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51 Curtain Bangs That Will Keep You Looking Cool No Matter The Weather

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As the weather starts to cool down, many of us are searching for the best curtain bangs to shake things up in our daily routines. Regardless of your hair length, curtain bangs can be a great way to put a fresh new spin on a tired hairstyle. Curtain bangs lend an old-fashioned, retro sense of style to any modern haircut, and the end result is a look that’s equal parts classic and cutting-edge. Influencers around the world are jumping onboard this sweetly romantic trend, and the overall verdict is in—curtain bangs are here to stay throughout the fall and beyond!

51 Gorgeous Curtain Bang Looks To Turn Heads

Curtain bangs refer to a specific style of bangs that originally cropped up around the middle of the 20th century before rocketing into the public eye during the 1960s and ‘70s. Stars like Brigitte Bardot and Farrah Fawcett were famous for their long, side-swept bangs—this particular style was actually known as “the Bardot Fringe” for a while, and may still go by that name today!

Curtain bangs are often longer than traditional “fringe” bangs, parted in the middle, and swept out to the side. The bangs frame the face and add a softer, gentler look than the traditional bang look. Rather than a harsh, choppy style that covers most of the forehead, curtain bangs expose more of the face for a brighter, more open style. One of the main reasons that curtain bangs have seen a recent spike in popularity is simply because they look good with just about every hair type. Whether you have thick and curly hair or thin and pin-straight, a curtain bang hairstyle gives your hair a lusher, healthier look and plenty of volume.

Regardless of their totally retro origins, curtain bangs are poised to be one of the hottest looks of the new decade!

1. Rocking the Best Curtain Bangs

Rocking the Best Curtain Bangs

Right off the bat, this haircut shows the old-school charm and modern twist that a curtain bang style can provide. When combined with long, sweeping bangs, a simple braided ponytail goes from a standard style staple to something bright, energetic, and full of a retro vibe that takes even the most basic hairdos from good to great and then further!

2. A Sunny, Side-Swept Style

A Sunny, Side-Swept Style

One of the best things about curtain bang styles is that they flatter every face. This particular shoulder length hair cut draws focus to the eyes and the cheekbones, while the cheerful curls emphasize the natural lines of the face and play off the shadows around the jaw and neck. Depending on the length of the bangs, your haircut can emphasize different traits.

3. Simple, Sleek, and Oh-So-Sweet

Simple, Sleek, and Oh-So-Sweet

For those who want to add a dash of color to their style but aren’t sure they’re willing to commit to a full dye job, these soft, sweet highlights provide a modern pop to what would otherwise be a totally tame short hairstyles for fine hair. The colored strands call attention to the sweep of the curtain bangs and frame the face to perfection!

4. Pretty Pink Bob

Pretty Pink Bob

Short hair is quickly becoming more popular for all face types and hair types, and this shaggy, layered bob with a short bob haircut provides a perfect example as to why that might be! With this look, the bangs seem to almost blend into the layers of the bob, but they still provide a focal point that bounces off the rest of the finished style!

5. Cute New Looks for the Best Curtain Bangs

Cute New Looks for the Best Curtain Bangs

If you’ve got highlights that you want to really emphasize, a curtain bang style can help draw everyone’s attention to the natural light and shadow at play in your hair! The loose curls take what would be a plain look and create a visually mesmerizing style that is sure to turn heads as you go about your busy daily routine.

6. Sharp Enough to Cut

 Sharp Enough to Cut

Not every curtain bangs hairstyle has to be all innocence and light. The sharp angles of these bangs stand in stark contrast to the smooth lines of the longer locks. When paired with some spiky jewelry and a tough denim jacket, this curtain bang look provides plenty of visual punch, and the end result is almost sharp enough to bleed!

7. Pretty Hairstyle With Plenty of Attitudes

Pretty Hairstyle With Plenty of Attitudes

Tired of trying to decide between two different hair colors? You could always choose both! This oh-so-cool hairstyle blends a hot pink into an almost icy blue, and the metallic sheen throughout both colors creates a futuristic vibe that we absolutely love! The curtain bang style highlights the smooth transition of color without distracting from the stunning interplay of light.

