27 Most Beautiful Braided Hairstyles

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If you’re tired of the same old ponytail, then it’s time to try a braided hairstyle idea. A lot of women are intimidated by braiding if they haven’t done it before. You might be surprised by how easy it actually is! Once you’ve got the technique down, you’ll be ready to work your way through our awesome list. We’ve compiled 27 different styles from simple twists to perfect fishtails. Turn heads at work or wow everyone at your wedding. These looks are comfortable, romantic and pretty enough for any occasion. All you need is long hair, nimble fingers and this list!

27 Braided Hairstyle Ideas for Every Occasion

1. Cascading Hearts Braided Hairstyle Idea

How gorgeous is this long and loose braided look? It starts with a simple twist technique at the top. Big, easy loops open like hearts. The rest of your hair hangs free for a finish that’s both feminine and unfussy.

2. Viking Princess Side Braid

Source: luxyhair.com

For a look that’s pretty but powerful, try this thick side braid. You’ll use the effortless pull-through technique again and again. It’s a great way to keep a side style in place while adding some serious drama.

3. Girly Knots All Grown Up

A simple twist technique across the crown creates the hugely popular hair headband. This romantic detail is incorporated into a pair of double knots. It’s a grown-up take on your favorite girly look. Perfect for hot summer days!

4. High Volume Beginner-Friendly Fishtail Braid

Show off beautiful blonde highlights and make your hair look insanely full with this loose fishtail braid. The pull-through technique is surprisingly easy. Pulling hair out at the end for added volume leaves plenty of room for error.

5. Fat and Fabulous Double Waterfall Braid

This free-spirited double braid is part prairie and part boho chic. You’ll love the romantic volume. Don’t have the hair for the length you want? Just clip in an extension before you start braiding.

6. A Pull-Through Picture Tutorial

Never tried a pull-through braid? Don’t worry. Mastering this look takes only a few minutes. Once you’ve got it down, it’ll become your new go-to when you want an updo that’s impressive but easy.

7. Crown Braids into a High Pony

This braided hairstyle idea offers a different look from every side. From the front, they’ll see a clean sweep (which also acts as a natural facelift). From the top, you have two sleek braided rows. At the back you have the fierce and fashionable high pony.

8. An Elsa Inspired Side Braid

Who doesn’t covet Elsa from Frozen’s voluminous side braid? This beautiful variant pulls hair in as you braid to create pretty side-swept sections at the back. Leave a few strands loose around your face to soften the final look.

9. Up and Down Braided Buns

As you can see, this style is a great way to show off ombre hair. You’ll start by dividing your hair so that half stays down. The other half is divided again to form two braids. You’ll secure the braids, loosen them for volume, then twist the ends into buns.

10. Fishtail and Mini Braid Accent

If you only want one sweet little braided accent, this style is for you! A tight mini braid is layered over a side-swept fishtail braid. The end tucks neatly under, giving you a romantically feathered side detail.

11. When You Can’t Decide on One Look

This short blonde hair style offers a little bit of everything. The majority of the hair is down in easy waves. The crown is covered by a loose braid that merges with the waves by way of a messy bun.

12. Festival Perfect Double Dutch Braids

This is a perfect festival braided hairstyle idea. Just dutch braid two sections on each side of the hide. Pulling in more hair gives a layered hair look and lets the braids merge and then separate again for added interest.

13. Knotty but Nice Updo

Here’s a beautiful braiding technique that looks way more complicated than it is. All you have to do is make three braids, then knot each one. Use pins to keep them clean and close, that it looks like they are one complex braid at the nape of your neck.

14. A Mod Take on the Braided Headband

Everyone loves a pretty braided headband, but it’s time to give the style a twist. This look uses the French braid technique. Once you’re done pinning the braid, give the rest of your hair some lift and finish it with big waves.

15. DIY Easy Braided Chignon

Source: lily.fi

Here’s yet another way to use the pull-through braiding technique. This look braids the hair at the base of the neck. Then it winds back to create a clean-looking chignon that takes only minutes to finish.

16. Braided Faux Hawk Ponytail

Get serious volume with this fun faux hawk ponytail. Braid the crown, then pull sections for a fuller, softer look. When you’ve finished the braid, pull up the remaining hair for a high ponytail that looks especially sleek .

17. Simple Fishtail Date Braid

Here’s a sweet way to do a half up, half down braid. Just part hair down the middle, then plait it into a messy fishtail. Secure the braid, then let the remainder of the hair fall into bedhead waves.

18. A Quick Braided Top Knot

Source: jolie.de

This look is great if you’ve only got a few minutes but want something more polished than the top knot alone. Separate just the crown section of your hair, then plait it from the side bangs back. At the back of your head, tie it off, then twist the remainder up and pin it into a messy top knot.

19. A New Braided Heart Hairstyle

Here’s a gorgeous braid inspired by the popular Instagram heart hair pictures. You can do it almost as quickly as you can read the tutorial. The end result is as pretty as it is comfortable.

20. French Braid into a Ponytail

Source: missysue.com

Don’t have time for a full French braid? Just use the technique on one section at the side. Loosen it up for more coverage. Then pull the braid back and secure it in a high pony. Curls are optional (and so pretty!) if you are into curly hairstyles.

21. Optical Illusion Waterfall Braid

This sweet and simple waterfall braid is so pretty it looks Photoshopped. A pull-through technique creates a small braid at every section. Loosen them up to get the right cascade effect.

22. More Knot than Braid

This fun look is more knot than braid. A ponytail and a few specific twists are all it takes to create this romantic updo. It looks super sleek with straight hair but is equally lovely with loose curls.

23. Big Volume Twisted Ponytail

Are you dying to rock a high volume pony? Extensions are an easy way to add some boost. With or without them, this effortless twist technique boosts your hair up for a more dramatic fall.

24. Basic Pull-Through Braid

Tired of hearing how easy it is to do a pull-through braid? Just follow along with this picture tutorial. It really only takes a few quick steps to create one of the season’s most popular hairstyles.

25. Low Bun and Done

Source: makeup.com

Learn how to do one of the most effortless and elegant updos. Just pull your hair up in a pony. Twist it, pin it, tuck it, and you’re done.

26. A Very Braidy Updo

Create lots of beautiful braided texture quickly and easily. You can pull this one off with medium or long layered hair. Just keep tucking braids into the finished product, then pull some strands for a softer finish.

27. Super Sleek Braided Bun

Source: youtube.com

Try this look when a simple bun or one braid just won’t do. Braid hair into three sections. Combine those sections for one chunky braid. Then twist and pin that braid into a gorgeous bun.

If you are looking for more beautiful looks, don’t forget to check out these wedding hairstyles for short hair.

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