Best Undercut Hairstyles For Women

51 Powerful Undercut Hair Ideas for Women

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The best undercut for women is a refreshing take on all the exciting different ways you can express yourself through your hairstyle. Whether you get your undergrowth shaved to have less hair weight and heat, or you’re overtly making an (under) statement, you can make an undercut for women your own in multifaceted different ways. There are undercut hairstyles for girls of all ages.

51 Fresh Undercuts for You To Try

The undercut has long been incorporated into men’s haircuts in a utilitarian way, the differing lengths of hair giving a defining shape to the male hairdo. The undercut for women has blossomed into a fresher, much more interesting hairstyle aspect as women have joined the trend’s fray. Women’s personal style, in general, has evolved into the freedom of choice in hairstyles, especially true with so many innovative undercut hair ideas for women.

The undercut had a modest, uncool start, like so many other fashion niche stories. In the early 1900s, the male undercut was the result of a hairdo composed of ineffectual barbers who didn’t quite grasp the concept of an evenly shaped cut. The style gained popularity when it became more cleanly refined in the roaring 20s, then reverting to more practical use for soldiers during World War II.

The style went underground again for years until reappearing in the 80s, a perfect time to show off different iterations of personal choice in clothing and hairstyles. The undercut was put to bed with the rest of the neon, half-shirt, lacy Madonna stylings, not to resurface until about thirty years later. It’s still mostly used in men’s haircuts but men need not be the only ones to enjoy the freeing option of undercuts for women. Today’s undercut for women has evolved in spectacular ways.

There are multiple reasons for the undercut for women in today’s hairstyles. Women with thick or super curly hair may choose to have an undercut to feel less weight and heat from all that hair. Some women say they have that area shaved so they’ll have less hair tickling at the back of the neck.

An undercut for women can be a modest way to feel a bit edgy, just a little shave that’s easy to conceal for the office – business up top, party underneath. Many other women prefer to make an eye-catching personal statement in their undercut style, maybe having a large area shaved in a unique personal pattern and even dyed with fresh colors.

You don’t necessarily need to have thick hair in order for these undercuts for women to work for you; the undercut can also work with thin hair, with caution as to how much is being taken off from the overall hairstyle. With thick hair, the undershave actually helps the shape of the style by removing bulky weight by the nape. When you see these 50 awesome versions of the undercut for women, you’ll want to check one out for yourself.

1. Undercut Women Hairstyles: The Long and Short and the Sides

The Long and Short and the Sides Undercut Hairstyle

This is a good cut if you want a true edge that’s truly hideable. The undercut side section is short shaved, contrasting with the long layers. Reminiscent of Sinead O’Connor, the sideshows off how pretty your face is without hair. If both sides are shaved, you can take it into a faux hawk or horse mane-like hairstyle.

2. The Best Undercut For Women is Blue and Straight to the Point

The Best Undercut For Women is Blue and Straight to the Point Undercut Hairstyle

A tight and precise shave undercut for women. The hair is shaved to parallel lines and taken down to a sharp point separating ear and face. This style is edgy in two ways, either simply blue to be true, or lined up with blue. Either way, definitely an eye-catching ‘do.

3. A Fly Sly Butterfly

A Fly Sly Butterfly Undercut Hairstyle

A much-detailed undercut for women that would be hella high maintenance. Seeing this neat thick and shaded design sparks ideas of other insect or animal designs that would show off your individual flair and love for nature. This style is convertible for conventional wear or fanciful with an upstyle ‘do.

4. Sassy Short With Long Red

Sassy Short With Long Red Undercut Hairstyle

This cut creates lift at the top of the head when pulled across to the long side. The shaved short side is a natural dark brown hair color with a flashy red contrast in the long parts. Can be worn as a no-nonsense office look or a “look at me” style. This look also makes for great short wedding hair.

5. Best Undercut For Women with Silver Top

Best Undercut For Women with Silver Top Undercut Hairstyle

A thick chunk of silver top hair is set off by the shaved sides. Short top hair makes a springy ponytail if the back is also shaved. If the back hair is longer, there’s good potential for a faux hawk, with a lot of good products.

