Best Medium Box Braid Hairstyles

50 Breathtaking Medium Box Braid Hairstyle Ideas That Will Elevate Your Look

By: Avatar photo Andy Jones Updated: Mar 10, 2024


Have you been thinking of ways to spice up your style with the best medium box braids for the coming season? This look alone brings freedom and versatility to easy daily styling. Beautiful women all over the world are flooding hair salons hoping to achieve one of the many glamorous box braid styles. Who knew you could find glamour in simplicity? The protected strands weaved in and out allow your hair to flourish and maintain high moisture content while in this style. This style also goes well with a wide variety of nail designs, such as ombre nails.

Find your boldness when you add a pop of color. Tap into your confidence as you stride with pride styled with a medium box braid haircut. Make a positive statement as you own your authenticity with an unforgettable look. Maybe you’re already confident, and you’re looking for a hairstyle to complement your passion. No matter which medium box braid hairstyle idea or cornrow braids idea you choose, there is a style destined to elevate your look.

50 Spicy Medium Box Braid Hairstyle Ideas Worth Trying

There are many variations of this fashion trend. During the year 2020, numerous takes on this style have surfaced all over the web and out in public. With the right to be authentically you, nothing is stopping you from embracing your edge on fashion. There are no limits when it comes to this strikingly bold yet subtle braid trend. Of course, box braids come in various sizes. Today, we are highlighting the beauty of medium box braids and how they embody simplicity and glamour that will take your breath away.

Today we will share with you 50 of the best medium box braid hairstyle ideas. Sit back as we reveal the perfect hairstyle that will take your good to unforgettable. Take a look at these intricate designs, breathtaking color combinations, chic simplicity, and uniquely styled braids. Here are 50 styles that will give you a fresh perspective on the future of box braids.

1. A Top Bun Crowned in Length Layered Hair

 A Top Bun Crowned in Length

Between the length and the bun, these medium box braids offer an untouchable classiness. This look is simple, clean, and refreshing, it is similar to lemonade braids. If long layered hair brings out the best in you, these beautiful braids will flow down your back while offering a unique way to keep your hair out of your face. The top bun showcases the beauty of your face while highlighting the crown of your head.

2. Bold Gold is Her Middle Name

 Bold Gold is Her Middle Name

Her presence makes a statement. What better way to complement that statement by choosing to don your medium box braids in gold? If you thrive on living in your boldness, why not play full out? Take fear by the reins and go on the ride of your life. Gold is beautiful. Gold is unforgettable. Gold is powerful. Gold is her middle name.

3. Best Medium Box Braids with a Twist

Best Medium Box Braids with a Twist

This casual style embodies a youth that sets it apart in its class. As your eyes travel down the length of the strands, the ends of the hair begin to curl. The woman who wears this style enjoys showcasing the traditional box braid look while shifting the atmosphere with a slight twist. These curly hairstyle braids have a classy, comfortable air.

4. Ombre Hues from the Ocean

Ombre Hues from the Ocean

Traditional styles for medium box braids are one of a kind. What happens when we combine traditional elements with new trendsetting waves? In this instance, the colors of the ocean transform an outstanding style into one that is remarkable. Here we see shades of blue cascading into one another down the length of each braid. We call this the ombre effect.

5. There is Power in Tradition

 There is Power in Tradition

Owning all of your natural beauty takes strength. Traditional medium box braids allow you to walk in all of your power without the added flair that comes with pops of color and curls. This unique style speaks for itself. Traditional box braids inspire unshakable confidence. Embrace who you are. Let nothing hold you back. Inspire class with your presence. Allow this dynamic hairstyle to complement your character.

6. Purple Bermuda Medium Box Braids

Purple Bermuda Medium Box Braids

Just when you thought there was no other way to spice up this hairstyle, creativity strikes. This style showcases its uniqueness with its triangle parted sections. It has an edgy vibe that invokes passion and spontaneity. Spice up your traditional braids with this cool twist, and highlight this look with the color purple. Take every room by storm as your style continues to flourish. Gold nails go with this fashion like a charm!

