27 Trendy Fall Outfits With Scarves

By: Avatar photo Andy Jones Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Following are 27 different fall outfits with scarves that are sure to suit your taste and keep you looking incredible during this fall season.
With autumn around the corner, you may be shopping for the perfect outfits that will not only make you look cute, but also adorably stylish. What better way to make sure that you look sharp and ready for whatever weather that fall may throw your way than to have a wardrobe full of scarves? Discover your favorite ideas and get ready for the season!

The 27 Best Fall Outfits with Scarves that are Simply Gorgeous

1. Dare to Be Different

27 Trendy Fall Outfits With Scarves

At first glance, this animal-print scarf may seem hard to match, but the maroon pants paired with a gray T calm the wild look. The matching shoes and purse combine nicely with this daring scarf.

2. Stay Warm Out There

This colorful scarf is one that you can depend on to stay warm, no matter what happens around you. It looks good with solid colors, whether you wear a gray sweater like in this outfit, or a white long-sleeved T-shirt. Complete the look with a classy purse. This look goes really well with burgundy nails.

3. Fresh in the Fall

Source: revolve.com

It’s not yet time to put on the long Johns, so grab on this adorable denim dress and ensure you stay warm with this navy blue, brown, and white scarf that will combine perfectly to complete a stellar look.

4. Girls Just Like to Have Fun

Who says that fall has to be boring? This look says the opposite with a loose blouse, jeans, and an eye-catching red and white patterned scarf. The big black watch is the perfect finishing touch to this fun and relaxing outfit.

5. She’s Classically Classy

Source: polyvore.com

There’s no eye-sore here with the perfectly matching boots/bag combination, navy-blue vest, baby-blue shirt, jeans, and the polka-dot scarf that pulls the outfit all together.

6. Stay Simple, Stay Beautiful

This white T-shirt lets the scarf do all the talking in this get-up that is one of the best fall outfits with scarves. Simple, warm, and flattering, this scarf with warm colors looks good contrasting with any woman’s complexion.

7. Cover Up and Look Good Doing It

This scarf may look like a blanket, but it’s one of the most stylish and versatile scarves that you can wear this fall. Whether you wear it long with a belt to hold it together or wear it around your neck in a stylish and attractive way, it can add style to any outfit.

8. Dress it up, baby!

The weather is still warm enough to wear dresses. Simply add a soft beige and red scarf to a light pastel green dress and combine it with beige booties, and you’re ready for whatever may come your way.

9. A Pop of Color to Cheer You Up

You can still wear your favorite black clothes, no matter the weather. Add a pop of color with this bright, colorful scarf and you have yourself an attractive outfit for a date or work appointment. Add a classy black and white vest and you’re set.

10. Ready to Jet-Set

Nothing says classy like this outfit. A white long-sleeved blouse paired with jeans and a grey knee-length jacket say that you’re ready to impress. The black classy purse and soft blue and grey scarf prove that you’re ready to make things happen. A pair of converse keep it comfortable.

11. Party Like a Rockstar

A big leather jacket paired with black skinny jeans and a patterned shirt look sharp, as is. Add a red plaid wrap-around scarf and you have yourself the perfect Rockstar outfit for fall fun.

12. Keeping it Cool

There’s no need to stress when you’ve got a black sweater, blue jeans, and black and white scarf to depend on. This is the easy, fun, and classic look that you can pull together in a heartbeat.

13. Baby, She’s Got It

Say goodbye to your haters with this classy and badass look of leather pants, an eye-catching blouse, topped with a plain black scarf and leather jacket. Top off the look with black boots.

14. Ready for Pumpkin Season

Source: polyvore.com

A white blouse or T-shirt should always be found in your closet so that you can match it with an outfit like this one. A brown and beige scarf pairs well with a light beige vest and knee-high boots in this look.

15. Bring Out Your Eyes

The navy-blue and red scarf can delicately frame anyone’s face and when matched with a light pastel sweater like this one, it adds a touch of chic-classic for any occasion.

16. The Must-Have Fall Outfit

This outfit is classy and beautiful. From the knee-high boots to the striped top combining perfectly with the jeans and brown leather jacket, this fall outfit looks good already. Add the colorful scarf and you are dressed to kill.

17. Pretty Honey in Pink

Source: gofeminin.de

Every girl should own a pink scarf like this one. You can wear it with almost any outfit, including striped, long-sleeved T-shirts and ripped jeans or whatever you feel like. Finish the look with a pair of booties and you’re good to go.

18. Fashionably Mismatched

You’re dressing yourself now—you can wear what you want. Even if it’s an animal print scarf against a striped black and white shirt paired with jeans and beige heels. We love it and so should you.

19. Ready for the Holidays

Enter the holiday season with one of the best fall outfits with scarves. Light-colored pants, striped shirts, and black scarves are items that you should have in your fall wardrobe.

20. Be Unapologetically Yourself

This simple look of beige pants, brown leather boots, and a cream blouse say that you’re ready for business, while the animal print scarf says that you’re not afraid to take risks.

21. Back to School

Source: polyvore.com

This denim shirt, black jeans, tan boots, and burlap bag are comfortable and attractive, but the best part about this fall outfit? The grey infinity scarf, of course!

22. She Knows What She Wants

This crisp look is ideal for the girl who wants to make an impression. The white singlet pairs nicely with the plaid shirt, while the jeans and brown boots compliment it delicately. The maroon scarf pulls it all together.

23. She’s a Goddess

This hanging pastel blouse matched with a pair of jeans and a blanket-style scarf looks so comfortable, any girl would want to wear this for most of the fall season.

24. Warm and Subtle

This warm and subtle colored scarf screams autumn. Whether you’re ready for a photo shoot with the family or running errands, this outfit will ensure that you always look good.

25. Every Girl Should Have a White T

This colorful scarf with its fall colors will dress up this perfect outdoor look of a white-T, jeans, and converse.

26. Fall Colors Are All the Rage

Every girl should have a soft, cream-colored sweater in her closet, as well as a scarf with plenty of warm fall colors to pair it with. Don’t forget your favorite jeans and comfortable boots to add that final touch.

27. She’ll Surprise You

This grey and pink scarf is the ideal staple for your fall closet. It can combine or contrast with several outfits, but will always look good. It adds style to this striped, loose blouse which makes for a great fall outfit.

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