50 Pink Hair Styles to Pep Up Your Look

55 Pink Hair Styles to Pep Up Your Look

By: Avatar photo Andy Jones Updated: Mar 10, 2024


Once a color seemingly reserved for goth girls and pop stars, pink hair is now making major headway in the world of fashion. It’s been seen all over Hollywood on big stars including Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Kate Hudson, Rachel McAdams, Cyndi Lauper, and even Helen Mirren. It’s a trend that is certainly no longer confined to the young and the restless as it’s becoming more and more socially acceptable and less of a fashion faux pas that is sure to get the side-eye from the rest of the world.

55 Hair Ideas that Will Leave You Pretty In Pink

50 Hair Ideas that Will Leave You Pretty In Pink

Pink hair is particularly appealing to the masses because it’s so incredibly versatile. There are dozens of different shades and techniques available to suit any aesthetic, satisfy even the most staunchly professional atmosphere, or accent literally any style or cut. Pink can be done peekaboo fashion, where only a section of hair underneath gets the color and you get to choose if it shows and how much. There are highlights or streaks, balayage or ombre options, all of which can be barely-there or loud and proud. Pink can be done just as a super subtle tint or a vibrant, bold statement. Heck, there’s even pink mermaid hair if the other choices don’t quite suit you.

Pink is the ultimate, utterly perfect feminine color and is making waves and trending across the globe. It’s beautiful, unique and stylish. If there’s a downside to this hair color trend at all, it’s that it will almost always require a fair amount of bleaching before the color can be applied. Those delightful hues won’t show up well over dark or even medium colored hair so unless you’re already blonde, prepare yourself for a long processing time and intensive moisturizing aftercare.

Don’t let that dampen your enthusiasm for luscious pink locks though! An excellent stylist can do magic with any color and they’ll tell you the best products for keeping hair healthy after coloring. Now let’s get to the fun part and take a look at the wide array of pink hair options out there.

h3>1. Dark Hair Color for A Bold Look

Dark Hair Color for A Bold Look

Are you in need of a look that seems badass and stunning simultaneously, you can easily apply this hairstyle and get both things without any problem? The dark hair color will make you look like a badass, whereas; you can pair this up with dark make-up and lipstick and look stunning.

2. Timeless and Elegant Sunkissed Balayage Hairstyle

Timeless and Elegant Sunkissed Balayage Hairstyle

This is an effortless style that you can employ for your next hair makeover, and it is quite beautiful and formal-looking. You can enjoy dark colored Balayage hair roots and sunkissed blonde highlights that will offer an amazing and excellent contrast that should give you a beautiful outlook.

3. Blonde Hair Color for A Positive Look

Blonde Hair Color for A Positive Look

It looks multidimensional and can offer you an attractive outlook for any party or professional event. The highlights are quite beautiful as they brighten up your skin and offer a softer looking face than before.

4. Buttery Blonde Hair Color for an Elegant Hair Style

Buttery Blonde Hair Color for an Elegant Hair Style

This is yet another healthy and natural-looking blonde hair color that can accentuate your skin and make you look beautiful in all environments and lighting. It offers a sophisticated look that is neither too bold nor too outlandish. This offers the perfect and harmonious combination of different shades of blonde into one hair color. Orange nails go perfectly with this style.

5. Bold and Striking Auburn Hair Color

Bold and Striking Auburn Hair Color

This is another good, perfect, blonde hair color that will make your skin look lovely. It gives a glamorous presentation that is not too audacious or too strange. This mixture of the varying colors of blond in one hair color, in the short blonde hair is perfect and harmonious. It will only enhance the attractiveness of your outfit and make you look stunning.

6. Smokin’ Hot Pink Blended Hair Color

Smokin’ Hot Pink Blended Hair Color

There’s a lot to love about this style. The raspberry toned roots that blend into hot pink and bubblegum balayage highlights is a stunning effect, perfectly accenting the texture of the bob cut. It’s trendy, charming, pretty hairstyle that definitely stands out from the crowd.

7. Sweet and Simple Cherry Blossom

Sweet and Simple Cherry Blossom

Cute and classy, this style is suitable for a professional environment or a nightclub. This shade of pink is delicate, girly and fun. The low maintenance cut is sleek, the ombre color is subtle, and the overall effect is a gorgeous, easy hairstyle.

