51 EnchantedUnicorn Giftsto Add Colour and Magic to the Life of Your Loved Ones

51 Enchanted Unicorn Gifts to Add Colour and Magic to the Life of Your Loved Ones

As you search for a unicorn gift, it becomes clear that the connection to unicorns is not just for children or for the female population. The range of gifts include items for adults and for males. It seems that without deep analysis, we realize that unicorns have characteristics that create a connection with the inner desire to be better in every person. So as you look at these unicorn gifts, consider the characteristics attributed to unicorns and which of those characteristics are being depicted by each gift. Then match the characteristics and the message being shared to the recipient.

51 Magical Unicorn Gifts to Charm Everyone on Your Gift List

51 Enchanted Unicorn Giftsto Add Colour and Magic to the Life of Your Loved Ones

      It might seem that the popularity of unicorn gifts comes from a desire to go backward and reclaim a simpler time from childhood. However, unicorns symbolize beauty, rarity, strength, independence, and magic. Believing in the positive aspects of these characteristics is not childish. It is striving toward being better. There may not be a conscious connection between being drawn to depictions of this mythical creature and a desire to improve and emulate these characteristics, but just from descriptions of unicorns, it is obvious the connection is there.

      So when we look for unicorn gift ideas for others, it is not about giving them a superficial gift. It really is about giving them something positive, something with a deeper meaning.

      Enchanted Light Up Unicorn Slippers

      Everyone knows that unicorns have awesome healing powers, so give these unicorn slippers to that someone who comes home with sore, tired feet at the end of everyday. Let that special person slide their feet into these cloud-soft, magical unicorn slippers. The unicorns have gleaming gold horns, pink hooves, and rainbow manes and tails that match the colors of their chubby lighted cheeks. The motion-sensitive lights in their cheeks change colors as you walk.

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      Personalized Unicorn S’well Bottle

      Create a thoughtful gift for a special occasion by personalizing this thermos with someone’s name or a special quote or message. The ears and horn of the unicorn are outlined in gold. The horn has a row of three stars down the center atop a background of rose pink, mint green, and robin’s egg blue while the ears have leaf-like veins filled in with mint green and rose pink. A cluster of flowers and berries sit atop the unicorn’s head, above a pair of closed, long-lashed eyelids. The thermos keeps cold drinks chilled for 24 hours and hot drinks warm for 12 hours.

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      Uni the Unicorn Bedside Lamp

      This pudgy unicorn enchants the bedroom with magically shifting colors. Use the remote control to turn the light on or off or to direct the colors to change smoothly, fade, strobe, or flash. The unicorn, molded of heat-resistant PVC, contains a 16-color LED bulb. It plugs into an outlet or uses three AAA batteries.

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      SilverElk Super Cute Personalized Unicorns

      This cuddly, cotton plush, handmade, winged unicorn toy makes an enchanting gift for a child or for any lover of unicorns. Choose a small, medium, or large unicorn. The white unicorn has a pink horn, mane, and tail and pink ears, hooves, and wings. The gray unicorn has a blue horn, mane, and tail and blue ears, hooves, and wings. The pink unicorn has a gray horn, mane, and tail and gray ears, hooves, and wings. The nose and closed, long-lashed eyelid are embroidered on for safety. The name is embroidered on the wing in white, pink, gray, or black thread.

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      Rainbow Unicorn Horn Headband

      This fun Rainbow Unicorn Horn Headband is handmade and can be made to order. It has a plastic headband wrapped in green satin with a white unicorn horn spiraled in gold and unicorn ears surrounded by felt flowers in rainbow colors. Include it among unicorn gifts for a child celebrating a unicorn-themed birthday party. She can wear it like a tiara.

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      Magical Unicorn Onesie

      If you are looking for unique unicorn gifts for someone who has a lot of unicorn items, consider this Magical Unicorn Onesie. With fleece inside and a plush exterior, it could be fun loungewear for cold winter nights. It is adorned with a gold horn on top of the hood and a rainbow mane and tail down the back. It would also make a great Halloween costume.

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      Crying Unicorn Candle

      This Crying Unicorn Candle has to be among the top unique gifts for unicorn lovers. The unicorn is made of ceramic with openings for its eyes and a tapered candle holder where its horn should be. A tapered, spiral, rainbow candle becomes its horn. When the candle is lit, the wax runs down and out the eyes making it look like the unicorn is crying rainbow tears.

