50+ Beautiful Nail Ideas for the Spring Time!

50+ Beautiful Nail Ideas for the Spring Time!

By: Avatar photo Claudia Williams Updated: Mar 10, 2024


If you are Trying to find some trendy new nail ideas with a pop of color and some sparkle, there are 50 beautiful spring nail ideas you can try out! You can match with any of your favorite springtime looks! Your cute nails will be looking great for work! with a casual bright nude with some sparkle, or ready for a night out with some glamorous ombré nails! Here are 50 great, trendy and beautiful nail ideas you can do at home that will have you ready for the spring!

Everyone wants to look their best this time of the year. There are some great spring nail idea that will leave you feeling ready for anything!

Perfect 50+ Spring Nail Design Ideas to Discover

1. U-Shaped Color Bands Nail Design

 U-Shaped Color Bands Nail Design

This nail design lets you mold your nails in a perfect U-shape. You need not color the whole nail after that. The color bands start at the tip of the nails and run a little short of completion. The look adds grace to your hand. But why stop there? The flexibility of the design makes it perfect for the different neon colors to work together for one vivacious and bold look.

2. Polka Dots-Stripes Nail Design

Polka Dots-Stripes Nail Design

This nail design looks best if you have shorter nails and assures you that you don’t always need poised, long nails to be able to design them. The base paint is white and discovered with different shades of polka dots and/or colored stripes. You could keep the dots monochromic or pick up different colors of your choice, balancing white with pastel shades to keep the look subtle.

3. Bright Spring Curved Nail Design

 Bright Spring Curved Nail Design

This nail design looks amazing on medium-sized curved nails. You could also try this on a U-shaped design. The base color is white that covers three-fourths of the nail. These tricolor designs are unique to every nail, using a bold mixture of creamy pink, orange, black, and white. Even the shyest personalities can feel bold with this shocking look.

4. Mismatch Floral Nail Design

Mismatch Floral Nail Design

If you’d like variety in the nails on your hand, this might be a good pick for you. It is different from the usual nail designs. The index and the pinkie fingers are coated in matte black, giving such a solid look that you might mistake it for a deep navy blue (which also could complement it). To create a retro-chic look, the middle two fingers have a peach base paint and a floral design on top, combining the striking boldness of black a quite delicate juxtaposition against the roses.

5. Pointed Pain-Splash Glitter Smother Nail Design

Pointed Pain-Splash Glitter Smother Nail Design

This design looks great on pointed nails, converging to form a peak on the top. The design looks like there have been pain splashes on each nail surface, twisting delicate ribbons of pale blue, light purple, and pastel pink. This whirlwind’s multi-color design can bring color to more elegant looks, but it can also bring out the contemporary design for a flashier ensemble.

6. These are very cute and casual nails with a flower decal and a pop of color!

Source: vk.com

With background colors as delicate as a springtime sunrise, your nails will look fresh and ready for the warmer weather. Adding a few blossoming pink buds gives it a touch of romance and is guaranteed to brighten your day. Add just a few swipes of grass and a couple of buds to maintain the simplistic elegance of the look.

7. If you love bright nails with some sparkle these are great they have springtime all over them!

p>A bright color, a little sparkle, and a creative accent nail equal a perfect springtime trifecta. These nails have two plain lovely orange nails, a mega-sparkly golden pinky, and then the perfect marriage of the two in a mermaid pattern in between. Using these colors and styles together works for nearly any occasion and can easily be dressed up or down.

8. Dark blue with a nude is a go to and with the flower decal you have to love!

These round-tipped nails are glossy and lovely. Sometimes dark blues aren’t always associated with the spring weather, but when perfectly paired with pink and white, it creates a dynamic look that totally works. The accent nail is a must in this look, pairing the two solid colors together in blissful springtime harmony.

9. Casual nails with some spring vibe very cute.

Source: brides.com

p>This nearly nude pink color is a great choice when you have a super cool design that you want to shine. The accent nails on these fingers feature a soft and colorful watercolor look that is very unique and artistic. You won’t see many nail designs out there like this beauty.

10. A pink nude with some sparkle very trendy for the springtime!

Source: facebook.com

A perfect blush pink is a go-to nail color for spring. With a gentle brightness, light pink is fun and perky but still soft and romantic. If you find the plain nail look a bit simplistic for your taste, take this look to the next level with a golden glitter accent nail.

11. Edgy blue nail but there very springtime and very trendy.

Source: vk.com

p>If you are looking to incorporate your cool and edgy style into a nail look that is on point for spring, this design is a great way to do it. With a bold silver band and marble accent nail, there is an element of edginess, but with a lovely light robin’s egg blue, it seamlessly incorporates the ease of spring.