8. Beautiful Blush Pink Hair Color

Beautiful Blush Pink Hair Color

There aren’t enough words to describe how incredible this shade of pink is. It’s super soft, extremely feminine and totally touchable without going to the extreme of looking faded. Paired with the cascading curls, it would be a cute hairstyle for girls, but sophisticated enough for any woman.

9. Making Waves in Pink Lemonade

Making Waves in Pink Lemonade

Ladies, this color is completely delectable! Doesn’t it make you think of summer sunsets and sweet strawberry lemonade? The ombre effect is done to perfection here, smoothly combining the pink and peachy tones. This cute easy hairstyle shows off these vibrant colors in their best light.

10. Hot Magenta and Coral Pink Hair Color

Hot Magenta and Coral Pink Hair Color

This is a killer color combo. The orange is done on the bottom half to give it a peekaboo effect, so a braid like this is the best way to show it off. The overall look ends up being fiery, feisty, and beyond beautiful.

11. Awesome Orchid Tone Pink Hair

Awesome Orchid Tone Pink Hair

For a stunning all-over color, this one is amazing. This shade tends to complement any skin tone and fits well with any season, hairstyle, or age. Also, any all-over color is going to be somewhat lower maintenance than balayage or ombre applications, and that’s always a bonus.

12. Popping Pink and White Blonde Ombre

Popping Pink and White Blonde Ombre

It’s pretty common to see a blonde/bright color combo but generally, the blonde is on top. I particularly like that this style swapped the order. That pink is perfection! It’s vivid, warm and definitely packs a punch. It really raises the bar for pink hair color ideas.

13. On the Edge Short Pink Hair

On the Edge Short Pink Hair

Everything about this curly pixie cut style backs up the fact that girls can be both tough and feminine, not to mention stunningly gorgeous as well! The spiky texture and shaved sides are an awesome accent to the color, giving it movement and powerful personality. It’s practical, low maintenance, and fit for a princess (or a kickboxer)!

14. Ripe Raspberry and Bubblegum Pink Hair

Ripe Raspberry and Bubblegum Pink Hair

If you’re looking for that “wow” factor, this blazing, bold style will do the trick. With a deep ruby shade of pink wedged between a shameless shade of bubblegum, this is an eye-catching and memorable look. Not everyone can pull off this level of spicy but if this is your pace, I say rock it.

15. Simple, Sweet and Short Pink Hair

Simple, Sweet and Short Pink Hair

I am loving the shimmering lavender-rose shade of this style. The sleek, straight cut is an ideal canvas for this hue, giving it an almost iridescent, ethereal quality that is out of this world and beautiful. It’s unique, fun, and a definite must-try this year alongside ombre nails.

16. Ultra Pink Princess Style

Ultra Pink Princess Style

This vivid, glossy all-over color suits this pretty hairstyle to a T. The length, the braids, and the soft curls bring to mind the Renaissance era, directly opposing the vibrant color in a stunning contrast that’s pleasing to the eye and sure to bring the compliments pouring in.

17. Pretty Pink-Tinged Blonde

Pretty Pink-Tinged Blonde

The way the barely-there pink frames the face and highlights the layers of this style is lovely. This would be a sweet, cute hairstyle for girls, with the softness and subtlety age-appropriate and delicate while still being unique enough to make a fashion statement. A great alternative to long layered hair!

18. Chocolate and Berries and Shine, Oh My!

Chocolate and Berries and Shine, Oh My!

This gleaming ombre color job is reminiscent of chocolate-dipped strawberries, isn’t it? The deep mahogany blends beautifully into the pink, flowing and swirling luxuriously down the back in a striking display of color. This type of color is shown to the fullest advantage on hair longer than shoulder length but could also be pretty on shorter hair.

19. Cute and Classy Cotton Candy

Cute and Classy Cotton Candy

What could be more timeless than a perfectly executed pixie cut like this one? Combined with the sweetness of this cotton candy pink, the whole style takes a class to an entirely new level. This sweet, simple, stylish ‘do is wonderfully feminine no matter your age.

20. Soft and Sweet Baby Pink

Soft and Sweet Baby Pink

Delicate, girly and bold, this shade has a lot to offer. It tends to bring out the natural color in your cheeks, soften any harsh angles of face shapes and pairs well with so many other tones. It’s lovely as an all-over color but would be just as sweet in ombre or highlights.