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      Mini Unicorn Head Wall Sculpture

      The Mini Unicorn Head Wall Sculpture is meant to resemble wall-mounted taxidermy heads. This unicorn wall sculpture is made of white acrylic and resin. It has a gold horn. Custom orders are available. This unicorn room decor idea would be good for a nursery, a girl’s bedroom, or anywhere you want a little magic unicorn luck.

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      Giant Inflatable Unicorn with Cup Holders, Legs and Rainbow Colors

      This cool rainbow unicorn toy is a giant pool float. It measures 9' long x 6' wide x 4 1/2' tall and holds three adults or four children up to 350 pounds. It is made from double-thick PVC and has two cup holders and two handles. Already decorated with a rainbow mane and tail, you can personalize with the tattoos included. It is sure to be a hit with kids.

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      Cute Pink Personalized Magical Unicorn Pillow

      This double-sided pillow is a great present for unicorn lovers and it can be personalized with the recipient's name. It features a white unicorn with pink mane, tail, and hooves on a blue background with darker blue stars. You can choose a small, large, or lumbar pillow in polyester, cotton, or outdoor fabric.

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      Holo Star Backpack

      This awesome backpack features a unicorn hologram on a iridescent silvery background with white stars in the foreground. The remainder of the background is iridescent silver. It is made with polyurethane and measures 28 centimeter wide x 30 centimeter high x 12 centimeter deep. There is an interior zippered pocket, an exterior zippered closure, a grab handle, and adjustable shoulder straps. Among the gifts for unicorn lovers, this backpack is functional. It can be used as a book bag, overnight bag, or carry-on luggage.

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      Unicorn Galaxy Leggings

      Looking for cool unicorn accessories, check out these Unicorn Galaxy Leggings. They feature a purple background with a unicorn head floating in a galaxy of stars and nova flares. Wear them with your favorite unicorn t-shirt. They are available in four sizes.

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      Unicorn Plush Backpack

      Sitting on a bed, this might look like a plush stuffed animal, but it’s not just a unicorn toy. The unicorn has googly eyes, a pink bridle, two black nostrils, a red mouth, a shiny golden horn, a pink mane, and pink hooves on its dangling legs. The backpack has one large interior compartment, a zippered closure, adjustable straps, and measures 22" high x 9" wide. It is one of the best unicorn gifts for a child.

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      Paint Splash Unicorn Pillow

      Want a unicorn room decor idea, make this double-sided Paint Splash Unicorn Pillow a focal point on a bed or sofa. This beautiful pillow features a rainbow unicorn on a white background covered with a silver glitter-look. The pillow is available in either polyester, cotton, or outdoor fabric and in both small or large sizes. This pillow is a great present for unicorn lovers.

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      Unicorn Travel Pillow

      The Unicorn Travel Pillow is great for road trips and long flights. It will support your head as you doze in your seat. The c-shaped pillow has fabric features stitched on and into the seams. The features include two black eyes with white highlights, a gray muzzle, two black nostrils, a black line for a mouth, a horn with a black-spiraled line, and four triangular rainbow fabric pieces for the mane. Made of soft polyester and filled with beans, it measures 40 centimeters wide x 10 centimeters high x 40 centimeters deep. A carabiner allows you to clip the pillow to your luggage.

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      Unicorn Fields Luggage Tag

      If you are looking for something useful that will make good gifts among the unicorn items, consider this Unicorn Fields Luggage Tag for those who travel and collect unicorn stuff. The front of this Jacobean design features a blue background with unicorns in a variety of poses amid flowers and leaves. The back is a solid mauve with a place to personalize contact information. The color of the back can be changed. The luggage tag can also be changed to a version that allows a business card to be slid in a clear pocket rather than having contact information printed on the tag.

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      Rainbow Unicorn Flip Flops

      This beautiful depiction of a unicorn rising out of a cloud with a muted rainbow behind it is spread across the two sandals. It is one of the best depictions of a unicorn and is among the most unique unicorn gifts. These flip flops are available with a black or white soles for men, women, or children.

