50 Awesome Coffin Nail Designs You’ll Flip For

55 Awesome Coffin Nails You’ll Flip For (Ideas and Desings)

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So what are coffin nails? For as long as people have been getting manicures, there have been two primary shapes: round and square. We are ready for different nail designs. Rejoice, fellow nail addict, because we finally have something new. Coffin nails, or sometimes called ballerina nails, are a trendy new look for manicures. They curve in almost to the tip where they’re squared off to create visual interest and edge. If you’re sick of plain round nails and the formal look of square nails, coffin nails are an excellent in-between look and this year’s best trend.

The 55 Best Coffin Nail Ideas For This Year

The 55 Best Coffin Nails For This Year

Coffin shape nail designs look awesome, especially with long nails, but you don’t have to have long nails to take part in this trend. Coffin acrylic nails are especially fancy with plenty of nail designs for fantastic manicure types. In fact, we’ve found enough nail designs that you’ll be set all year.

Short coffin nails are great nails for you if you need a trendy, but understated look during the week. Long coffin nails are classy, and the best nails for you if you need some extra drama. Glittery designs blend two of this year’s trends into one. Matte black coffin shaped nails are another popular trend mashup. You can go all out or do the subtlest design, and either choice looks fashion-forward.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite coffin nails to give you enough nail ideas to last forever. We’ve got from glitter through french tip nail, as well as designer nails and everything in between. Don’t worry fellow nail addict! We’ve got you covered. Let’s find your next best coffin shape nail ideas and amp up your existing nail polish idea too.

1. “These Are Not The Droids” Space Age Nail Tapered Shape

“These Are Not The Droids” Space Age Nail Tapered Shape

Our first coffin shape nail idea is a space-age shimmer design that any nail artist would adore. Use a shimmery mother of pearl polish on most of your nails for a futuristic glow. On the accent nails, load up on glitter and rhinestones in the same mother of pearl shade for a rainbow effect within some serious sparkle.

2. Ballerina Pink For Ballerina Nails

Ballerina Pink For Ballerina Nails

If you’ve ever watched ballet, one of the most beautiful pieces of their style is the shoes. Those pretty pink shoes we all wish we had are the inspiration for these ballerina nails. Keep the shade a soft pastel and use a matte nails shade for some serious drama. Classy and elegant.

3. Natural Ombre With A Sparkle Detail Coffin Nails

Natural Ombre With A Sparkle Detail Coffin Nails

Minimal colors don’t have to be boring. Coffin nail ideas can turn the neutral manicure on its head by using two different neutral shades of pink in a fun ombre effect. On the accent nails, paint the entire nail the darker of the two neutral colors and add rhinestone designs for extra sparkle. Subdued but not boring.

4. Yellow Ombre Nails With Diamond Details Short Coffin Nails

Yellow Ombre Acrylic Nails With Diamond Details

This manicure is the opposite of neutral. Bring all that springtime glory into your manicure with a sunny, bright yellow tip that fades into an almond nail base. Attach small rhinestones to the bottom of the accent nails in a triangle nail shape for a manicure that gives a bit of sparkle and a lot of carefree fun.

5. Pastel Pink Natural Manicure With A Twist Coffin Nails

Pastel Pink Natural Nails With A Twist

Pastel Pink is a great neutral color, but don’t stop there. Use negative space to create little designs in several of the nails for visual interest and accent your ring finger. You can use big or small stripes, chevron patterns, or x shapes, but everything coordinates well because the forms are just a clear coat. It’s a pretty workplace manicure without the office politics.

6. Mother Of Dragons Green Manicure With Glitter

Mother Of Dragons Nail Polish With Glitter

We all want to be Daenerys. She’s powerful and gutsy (and still alive). Make the same bold choices with your manicure by using her Dragon family as inspiration. Integrate solid greens with glitter and rhinestone designs for a manicure that’s light-catching and eye-catching. The different nail designs coordinate because of the edgy green.