21. Sunset Hued Short Pink Hair

 Sunset Hued Short Pink Hair

Okay, those curls are killer and that cut? Nailed it. The only thing that could make it better is a drop-dead gorgeous color and oh look! It’s got that, too. Pastel shades of pink and orange blend in perfect ombre harmony down to the lightest of blonde just at the tips. This cute easy hairstyle is versatile, a breeze to care for and sweetly innocent.

22. Hot, Hotter and Hottest Pink

Hot, Hotter and Hottest Pink

This bold and beautiful blend is stunning on this long, simple style, although I think any shorter style would do it justice as well. It starts as a soft shade of bubblegum but quickly heats up along the length of the hair until it’s burning, neon magenta. The conditioner is key with this color so take care not to let your locks get dried out.

23. Refreshing Strawberry Blonde Hair Punch Pink Hair

Refreshing Strawberry Punch Pink Hair

This sassy sweet hair color has summer written all over it. The cool tones of the dark brown hair roots make for a pretty contrast with the hot pink, accentuating the natural beachy waves of this style. It suggests sunny days in the sand and ice-cold sips of fruit-filled drinks. The ease and simplicity of this style make it an ideal choice for pink lovers of any age.

24. Cotton Candy Pink Curly Layered Hair

 Cotton Candy Pink Curly Layers

Pink shades applied all over like this one tend to give certain styles a wonderful satin sheen. This one does so admirably. The look is bright, feisty and totally touchable as well as a cute hairstyle for girls. It’s easy to care for and a breeze to touch up when those roots start showing.

25. Pink and Purple Hair with Passion Balayage

Pink and Purple Passion Balayage

As color combos go, I don’t know of any that are more perfectly, uniquely feminine than these two hues. The braid is an ideal display of this, with the strands of fuchsia, plum, and the palest of pinks all weaving together in an almost marbled effect. This lovely style is packed with unique personality and depth.

26. Taffy Tone Pink Balayage Hairstyle

 Taffy Tone Pink Balayage Hairstyle

The smooth texture, delicious shade of pink and subtle shine of this style looks like taffy being pulled and I’ll be honest, it’s a surprisingly charming effect. I’m loving the rose gold underneath but the star of the show is the pale and dark pink highlights that bring out the gorgeous texture of the cut.

27. Hard Rocking Hot Pink Hair

Hard Rocking Hot Pink Hair

If you’re going to go with neon pink, this is totally the way to do it! The whole style is edgy, vivacious and rock and roll all over. The layers of pink make a clear statement here and that statement is “I may be a girl but I’m tough as nails”!

28. Sweet and Easy Peaches and Cream

Sweet and Easy Peaches and Cream

A touch of pink, a dash of peach and just a tiny pinch of blonde make for a delicious blend of color. The balayage is done so expertly here that there is no lack of movement and depth, while the natural waves are accented beautifully. Soft, pretty and fairly low maintenance, this look would be cute for little girls.

29. Curly Coral Short Pink Hair

Curly Coral Short Pink Hair

This classic short bob style is modernized and brought up to date perfectly with the addition of coral and hot pink color. It’s timeless with just a touch of sass while being a cute hairstyle for girls, easy for busy moms, trendy for professionals and all around simply gorgeous, not to mention fun.

30. Bubblegum Pink Bombshell Hairstyle

 Bubblegum Pink Bombshell Hairstyle

Pink is pretty any time but it’s absolutely jaw-dropping when it’s as voluptuous and glossy as this! The ombre effect and the high-contrast colors make the whole style pop in the most beautiful way. It’s unique and striking while maintaining a delightful sense of femininity.

31. Rouge-Hued Hot Pink Haircut

Rouge-Hued Hot Pink Haircut

This trendy asymmetrical bob is the ultimate starting point for any vibrant hair color. The softer shade of hot pink all-over color shimmers and shines while making the cut itself stand out from all the others. Sweet for everyone from young girls to on-the-go professionals, this gorgeous look is utterly enviable.

32. That’s One Hot (Pink) Hairdo!

That’s One Hot (Pink) Hairdo!

Violet and magenta play off each other in a stunning, vivid display here. The contrast between warm and cool tones creates depth and texture throughout the cut while the neon tones pack a delightfully pink punch. Creatively cool and cute, this color combo is a definite must-try.

