29 Cute Hairstyle To The Beach

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It’s summer and beach hairstyles are in full swing. You have the perfect swimsuit, the weather is gorgeous and you found the cutest pair of sandals. You apply light makeup, take a look in the mirror and think what are you going to do with your hair? Your friends are meeting you down at the beach in 30 minutes. You need a quick and easy fix hairstyle in this hot and humid weather. Here are the perfect summer hairstyles that you can create in just a few minutes. There’s several to choose from so choose the perfect.

29 Ways to Create the Perfect Beach Hairstyle

29 Cute Hairstyle To The Beach

1. Half Love Knot

This lovely summer hairstyle is easy, quick and fun to create. Simply take a small section of hair on each side. Then cross the second piece over the first piece, secure the ends under the ponytail. Wala!

2. Low Love Knot

Create this elegant and classic summer hairstyle in under 3 minutes. Section the sides of your hair in small pieces. Cross the first section over the second section and pin the edges under the ponytail. Then tuck the ponytail and tie with elastic.

3. Modern Pony Style

This beautiful single braid loose ponytail style is simply chic. Take a front section of your hair and braid it. Gently pull the braid back into a low ponytail and secure it with elastic. Tuck the ends of the ponytail loosely and secure it with elastic.

4. French Braid Chic

Source: luxyhair.com

Create this sophisticated look by braiding your hair in a very loose French braid. Stop after 3 loose braids then secure the ends of the ponytail. Beautiful!

5. Gorgeous Goddess Braids for Long Hair

This attractive feminine hairstyle is elegant and easy to create. Braid a piece of your hair on either the left or right side. Sweep the braid around the base of your hair and pin the end of the braid down.

6. Sassy Bun

This is your classic chic go to hairstyle. Put your hair in a high ponytail and secure the ends in elastic. Wrap any hair loose hair around the elastic. Wala!

7. Flowing Goddess

Create this beautiful fun look by braiding a piece of hair in the right front side of your hair. Lightly wrap this piece around the base of your hair. Pin the end of your braid down and let the hair under the braid cascade.

8. Princess Chic

This is a lovely fun versatile and easy to create hairstyle. Simply scalp braid your hair on the right side and gather it with the rest of your hair into a low ponytail. Take the end of the ponytail and tuck it into elastic.

9. Queen French Braid Hairstyle

Create this lovely look by French braiding your hair loosely. Tie an elastic tie around your hair and embellish with small flowers or diamonds.

10. Elaborate Braids

This is the perfect elaborate braided hairstyle for the beach. Create three 2 strand twist on both sides of your hair. Create a loose French braid in the middle half of the back of your hair. Sweep all of the twists into the middle braid. Let the hair underneath flow.

11. Chic Braids

Create this chic sophisticated hairstyle in minutes. Create two 2 strand twist on the left and right side. Pull the twist back and tie it with elastic. Place the end into a tightly braided French twist in the middle of your hair. Smooth the hair beneath the braid for a sleek finish.

12. Contemporary

Source: fabmood.com

Create this elaborate elegant look to compliment your summer attire. Braid your hair into a loose French braid on the left and right side. Cross the braids and pin the ends creating a lovely elegant look.

13. Princess Twists

Create this modern summer hairstyle in a matter of minutes. Twist a small piece of hair on both sides. Pull the twist back and tie with elastic. Let the hair cascade underneath the twists.

14. Goddess Twists

Source: luvv.it

This beautiful hairstyle will surely get you noticed at the beach. Create 2 braids and 1 twist on both sides. Pull the hair back and place the end into the braid.

15. Breathtaking Twist

Source: aillea.com

This elaborate half twist is an unforgettable summer hairstyle. Create a scalp twist on both sides of your hair and pull it back into a love knot. Simply add 2 braids on top of the back of your hair.

16. Summer Goddess

To get this beautiful chic look simply create a two 2 strand twist on both sides of your hair. Sweep the twist into a loose French braid.

17. Romantic beach hairstyle

Create this lovely hairstyle in a matter of minutes. Braid your hair into a French braid on the right side of your hair.

18. Sassy Braids

Source: luxyhair.com

Create this fun flirty look with a loose French braid on the left side of your hair. Leave hair underneath the braid to get a flowing sassy look. Wala!

19. French Braid Beauty

Source: luxyhair.com

Get this perfect beautiful summer hairstyle in 3 minutes. Section your hair in half put the first half in a ponytail and French Braid your hair. Place the end into another French braid.

20. Corn Roll Queen

Create this Sporty fun beach hairstyle. Simply scalp braid 4 corn rolls into the front of your hair. Wrap the ends around a ponytail.

21. Punk Braid

Create this fresh punk hairstyle with 4 corn rolls on the left side of your hair. Smooth your hair on the right side or curl it for a fun curly hairstyle.

22. Chic Crown

Let this contemporary chic hairstyle make you the talk of the summer. Create 3 corn rolls in the middle of your hair stopping midway. Put the ends in a ponytail and tuck the ends.

23. Center Crown

Create this fun elaborate middle braid in the crown of your hair. Place the end in a loose bun and smooth the loose shoulder length hair beneath the braid.

24. Sleek Crown

Enjoy this smooth center braid look in a matter of minutes. Simply braid your hair in the center and place it in a tight bun. Smooth you’re beneath the bun.

25. Contemporary Bun

This style is fresh and fun. Pull half of your hair into a tight bun and smooth the hair underneath. Add 1 braid next to your bun.

26. Natural French Braid

Add a modern look to the French Twist. Loosely scalp twists your hair on both sides and place into a ponytail. Braid your hair into a tight French Braid.

27. Elegant Braid Bun

This unique sleek style will set you apart at the beach. Tightly French twist your hair in the center of your hair and pull it into a ponytail. Enclose the end into a bun.

28. Flair Braids

Source: eslamoda.com

This is a fresh fun and exciting summer hairstyle. Put 2 braids in the center of your hair stop midway make a bun.

29. Simply Chic

Create this lovely modern look with a center bun and part. Smooth the hair around the bun.

Feel free to create your beach hair style with one of the unique styles mentioned above. They’re fast, fun, sassy and chic. You’re sure to get noticed with one of these summer styles. Choose from simple, modern or elaborate hairstyles or try out the cornrow braids ideas!

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