49+ Gorgeous Braids Hairstyles For Long Hair

49+ Gorgeous Braids Hairstyles For Long Hair

By: Avatar photo Andy Jones Updated: Mar 10, 2024


You may use any of the beautiful styles listed when you want to look unique. You will feel beautiful because your hair is falling over your shoulders beautifully, or you may use the hairstyle that keeps your hair atop your head.

Get Inspired by these 49+ Beautiful Braid Hairstyles

There are quite a few people who need a new style that will make them feel beautiful, and you may try any of these styles when you are getting ready for the day. Change your hair to something that will suit the season, and ensure you have sought out a beautiful hairstyle that everyone will recognize.

Many people talk about having a braided hairstyle, but what is that exactly? A braided hairstyle is when you interlace three or more strands of hair together to create a unique look. These hairstyles became popular due to their distinctive way they make your hair look and are even fashionable enough for a celebrity hairstyle. Joan Smalls looked spectacular at the American Crime Story screening with her symmetric cornrow braids hairstyle and Demi Lovato wore a braided ponytail to the Simply Complicated in Los Angeles, and she looked very stunning.

Of course, I only mentioned a few celebrities that used a braid to entice their look this year. With more celebrities wearing braids, the hairstyle is becoming more popular than it has been in the past. What type of braid hairstyle is part of the fashion world today?There are many braid hairstyles for long hair such as the Dutch braid, the waterfall twist, the fishtail, crown braid, and more. Most of these braid hairstyles require a specific pattern to follow to get the perfect look. Below are 50 great hair ideas to inspire those who enjoy twisting and turning their hair.

1. Asymmetrical Crochet Braid for Long Hair

Asymmetrical Crochet Braid for Long Hair

These splendid down-the-back locks feature an asymmetrical crocheted accent braid. The ash blonde hair color has a seemingly knitted accent on one side. The intricate plaiting follows the natural contours of the head. It comes abrupt stop at the nape of the neck. The ends are left loose. The loose ends allow the intricate braid to ascend out of nowhere.

2. Badass Dutch Braids for Medium-Length Hair

Badass Dutch Braids for Medium-Length Hair

These tightly woven boxer braids are perfect for formal and informal events. There are a total of five parallel plaits, including one smaller center braid. The light brown hair is pulled tight before being plaited into two over-the-shoulder braids. This empowering look is perfect for women with all hair types.

3. Loose French Braid Accents with Low Pony

Loose French Braid Accents with Low Pony

If you’re looking for a braided style that you can whip up at home, check out this undone plait and pony look. The hair design consists of two loosely woven side braids that have been gathered into a down-the-back pony. A small twist of hair serves as a low-key elastic alternative. Wisps of hair frame the face, giving this look a sexy effortless vibe.

4. Braided Crown with Loose Ringlets

 Braided Crown with Loose Ringlets

Crown braids are great for both formal and informal occasions. In this particular look, two side braids lay over a bed of dirty ash blonde hair ringlets. The sunkissed twists sweeten this already adorable hair concept.

5. Glossy Twist with Low Bun

Glossy Twist with Low Bun

This ultra-sleek twist and bun combo is an excellent look for ladies with naturally textured or frizzy locks. The product-heavy hair isn’t going anywhere. It has a shimmery, flattened appearance. Two simple side plaits help frame the smoothed foundation. A loopy low bun brings the twists together just below the nape of the neck.

6. High bun and flowing locks this summer to keep your neck cold

Source: kassinka.com

You can let the breeze tickle your tresses, but keep your look secure with a half-up hairdo. Just a simple twist that puts the top layered hair in a loose bun leaves the rest loose as a casual vibe. Add some cute braid styles or two that start under the messy topknot for the best effortless style.

7. Fishtail over the shoulder for spring and summer fun

Source: lulus.com

By giving your fishtail braid a messy, over-the-shoulder start, you can get away with making a few mistakes. This comes in handy if you’re still learning to master the art of fishtail braid styles, but it’s still a great look even when you have the hang of it. Try varying the width of strands as the braid comes to an end for a dynamic look.

8. Fluffy braids over streaming hair for summer

You can give half-size braid hairstyles a ton of volume by teasing and tugging the strands apart once it’s tied off. Adding smaller and more narrow braids that blend in with the rest of the tousled and loose look add an easy and cute flair.

9. Flowers in a loose braid for the flower child look

Threading flowers in while hair braiding instantly adds a nice, natural touch to any look for any occasion. This could be as simple as a quick 2018 festival style or as lavish as a bridal up-do. If you’re worried about wilting and drooping petals, use dried or synthetic flowers to make the style work for you.