6. A Forever Punk Mohawk Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair

A Forever Punk Mohawk Undercut Hairstyle

Check out this short hairstyle for a statement of fierce individuality. You really have to commit to this look – short shaved on a large part of the sides, longer on the top, and flowing to the back. Natural color on the shaved sides and long with blue highlights. No shyness here.

7. Edge Pled to the Red

Edge Pled to the Red for Short Hair

This lady couldn’t wait to selfie her kicky ‘do, and for good reason. The side is short-shaved into diagonal lines with natural color leading to both the face and the glorious red above it. All aspects accent the super curly long hair undercut and ‘tude.

8. The Long, Medium and Short of It

The Long, Medium and Short of It Undercut Hairstyle

The three drastically different hair lengths make this cut interesting and versatile. The sides are shaved either longer, or growing back, and the small section at the back is chin-length, to lighten the load underneath the top hair, which is longer than shoulder length. Good cut for French braiding since there’s enough hair at the bottom to grab.

9. Best Undercut For Women with the Quarter Circle Shave

Best Undercut For Women with the Quarter Circle Shave Undercut Hairstyle for for Short Hair

This quarter circle design undercut is simple and pretty, and it can have a certain meaning to the wearer. The quadrant shape can mean she is a big fan of math or she may be a surgeon. Sonar waves could mean she is a marine biologist. Or it could perhaps be a black-and-white rainbow. It’s a sharp design even without a deeper meaning.

10. The Heat Miser Pixy

The Heat Miser Pixy for Short Hair, Geometric Undercut Hairstyle

A super cute elvish hairdo – one of many short undercut hairstyles. The super-short shave is offset by the longer chunky top. The shaved back and sides are a silvery gray color contrasting the stand up straight wispy strawberry blonde hair shock. Maybe Covid outgrowth but either way the gray is a cool contrast. Nothing shy about this fun and comely short hairstyle!

11. Shiny Spider Web Shave Undercut Hairstyle

Shiny Spider Web Shave for Short Hair

The back hair has been undershaved in an arrow shape pointing up rather than straight across which works nicely with the triangle spiderweb design. The hair between the web lines is shaved a little longer and pomaded for shiny emphasis. Possibly a girl who loves her Marvel characters. This style also works great if you have brown hair with blonde highlights.

12. Tribal Underlining A Thick Hairline Undercut Hairstyle

Tribal Underlining A Thick Hairline Undercut Hairstyle

It’d be a good guess that she has this undershave to lighten the load of her thick voluminous head of hair. This undercut travels diagonally from one temple down to the opposite side, leaving a great deal of space for this cool tribal-like design. Pretty and timesaving, dryer-wise.

13. Bound and Tribal Braid Amazon Warrior Undercut Hairstyle

Bound and Braided Amazon Warrior Undercut Hairstyles for Women

Here’s a striking ‘do possibility in undercuts for women. The wide section of hair across the top is offset by a large short-shaved section around the ears. This would definitely be cool for summer, and it would make a hell of a mohawk for Halloween. Still, plenty of hair for cover if needed.

14. Zed on the Low Low Undercut Hairstyle

Zed on the Low Low Undercut Hairstyle

The nape of the neck is shaved straight across from mid-ear to mid-ear and a subtle cool zig-zag plays along the bottom. This would be a good fully convertible version with flair. Could be a heartbeat symbol personal to the wearer. A simple design for a beginner undershave fan.

15. Heart Two Hearts Undercut Hairstyle

Heart Two Hearts Undercut Hairstyle

Here’s a strong show of love for hearts – even the under hairline is in on the design. The hearts are short-shaved and the inner heart even has 3D shading detail. And she has that cool back of the head widow’s peak forming the bottom of the bigger heart. Definitely a good cut to lessen hair mass underneath.

16. Wispy Pixy Mix Short Blonde Hair

Wispy Pixy Mix for Thin Hair

Another version of short undercut hairstyles, this has a subtle area of natural color shaved hair unblended under the smooth flow of pearly white-blonde wisp, making for a pleasant professional-looking cut. Both the shave and the longer top sections require little maintenance and will grow in unobtrusively, making this cut last longer than other short cuts.

