29 Gourgeous Balayage Hairstyles

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Are you familiar with Balayage hair? Balayage is a French word which means to sweep or paint. It is a sun kissed natural looking hair color that gives your hair a radiant look. This hair dye usually takes almost 90 minutes to set and completely absorb in your hair as it is a strong dye. Balayage colored hair are the latest fashion trend so if you are planning to select this dye for summer, this blog will let you select everyday hairstyles that are easy to make and really comfortable to carry around wherever you go.

Look gorgeous everyday with these 29 balayage hairstyles

29 Gourgeous Balayage Hairstyles

1. The light wavy look

This balayage hairstyle with highlights can be your favorite one in this hot weather. This hairstyle mostly look good on short length hair. You can do light curls on your hair and you are ready to have a rocking look at any event.

2. The bold blonde short blonde hair

If you are willing to inspire others with your bold presence, then make this balayage hairstyle your priority. This bold blonde color with softer curls will make your day amazing.

3. The brown balayage look

The brown balayage look is for those ladies who want to try something different this summer. If you have long hair, you can opt this look. It can also be suitable for women with short hair.

4. Ombre Balayage European Style

Source: rstyle.me

The ombre color is ladies’ top favorite. They can have it for any event whether formal or informal. The straightened hair look with this hairstyle will look gorgeous on any woman.

5. The B & B look

This balayage hairstyle is an amalgam of brown and blonde hair colors. The brown hair with blonde highlights is eye catching. You can be very creative and confident by putting this look on you.

6. The Choppy look

The choppy layers with dark brown balayage tones depicts a beautiful look. This balayage hairstyle can be your choice for university or office and will show you as a lady with elegance and style.

7. The Rough look

The dark blonde balayage hair tone can look great on evening parties or club nights. Try curling your hair with a straightener which will give you the perfect look as the one shown in the photo.

8. The Sun kissed balayage

If you plan to play dirty with your hair this month, try this sun kissed balayage look. Keep your hair straight or form waves in them, both can be your perfect ways to brighten up your day. Ombre nails are a perfect choice for this hairstyle.

9. The deep rooty look

Tired of having the traditional long hair and want some twist in it? Go for the deep rooty balayage hairstyle. The long layered hair and simple layered hair can further make you look ravishing.

10. Balayage with cool, blonde ends

The blonde ends to a balayage can be the new trendy look. Admit it! We all are bored of dyeing our hair in a single color. The dark brown hair color with loose blond ends will definitely give us a new appearance.

11. The Golden Patched look

This golden patches on a darker base is a unique look and can be your summer choice. The light golden patches can enhance your hair color and gives you a marvelous look.

12. The Caramel Brown waves

Classy ladies will love this sassy caramel hair color with brown waves as their latest hairstyle. It can be carried beautifully on formal parties and weddings. They can make your appearance simply amazing.

13. The Delicate balayage tone for long hair

This hairstyle can look good on women with long hair. Try giving slight waves to your hair whenever you go out. You will look amazing.

14. The Shiny, Sexy patched balayage look

Want a shoulder length hair that can totally change your subtle personality? Then, go for this shiny sexy patched balayage style which can change your overall appearance. It will help you look active and bold.

15. The Smooth balayage look

This look can be chosen by the ladies who love to play safe and don’t want to go for bolder looks. Try this smooth, golden balayage hairstyle that looks really natural.

16. The Brown to Caramel Ombre and Blonde balayage

The balayge hairstyle with brown and caramel ombre and blonde tone is a totally different and new look to adopt this summer. Try giving glossy curls to your hair as they will suit this hair color a lot.

17. The Beige Blonde balayage

Source: stayglam.com

The beige blonde balayage look is a good look to adopt for a change. You can add high and low lights of this color to the areas where you will curl your hair.

18. The Glittery Gold look

This lustrous gold look with heavy curls should be opted on occasions like weddings and celebrations. So, if you are planning to spend some time with your loved ones, I suggest converting to this hairstyle that can let you look elegant in front of your friends and family.

19. The Latte Brown look

The latte brown look can be suitable for any kind of skin tone. Ladies with lighter skin tones should prefer this hairstyle as it will suit them more and will complement their look.

20. The Light Roast brunette

The light roast brunette can work well for younger girls who want to get a sharper look for their university. It can increase their boldness. Such girls should try giving lighter curls to their hair.

21. The Honey blonde look

The honey blonde look can be a good choice in this hot weather. This look can last for six months if you apply your hair color in the right way.

22. The light brown balayage

The light brown balayage hair color can work well on medium to lighter skin tones. You can easily select this hairstyle if you think it will look good on you.

23. The straight blonde look

If you are fond of long, straight hair and you are willing to dye them in a lighter tone, then this hair style is the right choice for your improved physical appearance.

24. The chocolate brown look

This hairstyle is for all those ladies who are obsessed with chocolates. If chocolates are an essential part of your life then try this chocolate brown look to further show your love for chocolates.

25. The darker blonde look

Get your hands on this hairstyle as it can be your latest look for this summer. Switching from the traditional light blonde color to the darker one can be a bit challenging for you but well, life is all about accepting challenges.

26. The vanilla blonde look

If you have experimented with almost all the blonde tones known to you, this time you need to try a different blonde tone like this vanilla blonde look.

27. The bright brunette look

Well, ladies! It’s time to get your hands on this hairstyle. The bright brunette look can go well with pointed layers so do try this different hairstyle.

28. The copper blonde look

This copper blonde hairstyle can suite ladies of younger age so, if you are willing to have a new, crazy look, try this hairstyle.

29. The pearl blonde look

You can adopt this pearl blonde look with highlights which can last for the entire summer. This different, yet a nice look can help you with a changed personality. Do you want an edgy look? Try the pixie cut!

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