7. High Gloss Gold and Tailored Rhinestone Nail Art Coffin Nails

High Gloss Gold and Tailored Rhinestone Nail Art

Need a black-tie look that doesn’t sacrifice nail style? These nails begin with an almond and pink ombre. They are accented with chunky gold nail glitter on other nails. On two accent nails, draw a simple black line down the middle and accent it with rhinestones. It pairs well with that formal designer gown and the flashes of paparazzi cameras.

8. Turquoise Studs Weekend Short Coffin Nails with Tapered Shape

Turquoise Studs Weekend Nail Art

Turquoise is a hot color, and one of the best nail colors of the year. Give it some serious glamour with accent nails stuffed full of rhinestones. Keep the turquoise a matte shade for extra contrast and visual interest. It’s a weekend look that’s casual “turned up to 11. “

9. Elegant Luxe Pink Glitter And Diamonds Short Coffin Nails

Elegant Luxe Pink Glitter And Diamonds Acrylic Nails

This manicure uses coordinating shades of pink from light to dark to create a beautiful, luxe manicure. Use a light, medium, and dark shade of pink on different nails with one accent nail in pink glitter. The final touch is a triangle of small rhinestones at the base of your light pink nail. It’s a less precious and more glam version of the classic pink manicure.

10. Snow Queen Light Pink Shimmery Glitter Coffin Nails

Snow Queen Light Pink Shimmery Glitter Coffin Nails

Not all winter manicures have to be a dark nail color. While those might be striking, lighten things up around the holidays by taking inspiration from the Nutcracker’s Snow Queen. Ultralight pink nails look great against an accent of snowy glitter. It reminds us of the way snow falls at night and looks so fresh first thing in the morning.

11. Pretty In Pink Silver Sparkle Coffin Nails

 Pretty In Pink Silver Sparkle Acrylic Nails

What’s it going to take for a pink manicure to be something a little more unique? On some of your nails, paint a thin silver stripe for something very refined and elegant. On the accent nail, turn up the drama by using a glitter polish with a slight pink hue to catch the light. It’s a cool way to style a formal manicure.

12. Black and Gold Coffin Shape Nail

Black and Gold Coffin Shape Nail Design

Take some inspiration from the luxe style of Egypt’s ancient royalty. Use a high gloss black as a backdrop for some serious gold bling. A mix of delicate and chunky gold glitter helps the manicure raise drama and have a bold style. It’s not for the faint of heart.

13. Ombre Pink and White Coffin Shape Nail Design

Ombre Pink and White Coffin Nail Design

Sometimes you need a simple design. It doesn’t have to be a French Manicure. You can use a simple pink and almond ombre design to satisfy those minimal urges but still retain a lot of refined styles. It’s an unexpected way to downplay the manicure without sacrificing any of your personal styles.

14. Minimal Manicure with a Cute Twist Coffin Nails

Minimal Nail Polish with a Cute Twist

Take minimal up one notch with this fun, and you get cute nails nude coffin nail polish. Use an ultra pastel pink with high gloss for most of your nails. On the accent nail, use a shimmery, opal pattern for visual interest. The opal is a luxe look against the pure pink, but it’s subdued enough to take it to Sunday brunch with your new boyfriend’s mom.

15. Natural Ultra Long Coffin Shape Nail Design

 Natural Ultra Long Coffin Nail Polish

Go the opposite of maximal with these stylish, nude coffin nails. Extra-long coffin nails look great with a basic white nail in somewhat sheer color. The skin of your finger shows through the nail base and gives the nail an ombre look. Trendy without trying too hard.

16. Like Diamonds Rhinestones and Shimmer Coffin Nails

Like Diamonds Rhinestones and Shimmer Acrylic Nails

The shape of coffin nails looks very good with rhinestones. Go all the way with this nail color by attaching rhinestones to more nails than just an accent nail. Stud at least half of your nails. On the others, use a shimmery mother of pearl polish to keep everything sparkly and full of light.

