50 Orange Nail Ideas to Make You Stun in Every Season

53 Eye-Catching Emoji Nails to Dress Up Your Look

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For the fashionista who wants to combine a love of manicures with a love of texting, emoji nails are the answer. Thanks to the ever-expanding library of emojis, you have plenty of inspiration when searching for new, fun shapes to incorporate into your next mani. Whether you choose to draw them on with nail art pens or prefer the ease of stickers, nail painters of all skill levels can master this look. If you don’t feel like doing the hard work yourself, head to your local salon and let them work their magic.

53 Unique Emoji Nail Ideas to Revive a Boring Manicure

Emoji nail designs come in a wide variety of options. You have the classic look, which features smiley faces painted on top of a solid color. Yet there are so many more choices! You can choose whatever expression fits your mood. Maybe today you’re feeling the winking emoji and tomorrow the heart eyes. Or maybe you don’t want to use a smiley face at all. Unicorns, rainbows, and even the ever-popular poo emoji have all been used for emoji nail art before. If none of those strikes your fancy, create your own emoji design! Use nail art pens to draw in whatever shapes and expressions you want.

While blue or purple is a great color for an emoji manicure due to its high contrast with yellow, you can use anything from glitter polish to matte white. A translucent yellow polish or acrylic nails can work with the yellow of your smiley faces without obscuring them. Start with a color that seems the most fun to you, and then pick your images based on that color scheme. Mix and match two or three colors, or try a different color for every finger! This look is so versatile and allows you to experiment to make it your own.

Make your emoji nails last for weeks to come by following proper prep and care instructions. For an at-home manicure, start with clean, trimmed nails and push back your cuticles with a rosewood cuticle stick. Prime the nail with a clear base coat and let it dry fully before starting on your manicure. Let each layer dry completely before adding the next one. We know it’s tempting to rush — but don’t! You’ll end up with uneven or even bumpy polish.

Once your base color is complete, add your design or nail decals. Use a hair dryer on a low setting to make the stickers more pliable and to smooth out any bubbles. Now you can add a glitter coat if desired. Finally, finish off with a layer of clear top coat to seal it all in. It’s tempting to skip the top coat, but it’s crucial for a long-lasting manicure. Plus it gives you an extra layer of shine that will look super professional in the Instagram snaps of your new nails!

Now that you know how to prep and care for your manicure, it’s time to get to the emoji nail ideas! The following fifty ideas are all super pretty and cover a wide range of styles. You’re sure to find one you love!

1. Beautiful Nail Color Option for Parties

Beautiful Nail Color Option for Parties

These nails are timeless and look great in every season and style. The skin’s colors and presentation as a whole will certainly boost. Besides, this glossy nail pattern looks fantastic. It’ll put your spirit and imagination into the dark colors. At the next party, it is the right choice for your fingernails.

2. Multi-tonal and Classy Nail Color Idea

Multi-tonal and Classy Nail Color Idea

This nail design is beautiful in any season and any style. The skin tones are certainly stronger and seem like a complete classic look. Besides, this polished nail pattern looks fantastic on your nails. It will lift your image and shine in dark colors. This is your best option for all formal and informal parties.

3. Remarkable Nail Color with Multiple Colors

Remarkable Nail Color with Multiple Colors

These nails are great in-season and style. The colors of the skin and its general quality would undoubtedly change. Moreover, this genius nail pattern looks great. It will reveal your personality in dark colors and light. In the next form or informal event, it is the right choice on your side.

4. Awesome Nail Color Idea for Parties

Awesome Nail Color Idea for Parties

In all seasons and all designs, those nails are lovely. Certainly, the skin tones are smoother and tend to be complete. Moreover, this shiny pattern of nails looks amazing. It raises your photo and shines through the dark colors. This is the perfect alternative for your next office party or gathering.

5. Extraordinary and Unique paint nail design

Extraordinary and Unique paint nail design

Those nails are stunning in all seasons and styles. The skin tones are darker and are typically full. In comparison, this genius pattern of clocks looks fantastic. It lifts your picture and brilliant colors in the dark. This is the new season’s dream substitute for office parties and gatherings.

