27 Fabolous Maxi Dresses For This Summer

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Maxi dresses are the perfect summer wardrobe staple. They look good on any body type and come in a whole range of styles and colors, making them one of the most versatile pieces. Maxi dresses can be dressed up for a semiformal look or dressed down for a boho casual feel. There are so many different options available when shopping for maxi dresses, and here are 27 beautiful options for updating your summer wardrobe.

27 Stunning Maxi Dresses Perfect for Summer

27 Fabolous Maxi Dresses For This Summer

1. Retro Polka Dots

The retro inspired white polka dots on this red dress make it a perfect dress for summer. The tie around the waist allows this dress to be worn more fitted or more loose and flowing, depending on the outfit.

2. Gorgeous Florals

This stunning blue dress features an allover floral pattern, with flowers ranging in color from pink to yellow and more. Florals are a popular pattern choice for summer as they are both very elegant and very sweet.

3. Safari Chic

This dress is nothing short of elegant, and the bright designs and sweet giraffe imagery make it perfect for an elevated summer look. This dress is perfect for daytime hangouts but would also not be out of place at a party.

4. Summer Stripes

Source: asos.com

The neutral tones of this dress compliment any skin tone and the stripes create a flattering shape for a wide range of body shapes. The loose sleeves of this trendy dress make the entire look very boho chic.

5. Lady in Red

Red is a powerful and sultry color and this red dress is no exception. The rich, beautiful color make this dress perfect for both day and night.

6. Jewel Tone Florals

Source: mode-sty.com

The beautiful color of this dress is complimented perfectly by the colors of the flowers. They’re spaced wide apart, giving the ruby red color a chance to shine in this loose and flowing dress. You can make the look even prettier with orange nails!

7. Flora Bonita

The red flowers on this dress stand out beautifully against the bright white, and the stripes on the bottom and sleeves compliment them perfectly. The off the shoulder sleeves are very chic and perfect for summer.

8. Pretty in Pink

The little flowers on this dress are very delicately designed and give this dress a very sweet feel. The long sleeves and ruffled bottom compliment the flowers perfectly, creating a look that is very country chic.

9. Green Garden

This green dress features beautiful pink flower designs, and the two colors pair together perfectly for a very earthy feel. The long slit in this dress allows it to flow in the wind in a stunning way.

10. Shooting Star

The color of this dress compliments every skin tone and the star pattern is a very cute and unique touch. The plunging neckline adds a sultry touch to this gorgeous dress.

11. Feeling Blue

The translucent layers of this dress create a beautiful visual as they flow and move. The lines around the bodice are extremely flattering and add structure while complimenting the flowing shape of the bottom.

12. Dark Beauty

Source: nawo.com

The dark blue tones of this dress make it a unique choice for summer and make it a standout piece in any wardrobe. Pairing it with boots creates a very country chic look.

13. Flowers and Stripes

The vertical stripes of this dress elongate the legs and create a beautiful look. The flowing sleeves are very boho chic and when paired with a belt create a gorgeous play between structure and flowing fabric.

14. Boots Galore

Pairing dresses with boots is a perfect way to create a cute summer look. These green floral dresses go perfectly with these boots to create a desert inspired look.

15. Bright and Dark

Source: floryday.com

The flowers and designs on this dress stand out beautifully against the black fabric. Adding a pop of matching colors in the accessories would make this look stand out in a crowd.

16. Shimmering Sequins

Source: nouba.com.au

This absolutely stunning dress is perfect for a summer party. The beautiful sequins add shimmer and glamour while the translucent fabrics keep it on trend for summer.

17. Pop of Color

Source: zaful.com

The gorgeous colors in the pattern on the top of this dress are perfectly matched with the sunny yellow in the skirt. This dress matches pattern and solid color beautifully, showing off a trendy look.

18. Allover Pattern

This dress is unique because of the fact that the pattern runs throughout the entire dress. The vertical stripes elongate the body and the intricate patterns make this dress very elegant.

19. Delicate Lace

A matching top and skirt can create the same effect as a maxi dress. In this case, gorgeous lace ties these two pieces together and creates a light and airy summer look.

20. Back in Black

Source: nastygal.com

The red flowers stand out beautifully against the black in this dress, and the color is complimented by the green and blue shades around it. The long sleeves make this dress perfect for cool summer nights.

21. Summer Yellow

The little flowers on this dress use summery yellow and bright green to create a delicate pattern. Tying the waist allows this dress to be worn in several different ways, creating different looks.

22. Beautiful Buttons

Buttons are a standout detail in this dress, along with intricate embroidery around the waist, bodice and sleeves. The bold colors stand out nicely against the peachy fabric of this dress.

23. Tropical Leaves

This orange dress is complimented perfectly by the pattern of white palm leaves. The white buttons are a cute detail that add a sweetness to this pretty summer dress.

24. Lovely Lace

Lace is the perfect material for a summer dress as it is light and flowing without being too hot. The delicate details of this dress combined with the gorgeous color make this a perfect dress for both summer and fall.

25. Floral Details

This dress certainly has a more formal feel that is perfect for a summer wedding or fancy get together. The flowers complete the look, going nicely with the smokey purple color of the dress itself.

26. Embroidered Details

This simple white dress is elevated by the delicate floral embroidery on the bodice. The white fabric is perfect for summer while the embroidery and lace add feminine touches.

27. Summer Sun

This gorgeous dress features a subtle pattern and lovely sunny yellow color, making it perfect for summer. This dress can be casual or dressed up with jewelry to be worn to a fancier occasion.

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