7. Best Medium Box Braids with Rainbow Vibes

Best Medium Box Braids with Rainbow Vibes

Mix up the traditional vibe with an eye-catching color combination from the rainbow. This is a vibrant, medium box braid hairstyle idea that encourages freeness. Embody the essence of freedom with this look. Release fears, let go of the baggage and thrive as you uncover all of who you are. Enjoy the rainbow vibes of this traditional medium box braid hairstyle.

8. Spiced Pink Medium Box Braids

Spiced Pink Medium Box Braids

We are taking the elements of pink spice to new heights with this medium box braid hairstyle idea. This vibrant style shatters the norm with its bold pink color. Embrace your fun side with this feisty shade of pink. Release your inner fire as you rock this spicy hairstyle. Words don’t do this style justice. You must experience it to enjoy the full effect.

9. Auburn Fire Best Medium Box Braids

Auburn Fire Best Medium Box Braids

Auburn fire enhances natural brown skin tones for an elegant look. This bold color allows you to remain in a safe, fashionable space. Tap into your inner boldness while maintaining an air of elegance and class. This color also complements the fall season as the colors shift through hues of cinnamon and orange. You can enjoy this style with gold or silver hair jewels.

10. Energetic Iced Mint Staggered Box Braids

Energetic Iced Mint Staggered Box Braids

A pop of color will transform your tribal braids instantly. Here we have the ombre effect used to shift between shades of green and blue. This refreshing style embodies newness and innovation. If the traditional style doesn’t quite speak to your cool side, this minty look may be worth your while. The green and blue blend together effortlessly to form an icy mint color.

11. Middle Part Medium Box Braids

 Middle Part Medium Box Braids

Clean edges are a must. Sleek braids are a plus. The middle part allows the hair to frame the face while highlighting your beautiful bone structure. These are traditional medium box braids styled a little differently. We’ve chosen a natural dark brown hair color and focused on a clean natural look. This look is for those who simply want to enhance their beauty with a natural look.

12. Black on Red Ultra-Long

Black on Red Ultra-Long

For many women, red is a fun way to change up hairstyles. With these ultra-long medium box braids comes an almost hidden red layer of hair. The top layer of dark-colored hair lays over the red layer. The windows created by the top layer offer peaks of the red hair. This is a fun hairstyle for a conservative, spunky woman. Do the red tresses speak to you?

13. Braided to the Back Feed-ins

Braided to the Back Feed-ins

Polished, smooth, and sophisticated braids, this hairstyle is flawless. Change up your look with this ready-to-go take on braids. No matter what season it is, this exciting style is wonderfully beautiful. It complements any occasion. This classy look offers protection for your hair strands while maintaining a classy air. This is perfect for those who want change but aren’t looking to do anything drastic. This is a gorgeous style to pair with orange nails.

14. Medium to Small Feed-in Braids to the Back

Medium to Small Feed-in Braids to the Back

This breathtaking hairstyle quickly changes up your look to one that is flawless. The alternating, medium to small braids are a cute way to highlight your natural beauty. Pull this style together with sleek edges and a glossy finish. Bring out your inner fire with this medium box braid hairstyle. You are fearless with this style.

15. The Sky is the Limit Blue Medium Box Braids

The Sky is the Limit Blue Medium Box Braids

Here we have a cool and fresh medium box braid hairstyle. The roots begin with the color black or dark brown and transition into a sky blue tone. The ends of each braid are curly for an added touch. With this style, you can choose to get even more creative by including a special parting of the hair.

16. Royal Blonde Medium Box Braids

 Royal Blonde Medium Box Braids

Take a look at this blonde hairstyle created for the brunette looking to have more fun. This glamorous style embodies the essence of royalty. The loose strands offer a different look to traditional box braids. The flow of the tresses highlights the versatility of this popular style. These blonde box braids are in a class of their own.

17. Top Bun Side Bang Box Braids

Top Bun Side Bang Box Braids

With so many ways to mix up your box braid hairstyle, a top bun gives you a clean palette to further elevate your look. Take it a step further by leaving a portion of your hair out to create a side bang. Look no further if you want a sleek and elegant hairstyle that will complement your unique personality.