6. The Classic Emoji Throwback Look

Floral and Orange Spring Fling

Add a little nostalgia to your manicure with a throwback to the classic emojis. Heart eyes, kisses, and peace signs are well-recognized symbols from the early days of emojis. And if you really want to get a few laughs from your nail art, throw in the pooer, we mean the “chocolate swirl” — for fun!

7. Simple Yet Filled With Sass

Simple Almond-shaped Neon Orange Gel

Short on time? Looking to make your cute nails fun yet still professional? Emoji nails don’t need to be over-the-top. Try the always easy French manicure with a single emoji on each hand. Pick your favorite, or pick one to reflect your mood. Can we say eye roll, anyone?

8. Easy Yet Creative Pastel Colored Cuties

Orange, Black, and Silver Trio with Glitter

Be creative! A cute set of pastel-colored emojis looks totes adorbs for any situation. Really show off your style by making the design your own. Create a variety of expressions to keep your manicure interesting and playful. Or choose whatever expressions best match your mood.

9. Poppin’ with High Contrast Colors

Pretty and Practical Coral Nails

We’re all about layering, and your nails are no exception! Start with a solid base color (dark blue is a nice contrast with the traditional yellow smiley) and then pick two or three nails on each hand to layer up on your emoji design. Overlapping designs look the best. Then add a single smiley to your remaining nails for a coordinated look.

10. Cash Rules Everything Around Me

Ballerina-Shaped Nails in Electrifying Orange

Proud of your latest side hustle? Show it off on your nails! A green base color, whether a light pastel or a dark, forest green, looks excellent when paired with your own rendition of the money emoji. Choose a single nail from each hand to sport your art, or layer them on all your nails to show you’re rolling in the moola.

11. Matte Black Plus Neon Emojis Equals Glowing Perfection

Pink and Tangerine Gel Dream

One of the newest trends in nail polish is the matte look. And what better way to accent your matte manicure than with some neon emojis? Choose bright colored nail art pens and trace only the outlines instead of filling them in. It will give your art a liquid chalk look.

12. Tons of Fun in the Sun

Trendy Matte Nails in Pastel Orange

With the variety of emojis out there, you’re sure to find ones that fit your current mood regardless of the season. Start a trip to the beach with a sky blue manicure, then layer on some summer-themed art like a beach umbrella or a smiling sun.

13. All That Glitters is Yellow (Emojis)

Fiery Red and Orange Nails with Glitter Accent

Get a little wild with your emoji manicure. Paint your smiley faces upside down, sideways, or even split them in half like in this snazzy look. Add some glitter polish either over all your nails or only on the non-emoji ones to give your look that extra sparkle.

14. Glossed to the Gods Orange Nails

Glossed to the Gods Orange Nails

This flaming hot manicure makes use of beautiful blue glitter polish and some contrasting orange flames. Add in some angry faces and devil emoji stickers for a look that says “I’m too hot to handle.” The bright colors and glitter are what really pull everything together for a finished look.

15. Long, Strong, and Got It Goin’ On

Neon Tri-color Nails with Palm Trees

Nails for days! Go all out with a long, sparkling manicure complete with 3D emojis in all shapes and sizes. These extra long nails leave plenty of room for all the smiling, laughing, and winking faces you could want. The 3D effect really makes it pop.

16. The Reverse Frenchie (Manicure, That Is)

Peaches n’ Cream Orange Ombre

You’ve heard of the French manicure – but have you tried the reverse? Leave a sliver at the base of your nails unpainted — or try a clear or skin-tone color for a subtle yet still shiny effect — and then paint the rest of the nail a bright color. It creates the perfect base to use nail pens and sketch on your favorite emoji faces.

17. Pretty in Pastel Pink and Sparkles

Indigo and Mustard Orange Nails

Pastel pink is another great background color that really makes your smiley faces pop. Mix it up with other simple shapes like flowers and hearts for an extra cute look. For a super fab touch, add some glitter polish on top of a few shapes, such as a pink or purple polish over your hearts.