17. Red and Mandalovely Sun Design

Red and Mandalovely Sun Design

The inverted V of this cut gives good space for the mandala-patterned shave beneath it. A huge help in giving breathing room under the gorgeous thick red hair. Her pale skin is a perfect canvas for a fringy contrast in this stunning pattern. Fully hideable, but who would want to?

18. A Versatile Waterfall Bob

	A Versatile Waterfall Bob

This is an adorable version of the many short undercut hairstyles, it is more exciting than a simple short bob haircut. The configuration of this cut really emphasizes and complements the oval face. Very short shaved on the sides, the long sections dip to the sides from the lift at the crown for a feminine flippable style.

19. Reverse-Chevron: A Feminine Take

Reverse-Chevron: A Feminine Take

The inverted v-shaped section only includes the nape of the hair in its up-pointed configuration. The razor cut has a defining outline separating it from the longer sections and the parallel swatches intersect for a cool under-design. Fully coverable in case of incognito necessity.

20. The Young Heart Abounds

The Young Heart Abounds Long Hair

A great example of undercut hairstyles for girls. The heart is a super cute centerpiece in this quarter shaved section. The heart is shaved longer for emphasis. She can flip her long hair over it if she wants, but she is proud of this ‘do, and why not show off this cool-girl cuteness?

21. Repeated Arrows Under Blonde Undercut Hairstyle for Long Hair

Repeated Arrows Under Blonde Bun Long Hair Undercut

This design pointing up the back of the nape is a darker or natural color, subtle-edgy when the long hair undercut is in an updo. Fully coverable and a good way to test how an undercut works for the wearer. Also good as ventilation for the neck and shoulders.

22. Sweeping Heartbeat Under Inverted Shave

Sweeping Heartbeat Under Inverted Shave for Long Hair, Layered Undercut

Another of the many undercut hair ideas for women. When her long hair is pulled up, she reveals a neat inverted V shaved with a cool zig-zag or heartbeat design. The lines of this design are shaved wider for more emphasized lines against the black hair. Try out this look instead of the usual long layered hair.

23. Show-Stopping Exposure Bob

Show-Stopping Exposure Bob Nape Undercut

This cut combines a severe bank extending to the ear over the shaved temple/head and stops boldly at the back straight bob section. The beautiful red hair sets off this show-stopping haircut. You have to commit to this blunt cut/shave – there’s no hiding with this intriguing configuration.

24. Proud Emerald Pompadour

	Proud Emerald Pompadour Nape Undercut

The back and sides are short-shaved but tapered into the top shock with a line accentuating the longer bold curls above. The brilliant green crest is teased up to represent her spunky jaunt. Great for curly hair, thick hair, or regular hair (with lots of product).

25. Beautiful Flower-Inspired Design

Beautiful Flower-Inspired Design Nape Undercut

Here’s another take in undercuts for women. The half-hawk reveals a side shaved undercut showing a design that resembles a flower or a mandala. Very feminine style with the springy red-brown curls above. The lines of the design are clean and easy to see. Great for showing off the head shape and earring selections!

26. Undercut Pixie

Undercut Pixie Revealing Long Undercut

A more conservative undercut pixie style. The undercut is longer than average and helps the thick hair hold its long shape, and there’s less hair to deal with by the ear. The undercut and roots are a natural or darker color contrast to the frosty blonde combed-across side bangs. The pretty shape is a very nice look for the office.

27. Zig Zag Under Super Curls

	Zig Zag Under Super Curls Nape Undercut

The model’s super-curly hair is most definitely easier to manage with this cool undercut. The zigzag-shaped design creates a sporty yet artistic base which can be concealed if the hair and curls are longer. A second look from a co-worker would be one of admiration, leading to a query as to where she had it done.

28. Intense Red Spiderweb Shape

	Intense Red Spiderweb Shape Nape Undercut, Undercut Pixie

Underneath the gorgeous long red locks is an undercut neatly razored with a spiderweb design, signifying a Comic-Con Spiderman feel or love for arachnid homes. The hair in the design is shaved a bit longer, the hair’s downward growth emphasizing the design. It’s worn underneath just like Spiderman’s suit.

