notable nail stylists out there, Nails by Paige is great at designs for any occasion. These Emerald Green Chrome Nails are such a great example of this, giving off an incredibly subtle but powerful aura. Anybody who wears these nails will look appropriately mysterious and unsuspecting.

27. Neon Split Pink and White Gel Short Coffin Nails

Neon Split Pink and White Gel Short Coffin Nails, Nail Art

It’s not often that you see gel nails that look this smooth. We love these coffin nails because they have so much color to them, having a bright neon pink aura that is just as noticeable as it is gorgeous. On top of this, the variety in the sparkle-filled lines and white split sides is enough to keep you more than satisfied.

28. Fancy Coco Chanel Short Coffin Nails Evoke Luxury

Fancy Coco Chanel Short Coffin Nails Evoke Luxury with Nail Art

Those who want to truly make a statement with the nails they wear should definitely invest in these Chanel-inspired nails. Not only are they incredibly creative, using unique dripping designs along with bright gold colors, they’re also very luxurious! If you’re somebody who carries around a Chanel bag, these are the perfect nails to pair it with.

29. Silver Glitter Sparkle Kirsty Lindsay Coffin Nails Stay Shining

Glitter Sparkle Kirsty Lindsay Short Coffin Nails Stay Shining Nail Art

There’s no such thing as too much glitter, right? If you’re somebody who truly believes this, you should definitely look into these nails from Kirsty Lindsay that sparkle in every sense of the word. Not only that, but the actual glitter used gives off a variety of wonderful colors and compliments the pink foundation!

30. Reserved and Bright Nail Sunny Coffin Nails

Reserved and Bright Nail Sunny Short Coffin Nails Nail Art

There’s something to be said for coffin nails that don’t even require an outfit to stand out. This is why we love these Nail Sunny Nails, as they can go just as well with a fancy dress as they can a swimsuit. So, if you’re looking for nails to wear all over your vacation, whether it be for soaking up some sun or a fancy dinner, these are for you.

31. Wedding Coffin Nails to Celebrate a Joyous Occasion

Wedding Short Coffin Nails to Celebrate a Joyous Occasion

If you’re somebody who likes to go all out when celebrating something, you should definitely get these wedding coffin nails. Not only are they glamorous, but they’re also incredibly colorful! It might seem like there’s a lot of jewelry on them, but that’s part of the charm—you can strut your stuff while showing off your luxurious taste.

32. Black and Tie Dye Vivale Kay Coffin Nails

Black and Tie Dye Vivale Kay Short Coffin Nails, Nail Art

Though you can’t really go wrong with too much color, sometimes you need to tone it back a bit to fit a formal situation. When doing so, it’s important to have an alternative that balances out the remaining colors, something that these Vivale Kay Nails do very well. By combining black with a touch of tie-dye, you can have your cake and eat it too!

33. Classic Pink With a Twist Coffin Nails

Classic Pink With a Twist Short Coffin Nails, Nail Art

Merlin Nails is well-known in the Instagram community for taking many classic nail looks and pushing them to the next level. These short coffin nails are no different, giving you a classic pink look with some great and modern flourishes. Not only are the flourishes elegant, but they’re also incredibly smooth and typically drawn with just one stroke!

34. Varied Red Coffin Nails Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Varied Red Nails Perfect for Valentine's Day, Stiletto Nails

It’s always great to have a set of coffin nails for a romantic occasion, but these Margaritas Nailz Red Nails truly redefine what it means to have festive nails. These nails make a statement, serving you glam through different designs and dark, seductive red hues. You can wear them for any type of romantic night out, but perhaps it’s best to save them for Valentine’s Day!

35. Simple Silver Glitter and Navy Coffin Nails

Simple (but Effective!) Glitter and Navy Short Coffin Nails, Nail Art

Something important to understand about these coffin nails is that they’re incredibly subtle. Though the darker color might look like black at first, closer examination reveals that it’s actually a dark navy. This is an important distinction, as it definitely brightens up the overall look and compliments the glitter nails especially well!

36. Subtlety is Key with Coffin Nails by Lindgrens

Subtlety is Key with Short Coffin Nails by Lindgrens, Stiletto Nails

When one thinks of silver glitter, it’s very likely that they think of audacious, loud, and overbearing designs. However, these Nails by Lindgren’s show that you don’t have to be pushing buttons all of the time to get a sparkle! That’s why we love these nails, sporting a subtle maroon hue that allows the glitter to really stand out without being too loud.

37. Unique and Short Coffin Nails for an Elegant Matte Coffin Nails Finish

Unique and Short Coffin Nails for an Elegant Matte Coffin Nails Finish

Though matte coffin nails aren’t as popular as acrylic or gel ones, this doesn’t mean they’re not worth checking out! For example, these nails from Nails by Lily are simple, but get across a message and are a great reminder that a little goes a long way!

38. Acrylic Nails that Light Up the Club

Acrylic Nails that Light Up the Club

If you’ve ever been invited to a disco-themed dance party, you definitely understand the importance of having some acrylic nails that truly sparkle. This is why we love these glitter-filled acrylic nails that truly get the job done, allowing you to show off your glamorous fashion sense for everyone to see!

