50 Amazing Long Hairstyle Inspirations

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The debate about long hairstyles versus short hairstyles has been around for some time. Recent trends indicate that long hair is popular once more. There is something romantic and mystical about long hair. After all, many art pieces and movies depict princesses with long, luxurious locks for a reason. Hairstyles for long hair have been around for centuries as well, which supports the reason for going with long hair all the more.

Long hair promotes a look of whimsy while promoting younger features. They slim out the face and frame the upper body in a classical, breathtaking way. It’s no surprise that so many women harken to these styles today. After all, so many things can be done to longer hair that simply cannot happen with shorter hair. Curls and waves come out to play in abundance. Multiple types of braids can be done. Intricate styles can be pulled off just as easily as simplistic ones.

Some women think longer hair means performing much upkeep and maintenance. In the long run, this statement simply is not true. Many of the same, simplistic hairstyles done on shorter hair can carry over to longer locks. With the wide range of options for how long hair can be styled at play, it’s not any wonder why women flock to longer hairstyles. For the sake of inspiration, here are 50 such hairstyles to keep the whimsy and romance going.

50 Gorgeous, Inspiring and Easy to Do Long Hairstyles

1. The Beached Mermaid

Mermaids certainly rank as one of the more whimsical creatures in stories throughout the world. They are often depicted with long, tasseled light brown hair with blonde ends that has been washed by the sea and dried by a cool breeze. This hairstyle plays right off that idea. Waves roll down to the hips and are highlighted by tighter curls splayed among shorter layers. The blonde highlights and brown locks intertwine for a sun-kissed look as well.

2. Waves and a Top Knot

Waves do not have to lay straight down the back, either. They can be whisked up into a top knot rather easily. For the sake of keeping the romance alive in this look, the top knot should not be super tight. The knot should be large and relaxed. At the same time, hair should sweep back softly away from the face to tame only the top layers. A few layers should also be left to frame the face as well. The goal here is not to sweep back too much hair, but rather just the first few top layers.

3. Long, Loose Curls

Instead of mixing waves and curls, long hairstyles can consist basically of all curls. Usually, curls are tighter than waves and end in a distinct, spring-like structure. Longer curls make for a sultry appearance, especially when they are left loose. They need to blend at the bottom, where they should be tighter. Layers located closer to the crown should be loose for the most part, but not straight.

4. Waves of the Ocean

When it comes to mirroring the ocean in all ways possible, this hairstyle for longer hair takes the cake. What once started as tight curls have been splayed out into endless waves. These waves flow together in a uniform pattern and do not intertwine. At the same time, they are not tight against the scalp.

5. Straight with a Knot

Source: kassinka.com

One of the more classic hairstyles is straight hair. Instead of being super straight, this style takes into account that hair can be messy when straight. As with a previous hairstyle, this one sweeps the top few layers of hair back into a top knot. Layers are still left to frame the face, and the knot is not too tight. Instead of being held by a hair tie, this one should be held in place with bobby pins for a more classical take on the knot.

6. Curly Hair from the Top Down

As mentioned before, curls bring a sense of romance into a hairstyle. For a long hairstyle, the closer curls start to the top of the head, the longer and tighter they will be. Allowing the curls to intertwine in a messy pattern instead of being perfectly straight makes them look more natural as well. In order to keep some of the bulk of curls away from the face, try side parting them, allowing some of the curls to sweep over top of the head and rest on the other side.

7. Curls at the End

Source: etsy.com

Many people often covet straight hair. However, hair does not lay stick straight naturally. Therefore, letting the ends of straight hair lay in some curls makes for a much more natural look. These curls can be loose and wide, so avoid using a thinner curling iron. Some of these loose tendrils only curl in on themselves one or two times before leading up to straight hair.

8)Twin Braids

As mentioned previously, braids make a great hairstyle for long hair. In this case, two French braids part hair directly down the middle. The braid should stand up and away from the scalp, pulling all layers back away from the face. In the end, the goal here is not to be too tight with the braids. Loosely wind hair around layer after layer, and do not stop at the base of the skull. Keep the braids going down the back, becoming tighter along the way. Permitting a few strands of hair to stick out from the braid is perfectly alright as well. The goal here is to be soft and whimsical. Not tight and hard-lined.