17. Ultra Long Matte White, Glitter, Rhinestones Coffin Nails

Ultra Long Matte White, Glitter, Rhinestones Nail Shape

In a twist on the previous manicure, start with a matte white nail. On two nails, use a shimmery fine glitter polish. On the rest, stud the nails with rhinestones for the max amount of glitter you can get. It’s a luxe but monochromatic long nail design that fits well with many different fashions.

18. Baby Blues Sweet Pastel Blue Long Coffin Nails

Baby Blues Sweet Pastel Blue Long Nail Shape

Non-traditional nail colors are in, and they look amazing with coffin nails. Choose a cool color like powder blue for an unexpected manicure that fits well with different types of fashion and occasions. Blue is classy, cute, and unexpected. This manicure satisfies cute easy nail designs you can do yourself.

19. Ultra Glitter Pink And Orange Ombre Coffin Nails

Ultra Glitter Pink And Orange Ombre Nail Shape

Coffin Nails are made for ombre. The shades accentuate the tapering nail shape. Choose a bright pink and a bright orange nails for an ombre nail polish. On top of the colors, use a clear glitter polish for extra fun shine and a can’t-take-your-eyes-of-it style.

20. French Manicure Inspired Ombre Natural Coffin Nails

French Manicure Inspired Acrylic Nails

French Manicures are the epitome of refined taste. Take that inspiration and use it here in an unexpected way. Instead of defining the tip of the line, use the white to fade into the neutral pink of the nail base gradually. It’s classy and works well with your best work clothing or formal wear.

21. Pink Manicure With Rhinestone Accents Coffin Nails

Pink Manicure With Rhinestone Accents

Need a wedding manicure? This is the perfect manicure for emphasizing your ring finger. Use a dusty pink nail base with gloss and keep the nails long. Use a few rhinestones to accent a couple of nails. Keep the rhinestones to just a few on a couple of nails so that you keep everything classy and elegant.

22. Beachy Coral And Glitter Nail Polish

Beachy Coral And Glitter Nail Polish

Summertime needs fun bright colors. This is a great color for a vacation in the sun. A bright coral accentuates light peach glitter on alternating nails. It’s an excellent way to lighten up the manicure for the fun, carefree days of summer. Keep your nails medium length so they won’t interfere with your frisbee playing.

23. Oxblood And Rhinestone Elegant Manicure Coffin Nails

Oxblood And Rhinestone Elegant Manicure

Oxblood is the newest trend in red, and this manicure uses it for a super dramatic effect. The dark red bounces off the rhinestone accents. Keep them at the base of the nails for a rich, elegant look that’s made for formalwear or those winter holiday parties stacking up on your schedule.

24. Ombre Nude Coffin Nails with Diamond Accents Coffin Nails

Ombre Nude Coffin Nails with Diamond Accents

Minimal nude nails get an unexpected look with these super matte coffin nails. Create a velvety background for the slight bling on a few of the nails. Keep the diamonds simple and sparse so the matte color can stand out. It’s beautiful and unexpected, great for easy weekends. Keep the nails on the short side for the best effect.

25. Super Long Pink White Ombre Manicure Coffin Nails

Super Long Pink White Ombre Manicure

Casual Friday just got a whole lot better. Don’t sacrifice any of your styles for a simple manicure. Coffin nails look great with ombre, and they give this minimal manicure an unexpected style. Style it with diamond-studded accessories but casual clothing for the most visual interest.

26. Extra Long Minimal Nails with A Sparkle Accent Coffin Nails

Extra Long Minimal Nail Shape with A Sparkle Accent

Source: avrorra.com

Need unexpected french tip coffin nails that will draw eyes to your ring finger? Sparkles bring the party. This is a sheer manicure base, but on some of the nails, use a full glitter coat for a fun twist. On the next nail over, use the glitter just at the tip and fade it into the base for a fun, carefree party manicure. It’s easy to do and maintain, plus the extra-long nails are a bold choice.

