50 Stunningly Styled Unicorn Hair Color Ideas toStand Out from the Crowd

50 Stunningly Styled Unicorn Hair Color Ideas to Stand Out from the Crowd

By: Avatar photo Andy Jones Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Boring hair days are for boring hair. Once you hop onboard the unicorn hairstyle trend, there’s no going back. With dazzling pinks and flowing rainbows in your hair, you’ll never feel “blah” again. Basic ponytails and messy buns will turn into works of art. Many of these multi-colored hairstyles might seem intimidating. But we only live once, so why not live magically? There are countless ways to rock your locks with this bold trend. Unicorn ‘dos take personality and imagination, and they’ll make you unforgettable. Check out these 50 fabulous styles that will have you itching to transform your hair.

50 Vivid Unicorn Hair Color Ideas to Make an Impression

This article features the best examples of unicorn hair dye. These styles are for people who really want to make an impression and stand out from the crowd. These styles are gaining popularity among all age groups. Many people are looking to add the magic of rainbow hair to their daily lives. More and more stylists are learning to make these looks. Hair dye can transform your look into something truly magical and even enhance the trendiness of your ombre nails or other designs.

All of these rainbow dyes are semi-permanent, meaning that they last for about six weeks and fade out gradually as the hair is shampooed. Try to minimize washing your hair as much as possible if you want it to last. For single colors, there are also wash-in shampoos available to extend the life of your color. For rainbow styles, a lot of upkeep is required to keep them looking their best. Be prepared to visit your stylist frequently.

If you are looking for a subtle pastel color, you could use temporary hair color or wash out hair color. If you have pale blonde hair naturally (it can be short blonde hair or long), you don’t even have to bleach it first. This is a nice way to try a unicorn look without the commitment. Look at the styles we collected and find the best hair color for you. Try some of these cute easy hairstyles to show off your new color.

1. Why dye your hair one or two colors when you could have the whole rainbow?

This mermaid hair color has delicate stripes of pastel blue, pink, yellow, and green. Graduated colors make the effect different from every angle. When this hair is braided, different colors can be seen together. This look is different every time it’s put up. This design is especially beautiful with long layered hair.

2. Suddenly I need my hair to look like a tropical sunset.

This incredibly vivid look starts with purple and magenta at the top and gradually fades to a pastel pink hair. The streaks of purple running through the magenta make the hairstyle look like a romantic sunset. This style is best worn with loose waves, though it would be lovely when braided or put in a bun.

3. I would feel like a fairy princess every day if my hair was like this.

This style represents the very best of pastel hair. Beginning with a soft candy pink, the hair transitions to purple, blue, green, and yellow. Soft waves make the style cascade down the wearer’s back. This style beautifully complements style accessories like rhinestones and gems. Try it with a crystal necklace.

4. This two-tone style is perfect for everyone who loves cool colors.

This style has only two colors for a simple look. Bright turquoise blends with subdued purple for a cool and fresh take on pastel hair. This design is lovely when it is worn up in a bun, showcasing the braided detail on the underside. This easy hairstyle is great for people who like to accessorize one color group at a time.

5. This hairstyle is pastel #goals–I haven’t seen anything like it before!

Source: tudoela.com

Cascading pale colors highlight this amazing hairstyle. This unique hair color style allows the base blonde color to shine through. Pale pinks and purples mix nicely with sky blue. This hairstyle is worn in loose curls to showcase the different color variations. Try wearing it up to show how the different colors blend together.

6. I’m in love with these cotton candy pinks and purples.

I'm in love with these cotton candy pinks and purples.

Source: youtube.com

This is a how-to photograph that shows just how much work goes into creating unicorn hair. Stylists who can pull off these color trends are talented indeed. This style creates a striped effect in the hair, making the wearer feel like a magical creature. Try it with a partial fishtail braid on top.

7. This is so fresh and different, I can totally see myself rocking this style.

Source: i.pinimg.com

Teal and violet combine in a multi-colored hair design. This design has the colors subtly blended throughout, giving a truly stunning effect. This style highlights the shape of the short bob haircut. This is one of the cute easy hairstyles you can try with unicorn hair. When the hair dye is put in this skillfully, you will get magnificent results.