8. Super-Seventies Hair Idea

 Super-Seventies Hair Idea

If you’re considering a haircut with bangs, why not pay homage to the curtain bang’s humble origins and embrace a modified mullet? We’ve come a long way since the MacGyver days, but a long, layered cut like this one pulls the eye forward and calls attention to the model’s striking eye makeup, choppy hair, and an overall sense of youthful exuberance.

9. Short Hair, Don’t Care

 Short Hair, Don't Care

For a two-toned look that’s as cool as can be, check out these color block bangs paired with a long, layered bob! Bangs are usually the centerpiece of any haircut, and this look really leans into that effect by making sure that they really stand out from the crowd. The finished look is an edgy, eye-catching pop of color, not to mention it makes for a great wedding hairstyle for short hair.

10. Best Curtain Bangs with Simple Charm

Best Curtain Bangs with Simple Charm

The stylist behind this look claims a French inspiration, and the shaggy bob haircut does evoke thoughts of tiny apartments overlooking bustling Parisian streets or a quiet table at the corner cafe. The bangs add to the choppy, casual vibes of the overall look, and the end result is a sophisticated style that’s still down to earth and effortlessly beautiful.

11. Beautiful Hairstyles With Country Vibes

Beautiful Hairstyles With Country Vibes

Whether you’re from a small town or the big city, keep a hint of the great outdoors in your everyday look with this truly stunning style. Equal parts retro and modern, edgy, and sweet, this look really shows off the natural health and beauty of your hair and allows your own innate strength to shine through in every possible situation.

12. Cute Easy Hairstyle with Peekaboo Bangs

Cute Easy Hairstyle with Peekaboo Bangs

A curtain bang look tends to take up less of the face than traditional bangs, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. For this gorgeous, enigmatic look, the bangs are just long enough to cover the eyes, which lets you give off a playful, mysterious vibe that blends into the cool, confident look provided by the choppy layers.

13. Hairstyle for Women who Love Their Length

Hairstyle for Women who Love Their Length

For a sweet, simple look that combines a timeless sense of feminine style with an updated take on the same classic look, a curtain bang cut can give you a perfect blend of old and new. Here, the smooth, chic look of the bangs pairs brilliantly with the looser, informal feel of the long layered hair that make up the rest!

14. Modern Hairstyle for Autumn

 Modern Hairstyle for Autumn

If you live in an area that gets plenty of fall foliage or if the date is your only sign of the changing seasons, the right haircut can go a long way towards putting you in just the right mood for the colder months of the year! This layered hair look gives off some seriously artsy vibes for the upcoming fall.

15. Easy Hairstyle for Beach Vibes

 Easy Hairstyle for Beach Vibes

Regardless of how much time you spent at the beach this summer, get that surfer-girl chic with a layered look and long, side bangs. Don’t be afraid to let your natural roots show, but lean into the bohemian feel instead and embrace the wild and reckless vibes that come with the looser, more casual end result of this particular style.

16. Hairstyle for Women With Lots of Color

 Hairstyle for Women With Lots of Color

Call it rose gold hair, call it pastel pink hair, but whatever you call it, this look is sure to thrill. The bright, bubblegum-pink hues of this choppy, layered look lend an edgy sort of daring to a blunt, honest haircut. The loose curls and short bangs are sure to turn heads, no matter where you are or what you’re up to!

17. Vintage Red and Cool Retro Charm

Vintage Red and Cool Retro Charm

Regardless of the year, you were born, flaunt your inner glamour girl and embrace the mid-century vibes that the right haircut can provide. When combined with a bold, dramatic lipstick, this sweeping curtain bang look can give off an Old Hollywood sense of glamour and intrigue that wouldn’t look out of place in the High Societies of any time period!

