29 Swoon High Waisted Bikini Ideas

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Shopping for a new swimsuit can be a painful experience and finding a high waisted bikini is no joke either. There are so many different makes and models to choose from, and everybody’s body shape is different as well. There are some lovely possibilities to look at before stepping up to the final judgement. Here are just a couple of attractive, simple and yet playful options for a high waisted bikini for this or next season. Your say is the final and the most important one, of course. So it all depends on your taste and preference when deciding.

29 High Waisted Bikini Ideas that are just Simply Gorgeous

29 Swoon High Waisted Bikini Ideas

1. Simple Bikini with High Waist

This simple black bikini will look good on anyone with its clean lines. The bottoms are comfortable and don’t dig in your legs. The top is comfortable and has good support. The straps are adjustable and don’t dig into your shoulders.

2. Black and White High Waisted Bikini

If you want something simple yet practical, this is the right kind of bikini for you. The black and white striped add a lovely accent on the bottom part, and the bra part offers excellent support and comfort. It’s ideal for ladies who dislike metal parts in their bikini tops.

3. A Little Color in a Bikini

Source: cupshe.com

The bottom is comfortable and single coloured. The attention will automatically draw to the upper part with its pattern. The base’s powder pink and the foliage pattern is refreshing for the eye. It ties at the back adding another detail.

4. Green and White Looks Good

This high waisted bikini is white, but the green pattern leaves only the spec of white remaining. It has a pattern of leaves that almost look like feathers in different shades of green. Comfortable and offers excellent support with the large strap around the neck.

5. Unconventional but Comfortable Colourful Bikini

This bikini has short sleeves and resembles a comfortable-shirt. It ties at the bottom allowing you to sunbathe and spend time on the beach and catch the tan. The bottom has horizontal stripes that go well with the orange and black top, as well as orange nails.

6. Pink, White and Black to Draw the Eye

This high waisted bikini has vintage pink bottom from a comfortable and soft material. The top part is black and white striped and is mesmerizing to look at. It is comfortable and still has enough support.

7. Simple Color Can Look Good

Source: zaful.com

This bikini is very simple. It is in the single colour that resembled red wine. The waist is a little lower than in other bikinis. The strap ties around the neck keeping it secure in place.

8. Black And White Bikini with a High Waist

Source: popsugar.com

This bikini has the bottom part resembling the waves in the sea. The ruffles look good, and it is pleasant to wear. The top has black and white horizontal stripes and adjustable straps.

9. Flowers and the Blue of the Water Bikini

This bikini is playful with its dark blue base colour. It has adjustable straps and very good support. The pink flowers make it livelier, and they contrast well with the navy blue.

10. Sometimes Simple is the Best

Source: glamour.com

The simple black high waisted bikini has comfortable wide straps, and it hugs the body quite tight. It has a lovely finish and will be easily put on and take off afterwards.

11. Something Different for a Bikini

This is a beautiful fun bikini for ladies who want to switch it up a little bit. The bottom part has two rows of gold buttons, and the top is a simple pink bow with a floral pattern. This kind of model would look like grandmas curtains, but this combination works well together.

12. Yellow like the Sun Bikini

This yellow bikini is perfect for the sunny days at the beach. It has a pattern of exotic white flowers in it and the straps tie at the back of your neck, but they are adjustable for comfort.

13. Simple Comfort on the Beach

Source: zaful.com

The single-coloured bottoms will allow all attention to be drawn to the geometric pattern of the top. It is a lively pattern of black and white stripes organised in diamond patterns.

14. Simplicity with a Little Lace in a Bikini

This bikini is simple in colour, but the bottom has a lace pattern on the sides. The top has a double strap, so it doesn’t get uncomfortable after wearing the bikini for a day.

15. Subtle Color and an Unusual Pattern

A bikini with a comfortable top that has a wide shoulder strap as well as a full strip under the bust. The colour is simple, but the pattern resembles peacock feathers.

16. White and Blue Style for the BeachThis bikini is white but has a blue pattern on it that could resemble flowers or blue clouds. It has wide strips and right, lifting support as well as a thicker strip under the bust.

Source: rvca.com

This bikini is white but has a blue pattern on it that could resemble flowers or blue clouds. It has wide strips and right, lifting support as well as a thicker strip under the bust.

17. Horizontal White and Blue Geometry

The blue and white bikini has thin straps, right and lifting support and comfortable bottoms. The pattern is geometric making it interesting but not too busy.

18. Busy Geometry can be Fashionable Too

The lifting cups of the top are comfortable, and the straps can be adjusted to suit each. The pattern seems quite busy at first, but the simple contrast of black and white makes it look excellent. Quality finish on the top and bottom.

19. Unusual Combination in Pattern and Color

The bikini stands out because of its style. The bottom has a pattern of green leaves on a pink base colour making it quite bold. The top with its horizontal stripes contrasts with the top, but it looks fashionable and draws in the eye.

20. Unusual Top Makes a Good Contrast

Source: fichic.com

This top is black, but it has a unique shape. The straps tie behind holding it in place. The bottom has a floral and yet geometric pattern of black and white that resembles henna drawings.

21. Light Pink and Green for Fun

This is a more traditional bikini with a double shoulder strap which can be adjusted as needed. It has good, lifting cups and a thicker under bust for more comfort. The bottom is pink too, but the dark green pattern of leaves make a good contrast.

22. Green on Green on White

If you are looking for a good, neutral colour that still adds some interest, look no further. This bikini will offer you the comfort of the traditional swimsuit and will look good. Dark green microdots that make it look like velvet and comfortable top with adjustable straps.

23. Flowers All Around on a Bikini

This bikini created the contrast with the pattern placement. Pink flowers and green foliage are located on the sides of the top and in the middle of the bottom. It is quite tight and yet comfortable.

24. Bold Flowers Create Interest on the Beach

The simple black top is strapless, but it ties at the back. The bottom has a variety of bold flowers in bright colours. Quality material with a good finish will make it feel comfortable even after wearing it for a long time.

25. Flowers and Geometry in One Bikini

Source: zaful.com

The soft top as a bold floral pattern contrasting with geometric shapes. The pattern continues on the bottoms allowing the swimsuit to be fashionable and comfortable.

26. A Different Approach in Fabric and Pattern

This bikini is made from a different material than the traditional bikinis. The fabric is light, airy and the pattern is bold and beautiful. It has wide shoulder straps for comfort.

27. Green and White can Keep it Simple

The green ruffled bottom doesn’t dig in the leg even after a long and hot day at the beach. The top is strapless and has a wide ruffle making it more exciting.

28. Flowers are in Fashion for Bikinis

A simple design in dark fabric but it is straightforward to wear. The bold red and pink flowers make it more enjoyable. The top has straps wide enough to stop them digging in the shoulders and offers excellent support for the bust.

29. Pink and Playful on the Bikini Menu

Source: m.shein.com

This light pink bikini has straps left right and centre. It looks like quite a task getting t on and off, but it is easier than you might think. The bottom has straps on the sides, making it a little more playful and breaking up the rigid lines.

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