27. Beauty And The Beast Inspired Manicure

Beauty And The Beast Inspired Manicure

Admit it. You wanted that shining rose in Beauty and the Beast. Use it to inspire your next manicure by choosing an almond base for most of your nails. On the accent nail, paint white rose designs that mimic the stained glass of the Beast’s castle. It’s beautiful and reminds us of unconditional love (and that dress!)

28. Creamsicle Summer Orange Long Nail Art

Halloween Coffin Nails

Summer is back with unexpected colors and designs in manicures. We had blue earlier on the list, but now orange is something we are just loving. It’s fun. It’s carefree. It’s unexpected. It’s bold. Few people display orange so prominently, so go big or go home on this one. Keep the nails long for the biggest impact.

29. The Last Unicorn Shimmer Manicure Coffin Nails

The Last Unicorn Shimmer Manicure

Slight ombre pink and white coffin nails get a huge boost in style from a shimmery iridescent design. Although most of your nails are an effortless, minimal style, iridescence is an amazing compliment to that choice. The shimmer is elegant, bold, and plain awesome. It can go with you from work cocktails straight into the weekend.

30. Gold Dust Woman Glitter Manicure Coffin Nails

Gold Dust Woman Glitter Manicure

Gold doesn’t need an accent. Let it take center stage in this manicure. Paint some accent nails with a natural almond color, but on the others use gold glitter to draw an exaggerated nail tip, or go all the way and paint the entire nail with gold glitter. It’s almost better than diamonds.

31. Barista Inspired Coffee Glitter Manicure Coffin Nails

Barista Inspired Coffee Glitter Manicure

What’s your favorite coffee? For us, we love a good, well-made latte. It’s warm and comforting. Sometimes, we want something a little fancier. This manicure is like our favorite coffee, but with an exciting twist. Use a deep coffee polish on most of your nails, but on alternating nails use a bold, gold glitter for that something fancy.

32. Pastel Ballerina Inspired Rhinestone Coffin Nails

Pastel Called Ballerina Nails

Ballerinas have to mold themselves into a role so that we can feel the story they dance to. Like Ballerinas, pastel pink manicures are very versatile. They belong to jeans and t-shirts, formal dresses, and work outfits. Add some sparkles in the form of simple rhinestones at the base of the nail to give it that something extra.

33. Unicorn Magic Pink Glitter Nails

Unicorn Magic Pink Stiletto Nails

Pastel pink isn’t always formal. These long coffin nails look great with a shimmery pastel and a high gloss glitter. Pair the two together for a fun visual impact. On the other hand, switch up the pairs. It’s fun, perfect for the weekend, and a little bit unexpected. Keep the nails extra long for drama.

34. Matte Pink Cotton Candy Long Coffin Nails

Matte Pink Cotton Candy Long Coffin Nails

Matte colors are one of the biggest trends in nail art. Use that trend to your advantage with a sweet, cotton candy pink. Pair the manicure with some chunky gold rings and diamonds for a bright, weekend manicure. Keep the nails medium or long for an edgier look.

35. Prince Inspired Purple Glitter Nails

Prince Inspired Purple Glitter Nails

Purple is an amazing color. It’s both girly and edgy. Church up your purple by using a deep lavender base color on some of your nails. On others use a marble stencil for a subtle effect on the accent nail. On a second accent nail, use a sparkly, purple glitter polish for an in-your-face accent.

36. Subtle Pretty Pink Long Coffin Nails

Subtle Pretty Pink Long Coffin Nails

For a neutral pink during the week, or when you want your nails to take a back seat but still look amazing, choose this look. It uses a subtle dusty pink on each high gloss nail for a beautiful long nail look. It’s gorgeous but won’t upstage you.

37. Ultimate Sparkle Diamond and Pink Coffin Nails

Ultimate Sparkle Diamond and Pink Coffin Nails

There’s nothing like a glittery, sparkly, diamond-studded manicure set. Soft, pastel pink is the perfect partner for an ultra-high shine, big impact, glitter, and diamond accent nail. Choose the lightest, most pastel pink for a beautiful contrast to the all-out drama of the glitter. Get your glam on.