29. Massive Cool Owl Design

Massive Cool Owl Design Nape Undercut for Undercut Long Hair

Give a hoot for this wonderful graphic. Long hair flows over an entire side shaved into a bold and beautiful owl design. The longer shaved pieces make the owl stand out, especially the eye staring out at you. Hideable, but who would want to?

30. High Undershaved Lotus Flower

High Undershaved Lotus Flower for Fine Hair

The neat bun atop the head reveals the very feminine lotus/flower design beneath it. A lot of hair is shaved from one ear top to the other. A pretty picture rendered subtle by the natural mix of dark and dirty blonde hair coloring. The model can pull her top hair down and conceal the design if needed.

31. Subtle Tester Undercut

Subtle Tester Nape Undercut for Fine Hair

If you are anxious about undercutting your hair but tired of the length making your nape sweaty, this is a good intro shave to dip your toe in the water. Only the nape is shaved straight across the back of the head low on the ears. Super easy to grow out if desired.

32. Bold and Braid Contrast

Bold and Braid Contrast

It’s a modern take on Wizard of Oz’ Dorothy. Short shaved on the sides from the top and around and down to the back. The top long hair is braided leaving out a small side piece for sly decoration. The braid does a balancing act above the shaved portions. A cover-up effect could be easily achieved.

33. Shy Flow Showcases Tat

	Shy Flow Showcases Tat Nape Undercut, Layered Undercut

The long side is cut in a layered hairstyle revealing an intricately designed tattoo on the shaved side. The facial structure is revealed on one side with an eye-covering fringe on the other. This is an overall beautiful feminine look if you are brave enough to have a scalp tattoo.

34. A Wolf At the Back

A Wolf At the Back, Fine Hair Option

The back of the head is shaved straight across under a short bowl cut with a free form wolf shape on the nape. The texture of the hair flow simulates the fur of the wolf, its eyes, nose, and mouth. An animal shape can be a very personal design, whatever animal you choose.

35. Graceful Side Sweep over Taper

Graceful Side Sweep over Taper Nape Undercut

Elegant subtle undercut below the slightly longer hair at the crown. The darker undercut is a lovely contrast to the salt and pepper texture of the side sweep. This cut gives a full view of pretty facial features and jawline and is easy for daily care and styling.

36. Inverted V with Cross-Hatching Detail

	Inverted V with Cross-Hatching Detail

The design is given plenty of space through the inverted V high up on the head. The criss-cross nature of this undershave can have a number of meanings – Peppermint Patty or Spongebob’s pineapple house spring to mind. It could even be shaved further into a checkerboard look. A simple, temperature-cool look for summer.

37. Lavender Braids

Lavender Braids of Braids Undercut Long Hair

The thick purple hair goddess braids appear to hover over the shaved side above the ear and little baby pieces grow smoothly along the forehead. The quarter-inch long hair of the undercut makes a softer feminine space and is a great way to showcase the lovely smiling face and those powerful earrings.

38. Whimsical Hearts and Scrolling

	Whimsical Hearts and Scrolling

You can see several heart shapes in this alluring design. The high arch is cut above the ears, making plenty of room for this large intricate picture. Texture and shading give it a 3D look and it even appears to have a “P” on the right side of the center heart.

39. Fiery Sidesweep with Fall Leaves

	Fiery Sidesweep with Fall Leaves

This asymmetrical bob has a lot to say. The fringy feminine longer section is a waterfall of color with a strong orange underwave. The undershaved leaves are beautifully shaped and colored to coordinate. And it’s reversible – flip the hair over the artistry of the colored leaves and it’s all orange with yellow underwave. It’s not surprising that orange nails work as a perfect companion for this look.

40. Undercut Pixie: Rolling Crest of Silvery Femininity

Undercut Pixie, Rolling Crest of Silvery Femininity

This model has a modified pixie cut with a thick shock of hair standing proud over the short shaved sides. The fringe dipping down on one side accents the oval facial shape and gorgeous eyes. This stunning silvery-platinum undercut pixie isn’t just for your gramma anymore-the bluish tone is suitable for many skin shades.

