25 Festive & Fabulous Christmas Hairstyles

By: Avatar photo Andy Jones Updated: Mar 10, 2024


The Christmas season is the perfect time to experiment with new hairstyles. Office Christmas parties, family gathering, seasonal outings: they all provide the perfect excuse to try something new, fun and festive. Forget pulling a winter hat down over unkempt locks; these looks will let your hair bring attention to the shining star that you are.

Get Ready for the Season with 25 Fabulous Christmas Hairstyles

The hottest Christmas hairstyles this year incorporate braids, buns and messy yet pulled back techniques. It’s a busy time of year so having a style that is pulled together, on trend and still remains back and off your face is ideal. These looks can go from baking cookies in the kitchen to shopping at your favorite boutique to a formal Christmas dinner. Gathering with family and friends is what it’s all about this time of year, so make it special and have fun with these fresh holiday looks.

1. Pull Through Christmas Braid

Pull Through Christmas Braid

Source: kassinka.com

2. Messy Braid into Low Wrapped Knot

Messy Braid into Low Wrapped Knot

3. Woven Ribbon Side Braid

Woven Ribbon Side Braid

4. Full Festive Up-Do with Crown

Full Festive Up-Do with Crown

5. Fun Messy Low Knot

Fun Messy Low Knot

6. Double Braided Christmas Crown

Double Braided Christmas Crown

7. Full Layered Hairstyle Snow Braids

Full Layered Snow Braids

8. Half Up Messy Twist

Half Up Messy Twist

9. Curling Ribbon Half Up Do

Curling Ribbon Half Up Do

10. Side Fishtail Braid Combo Crown

Side Fishtail Braid Combo Crown

11. Double Braided Low Party Knot

Double Braided Low Party Knot

12. Loose Side Waterfall Braid

Loose Side Waterfall Braid

Source: highpe.com

13. Perfectly Tucked Side Braid

Perfectly Tucked Side Braid

Source: youtube.com

14. Twisted Heart Half Up Do

Twisted Heart Half Up Do

15. Tight Braids Low Bun

Tight Braids Low Bun

Source: missysue.com

16. Tied With a Bow Hairstyle

Tied With a Bow Hairstyle

Source: i.pinimg.com

17. Messy Fishtailed Holiday Crown

Messy Fishtailed Holiday Crown

Source: livingly.com

18. Braided Wreath Christmas Hairstyle

Braided Wreath Christmas Hairstyle

19. Pulled Back Voluminous Style

Pulled Back Voluminous Style

20. Pretty Minimalist Side Braid

Pretty Minimalist Side Braid

Source: theberry.com

21. Low Knotted Christmas Hairstyle

Low Knotted Christmas Hairstyle

22. Braid Encircled Crown Pouf

Braid Encircled Crown Pouf

23. Simple Baby’s Breath Twist

Simple Baby's Breath Twist

24. Full & Elegant Side Braid

Full & Elegant Side Braid

Source: flickr.com

25. Cascading Fishtail Christmas Hairstyle

Cascading Fishtail Christmas Hairstyle

25 Festive & Fabulous Christmas Hairstyles

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