9. Half Up, Half Down

Instead of going with a knot to hold up half of the hair, long hairstyles can simply just pull hair back into a ponytail. From this half pony tail, and with the loose layers beneath it, tight curls come into play. The tighter the curls are at the bottom, the better. The pony tail does not have to sit right in the middle of the head’s crown, either. It can set off to one side for a better cascade effect.

10. Loosey Goosey

For lazy waves at the bottom of the long hair, take a curling iron on medium heat. Make it a thick curling iron. The thicker, the better. Take a few, choice tendrils and wrap them very loosely around the curling iron and let them sit for about half the time they would normally. Be sure to face the waves back and away from the face. For an added effect, part the hair to one side and push it back along the part to lie over the head. Perfect curls are not the goal here.

11. Straight and Narrow with a Curl at the End

Straight hair looks amazing on most women. However, more of them are tempted to go with hair that lies as straight as possible. Instead of going stick straight down the entire length of hair, take the curling iron and taper hair inward at the end. This way, hair will fall in a straight line that will hold still since the curls entice it to lay closer to the body.

12. Hippy Curls

Instead of going for curls that fall straight down the back, try to go for curls that come up over and shoulders and rest down along the abdomen. Tight curls are not the goal here. Keep it loose and well-loved on as they were worn in the hippy era. For the most part, curls should follow the same pattern and intertwine with one another.

13. Curve up that Straight

In order to obtain the best curls possible, start off with straightened hair first. As stated previously for another long hairstyle, the flat iron does not need to make hair stick straight. Once the hair has been straightened gently, a curling iron comes back through and uniformly turns the hair into tighter curls. Ringlets should be loose, and they should all lay in a consistent pattern.

14. Cascading Waves

For women who want their hairstyle for long hair to make their backs look slender, they should consider this hairstyle. Very loose waves, ones that do not turn into full curls, fall down the length of the back. They start from about ear level, leaving hair closest to the crown straight. Waves on the top layers should face inward, while waves on the bottom layer facing outward. This way, the waves focus together to keep one another intact and falling in the right pattern.

15. Elongated Jennifer Aniston

In the 1990s, Jennifer Aniston was known for her short hairstyle that flipped hair out and away from the face. This style can be pulled off with long hair, too. In order to achieve this goal, straighten hair mostly down the length of the shaft. Hair should part down the middle, framing the face for the most part. Instead of letting hair lay down along the back, continue the part down the middle and bring each side to rest up over the shoulders. It should flip out and away from the body at the ends.

16. Beach Waves

The beach hairstyle has been quite popular for some time. With this hair style, waves fall in with one another, but they border on being almost as tight as curls. They should be tasseled together instead of lying in a uniform manner. At the same time, these waves do not start at the crown. Once more, they start at about ear level. Do not let them lay down along the torso. Instead, let them lay down the back. Side parts are an option, but center parts should be avoided.

17. Straight and Wavy

For this look, start with a side part. Going from left to right is the best idea. The part should be closer to the center of the scalp. Go with straight hair from the crown and bring it into wavy tendrils. For the most part, these waves should lay uniformly, but they can intertwine a little at the ends. Waves should stand out a little from one another. At the same time, it can be worn back over the shoulder or laying down the torso.

18. Rocker Waves

Source: vibbi.com

When going for the rocker chick look, the best waves to use the only accent the end of each layer for this long hairstyle. Hair should frame the face, but waves can face either in toward the body or away from it. Longer layers work best for this look in order to frame the face. It also makes for slimmer looking shoulders. Highlights work best with these rocker waves. Waves can play on those highlights and accent hair in a rough and tasseled way. Hair should look unkempt in an orderly manner.

19. A Crown of Braids

Braids provide a sense of classical elegance. Taking elements from a French braid, this hairstyle for long hair takes braids and intertwines them into a crown. For a stroke of romance, the crown does not have to be perfect. It can look natural and loose instead of tight. The important part here is to have waves or curls running down with the layers under the crown. They should cascade down the back. Some hair can lie over the shoulders, but most of it should be back away from the face and torso. Try to avoid parting the hair at the crown.