10. Braid four strands to create a full braid over your long hair

With this woven braiding style, go slow or practice on a smaller section of hair that you can see easily in the mirror. After a little know-how, you can create this full four-strand look with an effortless grace that’s elegant and classy. Wrap and pin a piece of hair around the tie at the end to give the braid the best natural finish.

11. Braid to two buns for a new look

Two French-style braids that end in twin buns turns up the fun for any cool or cute outfit. While the braids themselves should hug close to the head and look tidy, the buns can be teased for more volume. A messy look that blends in with some volume and waves for the loose hair works in any season.

12. Loose braids will create a wispy look in your hair

Loose braids will create a wispy look in your hair

Combining sections with simple twists and a chain of interlocking pony-tails over loose waves looks complicated but is super simple to recreate. It doesn’t need to be a super sleek hairdo for a nice finish, but the twists and waves shouldn’t be too messy, either. The small rubber-bands helping the braid stay in place should be close to the natural color of the hair in order to blend in.

13. Braid around your head like it is a laurel

Source: quora.com

By parting your hair at the top center of your forehead, you can bread two separate pieces that wrap around your head to look like a leafy crown. Fishtail braid styles work best for this effect. The strands should be thick enough to create a braid that’s at least an inch wide, but not too thick so the ends aren’t poking out awkwardly from under the pinned back.

14. Invert your braids for fun and a new look

Source: eslamoda.com

To get a braid hairstyle that looks like it’s climbing up instead of falling down, use the pull-through method in reverse. Clear rubber-bands disappear easily against light or brightly dyed hair, but darker tones can find them in black and dark brown hairstyle, too.

15. Messy braids are easy to pull together

Very loose braids where each stand is twisted and fluffed before being woven together with the rest results in a look with a lot of volume and waves. When some smaller braids are threaded through this gently pulled-together look, they add to the pretty and dreamy finish.

16. Braid up to a bun behind your head

Source: eslamoda.com

Making sure to carefully section your hair into two equal halves before you begin braiding one side is the trick getting this cool style looking tidy. Though the braids should be neat and uniform, you can get a little messy with the buns for casual wear. Rock some side bangs or loose strands around the frame of your face for the ultimate quick style.

17. Tiny braids atop your head will find your bun

Row-style hair braiding tricks are a great way to get your bangs out of your face and hide them in a look that’s easy and pretty at the same time. A bun at the very top of your head will hide their ends if they’re too short to wrap into the twist itself. Just a bit of teasing will give the bun enough volume to work.

18. Let your braid split into two when you are finishing off your style

This is the pajama-party answer to pigtails with its casual and cool vibe that looks messy bedhead chic. Quick kinds of braid hairstyles like these pair best with a face mask and hot mug of herbal tea. They can hold up during a workout, too, when you use a headband to keep the wisps back from your face.

19. Cross over braids just for fun when you get ready

Cross over braids just for fun when you get ready

To make these four braids look their best, keep them in tidy and evenly separated sections that line up on either side of your face. Adding bows or flowers to where they pin into the back of the head can hide the work that makes this style look so simple and pretty.

20. Braid across your head to a bun

A chunky center braid that gives a bit of poof to your bangs can finish at the top of your head with a little bun to hide the ends. When you need your hair pulled back but don’t mind a bit of a longer style for the lower half, this style fits a cool and easy blend.

21. Braid up the side of your head instead of shaving

Source: eslamoda.com

When you want an edgier look, braid evenly-spaced rows up one side of your head and leave the ends to blend in with the rest of the loose hair. Teasing the crown and leaving the rest in messy waves gives a fauxhawk look that can just as easily brush out at the end of the day.

22. Flowing hair, small bun and a tiny braid

Flirty looks like these combine a few different elements for an easy result. The quick little bun at the back matches the uneven braid for a boho-chic feel. Keeping the loose hair messy around the shoulders makes this a fast and fun style for the beach or around the pool at home.

23. Pull hair through knotted braids

This braiding style works by leaving each top-layer strand on its own as you braid through the rest of the sections. After it’s finished, you can adjust the way those top strands weave through by fluffing them at the root. This is a great way to have an elegant style that also keeps loose hair away from your face.

24. Wrap braids to a pony tail to look your most magical

Source: eslamoda.com

When you need a style that works for the concert lawn or a shopping mall, use chunky braids that gather your hair into a pony tail that flows down your back. Beachy waves and soft tendrils that frame the face keep that casual and playful vibe fresh.

25. Fold under your pony tail for a fun style

Source: luxyhair.com

Pulling your half-size pony tail through a loop once or twice gives it a twist and leaves a long strand you can braid a few different ways. With an artsy look like this, leave it messy for the first half, then use a tightly braided fishtail to give it a special finish.