18. I Choose You! Cartoon Throwback

Cute, Short, and Neon Orange Nails

Who says you can’t mix up your emoji love with some of your other favorite throwbacks from childhood? We love this emoji nail idea that uses a cute little Pikachu! He may not technically be an emoji, but his color scheme certainly fits right in! Any childhood cartoon is fair game for creating a whimsical manicure.

19. Surprise Hint of Color with a Black Manicure

Nude Nails with Updated Orange French Tip

If you like emoji nail ideas using a black background for your manicure but want to add a little extra shine, paint one or two nails on each hand with an extra bright metallic or glitter polish. Pink is an excellent color to keep your nails from looking too dark.

20. Translucent Yellow Acrylic Smiley Face Nails

Cute and Simple Pastel Rainbow Nails

Acrylic nails can get in on the emoji trend too. A translucent yellow base is perfect for adding your favorite smiley expressions on top of, whether you choose to use nail art pens or stickers to create your look. With fake nails, you won’t have to worry about your color chipping away over time. Pastel pink hair is a great option to elevate this look.

21. Complementary Colors Equal Lots of Compliments

Square-tipped Acrylic Ombre Nails

Complementary colors aren’t just for art school! With all the yellow used in emojis, purple is a great choice for your background polish color and spice up your ombre nails. It’s yellow’s complementary pairing so it really makes the design stand out. Choose a pastel purple for a subtle effect or a dark purple for something more daring.

22. Black and Red Tapered Nail Design

Pinky Orange Mix n' Match

What’s black, red, and yellow all over? This stylish tapered manicure! Heart emojis over a black, glossy polish paired with a bright red accent nail makes this look super chic. Bright and bold, it shows you mean business For longer nails, taper the sides to create a unique shape instead of the traditional square. This designs is perfect if you are rocking a dark brown hairstyle.

23. White Doesn’t Have to be Bland

Sophisticated Matte Orange and Marble

While matte black makes yellow pop, matte white is the perfect background to show off your artistic skills. Break out the nail pens and add the shading and details that will bring your emojis to life. Thanks to the white background, every detail of your artistry will be visible. Those with a creative side will especially enjoy trying their hand at this look.

24. It’s Hip to be Square

Black, Orange, and Floral Dip Powder

Who says emojis have to be round? Use your yellow nail polish for the background and draw their tiny faces right on top — no outline needed. This turns your entire nail into a face and makes your stylish manicure visible from across the room. Emoji nails like this design provide a great alternative when the classic emoji design is a little too goofy for your taste.

25. Put It All Together Now

Glitter Dusted Pastel Orange Fairy Nails

Why choose your images at random when you can choose your favorite words or phrase instead? A black or white fine tip nail pen makes it easy to write out words underneath the appropriate emoji. One or two words per nail mean you can fit up to a ten-word phrase on one hand alone. It works well when you really need to get your message across.

26. The French Manicure with a Rainbow Twist

Orange Nails with Golden Circle Décor

This beautiful take on a classic French tip nail uses a different color to paint the tip of each nail. It’s a colorful way to have some fun with your nails without going too wild. Bright, neon colors match the playful feel of this emoji nail design. This look screams pretty summer vibes.

27. Glam! Flash! Bling! Emojis

Ombre, Glitter, and Marble Nails

To dress up a simple look, try a French manicure and add some white stars or sparkles to your nails. Paint them on with a nail pen so you can vary the size to create that “just had my photo taken” flash effect. Everyone will be seeing stars — but in a good way.

28. Playing Around with Shades of Purple

Matching Orange Nails and Eyeshadow

This manicure is too cute! It combines some of the best ideas for emoji nails all in one: complementary colors, glitter, and matte white. By varying between matte white, regular purple, and sparkling purple for the base colors, you create an awesome and trendy look. Those who fear to commit to just one style will find this look is their soulmate.

29. Get to the Point Already!

Pastel Orange with Scratched Silver Accents

If you’re going with an emoji nail design, don’t hold back! Bling it out with glitter polish, sequins, and pointed nails. It’s a look that’s both gorgeous and daring. Emoji devils are the perfect finishing touch to this mischievous manicure.

30. A Fun and Fruity Twist

Orange and Black Monogrammed Nails

Get a little playful with your emoji manicure and add some foods. From the infamous eggplant and peach to tasty treats like the lollipop, adding food emojis is a cute way to incorporate emojis into your design without using any faces.