39. Incredible Shine Rosey & Paleshine Coffin Nails

Incredible Shine Rosey and Paleshine Coffin Nails, Nail Art

Just Nails is such a great resource for anyone looking for innovative designs and these are no different. They might seem like typical pink short coffin nails, but they’re actually some of the best high-quality ones you’ll find out there. On top of this, the flourishes on the middle two fingers give them a true sense of personality!

40. Simpleand Short Coffin Nails Design That Makes Jewelry Accessible

Simple and Short Coffin Nails Design That Makes Jewelry Accessible, Coffin Shape

This short coffin nail design definitely falls into the category of “simple, but awesome”. Though this only balances two simple colors (light pink and white), it does so with a shine that is incredibly pristine, topping it off with some wonderful jewels. Definitely one of the better short coffin nail ideas out there!

41. Eloquent Glitter and Pink Coffin Nails with Jewels

Eloquent Glitter and Pink Short Coffin Nails with Jewels, Coffin Nails Feature

Figuring out how much glitter to balance out your solid color nails with can be tricky. However, it doesn’t have to be! As this design shows, you can even mix them quite well, not having to settle for switching off every other nail. Frankly, we love this design for that exact reason!

42. Serve Bling with a Variety of Styles Coffin Nails

Serve Bling with a Variety of Styles Short Coffin Nails

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose between whether or not you want to wear matte, marble, or bling short coffin nails. However, why not just choose all of them? This short coffin nail design takes the cake, showing how you can still look and awesome without having to compromise!

43. Cute Large and Light Sparkle-Filled Coffin Nails

Cute Large and Light Sparkle-Filled Short Coffin Nails

Sometimes just having white coffin nails can be too simplistic, not really adding much to an outfit. However, this short coffin nail design shows how it is still possible to use white to your advantage, sprinkling glitter in both light and large portions to truly get the best of both worlds.

44. Smooth Half Glitter Tip Short Coffin Nails

Cute Large and Light Sparkle-Filled Coffin Nails, Coffin Nails Feature

Many of the short coffin nail ideas you often see only use glitter when it covers an entire nail at a time, not taking enough advantage of only putting glitter on the tips of a given nail. This design defies this tradition, showing that it is perfectly possible to use glitter as the main component of a look and still look very cute!

45. Glitter and Gold Nails Make Luxury Shine

Glitter and Gold Short Coffin Nails Make Luxury Shine, Coffin Nails Feature

You can’t really go for more elegance than combining glitter and gold. This is why we absolutely adore this stylish short coffin nail design that combines both components so efficiently!

46. Royal Jewel-Inspired Short Coffin Nails by Alexa

Royal Jewel-Inspired Coffin Nails by Alexa, Coffin Nails Feature

It’s incredible to see short coffin nail ideas that are inspired by real-world events, which is why we love these coffin nails that appear to evoke royal jewelry. Did we mention that some of the coffin nails also combine transparent and opaque shades for a truly varied design?

47. Cute Neon Graffiti-Themed Short Coffin Nails by Dorita

Cute Neon Graffiti-Themed Short Coffin Nails by Dorita, Trendy Nails

There’s something about a retro look that always feels appropriate. If you know what you’re doing, using retro neon colors can fit any type of clubbing outfit, whether or not you’re going to an 80s-themed party or not. If you’re somebody interested in retro neon colors, you should definitely check out this design by Dorita!

48. Formal Dark Color Coffin Nails with Personality

Formal Dark Color Short Coffin Nails with Personality, Trendy Nails

One seldom sees darker shades such as brown or gray used blatantly in short coffin nail ideas. However, when it works, it really works, making this one of the most interesting designs we’ve seen in a long time. The glitter also gives this design an attitude, making it great for both formals and parties!

49. Swedish National Flag Coffin Nails from Joanna’s Nails

Swedish National Flag Short Coffin Nails from Joanna's Nails

Though these are technically coffin nails themed to the colors of Sweden’s national flag, you don’t have to be Swedish to appreciate them. What this design truly represents is how easy it can be to mix and match any colors you’d like in your short coffin nail ideas. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

50. Luxurious and Mysterious Coffin Nails with Glam

Luxurious and Mysterious Coffin Nails with Glam

Do you want to wear a nail design that combines many of the darker tones present in many of the more mysterious ideas on this list while also embracing your inner glam queen? This is the perfect design for you!

50 Unique Short Coffin Nails for Any Time of Year

Having a variety of different nails to choose from is an important part of being ready for any fashion opportunity. And when it comes to nails, you can’t really get more elegant than you can with short coffin nail design. As you can see, the size of these types of nails is perfect for wearing some pretty detailed designs while also not having to adjust your lifestyle or activities in the process! We hope this list of short coffin nail ideas has been helpful so that the next time you’re trying to find the perfect short coffin nails to choose from, you’ll know just where to look!

50 Beautiful Short Coffin Nails to Boost Your Style

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