8. Unicorn rainbows + natural hair color? I’m officially obsessed.

This design presents a rainbow style for dark brown hair colors. The hair is bleached in careful sections allowing the natural dark hair color to shine through. The hair is then dyed in saturated hues of magenta, violet, pink, turquoise, and blue. Putting it in a long Dutch braid lets you see all the colors at once.

9. This one is subtle and super cute-like normal hair with a splash of mermaid.

This is another popular design that blends the mermaid look with light brown hair. The ends are bleached and subtle colors are applied. Subtle mermaid hair is one of the best new color trends, allowing people who aren’t ready for a whole head of candy-colored hair to enjoy a new look.

10. Rose gold hair like this would make me feel like a million bucks.

Source: playbuzz.com

This simple design focuses on one color, a gorgeous rose gold. In all one color, this design is perfect for anyone who wants to make a singular impression. With this cute hairstyle, you will look like a fairytale princess. Wear it with a side braid to show off the color.

11. Vibrant colors look awesome on dark hair. This style is so unique and eye-catching!

Vibrant colors look awesome in dark hair. This style is so unique and eye-catching!

This is a fantastic example of hair dye for dark hair. Vivid streaks of saturated colors seem to grow naturally from the wearer’s regular hair color. This design requires some expert bleaching and coloring as the hair goes from deep blue to magenta, red, and orange. Wear it in loose waves in rainbow fashion.

12. These soft blues would be amazing in an updo or even a basic style.

Source: ink361. com

This style for 2018 combines a subtle silvery blue with a delicate peach. This colorful hair is great for anyone who wants to shine but wants a more subdued look than the full-on rainbow hairstyles. If you wear it in an intricate updo, you will see how nicely the colors blend together.

13. Would you dare to try a hairstyle this bright and colorful? I know I would!

This popular unicorn hair is vivid red at the top and fades down to lovely yellow, blue, and pink shades. These gorgeous colors truly make the wearer stand out in any crowd. Coloring a shoulder length hair like this delicately takes a lot of skill. If you find a stylist who can do it, hold onto them and don’t let go.

14. All I have to say is WOW. This style is truly exquisite.

Source: websta.me

This multi-colored hairstyle gives new meaning to the phrase “unicorn hair.” The prettiest pale colors are used in this style. They are graduated from a clear sky blue at the top, down through pink, yellow, and green, finally ending in a silvery purple-blue. Wear this hair in a loose French braid to show off its beauty.

15. This ombre purple is absolutely stunning.

Ombre hair has been one of the hot color trends for a few years now. This is a truly impressive example of a saturated dark purple hair dye fading to a pinkish lavender. This would be a great design for anyone who wants mermaid hair color but wants to stick to one color family.

16. I didn’t know rainbow hair could be this flawless. This would turn heads everywhere you go.

This rainbow hairstyle has an amazing depth of color. Since rainbow shades are semi-permanent hair color, a design like this requires a lot of upkeep to look its best over time. This style has a bold and gorgeous aesthetic with colors that are so saturated, they are almost fluorescent.

17. A creative spin on the unicorn hairstyle. These hues are so vivid and magical looking!

Source: flickr.com

This multi-colored hair for 2018 blooms in bright magenta, cobalt blue, and pinkish purple. Any unicorn would be proud to wear this unique hair color design. This hair is gorgeous worn in large, soft curls to showcase its skillful color changes. Any lover of colorful hair will want to wear this design.

18. Imagine having these colors hidden under your hair. Doing your hair would become 100% more exciting!

Source: brit.co

This hidden rainbow hair design is great for people who need to keep their unicorn side under wraps sometimes. Unfortunately, not everyone’s profession allows for creative and magical hair designs, though this hidden rainbow hair is so pretty, we’d wear it even if we could go bold.

19. I love how edgy and unexpected these two shades are together.

I love how edgy and unexpected these two shades are together.