18. All-Black Half Up Half Down

All-Black Half Up Half Down

Embrace this fashionable all-black hairstyle by pulling half up and leaving half down for a polished look. It doesn’t take much to transform a beautiful hairstyle into one that is effortlessly flawless. Of course, you could go with a pop of color, but why do that when everything is already so great? This is a timeless hairstyle designed for a timeless woman.

19. Medium Feed-in Braids to the Back

 Medium Feed-in Braids to the Back

This classic hairstyle showcases a refined and youthful design for a tasteful approach. It’s not too much, and it not too little. It is the perfect form for the distinguished queen. With this style, you can smooth down your edges for a clean look. Don’t be afraid to add length to suit your personal preferences.

20. Bejeweled Goddess Braids

Bejeweled Goddess Medium Box Braids

Don’t be afraid to add a little jewelry to your box braids. Glamour is a piece of jewelry away. These long tresses flow freely and have decorated jewels throughout. The loose strands help enhance the beauty of this style. Not every strand or braid has jewelry. With this style, you can have as little or as much jewelry as you want.

21. Iced Pepper Box Braids

Iced Pepper Box Braids

Big parts, medium braids, and a dash of iced pepper are what this style exemplifies. This style has black roots and sprinkles of blue down each braid. The sprinkles resemble black pepper. As a result of having bigger parts, this style doesn’t take as long to accomplish. If you are looking for a spicy hairstyle, this one is for you.

22. Dynamic Color Pop Box Braids

 Dynamic Color Pop Box Braids

There is no stopping the creative designs for box braids. This medium box braid hairstyle idea is fresh and unique to the wearer. Choose four colors of your choice and walk in freedom with this dynamic color pop combination. Allow the colors to manifest your authentic personality. Wear this style with no apologies, and command every room that you walk into.

23. Strings of Gold Horizon

Strings of Gold Horizon

We are taking all of the elements of royalty here and fusing them into a one of a kind braided hairstyle. Here we have another alluring technique that capitalizes on glamorous simplicity. With this style, we incorporate gold decorative strings throughout the braids for a royal touch. Put on your crown as you wear this charismatic braided hairstyle.

24. Chic Golden Goddess

Chic Golden Goddess

Go gold or go home. This approach to box braids takes an entrancing angle on the design. Your roots are classically smooth with sleek golden braids throughout. Enjoy the bold atmosphere that surfaces when wearing this chic hairstyle. This style incorporates a two-toned gold pattern. One gold is slightly darker than the other to add dynamic contrast to the style. This style has depth and poise.

25. Fearless Cool Blue Box Braids

Fearless Cool Blue Box Braids

How far can we take the color blue? As far as we want to. There are no limits to what we can do with color. This cool blue tone is beautifully represented in this take on box braids. It is unapologetically bold. It is unapologetically great. There is freedom in being bold. Enjoy this style in all of your freedom.

26. Braided Top Bun Swirls

Braided Top Bun Swirls

Wear your crown with pride in this high profile hair design. This distinctive style frames your best features. This style showcases a side-braid technique that places two braids on each side of your head. Both of the braids are braided towards the front of the head. This adds a unique flair to the overall style. This style idea is finished off with a top bun.

27. Medium Box Braids with Streaks of Blonde

Medium Box Braids with Streaks of Blonde

A full head of blonde hair isn’t for everyone. You may just want a little bit of blonde. If this is the case then streaks of blonde may speak to you. This hairstyle presents normal box braids with streaks of blonde instead of layers or a full head of blonde. It is just enough to switch up the mood without being overwhelming.

28. Waist Length Box Braids

 Waist Length Box Braids

Just like a nice medium box braid haircut can add confidence, adding length also heightens confidence levels. Here we are combining length, the middle part, and the traditional box braid style to create a reinvigorated look. It is simplicity at its finest. Each braid is clean and precise. This is an elegant style for an energized woman.

