33 Cool Braids Festival Hairstyles

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To get that awesome festival hairstyle idea, you don’t have to spend a fortune. With the possibility of high humidity or even a sprinkle or two of rain, it will be a waste spending tons of money just for your hair to fall flat while enjoying the outside activities at a festival. On the other hand, you don’t have to settle for a ball cap or the basic ponytail either. There are ways to obtain and maintain an amazing look even with being in the hot beaming sun for hours, such as side bangs. The following includes 33 cool festival hairstyle ideas to use:

33 Cool & Festive Hair Braids That Totally Rock

1)A Nifty, Two French Braids & Bun Style

This is a nifty and princess like hairstyle consisting of two French braids. The bun is located at the lower back for a more creative look that screams hip, cool, clever, yet princess like.

2)One Braided Cleverness

Just one braid can be stylish. It’s genius to use a combination of two simple styles for a beautiful creation. This look consists of a top pin-up, a side braid, and the rest of the hair is let down.

3)A Beautifully Braided Swoop

Source: luxyhair.com

A little more flair to your already healthy, flowing hair is done with a beautifully created braid. Starting from the front to the back and then side makes for a beautiful swooping of the hair.

4)A Beautiful & Clever Twist to Simplicity

With a simple twist to simplicity, you can look like a million bucks. Just a little imagination, creativity, and a few hair ties or hair pins, you can create this marvelous hairstyle.

5)A Side Braid & Pin-up with Flair

With just a little pinning up of the hair in the front, you can make a beautiful side braid of the rest of the hair. The braid must not be braided so tightly to create the right effect.

6)A Hip & Cool Cornrolls & Flow Style

A little imagination goes a long way. As shown, cornrolls can be styled amazingly with the top half of your hair in cornrolls and gathered in a twist for a ponytail. The other half would be down.

7)A Lot More Than a French Roll

Don’t have time to style your hair, but still want an amazing look? With this style, you must brush, twist, pin up, and to the side with a little bang.

8)Revolutionizing the Hippie Style

You’ll be the envy of others even outshining the ones with jewelry or flowers in the hair. All is needed is part of the front, side, and back part flowing down with the rest in two French braids and buns.

9)Sometimes Less is More

Sometimes all the extras even for festival hairstyle ideas are over the top. Having said that, less is sometimes more. And with just a simple brushing with less restrictive French braiding, you will get this look.

10)Two Classic French Braids and Flow

Another wonderful hairstyle idea where less is more. There’s no need to add flowers, jewelry, or other things to the hair. Just do regular French braids with a wavy let down look and you’ll look like a winner.

11)Super-Duper French Braids with a Bun

These awesome French braids are created with the use of braiding much bigger sections. then, the style is complete by twisting the back part and pinning the hair into a ball.

12)A Combo of Color, 2 French Braids, Buns, and Flowing Flare

Make a bold statement with the style. The top half of the hair is colored and braided with two semi-large braids with two twists into a bun. The second half is blown out and wavy.

13)Two Inverted French Braids with Buns

To obtain this look, you will French braid from the back to the top half of the head. Then, you will put the rest of the hair into two, cute, twisted buns.

14)Revolutionary Mohawk with Braids

Mohawk looks have amazingly revolutionized over the years even for women, as shown here. This look proves you can rock the Mohawk in a very fashionable way with two small crochet braids on each side and the rest is hanging down.

15)Color Me Twisted

With pretty array of colors, you’ll be deemed the queen of modern style with a classic look. The top look is a big French braid going from one side to the next.

16)Classic Yet Divine

Whether it’s 1902 or 2022, this style will always remain an all-time favorite. It doesn’t matter if you are Dorothy, or someone who just want a classy, elegant, yet casual look, this is always a winner.

17)Two Buns and Flow

Looking cool, hip, and relax just takes a few steps with this look. For this style, the back half is slightly wavy, and the top half is parted and brushed into two buns.

18)Classic French Braids with Flare

Source: aillea.com

Another option of the classic and all-time favorite hairstyle is created differently with the bottom part in rubber bands and the rest of the hair flowing loosely.

19)Inverted French Braid with a Bun

Like the inverted look above, you will French braid from the back to the top half of the head with one braid. Then, you will put the rest of the hair into one, cute, twisted bun.

20)Inverted Twist with a Bun

Like the previous look, you will twist instead of French braid from back to top half with one twist. Then you will put the rest into one, cute, twisted bun.

21)A Few Twists with an Upward Ponytail

To obtain this look, the top part of the hair is colored along the edges and along the hair part. It’s also braided in a few braids where the braiding will stop and gathered halfway into an upward ponytail.

22)2 French Braids with Lower Side Ponytail

For this look, the top part of the hair is braided in two French braids where the braiding will be stopped and gathered in the lower part of the head into a lower-leveled ponytail.

23)Classic French Braids at Halfway Start and Flare

Source: brit.co

Another classically awesome look, you’ll part and brush to the midsection of the head where the hair is secured with hair bands. The rest is braided, twisted at the bottom of the head, and hair flowing freely.

24)The Regal Look of a Braid and Bun

With this, you must brush your hair to the back, twist the top part, twirl and pin it into a bun to get the right effect shown. The mid-section of the hair is brushed, braided, and the back is down.

25)Bedazzled and Zigzag Part with French Braids and Buns

Another creative, stand out style, you must part done the center in a zigzag formation. Then, brush, braid from bottom to the top section, and twist into two braids. Adding color and sparkle are added for more pizzazz.

26)Bedazzling Your Style

Source: websta.me

Top part of the hair is braided in two French braids where the braiding will be stopped and gathered in the lower part of the head into a lower-leveled ponytail. Then, add glitter for pizzazz as shown here after styling.

27)Bejeweling Your Style

Putting jewelry in your hair also adds pizzazz. Just make a big French braid going from one side to the next at the top portion of the hair with the rest hanging down. Then jewelry is placed around the head.

28)Two Ponytail and Twisted Bun

This is an easy, yet fantastic, get up and go style. You’ll just part down the center. Secure the two parts into two upward ponytails, twist, pin up, and go.

29)From Cornrolls to a Braid

Source: byrdie.co.uk

With this unique and awesome look, you must brush backwards, and section off five, top parts to create cornrolls. The cornrolls must be braided to the lower center to plat the rest of the hair into one French braid.

30)The Few Braided Fairy Queen

Source: polyvore.com

Be a heavenly fairy queen by brushing backwards. Then, section off five, smaller top parts for small braids. The rest is brushed to the back, while the braids are gathered accordingly in the middle with rubber bands.

31)A Heavenly Flow with Braids

Source: kassinka.com

Other heavenly, fairy, queen looks, brush back the hair. Then, section off a few smaller top parts for small braids, cornrow braids to platted different ways as shown and secured by rubber bands or hair pins.

32)The Ultimate French Braid Sealed with a Bow and Flare

Being the envy with the look, brush the hair back, take the top to mid-section of the hair, and tie it into a bow. Take the other part of that area to create a big plat. The rest is hanging down.

33)From a Mohawk Twist to Wavy Smoothness

This revolutionary Mohawk look is made with one twist in the top middle top part of the head. Then, secure the end with a rubber band. The rest of the hair is styled in a partly wavy and curly hairstyle.

33 Cool Braids Festival Hairstyles

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