This awesome style is perfect for short haired unicorns. Saturated pinkish purple alternates with a silvery lavender. The color choice is unique. This hairstyle is easy for anyone to wear, with soft waves on an asymmetrical bob. This design would also be lovely in other color families, from blue to green.

20. Super long hair looks even better in technicolor. NEED.

Super long hair looks even better in technicolor. NEED.

This is a crazy combination of saturated color and perfect style. Starting with a bluish purple, the color progresses to pink and then to yellow. Underneath, the hair is bright turquoise that blends to spring green. This look is new and difficult to pull off, but when you get it right, everyone will see your unicorn magic.

21. Unicorn braids are the trend we all need to try-so gorgeous!

Unicorn braids are the trend we all need to try-so gorgeous!

This amazing pastel design starts with candy pink and goes through purple, sky blue, spring green, and finally yellow at the very ends. The graduated colors are fun and cute. Colorful hair like this looks great when it is braided. Worn with a fuzzy black sweater like the model in this photo, the hair stands out and makes a bold statement. If you’re looking for a nail style the complement the look, make sure to try french tip nails!

22. Colorful hair doesn’t have to be loud. This look is incredibly soft and elegant.

These colors could be achieved with washable hair dye. Blending in subtle hair highlights, the hair flows in a gorgeous gradient down the wearer’s back. Try it worn straight or in loose waves. This style is worn with a delicate fishtail braid to show off its subtle aesthetic.

23. Blues, purples, and bright pink underneath. There are so many different ways you could style this.

These cute hair colors pop in soft purple and pale blue. Underneath, the hairstyle is vivid magenta. When you style this hair, you can try it in any number of ways to make the color combinations look different. A simple twist, bun, or braid would be great or try combining a bun and braid as in the photo.

24. You can’t help but adore this dreamy pastels-look how perfectly the colors flow together!

This popular design brings a soft, fresh pastel look to unicorn hair. With one half of the head done in pale lavender and the other in light pink, this two-sided design looks fabulous no matter how you style it. Wearing this bi-colored hair is as easy as putting it in loose curls, or you could wear it in two braids to show off the two-sided design. This look is so light, it could be pulled off with temporary hair color.

25. Is it cobalt? Teal? I can’t stop staring at these brilliant blues.

This is a nice look with teal and cobalt shades. All rainbow hair dyes are done with semi-permanent hair color, so these looks take a lot of upkeep to look their best. With only two colors, this design would be easier to maintain than some of the more crazy designs. This style is fun and pretty with its two-colored palette.

26. This style is so wonderfully simple–with a pop of color to keep it interesting.

This is a new look with silvery gray overall, then a hint of dark pinkish purple underneath. This is one of the more creative hair ideas we’ve seen, subtle without being boring. People who aren’t quite ready to be a walking rainbow would love this. Wear it with a partial updo with crystals for a cute look.

27. Now THIS is how you do rainbow ends. The colors blend so well with her natural hair!

Now THIS is how you do rainbow ends. The colors blend so well with her natural hair!

For people with natural pale blonde hair color or for those who would like to have it dyed all over, try this amazing dip-dyed ombré look. The colors start very lightly and progress down toward the ends. This look is gorgeous when it is worn sleek and straight, as in the photo, but would also be awesome with braids or curly hair.

28. I would be fearless in this bold blue shade. (Extra points for those silver tips!)

This is a cool blue and silver ombré design with a touch of purple. The colors are so cool and fresh, they would make you look like a magical water nymph. This hairstyle would be quick compared to some of the multi-colored unicorn designs.

29. Proof that unicorn hairstyles make you glow.

p>This beautifully shiny unicorn hair design would make anyone glow. The awesome pale pink, clear lavender, and pale blue colors would make any magical creature proud. Wear it with oversized mirror sunglasses to reflect your colors and show how fabulous you are. It would look super in loose waves.

30. Wild Turquoise Corkscrew Curls for You

Wild Turquoise Corkscrew Curls for You

This fun and fresh design are the best for corkscrew curls. With just one color, this design has a simple upkeep compared to some of the multi-colored hair designs we looked at. The clear turquoise color reminds us of the warm tropical sea. This cute hairstyle gives a new twist to unicorn hair.