29. Traditional Medium Box Braids

Traditional Medium Box Braids

When we think of traditional box braids, we stand in confidence knowing that this is a style that will forever embody a timeless beauty. When you choose a timeless look, expect a transformation that produces an atmosphere that does not adhere to trends that change with time. Traditional box braids are one of a kind. The beauty of this style is neverending.

30. Purple Haze Box Braids

Purple Haze Box Braids

This sassy style is ideal for anyone wanting to add dynamic color to their ensemble. This purple hair starts at the roots and travels down to the end of each braid. Purple haze leaves nothing to the imagination. We then take it a bit further by adding hair jewels to some of the braids. This extra enhancement pulls this style together.

31. Staggered Long Auburn Box Braids

Staggered Long Auburn Box Braids

Each of these braids is offset by staggering parts. This style is presented in the color auburn. The highlight of this style is the full length. If you are not interested in a medium box braid haircut, extending the length beyond is an excellent option. Have fun playing with the length, and enjoy the flow.

32. Knotless Box Braid

 Knotless Box Braid

Take your hairstyle to the next level with one of the most natural ways to style box braids. With this technique, the knot at the root of your braid is eliminated. Not only does this look offer a natural look but it also shines through with a clean touch. This style blends into your hair starting from the roots to the tips.

33. Golden Tresses Box Braids

Golden Tresses Box Braids

Here is another light brown hair design that is rich in gold. With so many ways to express the uniqueness of your personality, here is a way to easily embrace your boldness. Introduce a new flare that shines a light on the hidden parts of you. Step out of your comfort zone. Hold on to your power. This is a golden style ready to be worn by the one ready to finally be themselves.

34. Designer Braids to the Back

Designer Braids to the Back

Each braid is made of smaller individual braids that come together in this beautiful design. The parting is done in triangular rows to add to this glitzy style. This hairstyle is simple enough for the everyday lifestyle yet complex enough to fit a sophisticated way of life. Finish off this style with golden thread to add a touch of glamour.

35. Box Braids to the Side Traditional

Box Braids to the Side Traditional

Though we may try numerous renditions of traditional box braids, we never deviate too far from its original form. It is nothing short of amazing to take one style and turn it into many. Each style is a reflection of who you are. In this style, we’ve switched it up slightly by pulling the braids to the side. It’s simple yet it allows you to change up this style without taking away from its beauty.

36. Red Fusion Box Braids

Red Fusion Box Braids

Shades of vibrant red add fire to this sleek hairstyle. Add length and couple the reds with the color black, and we get sweet liquid smoke. These braids flow lightly down your back. Enjoy the fire without the burn. Let these braids sizzle as your personality rises to the top. Release your inner flame and set the world on fire.

37. Diamond Parts Box Braids

Diamond Parts Box Braids

It’s the simple things in life that matter. We don’t have to do a lot to be amazing. One simple change can make you unforgettable. What makes this hairstyle so unforgettable is the special way of parting each section for the individual braids. Each part is in the shape of a diamond. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Have as many as you like with this medium box braid hairstyle idea.

38. Crowned Nubian Queen Feed-in Braids

Crowned Nubian Queen Feed-in Braids

If you love flaunting your heritage, trying this feed-in style will make showcasing your culture easy. Select a few of the braids to add in strings of gold. The gold brings out the depth of this hairstyle. Adding string or jewelry is a great way to enhance this style. You do not need much to elevate these braids.

39. Randomized Parting Box Braids

Randomized Parting Box Braids

These silky braids are one of a kind. Unlike the staggered and diamond parting, randomized parting is just that, random. There is no specific pattern. With this technique, it is easy to obtain more coverage on your head. This could give you a more natural-looking style that effortlessly hides your scalp. This is another unique way to enhance your box braids.

40. The Best of Both Worlds

 The Best of Both Worlds

It is common to wear box braids down, but it is an awesome thing to be able to wear them in additional styles too. You can try a high ponytail that swings as you walk. The low ponytail is convenient when visiting the gym. The half up half down technique is a casual style to enjoy when out with friends or just relaxing.

41. Knotless Touch-ups for Blended Roots

 Knotless Touch-ups for Blended Roots

The beauty in having knotless braids comes when your roots begin to grow out, yet the braids still look refreshing due to the knotless technique. This technique allows for seamless touch-ups around the crown of your head without having to redo the entire style. Help your box braids last longer with scheduled touch-ups.