31. Race to the Checkered Flag

Orange Nails in Two Awesome Tones

Emojis look so cute when paired with red, white, and black. Have fun with patterns by doing a white and black checkered look across one or more of your nails. If you’re a NASCAR fan (or just like fast cars!) add a car emoji in bright red.

32. Stylish, Sleek, and Oh So Simple

Brilliant, Botanical Black and Orange Nails

Sometimes simple is beautiful. If you want to keep your manicure natural but still add a creative touch, try a French manicure with a single emoji on each hand. Pick whatever expression or symbol fits your mood that week. Instead of a mood ring, you’ll have mood nails.

33. Yellow Nails for Days and Days

Skull, Stripes, and Sparkles Halloween Nails

Who says you can’t pair yellow with yellow? By choosing a semi-transparent bright yellow acrylic nail set, you can add your emoji designs on top without them blending in too much. The longer your nails, the more tiny faces you can fit on them!

34. Keeping It Classic in Black and Yellow

Burnt Orange with a Metallic Sheen

What’s black, yellow, and buzz-worthy? No, not a bee! It’s this simple emoji manicure. Bright yellow nail polish provides a base to draw on little emoji expressions with a black nail art pen. This is so cheap and easy to do!

35. Ready to Get Your Sparkle On

Gold Dotted Orange Gel Polish

Dress up the heart eyes emoji with some cute little red hearts on your other nails. This look uses a simple yellow background, red hearts, a single emoji sticker, and some colorful glitter polish in a contrasting blue color to add a playful feel. Simple designs like this work great on short nails.

36. Perfect Purple Polka Dot Pairing

Nude Nails with Orange and Black Accents

This manicure might only use a few colors, but it finds a different way to use them on every nail. One finger sports a French manicure with a colored tip instead of the classic white. Another is half clear, half purple with an emoji centered in the middle. The other two make use of emojis and polka dots to add more interest. Instead of drawing out all those details yourself, use a nail art sheet to stick on your design.

37. Right on the Tip of My Nails

Bright Orange with a Bite

This French manicure uses the classic white tips but dresses it up with colorful emojis and hearts. Painting them only on the tips of your nails blends fun with a chic look. Paint the white of the tips wider than normal so you have extra space to work with.

38. Nails Full of Fantasy Fun

The Best Translucent Rainbow Acrylics

What goes better with emojis than rainbows? The answer is nothing. Try a glittery rainbow gradient on your nails and pair them with unicorn emojis. If you’re loving the fantasy theme, add in an alien for good measure. And of course, this is the perfect design to add a rainbow-colored poo!

39. Pretty in Pink and Chevrons

Pastel Coral with Sparkly Tips

You don’t have to do anything complicated for a cute design. These emoji nails use a light pink base coat and layers emoji and chevron stickers on top. It’s easy and fast; you can even add it on top of an existing manicure!

40. Robins Egg Blue Emoji Nails

Autumnal Orange and Brown Nails

These light blue nails make a beautiful background for adding an emoji sticker on top. Paired with lots of confetti-style glitter polish, it makes for a funky look perfect for any party.

41. My Little Friend in Red

Sparkle and Shine with Lace Overlay

This classic red manicure is dressed up with sparkling clear nail polish and the most adorable little cartoon figure! You can use a nail art pen to create your own artwork. By choosing only one finger to paint it on, you’ll save yourself some time.

42. In Some Deep Gold Poo

The Lightest Touch of Orange

The poo emoji: classic, hilarious, and…stylish? This all-glitter gold manicure shows that anything can look chic when it sparkles! A monotone color scheme like this looks sophisticated and stylish.

43. Feel a Craving Coming On

Orange Bejeweled, Glittering Show-Stoppers

If you’re a foodie, then you’ll love these food-themed emoji nails. Matte pastel pink, blue, and green serve for a scrumptious background to layer food emoji designs on top. Whether you’re a sushi lover or a taco nut, you’ll find a sticker to match what you’re craving.

