27 Sweet Summer Dresses

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You’ve been wanting to wear the most adorable summer dresses for months now and with summer in full-swing, you can dress to impress with some incredible looks that say stylish and feminine. From highly-flattering maxi dresses to cute little frocks, dresses can make you feel stylish like nothing else. These 27 different looks are charmingly unique and will make you want summer to last forever. Life is too short to ignore these dresses. Take a look!

27 Summer Dresses You Couldn’t Ignore Even If You Tried

27 Sweet Summer Dresses

1. Bring Out Your Tan in This Jumper

It’s summer and your tan is undoubtedly looking incredible. Bring it out in this adorable white jumper that is as fresh as it is beautiful. Pair it up with gold accessories and you have yourself the perfect summertime look.

2. Bring Out Your Eyes in this Baby Blue

Yet another cute jumper on our list, you can be sure to impress with this floral-pattern, loose sleeves, and perfect baby blue background. Nothing says fresh and free like this feminine outfit that belongs in your closet.

3. Shine Bright Like a Diamond—Or Maybe a Star

A star print against a light-pink background makes this long dress a dreamy addition to any girl’s closet. It’s high-waisted tie and open neckline make it a classy look that is both fresh and beautiful.

4. Cute and Cheery in Polka Dots

If there has ever been something that we can’t get enough of in our closets and in fashion, its polka dots. Combine these adorable dots with frills and the color red and you have yourself the perfect dress for any occasion.

5. Flow with the Wind

This long, flowing dress with its unique floral and peacock pattern is unique and attractive. It’s the bohemian pick that belongs in any fashionista’s closet. Add a vintage belt or wear it as is.

6. Baby, She’s Got It

Source: facebook.com

For the girl who loves her lace, but who also demands respect, this dress says, “I’ve got it going on.” It’s high-neckline gives it class while the cute lacy print keeps it fun.

7. Summer is for Festivals and Picnics

This soft, pastel green dress is an ideal pick for festival fun. Its stylish, fresh, and fits right in at any outdoor festival.

8. You Can’t Look Away

Source: arnhem.co

With a halter-top neck and a bright orange pattern, your admirers couldn’t look away even if they tried. With its ideal length for summertime adventure and its unique design, this dress should always be a summertime staple. Orange nails go perfectly with this look.

9. Stand Out from the Rest

Source: bonadrag.com

With a dress as uniquely beautiful as this one, you will stand out in any crowd. It’s original cut, tribal design, and delicate string-tie back makes it a subtly sensual and eye-catching addition to your wardrobe.

10. Let it Flow, Let it Go

This no-nonsense long dress is drama-free as it flows and keeps it cool during the months of summer sun and fun. It’s a flattering wardrobe addition for the girl who wants to keep it cool.

11. It’s Time to Wax Romantic

This adorable summer dress is perfect for a trip to Europe. Delicate and beautifully designed, it bares just enough to catch your eye. Soft flowers against a baby blue background have us falling in love.

12. Stand Strong Like a Goddess

Be the bold and beautiful woman you are in this daring maxi dress with its unique bohemian pattern. Whether you attend a festival or hang out at the beach, summer in this dress will look good on you.

13. I’ll Be Ready in a Minute-Literally

You’re a busy girl and you want to be ready whenever and wherever. This yellow hanging dress with its unique floral pattern will have you looking great in no time.

14. The No-Time-to-Waste Jumper

Summer doesn’t last as long as you wish, so waste no time and put on this white jumper that will show off your legs and your fabulous tan. It’s made for the girl who is ready for fun, no matter what.

15. THE Little Black Dress

If you’ve been looking for the perfect black dress, this may be the one. Summer is hot and you can be too with this adorable black dress with lacy cleavage.

16. Skip the Hassle in this Dress

You can’t make up your mind if you want to wear a dress or crop-top and skirt? Wear both in this marble-patterned dress that will show just enough without the fuss.

17. Travel the World in this Jumper

Source: m.zaful.com

Whether you travel to Morocco or you travel to Italy, this white jumper with its unique delicate pattern will make you look like you belong anywhere you go.

18. We Love Floral and You Should Too

If you weren’t in the mood for summer before throwing on this adorable wrap around dress, you will be. It’s floral print against yellow make it the perfect pick-me-up for summertime fun.

19. Delicate, Beautiful, and Unique

Source: lulus.com

The perfect romper (with pockets!) for a girl who wants to combine beautiful with comfortable, this soft pink outfit will keep you fresh and ready for summer play, no matter what.

20. Ready at a Moment’s Notice

This floral romper in navy blue is ideal for those times when you want to be ready to jump into the pool or have a water fight. It’s easy to look great while feeling fresh in this adorable summer outfit.

21. Wear Your Crown Proudly

This beautiful long red dress with side slits looks like it was made for bohemian royalty. An open cleavage with a delicate tie at the waist make it a flattering dress for any occasion.

22. Subtly Bare some Skin

Source: yoins.com

This navy-blue dress with its floral print is tempting to wear with its bare shoulder design and above-knee length. Perfect for a beach vacation or world travel, make sure to include it in your suitcase.

23. Be Mysterious. Be Unique

This romper is anything but boring with its checkered print, adorable bow, a bit of frill, and comfortable design. Wear it to a picnic, a family occasion, or simply to explore your city.

24. Style it Up in Stripes

Stripes have made a great come-back and this sleeveless knee-length dress with a subtle slit proves this to us. We love it and you should too.

25. Dare to Bare Your Feelings

There’s no hiding in this eye-catching white dress with a beautiful plunging neckline. Perfect for a summer brunch or weekend date, this dress will bring out the best in you.

26. Little Miss Sunshine Has Arrived

Have some fun in this checkered crop-top paired with a high-waisted yellow skirt. If the unique combination wasn’t eye-catching enough, the bows are fashionably so.

27. You Look Like a Goddess

The flirty, maxi summer dress that belongs in EVERYONE’S closet, this floral and navy-blue dress has the perfect design with its open side slit and wrap around tie on the waist. Can you say “goddess?”

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