26. Let loose braids fall into two

Even sections and a centered part help these braid stay neat and tidy so that you can finish them up after tying them off. By starting at the bottom of the finished braid, gently tug each piece to get the volume you’re looking for. Keeping the proportions the same throughout the braid makes the style look polished.

27. Make mermaid braids for fun when you head to the beach

Braids like these look like magic from an undersea adventure, but they’re just a series of pull-through braids that end together with a fishtail finish. Leave the ends unbound when you’re ready to let the oceanside wind and waves work your magical braids loose for a saltwater treatment.

28. Tie under a braid for your updo

Tie under a braid for your updo

Working the long tail of a braid into a wispy, off-center bun is a great way to turn a look into an updo that’s ready for any fancy or casual event. The braids can be tidy or messy and the bun can hold special jewels or flowers to turn the dial up on an outfit for a special occasion.

29. Use one side braid for fun

A side-part and cascading braid make a casual look glammed up for daytime or nighttime wear. It’s a great way to try out a more complicated braid style like the fishtail. Since you can see it so easily from the side like this, you can practice mastering the trick to getting it looking just right.

30. Let your braids get smaller

Stopping a chunky braid in the middle to finish it with a smaller inset braid is a whole new way to combine cool effects for the best look. You can use the same weaving style for each section, or you can switch it up by using a fishtail on top and a standard braid on the bottom.

31. Let your braid ride on top

Source: luxyhair.com

A classic look never goes out of style, it just needs the right touch. Known in many regions as the French style of braiding, this style starts high and finishes with an even and tidy plait that likes a long tail. If you’re just getting started with braiding ticks, this is an excellent one to practice regularly.

32. Tie braids into your bun when you want to look messy

Sometimes, a messy look means hair in your face and all over the place. These half-up and half-down hairdos solve that problem by letting you have the best of both worlds. Braiding thick sections to twine together into a bun at the back of the head helps you look casual and stay comfortable at the same time.

33. Updo with a rising braid for your next wedding or formal

You can get a voluminous look without extensions or excessive use of products by using a bottom-up braid to gather your hair into one section at the top of your head. Carefully pinning the loose strands together with a little bit of back-combing to fluff them creates a formal updo without any complicated technique.

34. Make two loose braids that will split behind your back

Two lazy braids that trail down the backs of your shoulders can look stylish and chic even if they’re a little messy or uneven. You can braid them as tidy as you want, but there’s nothing wrong with a casual hairstyle even when you’re pairing it with dressier clothes.

35. Make a side braid that will look like art on the side of your head

Using off-center placement and pull-through braiding is trending favorite for 2018. When they’re pinned in place at a curve, a long tail will blend in with the way the rest of the loose hair falls to the side. This creates a floral style with a flowing finish.

36. Run your braid down your hairline to your waist

When you start the top of the braid as a small chain that grows larger around the nape of your neck, you can include all of your hair in a comfortable cascade before it descends over one shoulder. The frame this makes for your face can be made wispy or tidy depending on how neatly you weave your braid.

37. Make the tiniest fishtail for for fun

Just for practice or to show off your awesome braiding skills, use a narrow fishtail set off to one side for a fun flourish. This braiding style takes a little bit of time when you want to use really skinny pieces, but the results stand out in a mane of loose and lively waves.

38. Double braids make you look magical

Starting a pair of braids right at the crown of your head helps you keep your bangs in check if you plan to wear them for exercise or activity. They’re a great solution for making sure your hair is out of your way without putting all that weight at the top of your head. High pony tails and buns can get heavy during active use, so a pair of tidy braids makes it easier to wear long hair.

39. Spread out your double braids

Another way to wear the weight of long hair without all the headache of having it gathered at the top of your head is to set your braids wide apart. This changes the frame of your hair around your face, and you can add to that with loose wisps or a tight weave depending on your preference.

40. Start a top braid that runs to your flowing pony tail

This works best when you start it right at the center of your forehead, but you can style it to one side or the other if that works better for your outfit. Wrapping a strand of hair where the wavy pony tail starts really polishes off the look for business attire.

41. Let your braid fall apart into your hair

Source: cuded.com

A braid that starts off tight and tidy and then explodes into loose waves that blend with the rest of your hair really draws attention to the style. A few carefully placed pins that disappear into lightly tousled waves will hold the end in place while letting it look effortless and easy.

42. Make boxy braids that look like clouds

When you tease out the strands after finishing off a pull-through braid, you get these lovely heart-shaped designs that drift down as light as clouds. Because you’re using a series of small rubber-bands to hold each section in place, it’s a style that can handle all day wear easily.

43. Simple double braids you did yourself

Source: cuded.com

A gently but neatly woven pair of side braids that start at the temples and keep as short a tail as possible is a great way to get next-day waves by wearing them overnight. You can start off with damp hair or use a little light shaping product to help the waves stay.