33. Radical Raspberry Curly Hairstyle

Radical Raspberry Curly Pink Hairstyle

I am madly in love with this shade of pink, ladies. It’s dark enough to almost be red but still holds onto that sweetly girly pink tone. It’s vibrant, quirky and flattering on nearly any skin tone. Beyond all those benefits, check out how the color plays along those curls! If you’re a curly-haired beauty, this may be the perfect shade of pink for you.

34. Electric Pink Beach Wave Style

Electric Pink Beach Wave Style

If you adore the ultra-bright shades of pink, you’re going to love this one. With subtle hints of violet hidden throughout and the gorgeous dark mahogany roots, this pink is popping with personality and depth. The ease and simplicity of the style make it a great option for all ages.

35. Simple Striking Short Pink Hairstyle

Simple Striking Short Pink Hairstyle

This unabashedly pink and modern hairstyle is literally a cut above the rest with those soaring spikes. Blonde and shades of pink play very nicely together to create a unique look that’s overflowing with texture, style, vibrancy, and sass. If you want something edgy and ultra-tough, this is a perfect choice.

36. Feisty Fuchsia and Violet Boho Waves

Feisty Fuchsia and Violet Boho Waves

I can’t say enough good things about the balayage color technique. This perfect application both blends the colors and allows them to stand on their own, creating the illusion that the hair is in motion and alive. This pretty, flowing style is both sweet and spicy enough to suit any taste.

37. Rainbow Pink Unicorn Hair Color

Rainbow Pink Unicorn Hair Color

This type of hair color utilizes all the shades of the rainbow and is a little girls’ dream come true. The cotton candy tone of pink here is a perfect base for all the other vibrant colors, melding each one into the next in a modern fashion marvel as yet unequaled. It may be high maintenance but it’s totally worth it for this level of stunning.

38. Simply Salmon Natural Beach Wave Style

Simply Salmon Natural Beach Wave Style

If you’re dying to go pink (no pun intended) but still want to stay more on the natural side of things, this ash blonde hair with subtle pink mix is a great way to do it. The ombre effect here is relaxed, lovely, and low maintenance. This is an easy, simple hairstyle for women who are bold but maybe not quite neon bold.

39. Punchy Pink and Lavender Ombre

Punchy Pink and Lavender Ombre

This easy hairstyle idea displays the colors to their best advantage. Melding seamlessly into one another, the hot pink and cool lavender pop and sizzle over elegant, soft curls. Sweet enough for younger girls but sassy enough to keep up with a teen, everything about this style says youthful vivacity.

40. Beautiful Pink Multi-Colored Style

Beautiful Pink Multi-Colored Style

This is a gorgeous hair idea, giving your look mystical, fairy-tale flair while keeping a certain softness and grace. Vibrant without being too over-the-top, this shade of pink wonderfully complements the other pastel shades. This kind of “unicorn hair color” is swiftly becoming extremely popular and highly desirable and it’s easy to see why. Nothing about it looks natural but everything about it is simply stunning!

41. Black and Fuchsia Color Combo

Black and Fuchsia Color Combo

This color combination is classic and always striking. Black roots fade into bright pink and just the tiniest bit of vivid violet peeks out from underneath. It’s a cute easy pink hairstyle idea that really turns up the heat! Bold and beautiful, this awesome hair idea is a must-try.

42. Shocking Pink Cute Curly Style

Shocking Pink Cute Curly Style

Glowing and gorgeous, this pink hair idea is hot! From the roots to the ends, it’s vibrant, unique and full of texture and depth. A soft shade of lavender-gray peeks out between strands of magenta, creating an ultra-feminine, ultra-fabulous style that’s sure to draw admiration and envy.

43. Vibrant Multi-Colored Modern Hairstyle

Vibrant Multi-Colored Modern Hairstyle

Ultraviolet, bubblegum pink, sunshine yellow, peach and green all in one creative mash-up of awesome color! This pretty pink hairstyle idea is one for the books. Leave it down and it’s a stunning rainbow. Style it in an updo and it’s still an amazing array of color. What could be better than that?

44. Subtly Superb Pink Hairstyle Idea

 Subtly Superb Pink Hairstyle Idea

Can I just say how gorgeous this is? It perfectly blends soft rose tones with honey blonde and takes the style from simple to stunning. Far from being too “out there” with the color, it is instead extremely demure and wonderfully elegant. It’s unique and subtle enough to suit any personality.