12. Girly pink nails with some sparkle on tip have to love!

Source: brides.com

This look, with its sweet and subtle dusting of glitter along with perfect pink fingernails, reminds one of the playfulness of spring and could almost be mistaken for fairy dust. This look is a great and easy style that you can achieve at home on natural nails for a fun spring fling.

13. Bright blue nails they are a go-to springtime nail look!

These bright and happy nails resemble a clear blue morning on a wonderful spring day. Picture yourself laying in the grass, gazing up dreamily through the daisies – that is what these nails embody. To add a little magic, include a sparkly white accent nail to complement the colors of your friendly daisy.

14. Simple but pretty a peachy color with some sparkle can’t go wrong!

Gorgeous at-home nails are easy to achieve without a costly trip to the salon. Just be sure to take your time, choose the appropriate polish and colors, and you can have nails as adorable as this right from home. Peach and gold are a perfect combo for a bright and cheerful personality.

15. Dark Purple with a cute flower and some sparkle so pretty.

If you are more of a deep, rich color person, there are many ways to bring those colors into a springtime look. One way, as seen here, is to throw on a pop of bright colors by adding in one of your favorite flowers. Another great way represented here is with a trusty dusting of sparkles.

16. A bright blue with a pale nude easy and colorful.

When you can’t decide between a single soft blue and a romantic floral nude, then just do both. This design perfectly combines these twos style for a look that is varied but cohesive. A little pop of the solid color in the floral pattern helps to really tie it all together.

17. Nude pink Ombré nails girly, Simple but the perfect spring nail idea!

Many people prefer to keep their nails simple. If this is you but you are still looking for a way to incorporate spring, try a look like this. Featuring a very subtle pink to white ombre, there is just a hint of color, but it still gives them a warm and romantic look.

18. Pale pink with some light green perfect pop of color!

Source: brides.com

If you have some time to dedicate to the art of nail design, this is a great piece to start with. Featuring a single accent nail on each hand, the subtle pink works perfectly to enhance, not distract from, the beauty of the floral accent nail. Take your time and practice to get the flowers just right.

19. Pale peachy pink with gold decal easy but fun!

Source: brides.com

Matte nails are very trendy and for good reason. With their simple no shine, no fuss vibe, they are easy to wear to any occasion. This set features a divine peach color and, for an accent nail, offers raised patterned polka dots. Wear these nails any day, any place, any time.

20. Pastel Nails very trendy and easy for this spring!

If playful is your goal, these nails are what you have been looking for. With a delectable array of perfect springtime pastels, this look is set over the top with its super adorable clear nails featuring a bouquet of flowers in all sizes and colors. Enjoy this look when you are feeling cute.

21. Bright blue and a pastel purple very cute great spring nail idea!

It can be great to take the best color palettes for spring – bright and pastel – and put them together into one fabulous look that is blooming with color and springtime fun. This look strikes a perfect balance with a bright bluish-green and a pastel purple that is both used artfully as flowers in an absolutely adorable accent nail.

22. So cute watermelon nail idea easy but fun!

These nails are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. At first glance, you may just see two bright springtime colors, but then when you find that middle accent nail, you see the utter and delicious perfection that turns these nails from lovely solids to juicy watermelon designed nails.

23. These are very glamorous and trendy nail perfect for a night out!

Source: cuded.com

Bright flowers on a dark background are a huge trend right now in fashion, and this look embraces it. The centerpiece of these nails is a lovely design with pink flowers and dark gray background. These colors are carried throughout the other nails for a look that is varied but very cohesive.

24. Bright colors with a polka-dot decal so easy and cute for spring.

Source: blupla.com

p>Cute and colorful with a little cheekiness is a great look for a fun day out in the spring. If you love Easter or are just a fan of cute fluffy bunnies, this utterly adorable look is just right. And as if the white rabbit wasn’t enough, each other nail features irresistible little white polka dots.

25. Pink is a go-to color for spring with some sparkle very cute!

Source: stayglam.com

If you like to paint your own nails but are starting to tire of plain, solid colors, this look is a manageable transition into something a bit more involved and artistic. A couple of glossy pink nails grounds you in the familiar while the gold nail adds a pop of visual interest and the striped accent nail simply sings.

26. Bright pink with grey sparkle very glamorous nails and so easy!

With a high-gloss look, these nails shine and sparkle. This look has a great balance. The two middle nails feature fairly mellow colors with fun sparkles on top while the outside nails don’t use any glitter but make up for it with electric pink. This look is great for someone who knows how to have fun!

27. Peachy ombré with lots of sparkle very trendy and beautiful nail idea!

Source: vibbi.com

These nails are a fantastic mix of styles and trends that together create a perfect springtime look for your next event. The use of two plain ombre nails perfectly balances the pop of sparkles featured in the other nails. Of course, the stand-out accent nail features sparkles, stripes, and an adorable color-matched heart.