20. Intricate but Loose French

Tight French braids offer a sense of order and regiment. However, loose French braids are elegant and classy. Sweeping hair back into loose layers for a braid that runs at the center of the head looks best. Instead of continuing the braid completely down from the nape of the neck, take some of the hair and let it lay straight. A thinner braid can lie in the middle of this loose hair, and it should be tighter than the French braid. Multi-colored hair looks great with this braid fashion, especially highlighted and lowlighted hair. Wear french tip nails with this look and you’re guaranteed to get compliments!

21. Soft Waves

When it comes to soft waves, this hairstyle captures it in perfection. Instead of tight curls, these waves are loose and fall gently down over the shoulders. They should be tasseled and intertwined instead of lying separately or in a uniform pattern. This style works best with a center part, but hair can be parted from one side or another.

22. Beachy Jennifer Aniston

This hairstyle for long hair plays on the Jennifer Aniston style mentioned previously. Instead of flipping out and away from the face just once, this hair does so several times in the form of waves. This beachy look is refreshing and looks great with highlights or lowlights. Hair should fall over the shoulder and down the torso. Very little hair should be left to fall down the back. It should be center parted instead of parted from one side to another.

23. Shorter Longer Waves

For women who do not want their hair to run all the way down their back, they can still go with hair longer than shoulder length and still have it be considered long. Tasseled waves that intertwine with one another look wonderful with this style, especially for layered hair. The crown should be left straight. Hair can be center parted or parted from one side to another.

24. Waves to the Hip

On the other hand, some women do want hair that falls all the way down to their hips and then some. This length of hair looks great as loose waves. They do not have to be uniform, and they should not start until ear level. Instead of doing waves all over, concentrating on a few strands to highlight the style. For this long hairstyle, ends of the hair should curl and tangle in with one another uniformly.

25. Flip It Out

Jennifer Aniston made flipped out hair popular once more in the 1990s, as mentioned previously. Instead of just flipping out a few layers, the ends of multiple layers can be flipped out for the sake of playing on their sharpness. This hairstyle for long hair only really works for long hair styles that have a lot of crisp layers. At the same time, the flipping out should start somewhere around shoulder length, which would be the shortest layer.

26. Messy Waves

For really loose and messy waves, take a curling iron on how to heat and barely apply it to hair. There should be fewer waves toward the crown and more at the tips. Waves should not be uniform, and they should tangle around one another. Allowing a few strands to flip out in one place or another looks great as well.

27. French to One Side

A popular style as of late is to do an offset French braid. Most of the time, this braid starts at a side part and loops over the head to the other side. Instead of looking like a braid, though, it appears to be an elaborate twist. This hairstyle keep all hair away from the face. The half ponytail and the remaining long hair lay straight down the back once the braids are in place.


Source: hairsea.com


30. Good Morning, Jennifer Aniston

Unkempt hair looks great on many women. Sometimes, a touch of bedhead is all a hairstyle for long hair needs. With this idea, take a Jennifer Aniston flipped out style and add a few waves. Then, make the waves and flip look like they have been slept on for the right look.

31. All about the Flips

Going with a flip that faces one way is all well and good. However, hairstyles for long hair also look great when the flips go in multiple directions. This statement is especially true for hair with a lot of layers and highlights. The flips play on the layers and highlights in a fun and flirty kind of way.

32. Straight with a Curve at the End

Taking on mostly straight hair with long hairstyles seems to take some time. However, taking the flat iron and flipping out the ends a little makes for a subtle look. This hairstyle for long hair is easy to maintain throughout the day as well. However, the ultimate goal here is to make sure hair does not fall into the face.

33. Twist and Turn with a Braid

Going straight down the back with a French braid can be boring. Therefore, take a French braid and make it twist and turn down the back. This method allows for longer layers to be used effectively. It curves the braid from one side of the head to another, and the braid layers should be large and thick.

34. Twists and Knots

One of the more romantic hairstyles for longer hair from older centuries is to take a twist and turn it into a crown. This crown looks great when the twists come back to form two knotted buns at the nape of the neck. A few strands of hair can be left loose at the knot, depending on how the long layered hair looks.

35. Ultimately Straight Hippy

Instead of going with waves and curls for a hippy look, simply take straightened hair and pull two pieces framing the face and put them into a half pony tail. In most cases, this style looks like a simple grown. Some other pieces can still frame the face, but they do not have to. This style works great with layers or straight hair.