44. Make a loose fishtail that looks like it came from the ocean

Source: hommeg.com

Make a fishtail look like a mermaid’s figure with a tightly woven start and a body that curves into a shapely weave of thicker strands. A tapered end with a long tail that can be teased to open like a fan leaves the look with a fun and flirty flourish.

45. Draw something special with a beautiful braid you made yourself

It’s okay to take a chance on combining all the new braiding tricks you learn and using them for dynamic, trendsetting looks. Practicing ways to make different patterns with different plaiting techniques are how the next new look for 2018 gets made.

46. Tie a braid behind your head when you let your hair fall

Source: styl.fm

Start two braids at each temple and tuck the ends under the other braid to hide where they join together. Pin in place and leave a long tail that you can brush into the long and loose back. This is a great style for using a really neat and even braid and a sleek, straight finish for the rest of your hair.

47. Braid four strands into two full braids

Braid four strands into two full braids<

Braiding experts, check out this pretty hairstyle! Kick your four-strand braids up a notch by twisting and weaving two instead of one. Part your hair in the center to create each side separately until you end up with two full four strand braids. Then, tie off each cool looking braid individually with a blended hair tie to complete the look.

48. Make two braids that connect

Make two braids that connect

Source: youtube.com

Enhance your ponytail with two Dutch braids. Just start the twists near the forehead and continue them past the ears. Use a tie to attach the braids to the rest of the hair – leaving out a small strand. Conceal the hair piece by wrapping the small strand around it. This braid design is excellent for any occasion.

49. Braid sides to flow over your hair

Braid sides to flow over your hair

The natural waves in your hair will make this style more breathtaking to see. Weave two braids that begin high on your head and blend them into your natural curls. Loosen the braids for a messy look. There is no need to tie them off just let it hang naturally. This braid for long hair can be worn all day and it’s perfect for curly hairstyles.

50. Stylish side braid with hair pinned up

Stylish side braid with hair pinned up

This pretty hairstyle is ideal for weddings or other fancy occasions. The chic looking twist flows enticingly off to the right side of the head giving it a 2018 relaxed, braided look. Next, twist and turn the rest of your hair into a braided updo. Keep it loose as you pin it into place. You will inevitably turn heads when using this braid style updo.

51. Loosen your braid for a new look

Loosen your braid for a new look

Fashionable colored hair can set the perfect enchanting look for this braiding style. Twist and weave the first layer of hair and tie it off at shoulder length. Then, begin another small braid with the same hair and tie that off as well. Loosen the braid to your desired shape and volume. Finally, lay the twist naturally against your hair.

52. Slacken side braid for a unique look

Slacken side braid for a unique look

This braid is one of the cute easy hairstyles you will see women wear today. Just braid the front of your hair. Then, bring the twist down the back of your hair and angle it towards the left side of your head. This style will allow your neck to stay cool. This relaxed look is great to wear to the park.

53. Connect two side braids behind your head

Connect two side braids behind your head

This braided hairstyle surrounds the crown of the head like a halo. Keep the rest of the hair free to rest upon the shoulders. To spice it up, add a little color for an attractive look. Place a few flowers into the crown braid for a spring-like look. Hairdos like this make it hard not to feel like an angel.

54. Keep cool with this side braid

Keep cool with this side braid

This Dutch braid hairstyle begins on the right side of the forehead. Then, it interweaves to create a chain that surrounds the face for a radiant and tantalizing look with the braid dangling over the left shoulder. To create more volume, loosen the braids. This fabulous look is great for during the day and the nightlife. It also is a great summer look.

55. Two stylish twists on the side

Two stylish twists on the side

Want to manage the frame of an undercut, without giving up your long, thick hair? Then, you should give these quick braids a try. They provide the same cool look of a side shave while you can still show off your femininity. Not to mention, how the cute braids look against your scalp. They are 100 percent guaranteed to look like an undercut hairstyle for women.

49+ Best Braids Hairstyles to Feel Beautiful

These 50 best hairstyles are exquisite for any occasion from weddings to just a walk in the park. If you are searching for a new hair braid trend this year, try these fashionable looks. These trendy hairstyles are easy to master over time. After you get the hang of it, you can try combining the styles. From the look of the sea to a regular loose braid style, you will be the talk of the town with any of these great new looks. As you look at these inspire braid style photos, try to imagine how they will look on you. Now that you’ve gone through these gorgeous looks, don’t forget to also take a look at the prettiest short blonde hair ideas! If you are looking for wedding hairstyles for short hair, we also got you covered.

50 Gorgeous Braids Hairstyles For Long Hair

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