31. Vivid Hair Dye for Dark Hair

Vivid Hair Dye for Dark Hair

This is a super design to use hair dye for dark hair. Stripes of dark purple hair dye along with magenta and orange make a dramatic contrast with the model’s natural hair color. This design looks best when kept long, glossy, and straight, but would also be very nice when braided or worn in an updo.

32. Green Hair Dye with Blue and a Touch of Magenta

Green Hair Dye with Blue and a Touch of Magenta

This popular design makes amazing use of green hair dye. The cool combination of dark cobalt blue, clear green, and spring green are gorgeous together. A little pop of magenta keeps people guessing. Wear it in a quick braid to show off the changing colors. This colored hair will impress everyone.

33. Awesome Rainbow Fashion with Blue, Pink, and Purple

Awesome Rainbow Fashion with Blue, Pink, and Purple

This pastel hair color design combines ombré style with rainbow fashion. Cascading down in curls of pink, blue, and purple, this look is bold without being too much. Pretty hair colors keep this hair from being boring. Wear it down to show off the ombré look, or wear it up to show the lovely shades underneath.

34. This Magenta and Red Design Will Amaze You

This Magenta and Red Design Will Amaze You

Starting with a soft red, this crazy ombré hair progresses down to an almost fluorescent magenta. This is the best hair color we found in the ombré category. This look is showstopping and will get you noticed wherever you go. When it is worn down, people won’t be able to believe how pretty it is. Braid it or wear it in curls for a different effect.

35. Sky Blue Ombre with Crimped Ends

Sky Blue Ombre with Crimped Ends

This blue ombré dream would make anyone look gorgeous. The single color aesthetic makes the look classy and elegant. Single color unicorn hair makes you stand out from the crowd. This style fades out to the loveliest cotton candy blue. Try a crimper at the ends for a quick and easy retro style.

36. Silver Gray with Pink Accents

Silver Gray with Pink Accents

This popular design is one of the most unique hair ideas we’ve seen. The design starts with an all over silver color. Silver is hot right now and gives an up to date look. At the ends, add a gentle rosy pink. These two colors together are subdued without being boring. This would be a great look for any special occasion.

37. Amazing Rainbow Unicorn Hair with a Bow

Amazing Rainbow Unicorn Hair with a Bow

This style combines incredibly vivid unicorn stripes of pink, yellow, orange, green, blue, and purple with an exciting colored hair bow. These pretty hair colors give a spectacular accent to anything you wear. For interesting hair ideas, try learning how to make a bow with your own hair just like the model is wearing.

38. Two Sides to This Unicorn Hair Story

Two Sides to This Unicorn Hair Story

This look makes outstanding use of rainbow hair dye. The style is split down the middle, with cool colors on one side of the center part and warm colors on the other side. Blues and greens dominate one side while magenta and yellow dominate the other. This is a surprisingly easy hairstyle with just a few steps to make the two different braids.

39. Fabulous Unicorn Hair with Multicolored Corkscrews

Fabulous Unicorn Hair with Multicolored Corkscrews

This look takes advantage of the cute hair colors that are available. The unicorn hair dye makes the wearer’s hair pop with style and color. Candy-colored pastels make this look stand out. Dyeing the hair in different colors all the way to the roots makes this a complicated dye job, but the results are totally worth it.

40. Stunning Mermaid Hair in Blue and Green

Stunning Mermaid Hair in Blue and Green

This mermaid hair design looks like a gorgeous waterfall. Beginning with a bright sky blue, this hair is dyed in an ombré pattern and finishes with a cool sea green. This hair design is especially beautiful when worn long with loose waves. A beautiful fishtail braid highlights the ombré color change and keeps the hair neat for everyday wear.

41. Rainbow Unicorn Hair in Gentle Waves

Rainbow Unicorn Hair in Gentle Waves

This whimsical hair design starts with vivid magenta at the roots and progresses through orange, green, blue, and yellow. One of the standout features of this design is that the colors are mixed together rather than proceeding in a regular rainbow order. If you look at one section of hair, multiple colors are present. This gives the hair a fresh and fun look.