28. Bright yellow with some stripes and a flower decal beautiful spring nail idea

With a touch of the nineties, this nail design is cute, spunky and ready for a day at the beach. The outside “plain” nails still shine with barely there polka dots while the center nails really bring the spring. Featuring stripes that tie in the outside colors, the white daisy stencils are what make this look really stand out.

29. Pastel blue with some sparkle and polka-dot decal so easy and cute.

This look, with its clean lines and polka dots, is a good way to celebrate spring while looking professional. A glam accent nail adds an appropriate amount of sparkle and shine but doesn’t overwhelm. These can easily be worn to the office, out for dinner, or to your best friend’s wedding. Wherever you go, you will be looking good.

30. Ombré from green to blue nails with an easy decal is a gorgeous springtime look!

Source: nenuno.co.uk

What stronger association to spring is there than fresh flowers? While you can’t literally take the flowers with you on your nails, you can boast a beautiful floral look with this collection of adorable white daisies. Their overlay on the green-to-blue ombre makes for a fresh and springy look that will have all of the freshness of a daisy.

31. Rhinestone-rimmed Ballerina Nails with Sunflowers

Rhinestone-rimmed Ballerina Nails with Sunflowers

Nothing shakes the sleepy, dreary lull of wintertime cold like a bunch of fresh flowers. Whether you’ve got a bouquet at home or not, these sunny and bright nails are the perfect pick-me-up heading from shorter to longer days. The rim of rhinestones along the edge adds even more sparkle to a look that already shines.

32. Happy Pink and Yellow Bunch of Flowers

Happy Pink and Yellow Bunch of Flowers

Some modern nail designs emphasize slick, precise lines that look they were laser-printed. This simpler take on the modern nail returns to a simpler aesthetic, emphasizing the hand-painted quality that you would find in a fine piece of art. Adding to its humble look is the fact that it is relatively short almond cut – pretty, not flashy.

33. Super Chic Yellow and Transparent Nail

Super Chic Yellow and Transparent Nail

This glossy and super chic design strikes that tricky balance of variety and cohesion. The thumb, middle, and pinky boast a beautiful yellow-to-pink ombre that is reminiscent of a California sunset, while the pointer and ring add geometric designs to give a little extra pop of visual interest. It’s modern and beautiful all at once.

34. Unique Flower Petals over Polka Dots

Unique Flower Petals over Polka Dots

With the abundance of nail art that has popped up in recent years, finding a truly original design can be a challenge. This very interesting overlay of translucent flower petals over white polka dots on a black nail is something rarely seen. With each nail boasting a different color, the design is playfully varied.

35. The Easter Bunny’s Coming to Town

The Easter Bunny’s Coming to Town

These bright and solid pastels are the perfect nails for the Easter and spring season. Featuring seven unique colors there are a few repeats, but not many. Each color represents the gentle vivacity of spring with its bright but mellow tones. If you’re looking for a basket full of color and fun in your nails, this is a perfect design.

36. Ombred Mellow Springtime Pastel Almond Nails

Ombred Mellow Springtime Pastel Almond Nails

The cool days and beautiful colors of spring feel almost like a sigh of relief after a long cold winter. These nails sigh too fading from nearly translucent to bright playful colors. With each pointy tip bringing in another spring favorite your whole hands look magical and ready for some warmer, sunnier days.

37. Nearly Nude Gentle Floral Décor

Nearly Nude Gentle Floral Décor

This design features heaving on the middle nail and playful teases along with the others for a cohesive, but not overwhelming, look. The gentle swirl of light blues and greens pairs perfectly over a nude color nail. As seen in the photo, consider a matte finish for some nails and a more glossy finish for others to vary the look.

38. Serenity and Party All Together

Serenity and Party All Together

If you can’t decide between a calming gentle ombre and a blast of playful sparkles then don’t. With this look, you can have it all. Choose your favorite springtime colors to ombre up each nail then leave one hand with a clear glossy finish and go glitter crazy on the other.

39. Hand Painted Floral Nail Art

Hand Painted Floral Nail Art

This design is great for those looking for something they can paint onto natural nails. With a bright white base, these playful swooping red and white flowers create a fun and inviting springtime look. Great for everyday wear or for a springtime bash, you can easily dress these nails up with a sundress or down with jeans and a T.

40. Long Lime Square Tipped Nails

Long Lime Square Tipped Nails

The spring season has always been associated with the color green. The new life bursting forth all over is a great choice when you’re looking for a color to represent the time of year on your nails. This look fades from a nude to green and features some super cool nail rings on one finger for a fun pop.

41. Gorgeous Glossy Golden Almond Nails

Gorgeous Glossy Golden Almond Nails

When the sun starts shining it is time to pull out your metallic favorites. These bright and shiny nails look great on a warm spring day when they can catch the light just right to shine like jewelry for your nails. Choose this look when you are heading to a big spring bash or wedding celebration.