44. Low Prices and Bright Smiles

Awesome Deep Orange Ballerina-Shaped Nails

Take a cue from Walmart’s old logo with cheery, smiley face emoji nails. A basic bright yellow and a sticker or black nail art pen makes for quick smileys that will have you smiling back every time you see them.

45. Keep Your Head in the Clouds

Super Long Copper Orange Nails

Your dreams are as high as the stars! Show off your imaginative nature with these cloud and stars emoji nails. Depending on your mood, you can add rain clouds, umbrellas, or rainbows to this weather-themed manicure.

46. Face It — The Nail Design is Adorable!

Burnt Orange Nails with Silver and Gold

Emoji nails like these let you get creative with your smiley faces look. The cartoonish take on the traditional faces makes it so adorable! The little devil emoji, in particular, is too cute when drawn in such a playful style.

47. Seeing Pink Polka Dots for Days

Luxurious Orange and Gold Acrylics

We have another bright pink emoji nail design and the polka dots really make this one shine! Instead of simply outlining the emojis in black, try glitter polish instead. It gives your look a cool, almost 3D effect without any extra work.

48. The Luck of the Irish

Bright and Bold Teardrop Nails

Whether it’s St. Patrick’s day or you simply want to show off your love of green, try a deep grassy green polish for your base. You can paint the entire nail or leave the base clear for a reverse French manicure. Yellow emojis go great with green.

49. The Cat’s Out of the Bag

Peachy Nude and Copper Masterpiece

A basic nude nail design can say a lot when you use the right image. These adorable cat emoji nails are both playful and sassy all at once. Best of all, you can color coordinate them to match your own feline companions.

50. Color Inside the Lines (and Stripes)

Chic Orange and Pink Watercolor Dream

If you want more emoji nail ideas that still look sophisticated, consider this geometric manicure. The combination of varying muted colors along with stripes and grids makes looks awesome yet chic. Diagonal lines would also look cool with this design.

51. Instagram Famous Emoji Nails Design

Short and to the Round?

For nails that will turn heads, try a colorful gradient reflecting the Instagram logo colors. Layer emoji confetti on top, and include an Instagram logo if you really want to show your love for social media. To match the colors, start with a deep purple at the base of your nail and transition into pink, red, orange, and yellow in that order. A makeup sponge works well to blend the colors while the polish is still wet.

52. Lost Deep in the Depths of Space

Light Pink Orange with Accented Ring Finger

Feeling torn between a matte black and a glittery black? Why not choose something in between? This classic black polish has just a hint of shine that makes it playful yet still classy. It’s the perfect background for adding emoji stickers on top.

53. Simple and Fun with Clear Polish and Confetti

Bold and Beautiful with Bling

Who says your designs have to be complicated? Top a clear nail polish with this confetti-style polish filled with fun shapes from the classic smiley to hearts and stars. Add a clear top coat to seal in all those little pieces and ensure a long-lasting manicure.

54. Feeling Pretty in Bright Pink

Long Nails in Electrifying Orange

We’ve covered several matte colored emoji nail ideas already, including black, white, and purple. If you’re not feeling any of those though, check out this beautiful deep pink! It pairs well with the yellow emojis yet adds a unique splash of color. By keeping the base color matte, you let the art take the spotlight.

55. Sparkling Like the Stars at Night

Beautiful and Subdued Orange Elegance

The matte black look gets an upgrade with this sparkling background. While it still gives you a nice, dark background to really make your artwork pop, the added glitter adds an extra layer of pizzazz to your already out-of-this-world look. You can buy your nail polish with glitter in it or purchase a separate, clear coat of glitter so you can choose which nails to add it to and which to leave as-is.

Top 53 Playful Emoji Nail Design Ideas and Art for the Manicure Obsessed

These fifty emoji nail ideas highlight some of the best emoji manicures on the internet. From polka dots and stripes to glitter and matte nails polishes, there is an emoji nail look to match every style and personality. Whether you need a subtle, chic look for the office or want to go wild with color, one of these is sure to be the perfect fit the next time you’re itching to break out the nail polish. No time to do it yourself? Save your favorite photo and let the professionals at your nearest nail salon work their magic.

50 Unique Emoji Nail Ideas to Revive a Boring Manicure

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