41. Thick Shaved Lotus

	Thick Shaved Lotus for Thick Hair

The weight and heat of the bountiful thickness of this hair would be greatly alleviated by this undershave design. The dot pattern adds a touch of complexity to the pattern. This lotus configuration is exquisite in its feminine simplicity and totally concealable if a more conservative look is required.

42. Super Curl Cascade with Lines Undercut Pixie

	Super Curl Cascade with Lines, Undercut Pixie

You can easily show off your gorgeous face with this side shaved curly pixie cut. The curls can provide a cover if necessary. The fade hair is long for a soft feminine look, while parallel lines cut through above the ear create a focus point beneath the sumptuous black curls.

43. Colorful Chevron-Like Weave

	Colorful Chevron-Like Weave

The color combination of this concealable weave is like a peacock of spring colors. Each swatch of this pattern is either solid or a blend of sumptuous colors, and the fade from yellow to blue juxtaposed next the largest turquoise swaths demands second and third looks. An intriguing design.

44. A Simple Line Design

A Simple Line Design

The short layered undercut allows for springy natural curls on the back and sides. The long side is pinned back to reveal a small undercut over the ear with simple parallel lines across and above the ear. A good undercut that’s slightly riskier and concealable.

45. Spiderweb Effect for Fall

Spiderweb Effect for Fall Undercut Haircut

This ‘do is a magnificent creation of color and web pattern. The spiderweb appears again showing possible meanings like our connections in life, directions from choices, or a Spiderman fan. Thick black hair is tipped and blended with exquisite red, orange and yellow, lovely colors for the fall season.

46. Asymmetrical Bob with Arrows Undercut Haircut

	Asymmetrical Bob with Arrows Undercut Haircut for Short Hairstyle

This smooth one-length bob is curled under, pretty in its own way. The multiple down-pointing arrows in the back make a strong statement for all to see, not to be hidden but to accentuate the nape of the neck. Prettiness both coming and going.

47. Striking Platinum Braids Over Short Shave

Striking Platinum Braids Over Short Shave, Disconnected Undercut

Most of the head is shaved short to accentuate the bright white column of tight French braids atop. The wearer invokes the spirit of Danaeris on her wedding day. The lily-shaped sprigs at the braids’ ends are cute and charming. A stunning look for a dressy occasion.

48. Blunt Over Shaved Portions Undercut Haircut

	Blunt Over Shaved Portions Undercut Haircut, Disconnected Undercut

The shaved sides and back are a sharp contrast to the upper blunt bob. Thick ash blonde hair doesn’t quite conceal the drastically different short shaved underside of the cut. A cooler cut for summer makes for less fuss and sweat while letting the bob stand above. This cut has a bit of edge while still being completely professional-looking.

49. Zig Zagging It Out

Zig Zagging It Out, Disconnected Undercut

With all one length long blonde hair colors, the zig-zag pattern abounds on the large side sections of the head, from above the temple beyond the ear to the back of the head. Looks to be concealable if the hair is down. A striking pattern that’s as sure of itself as is its wearer.

50. Sidelined on the Bob

Sidelined on the Bob, Disconnected Undercut for Natural Hair Color

A rather complicated shave that goes up to the top of the head. Then just beneath the hairline is a section of longer-shaved hair that is intersected with the solid up-design of the shaved line pattern. For sure, this is a fresh take on the undercut for women. This undershave can be concealed, but this girl wants her lines to be seen!

The Undercut for Women – 51 Kicky Choices

The undercut for women is a stunning addition of style in the overall picture of today’s women’s fashion. There are so many adorable undercut hairstyles for girls and options of an undercut for women. Whether you have short or long hair, thin or thick hair, want to show a lot or a little of your head, show shapes or pictures, or add textures and/or touches or splashes of color, this is a trend that’s likely to be around for years to come. The only limit on your choice of cut and design would be a bashfulness of showing off and/or the guidelines of what the conservative world requires. Otherwise, the sky is the limit – try one out for yourself!

Best Undercut For Women

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