42. Artistic and Delightful Hummingbird Design

Artistic and Delightful Hummingbird Design

Hand-painted on natural nails, this design is an intricate masterpiece. Spanning multiple nails to create a garden scene, they depict a sweet little hummingbird visiting fresh spring flowers. The dark background really makes the colors pop, and having a few blank nails gives a decided focus to the look.

43. Beautiful and Varied Romantic Nails

Beautiful and Varied Romantic Nails

If you have a spring wedding to attend, this is a good choice. With just enough glam and romance these nails have it all. Match the matte color to your dress, and you will have a look that evokes party, with the glitter nail, and vintage romance with the two simple floral nails.

44. Pretty and Playful Pink Points

Pretty and Playful Pink Points

Who doesn’t love a little pink in their life? These nails are a great pick me up when leaving the dark days of winter and will bring up the mood of everyone you meet. The outside nails stay simple with your favorite pink shade, and the middle nails pop and sparkle with some shimmy sparkles.

45. Retro Glam with a Burst of Spring

Retro Glam with a Burst of Spring

This amazing nail design is reminiscent of flower power and what better to welcome in the spring. Featuring four fabulous colors, each nail is slightly different in pattern making this look very cohesive but with a few subtle and interesting differences. Wear these for a swinging night out or even just for a fun addition to daily wear.

46. Sparkle, Matte, and Shine in Pink

Sparkle, Matte, and Shine in Pink

These four nails all clearly go together but if you look closely each has its own unique element. The pinkie is bright festive glitter, the next is sheer perfection with a glossing light pink, the middle finger boasts a larger glitter pattern, and the last offer a cool matte top. Enjoy this all-in-one glamourous look all spring.

47. Ruby Red Nails with a Floral Accent

Ruby Red Nails with a Floral Accent

Bright red nails are always in, but there is something special about them come springtime. They have a way of boosting the wearer and giving a sense of might. Mellow out this powerful tone with a single delicate accent nail featuring bright spring blossoms for a perfect blend of romance and strength.

48. Romantic and Delicate Floral Design

Romantic and Delicate Floral Design

These hand-painted flowers and greenery have an almost Victorian feel with their dust pinks and matte purple base. This nail design is just right for any springtime occasion and can easily be worn from office, to happy hour, to wedding, to brunch- wherever! Be sure to find a steady hand to paint these petite flowers.

49. Decked Out Springtime Glam Nails

Decked Out Springtime Glam Nails

A great idea for spring nails is to wear your simple matte light pink for the week, and then spice things up with a few bejeweled nails for a fun weekend look. This design adds 3D flowers on one nail that look as though they are blossoming right off the nail, and sparkly rhinestones on another for a glam touch.

50. A Rose is a Rose

A Rose is a Rose

Harkening back to classic vintage designs, these nails use beautiful rose art to create a gorgeous and romantic spring look. With every finger featuring a different flower, you will surely have friends ogling over each nail and envious of your cool look. These show-stopping nails pair great with solid colors.

51. Wanna Have it All Nails

Wanna Have it All Nails

If you are the type of person who goes to the salon and can’t decide between all the awesome looks, these nails are for you. With a cohesive color pallet and a few matching elements, you can have super cool nails that look totally cohesive but feature many different designs. This particular patterning and colors pair best with streetwear.

52. Lovely Gold Foil Peace Nails

Lovely Gold Foil Peace Nails

An orangey peach nail color is great for the fall and also pairs very well with fabulous gold foil. Add a bit of sparkle with a few flecks here and there and, if you like, pull in an accent nail with the same gold flecks for a little more variety.

53. Long and Lovely Rainbow Unicorn Nails

Long and Lovely Rainbow Unicorn Nails

With their long and nearly pointed tips, these swirly and sparkly rainbow nails are reminiscent of everyone’s favorite mythical creature- the unicorn. Offering all the best springtime colors, you can go all out on every nail, or do what is shown here and wear some nude, some full on, and some half and half.

54. Light Pink and Burgundy Nails with Swirl

Light Pink and Burgundy Swirl

If you want a spring nail look that is interesting, but not too loud, this easy blend of pink and dark reds works well. Create these at home using a toothpick and your two favorite paints, or have a professional take care of them to ensure even color distribution and no mess.

55. Sweet Yellow with a Touch of Bling

Sweet Yellow with a Touch of Bling

Bright and sunny, these nails will make everyone smile. They are just the right way to warmly welcome spring and give the wearer an extra friendly handshake. If you would like to step up a notch from simple painted nails, try adding a touch of gold foil on one cuticle for a cute metallic pop.

50 Beautiful nail ideas for the spring time!

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