36. Half Pony Tail Revisited

Take hair and curl it at the ends. Then, simply place half of the hair up into a half pony tail. Hair does not need to frame the face, but it can if so desired. Hair can fall down the back or over a shoulder.

37. Messy Curls

Curl hair into many tight curls. Then, using fingers, comb through the curls into they are loose and unkempt. In short, it should look like this hairstyle for long hair was slept on after curls were placed in it the night before.

38. Voluminous Waves and Curls

Instead of going with soft and supple curls and waves, an alternative choice lies in going for volume. These waves appear more satisfying to look at as they provide many waves and curls at the same time that complement one another instead of working against one another.

39. Sunglasses and Waves

Headbands have been popular for a long time. However, many women use sunglasses as a headband when they are not in use over the eyes. Using these glasses to push back waves from the face looks chic.

40. Stick Straight

Hairstyles for long hair look amazing when they lay down over the shoulders in a stick straight manner. This style works best for hair that does not have many layers to contend with. A few layers at the end of the hair look great, though.

41. Straight with Some Flips

Straight hair has become a much coveted and classic style in recent decades. It looks even better when hair flips out at the ends a little bit. To achieve this style, a flat iron on medium temperature should do the trick.

42. Longer, Inverted Jennifer Aniston

Instead of making hair flip out and away from the face, it can curl inward slightly instead. For this look to work, a flat iron should be used on medium-high heat. However, before applying heat, be sure to apply a conditioning treatment. Otherwise, hair might frizz out and ruin the sleek style. This style looks best on hair with longer layers.

43. A Crown Full of Flowers

For brides to be looking for hairstyles for long hair, they should consider going with a twisted crown that leads back into a braid. This crown, as mentioned previously, harkens back to a time of elegance and romance. In order to play on those two elements all the more, flavors can be added into the twist. However, they should not be added into the braid. Hair should be left to hang down straight under the braid, meaning only half of the hair should be up in the crown and braid.

44. Half Crown Twist

Instead of doing a full crown on both sides of the head, another option is only to do one side that sweeps over to a pony tail at the base of the neck. While this half-crown keeps hair out of the face on one side, it allows some strands to fall into place around the face on the other side.

45. Two More Braids

Source: luxyhair.com

Instead of going just for one French braid that starts at the center of the crown, try going for two. Rather than starting at either side of the head and coming together at the nape of the neck, these two braids work in the opposite direction. These braids do not have to be perfect at all. Otherwise, they should be imperfect and uneven in how the individual layers come together. They should still end up with two braids running down the back, though.

46. Braids and a Top Knot

Instead of just going with just any old, plain top knot made from half a head of hair, another option lies in taking this long hairstyle and adding some braids under it. As with the knot, the braids do not have to be perfect. At the same time, the hair left loose also does not have to be perfectly straight, either. Braids should come from the side of the head instead of being right under the top knot.

47. One Sided French

Instead of going with two braids, one braid often works better. This French braid starts on one side of the head, loops over, and falls over the ear and down the side of the face and across the shoulder. It is simplistic and holds all of the hair together without any frays.

48. Imperfectly Straight

Once more, a touch of bedhead comes into play for this hairstyle for long hair. Going with straighter long hair is often a choice for many women, but they do not need to make it perfect. In most cases, this style works best with a center part instead of a side part.

49. Perfectly Straight

There is no shame in wanting to go with straight hair without any frizz or bedhead measures, though. At the end of layers, in this instance, the ends can curl inward slightly, but they do not all have to face the same direction.

50. Knotted Knots

Another way to play with knots is to place a few of them in succession to one another. They can be located at the nape of the neck and come together to support most of the hair. At the same time, this hairstyle for long hair pulls all hair back from the face.

50 Long Hairstyles Accomplished without Much Time or Effort

There are so many things to do with long hair. Some of these styles are easier than others, but they do not take much effort or upkeep. While some options seem like they only apply to dressy situations, they really can be worn at any time. They look fashionable as an everyday type of hairstyle for a touch of elegance and sophistication. Some styles use braids and knots, but most of them can use waves and curls in some way. Going for a little frizz or bedhead is also acceptable as hairstyles do not have to be perfect. Now that you’ve gone through these gorgeous looks, don’t forget to also take a look at the prettiest short blonde hair ideas!

50 Amazing Long Hairstyle Inspirations

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