18. Peace, Love, and Easy Hair

Peace, Love, and Easy Hair

Some of us may have missed out on the opportunity to head to Woodstock by a few decades, but with this vintage haircut, you can still take part in the hippie movement nearly half a century later! Paired with a floral headband, curtain bangs provide a retro style that promises to bring out the flower child in all of us.

19. For a Pretty, Fabulous, Fairytale Wedding

 For a Pretty, Fabulous, Fairytale Wedding

When it comes to your wedding day, the style you choose will be one that you remember for years to come. In this case, a timeless look is sure to impress, and that’s where curtain bangs come into play. With roots in the middle of the last century, a curtain bang haircut is sure to stand the test of time.

20. Silver Locks and Simple Golden Style

 Silver Locks and Simple Golden Style

There’s no age limit on a killer sense of style, and this hair moment proves that as well as any we’ve ever seen. With a stunning swoop of bright silver hair, this curtain bangs style shows that beauty truly is timeless, as are some even more important qualities like confidence, charisma, and just an all-around willingness to seize the day!

21. Beautiful Hairstyles, No Matter What

Beautiful Hairstyles, No Matter What

As we all adjust to wearing masks wherever we go, it feels like our strawberry blonde hair has become even more important as a way of showing our personalities and who we want to be. This strawberry blonde hair look projects a confident, charismatic sense of identity without distracting from the face or overwhelming the delicate balance we’re all learning how to keep.

22. Shaggy Fringe for the Modern Hairstyle

 Shaggy Fringe for the Modern Hairstyle

For a cute easy hairstyle that mixes straight-edge style with loose, luxurious curls, this look has a little bit of something for everyone! The pretty ringlet curls stand in stark contrast to the edgy, almost aggressive bangs, and the end result is the perfect blend of sweet and serious that promises to take on each new day as it comes!

23. End-of-Summer Easy Hairstyle

End-of-Summer Easy Hairstyle

For some, a haircut with bangs may feel childish or dated, but that’s not often the case with curtain bangs. This look features plenty of dazzling curls and a length that mixes a cute, innocent look with bold, decisive colors in order to create one of the most beautiful hairstyles we’ve ever seen for women of just about any age!

24. Modern Hairstyle, Vintage Vibes

 Modern Hairstyle, Vintage Vibes

Whether you’re a total nineties babe or more of a nineties babe at heart, a curtain bangs hairstyle can give you that throwback feel without looking too dated. This cute, borderline retro ponytail look combines modern flair with a hairdo that feels like it would be just as at home on “Friends” as it would on any television show today!

25. Silver Curtain Bangs Idea

 Silver Curtain Bangs Idea

Silver hair is all the rage right now, and it’s easy to see why with this absolutely stunning style. For a curtain bangs idea that doesn’t skimp on the drama, try pairing a striking color like silver, gray, or white with a classic layered bob cut that curls and frames the face without distracting from any of your best features.

26. Haircut With Bangs and Waves

 Haircut With Bangs and Waves

Longer bangs are an easy way to add definition to the face while still rounding out some of its angles and creating a sweet, innocent sense of style. At the same time, the bright blonde tone of this look and the contrasting roots take a timeless look and give it a little bit of extra bite for the modern woman!

27. Easy Hairstyle for Autumn Charm

 Easy Hairstyle for Autumn Charm

This girl is on fire—or at the very least, her hair is! With its bold, brilliant colors, this curtain bangs idea calls up images of bright autumn foliage or nights spent chatting in front of the fireplace with someone that you love. Eye-catching, evocative, and effortlessly gorgeous, this is the perfect look as we head into the colder seasons.

28. Awesome Modern Hairstyle

Awesome Modern Hairstyle

Blondes may have more fun, but that may simply be because the women who live life to the fullest are the type of women who would rock this kind of style no matter the color! This curtain bangs hairstyle doesn’t skimp on the layers, and as a result, a classic hairdo is given a more modern, upbeat kind of look!

29. Curtain Bangs for Curls

Curtain Bangs for Curls

Curtain bangs really do work with just about every hair type. Case in point: these curls, which get a playful twist on what would otherwise be a fairly straightforward style! It’s easy to add a dash of the whimsical to any hairstyle with bangs that break up your natural hairline and draw each passing eye towards your face’s best features.