42. Red Dragon Bob Medium Box Braid Haircut

 Red Dragon Bob Medium Box Braid Haircut

Though long hair is beautiful, a short bob haircut is gorgeous. Add a pop of color and you simply transcend. This style shortens the traditional long box braids and adds jewelry to the end of each braid. Here is a glamorous angle on box braids with an edge. Find your new look in this medium box braid haircut.

43. Black Purple Ombre

Black Purple Ombre

The purple fades into the black seamlessly. This is an ombre combination that all purple lovers will love. We’ve taken diamond parting a little further by randomizing each braided section. The pattern shines through the purple ombre effect. It’s a cool color that transitions ever so slightly. This isn’t a vibrant purple. Instead, the color is closer to the black tone that it is transitioning into. Black Purple Ombre offers a pop of color that holds a touch of modesty.

44. Color Matching Box Braids

 Color Matching Box Braids

If you have red hair and want to add length on to the color that you already have, this one is for you. Simply choose a color that best matches the tone of your red hair. This can also be done with a variety of colors. Color matching is fun and it allows you to enjoy this hairstyle without having to change the color of your hair.

45. Peeks of Color Box Braids

Peeks of Color Box Braids

Swap out the usual for the unusual. Choose to add sprinkles of blonde. Then dip a few random strands in this bold color. The foundation is black all over with shades of blonde throughout. Have fun with this funky style. If blonde isn’t your color, choose the color that suits you best.

46. Astonishing Bronze Box Braids

Astonishing Bronze Box Braids

The color of these box braids is just incredible. The warm bronze is a nice alternative to those not wanting to go gold or blonde. You still get to add a vibrant flair to your shoulder length hair style. This style is perfect for weddings and other tailored events. Present the braids in an updo, opt for a low bun, or wear it hanging loosely around your shoulders.

47. Jewelry for Medium Box Braids

Jewelry for Medium Box Braids

Adding jewelry is an easy and common way to glamourize your braids. Some jewelry to consider when styling your hair are beads, tube beads, rings, and a variety of hair pendants. The sizes may vary by type of jewelry. You must find jewelry that will complement the hair color you are wearing. In this instance, gold pairs well with red.

48. Seas of Grey Waves Box Braids

Seas of Grey Waves Box Braids

Two tones of greatness are presented in this beautiful rendition of box braids. Grey and black are a wonderful combination. This color combination is very reminiscent of salt and pepper. The ends of the braids are loose waves. Instead of being braided to the end of each braid, the ends are curled to change up this look.

49. Honey Brown Bob Box Braid Haircut

Honey Brown Bob Box Braid Haircut

What a gorgeous way to highlight box braids. This is a medium box braid haircut that incorporates hair jewelry throughout. There are loose strands of hair left out of some of the braids. The loose strands are an elegant way of elevating this haircut to new heights. The base color of the hair includes shades of brown to add depth.

50. Goddess Loose Waves Medium Box Braids

Goddess Loose Waves Medium Box Braids

Take the classic box braid technique and create a vibe that speaks volumes. Loose hair combined with braids is the current trend. The volume of the loose hair brings out the authenticity of the braids. Play around with this style to get the amount of volume that suits you best.

50 Astonishing Medium Box Braids That Will Take Your Breath Away

There is a box braid hairstyle designed for every woman. Whether you are looking to stick to tradition or amp up your style with some bold colors, we are leaving no one behind. Though most box braids are accomplished by adding additional hair, many of the styles offer a natural look.

Don’t be afraid to try new things. Embrace your authentic personality and style. Set your inner self free by choosing a style that highlights your best traits. If a natural look is what you desire, be sure to find a professional stylist that will meet your box braid needs. Now that you’ve gone through these gorgeous looks, don’t forget to also take a look at the prettiest short blonde hair ideas and brown hair with blonde highlights!

50 Spicy Medium Box Braid Hairstyle Ideas Worth Trying

Best Medium Box Braids

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