The 29 Most Popular Hairstyles

By: Avatar photo Andy Jones Updated: Mar 10, 2024


Do you want to know which popular hairstyle is trendy this year? You came to the right place. Here we bring you the freshest and coolest hairstyles in fashion for the young and medium age American woman of today. From hot weather styles, chic party, choppy, shagadelic shag haircuts, styles for thinning hair, haircuts for long faces, bohemian hairstyles, retro chic, thick hair to straight hair and hairstyles that will make you look like a million bucks, you are at the right place. Join me as we dive into the world of trendy hair fashion for today’s woman. Use these ideas to try something else other than your beloved long layered hair.

29 Trendy And Popular Hairstyles Totally Hot for Today’s Young Woman

1. Flattering waterfall braids hairstyle

This flattering waterfall braids is a popular and trendy hairstyle particularly gorgeous for today’s modern woman twisted braids at the side interlocking with straight strands. You won’t believe how awesome it will make you look, especially if you combine it with ombre nails.

2. Hot hairstyles for thin hair

Give your hair some oomph in this trendy and popular drab strand to fab strand hairstyle Tired of your thin hair and dying to make them appear thick? Simple and stylish option.

3. Daring and bold popular hairstyle


This daring and bold cut will definitely make you stand out. There is a new look and confidence in this stylish hairstyle for the modern woman that will make heads turn.

4. A definite hack for straight hair

Wish to play with your straight strands to come up with this gorgeous look? Give yourself that much needed inspiration in straight hair hot and trendy style with this amazing and beautiful look.

5. Perfect style for the thick haired

Your choice between making it look like you have more or like you have less, this trendy style is layered hair at the top and tight on the sides ideal for the modern thick haired women.

6. Anna Kendrick pitch-perfect hairstyle

Adamant fan of Anna Kendrick? You will definitely find this hairstyle hard to forget. Give your hair some much needed life in this trendy and gorgeous look for that modern appeal.

7. The edgy modern hairstyle of today

A perfect and gorgeous short blonde hair look for most faces. A loopy and twisted popular hairstyle that looks complex yet simple. A must have hairstyle for today’s fashionable woman with a taste of style.

8. Breathtaking bohemian hairstyle hot today

This inspired vintage wavy hairstyle has proven to be timeless. Red carpet popular bohemian swag perfect for that trendy and fashionable outdoor and indoor look. It gives out a bold and confident of appearance.

9. Blunt bangs for the modern woman

Rock this gorgeous blunt bang look with a shoulder length hair cut. Pairing with a bob, which is common may sometimes seem or feel too aggressive, have a go with a fresh twist.

10. Layers that frame your face

Now this style is perfect for practically all faces, framing your face and giving you a desired look. This timeless hairstyle will always rock and remain popular for the young and middle age woman.

11. Side sweeping bangs with a bob

This sassy looking side bangs with a bob looks chic and trendy. Try it out if you are growing your pixie-cut and want that edgy look for the modern woman with a popular swag.

12. Trendy and timeless ponytail hairstyle

The sleek pony tail will forever remain a timeless trendy and fashionable hairstyle. Have a go with that long hair that you need tucked and still look professional and sexy at the same time.

13. French braid for the hot summer

This stylishly super-hot French braids is totally ideal for the summer look. It portrays a unique hairstyle that is not going to fade out of fashion anytime soon. Give your hair that much needed new look in this style.

14. Braided bun for night and daytime

Whether for the night or daytime look, this totally beautiful braided is ideal and trendy hairstyle for all occasions. Keep your hair tucked in stylishly with a sexy look and super awesome appearance trending today.

15. Side glam pony tail hairdo

With loose strands, this side glam pony tail hairstyle will give you a glamorous and popular look. The fresh look and ease is ideal for an everyday appearance for many women.

16. Veronica Lake inspired waves hairstyle

Look totally hot in this Veronica Lake inspired waves for that classic hairstyle need. Feel free to play the part with an inspiration of red pout for that bold appearance.

17. Luscious and sexy long curls

Big curls has always been a sure and perfect way to style long hair and have that hot appeal for the young woman.

18. Funky and colorful hairstyle fashion


Your 20s is an ideal time to experiment different colors for your light brown hair and give yourself that bold and unique popular appearance. Feel free to try a variety of unnatural hair color for this awesome look.

19. High and fun ponytail hairstyle

This fun high pony is ideal and popular hairstyle for the outdoor woman. Whether you are riding a beach cruiser or a bike, out on errands or simply shopping with your gals, smash this look.

20. Ombre color trendy hairstyle for today

This ombre color hairstyle is popular and a trendy hairstyle. You can
ideally try it in your 20s with different color intensity and varied shades. Give yourself that young look anytime with this rocking style.

21. Straight and sleek hairstyle makeover

Some shine serum and a good flat iron can you this popular sleek and straight hairstyle look. The shiny look will definitely make heads turn and the sleek look is definitely sexy.

22. Creatively bobby pinned rocking hairdo

Some creativity with bobby pins can give you this popular look. A variation of half up and half down can be achieved with a series of few pinned pieces of strands in the right order.

23. Half down half up style

This hairstyle has been around for ages and continues to turn heads today when done right. For this timeless classic look, make it more interesting with a small twist.

24. Conservative ponytail for an office look

Wear this trendy ponytail hairstyle for a super-hot office look. You can give it a demure look by pinning some strands of your hair at the back and have that smashing formal appearance.

25. Daring highlights of unnatural color


You can definitely rock this unique and popular hairstyle in your 20s. Experiment with different shades of daring bright colors that make you stand out from the crowd with a sexy highlight.

26. Braided up beautiful hairstyle

This awesome and popular Grecian hairstyle is timeless. The intricate twists and braids make a romantic style that would definitely make a goddess jealous, even if you don’t possess goddess braids. Smashing look with a twist of power.

27. Croppy short sexy short bob haircut


A touch of sparkle is enhanced by the dark brown hair to blonde hair in this cropped short popular hairstyle. This style is definitely hot for both the office and outdoor look. Brown hair with blonde highlights is super popular right now, so why not give it a try?

28. Chick hairstyles for the young

Try this chic and daring pixie cut hairstyle in your early 20s and you will still have time to grow your hair back. It looks sassy and sexy for the modern woman with an edgy feel.

29. Slight wave for that long hair

Some little bit of wave can give your hair a different look hot and popular today. Have that simple touch added on your hair to rock a new and stylish appearance.

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