30. Simple, Sunny Style for Sun-Free Days

 Simple, Sunny Style for Sun-Free Days

We’re headed into fall, which means we’re going to be seeing less and less of the sun, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring your own sense of heat and light into the new season! This pretty, classic style is broken up by the soft angles of the bangs in order to provide plenty of length without feeling too heavy.

31. Seriously Seventies Hair Idea

Seriously Seventies Hair Idea

Today’s bangs owe a lot to Farrah Fawcett’s towering ‘do, and curtain bangs are here to make sure that we never forget it! If you’re searching for the perfect curtain bangs idea, you really can’t do wrong by going back to the very start, with spiraling curls and dramatic bangs that wouldn’t look out of place in nearly any decade!

32. Pretty Hairstyle for a Touch of Fall

 Pretty Hairstyle for a Touch of Fall

As the weather starts to cool, why not let your hair go right along with it? This pretty hairstyle is a few shades away from the golden tones of a summery blonde style, and the cooler notes of the ash blonde hair color hint at the changing seasons and the brisk, crisp air that seems to hang over every fall morning.

33. High Ponytail and an Awesome Look

High Ponytail and an Awesome Look

This look is another great example of how a good haircut with bangs can turn even the simplest of looks into the perfect hairstyle for women who love the drama! A high ponytail is already a showstopper under most circumstances, but the long bangs add a sweetly feminine flair that only adds to the dramatic swoop of the long ponytail!

34. Beautiful Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Beautiful Hairstyles for Fine Hair

If you have finer hair, fear not! As mentioned earlier, a curtain bangs hairstyle works with just about every hair type, and fine hair is no exception to this rule. The long, sweeping bangs add some extra layers and depth to your hair, and the end result is a cute hairstyle for women who want to rock their way-better-than-fine locks!

35. To Make a Long Story Short…

 To Make a Long Story Short...

There are plenty of beautiful hairstyles to choose from today, but some go the extra mile when it comes to first impressions. For a pretty hairstyle that packs plenty of punch into a short style profile, check out these loose curls and layered highlights! It’s simple, cute, and friendly while still being professional enough to wear throughout your everyday routine!

36. Cute Cuts and Cuter Colors

Cute Cuts and Cuter Colors

This short blonde hairstyle is so easy, you could practically do it yourself! Even if you don’t feel up to a DIY haircut, however, you can still get the same casual, effortless look by layering your bangs to frame your face. It may not be as easy as some influencers make it look, but the end results will be exactly the same!

37. Loose Curls Haircut With Bangs

 Loose Curls Haircut With Bangs

The sweet curls and delicate bangs make this a cute hairstyle for women who want a look that’s as modern as it is old fashioned and romantic—a pretty hairstyle for women who want it all!

38. Easy Hairstyle that Really Pops

Easy Hairstyle that Really Pops

For a curtain bangs hairstyle that lets you stand out in a crowd, try experimenting with some unorthodox colors. The multiple layers of color and light make this look a cute hairstyle for women who aren’t afraid to call attention. Instead, you can be sure to catch people’s eyes with your own daring sense of style, fashion, and stunning self-confidence!

39. Cute Easy Hairstyle with Fringe

Cute Easy Hairstyle with Fringe

Whether you live on the beach or are totally landlocked, you can get that end-of-summer look with a quick and easy hairstyle change! The light blonde ends and dark brown hair roots hearken back to days spent splashing in the waves—or at the pool—while the long, sweeping bangs give off just a hint of those old-timey California surfer girl vibes!

40. Awesome Curtain Bangs Idea

 Awesome Curtain Bangs Idea

For an awesome, edgier vibe, this hair idea uses slightly choppier bangs and bright, bold hair color. The end result is a modern hairstyle that isn’t afraid to turn up the heat on any occasion!