38. Minimal, Natural Manicure With Silver Stripes Coffin Nails

Minimal, Natural Manicure With Silver Stripes

This ultra-simple manicure is a great minimal look with a twist. Use a semi-sheer polish on all your nails so that the natural color can show through an ombre style. On an accent nail, use two thin silver stripes across the tip for a little flash of shine. It won’t take attention away from your awesome style, but it will give you a slight edge. It’s one of the cute easy nail designs you can do yourself.

39. Space Odyssey Navy Ballerina Nails

Space Odyssey Navy Ballerina Nails

Deep navy nails are a dramatic and unique choice in nails. It looks great for a lot of different events. Use an equally deep navy glitter to look mimic the cosmos. On other nails, use a slight marble effect for a coordinating design that’s interesting and unusual. Go boldly and be creative.

40. Classic Siren Red Long Coffin Nails

Classic Siren Red Long Coffin Nails

Red coffin nails are the ultimate manicure. Lipstick red nails have appeared on every leading lady’s hands since the beginning of Hollywood. It’s a dramatic, yet classic manicure style. Update the look with a long coffin nail to bring this traditional manicure into this year. It’s a beautiful mix of old and new, traditional and trendy.

41. Decoupage Shimmer and Natural Pink Coffin Nails Art

Decoupage Shimmer and Natural Pink Nail Art

Super long pink nails get a fun and funky update with this cute decoupage style. Use a semi-sheer, pastel pink. On an accent nail, attach chunky, shimmery bits of foil for bold color and light. They’re a fun nighttime look that’s unexpected, and we guarantee no one will have the same manicure.

42. Sherbet Rainbow Short Coffin Nails

Sherbet Rainbow Short Coffin Nail

Lighthearted manicures are a nice change from work-appropriate natural nails or more dramatic nighttime manicures. These nails let loose from all the expectations with fun non-repeating colors in a semi-gloss. They’re sherbet colors, all bright and fun. Keep it a short nail art so you can still get right into the action.

43. Bold White Geometric Designs with Negative Space Coffin Nails

Bold White Geometric Coffin Nail with Negative Space

You don’t see many white coffin nails. Take that creative choice to the next level by using clear polish to create geometric designs on the nails. You can use big vertical stripes, horizontal stripes or triangles for a coordinated, but unexpected look. Keep the nails short for interest and drama.

44. Space Age Rebel Royal Blue Nail Art Designs Coffin Nails

Space Age Rebel Royal Blue Nail Art Designs

Bold royal blue looks unique on matte coffin nails. On one accent nail use gold, white, and black design that mimics spaceships and the futuristic tailored suits of their captain. Keep all the nails a medium length coffin shaped until the pinky nails. File them into a deep stiletto nails point. The rebel alliance doesn’t follow the rules and neither should you.

45. High Drama Hollywood Black And Glitter Coffin Nails

High Drama Hollywood Black And Glitter Coffin Nail

Need high drama nail ideas? First, take a couple of nails and paint them matte black. Take another couple of nails and use a high gloss black. Those by themselves create a lot of drama. Since you don’t follow fashion rules, take it even further with chunky silver glitter polish on the others. Paint some all in glitter and paint just tips in the others.

46. Grecian Inspired Black And White Short Nail Polish

Grecian Inspired Black And White Short Nail Polish

Matte coffin nails look good with basic white. Take inspiration from the beauty of ancient Greece with this classics inspired manicure. Matte black nails and glossy black nails combine with one matte white accent nail. Use a 3D design a la the temple of Venus. Put three small rhinestones at the base of one of your nails for a final touch.

55 Best Coffin Nails Designs

Coffin nails are a fresh take on manicure types. All of these interesting nail art designs look great on any hand, and each nail art design is something that fits whatever mood or outfit you might create. Whether it’s the popular and classy red coffin nails or the trendy and dramatic matte black coffin nails, coffin acrylic nails are this year’s best nail trend. No matter what your signature style is, there are coffin nails for you. Take on these designer nails and turn up the heat on your nail polish idea. Your personal style will thank you.

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