45. Totally Textured Baby Pink Haircut

 Totally Textured Baby Pink Haircut

Listen up, ladies! If you want something trendy, classy, full of life and the prettiest of pink, this is it. This short pink hairstyle has it all, from being simple and easy to style, to the uniqueness of the color choice and overflowing with touchable texture.

46. Luscious Lavender-Rose Short Pink Hairstyle

Luscious Lavender-Rose Short Pink Hairstyle

Feeling bold and brave? Put that look into action with a statement-making short style and this gorgeous shade of purple-pink to accent it. Low maintenance and beyond cool, this is a great modern hairstyle for women. It’s edgy, feminine, striking and super trendy.

47. Rose Gold and Baby Pink Beauty

Rose Gold and Baby Pink Beauty

This cute easy hairstyle is an excellent blend of the popular rose gold hair trend and delicate swirls of sweet baby pink. No matter your age, skin tone or face shape, this style, and the color is flattering and gorgeous. Sweet and innocent enough for girls but subtly sexy for women, this style is color and texture at its finest.

48. One Hot Bubblegum Pink Mama

One Hot Bubblegum Pink Mama

This one’s a clear winner in the world of hot pink haircuts. Short in the back and long in the front with an oh-so-enviable fringe, this style is simple and spunky with a touch of Hollywood glam, which goes perfectly with this sassy shade of hot pink!

49. Subtle and Glamorous Rose Gold Style

Subtle and Glamorous Rose Gold Style

The more I see of this glorious mash-up of two lovely colors, the more I want to try it. Soft, glowing and utterly feminine, this pink-tinged pale golden color is a jaw-dropper. It may require a bit of extra moisturizing but I think it’s worth a little extra effort.

50. Sweet and Simple Bubblegum Pink Vintage Style

Sweet and Simple Bubblegum Pink Vintage Style

This is one of the best, most adorable and classy hairstyles for women, in my humble opinion. It’s short and sweet, packed with volume and bounce while giving a salute to a bygone era. It exudes elegance and poise, even when it’s pink.

51. Totally Out There Awesome Pink Hair

Totally Out There Awesome Pink Hair

Have you ever seen cotton candy pink and blue dreadlocks or lemonade braids before? I sure haven’t but I’m pleasantly surprised to discover that they’re the height of gorgeous. With so much texture and color packed in, these are utterly creative, stunningly beautiful, full of life and amazing!

52. Half and Half Hot Pink Haircut

Half and Half Hot Pink Haircut

A unique blend of cocoa brown and hot pink, this style is lovely with its natural wave and subtle texture. It’s low maintenance and versatile, easily transitioning from super casual to the most elegant updo, making it an ideal option for any busy lifestyle and a fun way to join in the pink hair trend. Side bangs also go well with this style.

53. Pretty and Subtle Pink Long Style

Pretty and Subtle Pink Long Style

Another prime example of gorgeous all-over color, this pink shimmers and shines beautifully. The style is soft, girly and ultra-adorable, making it completely perfect for any age. Definitely a stand-out, this style will be the talk of the town.

54. Baby Pink and Cute as Can Be

Baby Pink and Cute as Can Be

From the slightly curled ends to the thick fringe to the delectable shade of baby pink, this bob hairstyle is a sugary sweet class act. It’s quick and easy to maintain and better still, this shade is flattering to most skin tones. An awesome hairstyle for girls of all ages and tastes, this lovely look won’t go unnoticed!

55. Magenta and Mahogany Mash-Up

Magenta and Mahogany Mash-Up

When two sizzling-hot hair color trends collide, this is the result and it is amazing! The cool tones in the light brown hair match the heat of the pink beat for beat in this expertly balanced, stunning ombre color duo. If you just can’t pull off all-over pink and don’t mix well with blonde, this is a great option.

55 Fab and Fun Pink Hair Trends for 2018

You don’t have to be a pop star or a punk rocker to pull off the pink hair trend with grace and style. Pink hair isn’t taboo anymore, nor is the color only suited for Pepto Bismol and great-grandma’s hair rollers. Keep in mind the amount of maintenance involved in lightening, highlights, and any given style when you choose your new ‘do.

Most importantly, pick something you absolutely adore and you’ll enjoy it more. After all, fashion should be fun and what better way to indulge your whimsical side than a fresh and funky hot pink hairdo? Ladies, pink is in, pink is hot, and pink is bold and beautiful! So flaunt it, rock it, and show the world that pink is totally for girls.

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