41. Blonde Highlights and Big Hair

 Bright Highlights and Big Hair

If you’re worried about your hair looking too old-fashioned or retro, liven it up with a splash of color! The bright, warm tones of this look make for a fully modern hairstyle, while the pretty curls and sweeping layers provide plenty of volume for even those with heavy locks. No hair idea is too crazy when it comes to color!

42. Curtain Bangs for Easy Hairstyle

Curtain Bangs for Easy Hairstyle

Another totally retro look that hearkens back to the simple styles of the sixties and seventies, this smooth hairstyle for women brings a bit of that old-fashioned flair into today’s busy world. The bangs over the eye make this a great hair idea for those who like some of the classic things in life but want a little extra mystery.

43. Modern Hairstyle for an Autumn Vibe

Modern Hairstyle for an Autumn Vibe

You’ve heard of ash blonde, but now is the perfect time to branch out into some ash light brown hair styles! A haircut with bangs like these add a dash of modern edge to a classic set of curls, and the cool undertones of the ash brown coloring add to that contrast of old and new—perfect for a season of change!

44. Half-Up Easy Hairstyle

Half-Up Easy Hairstyle

If you’re the kind of person who likes to keep things simple, curtain bangs are an easy way to dress up even the most lowkey styles. They add a level of romantic flair to this cute half-up hairstyle without requiring a lot of effort. In terms of management, these bangs are a cute easy hairstyle that won’t take all day!

45. Shaggy Hairstyle for Women

Shaggy Hairstyle for Women

If you like the volume and mystique of ordinary bangs, but want a newer twist on an old-style, this haircut with bangs gives you the best of both worlds! By doubling down on the layers, you can add a cheerful, slightly rougher-edged bit of “oomph” to your look while still drawing the eyes towards your face and its features.

46. Platinum Blonde and Pretty Waves

 Platinum Blonde and Pretty Waves

For an awesome throwback to a (slightly) simpler time, try a combination of platinum blonde locks and some retro Bardot bangs. For this look, the bangs cover a little bit more of your forehead than some of the other styles, but the layered look still allows your eyes to really pop, whether it be on the screen or in person!

47. Easy Style with Throwback Vibes

Easy Style with Throwback Vibes

Just because a hairstyle’s been around for a few years doesn’t mean it has to lose all of its edge! This curtain bangs idea shows that even a classic idea can become a modern hairstyle with the right accessories. The bangs give a sly, sharp look to an otherwise sweetly romantic style, and the juxtaposition gives you some extra sharpness!

48. Beautiful Hairstyles on the Go

Beautiful Hairstyles on the Go

Curtain bangs are a great easy hairstyle for those who are looking to soften the lines of their face and pull the focus to the eyes and mouth. This look provides an excellent example of just that effect, as the soft curls create a natural, innocent look that still looks mature and adventurous enough to handle each new day’s challenges!

49. Classic (and Classy) Updo

Classic (and Classy) Updo

If you’re considering a curtains bangs idea for your next big Look, but you’re not the kind of person to wear your hair down all the time, there are plenty of other options! Where another haircut with bangs may look overly formal in an updo, curtain bangs frame the face nicely without looking too harsh or changing your face’s shape.

50. Time Enough for Rocking

 Time Enough for Rocking

Curtain bangs don’t always have to feel old-fashioned. With a bright, modern color and a bold, layered cut, these classic bangs get a new lease on life. The end result is an eye-catching awesome style that adds extra volume to the roots of your hair while still leaving you plenty of lengths to keep heads turning, no matter the occasion!

51 Super-cute Curtain Bangs Hairstyles

Overall, no matter the length of your hair or your preferred sense of style, curtain bangs can be a great addition to any look. Use the list of cuts above in order to get a burst of inspiration for your own look, or use the listed images as a way to springboard your own unique image and create a style that just screams “you!” Let us know which curtain bangs hairstyle you liked the best, or leave a note in the comments down below if you’ve found a particular look that we may have missed but that you absolutely love! Do you want more edgy look? Try the pixie cut or our curly pixie cut ideas!

Best Curtain Bangs

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