42. Amazing Unicorn Hair with a Creative Braid

Amazing Unicorn Hair with a Creative Braid

Super bright, saturated rainbow hair color is the main feature of this hair design. This has an interesting twist because the colors are in reverse rainbow order, starting with purple and green at the top and progressing down to red and orange. The hair is worn in a novel and exciting braided style, in keeping with the latest trends. Combine with orange nails to really elevate the look.

43. Two Friends with Pastel Hair

Two Friends with Pastel Hair

This pretty pair of models are wearing all over pastels. Each has a very subtle ombré effect, from purple to pink on the left and from mint green to white on the right. This look is delicate enough that it could be accomplished with wash out hair color. The colors are trendy and exciting.

44. Mermaid Hair in Cool Colors

Mermaid Hair in Cool Colors

This ombré design features cool colors, with a light purple at the roots and progressing to a clear cornflower blue. These colors give a more subtle effect than with some of the bold and crazy unicorn styles. The hair is worn in a looped and braided partial updo where both colors mix and mingle together. This style is purposely messy and casual.

45. Hidden Flame Hair with Long Curls

Hidden Flame Hair with Long Curls

This is another design with hidden rainbow hair. Underneath, the hair is dyed with vivid shades of purple, magenta, orange, and yellow to resemble a brightly burning flame. When the ends are curled, the flame colors peek out from behind the model’s natural hair color. This design is great for people who want adventurous hair but can’t let it show all the time.

46. Silver Roots and Pink Tips

Silver Roots and Pink Tips

This two-color design features roots in a cool silvery gray and tips in a fresh cotton candy pink. The hair is dyed with great skill. Silver is a hot hair color and makes them look trendy. The hair is styled with loose waves that show off the color change and give a sense of gentle movement.

47. Muted Fall Colors in a Splendid Hair Design

Muted Fall Colors in a Splendid Hair Design

This look is different from many of the other unicorn and mermaid hair designs because the colors are somewhat muted. Shades of blue, magenta, autumn orange and golden yellow are blended together in this amazing hairstyle. The pretty effect is highlighted when the hair is worn in tight waves with straight bangs. This hair will set you apart from the unicorn crowd.

48. Stunning Turquoise Mermaid Hair with Waves

Stunning Turquoise Mermaid Hair with Waves

This mermaid hair brings the tropical ocean to mind with its clear turquoise color. The single color design is beautiful and stands out from the other designs we looked at. Worn in loose waves, this design would make you look like you just stepped out of the sea. Try wearing it up for a different look.

49. Fabulous Unicorn Hair Dye with Loose Curls

Fabulous Unicorn Hair Dye with Loose Curls

The stylist has dyed strands of different widths with all the colors of the rainbow. This gives the look a lot of motion and gives it a unique flair. This hair is worn in beautiful loose curls to highlight the changing colors. This hair is so bright and exciting, you will turn heads wherever you go.

50. Hot Pink and Golden Orange Hair

Hot Pink and Golden Orange Hair

This design stands out from the crowd because it features incredibly vivid colors. The hot pink at the crown fades to a pretty golden orange. This style is worn medium length with long layered hair and side bangs. This presents a change from the super long unicorn hairstyles.

50 Delicate Unicorn Hair Color Ideas to Find the Best Hair Color for You

These delightful designs show off the best of rainbow hair color. They are all outstanding looks for those who want to make a big impression. A few have colors hidden under a layer of the model’s natural hair, meaning that people who can’t go full on unicorn can still enjoy this exciting trend.

Some of these looks can be pulled off with washable hair dye, but most use the semi-permanent color that lasts about six weeks. Rainbow colors can even be added on hair blonde highlights for a subtle striped effect. Whatever you choose, you will bring color and drama to your life with your new unicorn or mermaid hair design. Now that you’ve gone through these gorgeous looks, don’t forget to also take a look at the prettiest curly pixie cut ideas!

50 Stunningly Styled Unicorn Hair Color Ideas toStand Out from the Crowd

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