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      Unicorn Tutu Bodysuit Unicorn 1st Birthday Outfit

      This Unicorn Tutu is intended to allow your one-year-old to show her unicorn love on her birthday. The design depicts the unicorn's ears and horn outlined in glitter-look gold. The inner ears are pink. The horn is filled in with rainbow colors. The ears and horn are in front of a rainbow ending in clouds. In front of the ears and horn and above the eyelashes is a garland of roses. Below the eyelashes is the word "ONE" in pink, glitter-gold, and purple. Make your daughter's first birthday memorable with this birthday tutu.

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      Unicorn Teapot

      Spread unicorn love with this round, Kawaii teapot. Good gifts are both useful and personal. This teapot will be for tea drinkers, those who love unicorns, and especially for tea drinkers who love unicorns. The teapot is round with the unicorn's muzzle and ears molded on the front. The eyes, eyelashes, nostrils and smile are painted on in black. The inner ears are painted pink. The spout is the golden horn, and the handle is the rainbow main. The knob on the lid is pink. It measures approximately 19 centimeters wide x 13 centimeters high x 12 centimeters deep. Among the unicorn gifts, this is one of the most fun gifts.

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      Play With Fairies Pillow

      This single-sided pillow is possibly misnamed as a funny quote pillow. The pillow talks about doing things that are imaginary, impossible, and yet, in a way inspiring. So for those who collect unicorn items, it could be an inspired unicorn room decor idea. The pillow is available in polyester, cotton, and outdoor fabric, and in both small and large sizes.

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      Cute White Unicorn Girls Watch

      This unicorn watch features a white unicorn with pink hooves and a rainbow horn, mane, and tail. It has a blue banner that provides space for personalizing with the recipient's name. The background color can be changed. In addition, there are options to make this a women's watch and to choose among several styles and colors for both girls and women. This watch is among the best gifts for unicorn lovers.

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      Unicorn Pony Cuff

      This sterling silver cuff has an inspirational message to try to bring out the magical unicorn spirit inside of you. The message is punctuated with stars at the beginning and end. It is a beautiful accessory and a great present for unicorn lovers. This Unicorn Pony Cuff is handmade in Seattle, Washington.

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      Stuffed Rainbow Unicorn Toy

      This cuddly unicorn is hand crocheted with acrylic yarn and stuffed with polyester fiberfill. It has a brown horn, a gold star over its heart, rainbow hooves, black button eyes, and strands of yarn in rainbow colors for its mane and tail. This rainbow unicorn is 14 inches or 35 centimeters tall and will be loved by every unicorn collector.

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      Patch Puffer Jacket

      This cool Patch Puffer Jacket is royal blue with a zippered front, front slant pockets, and blue and white horizontal striped collar, cuffs, and waistband. It features fun patches on the front that include a unicorn head, a rainbow, a smiley face, Saturn, a "What Ever" broken heart, and "84". It is made of polyester with spandex in the ribbing. It is available in small, medium, and large.

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      Elodie Unicorn Ramen Bowl

      This Ramen Noodle bowl set includes two bowls. The bottom bowl is blue with unicorn heads and clouds. The top bowl is a Kawaii-style unicorn. The set is 5.5" x 6.5" x 6.5 and microwave safe. So it is perfect for ramen noodles. However, it must be hand washed. This is a fun present and one of the cheap gift ideas for unicorn lovers.

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      Unicorn Booties

      These crocheted unicorn booties are made from cotton yarn, have a polyester lining, and are for newborns to six months old. They should be hand washed. The unicorns have embroidered faces, pink manes, and golden horn. These are fun unicorn gifts for a child.

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      The Magicorn Hood

      Made from plush faux fur, the Magicorn Hood is a fun way to keep your ears and your hands warm during the winter. Put on the hood, put your hands in the mittens, and slide them through your coat sleeve, or use the ends as a scarf. The Magicorn Hood is embellished with a golden horn and rainbow mane. It is one of the most fun gifts among the unicorn accessories.

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      Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur

      For a funny and unique unicorn gift, give unicorn lovers a bottle of this Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur. According to Firebox, this gin was created after they gathered tears from their herd of unicorns. The flavor of the gin comes from the juniper berries, oranges, citrus fruit, bunches of coriander, and sticks of liquorish that their unicorns ate. The glittery appearance comes from the magic of the unicorn.

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      Unicorn & Friends Set of Three Sea Salt Blends

      These three sea salt blends, created by Suzi Sheffield, include Magic Unicorn, Santa Salt, and Friends Forever. The Magic Unicorn blend includes smoked paprika, Meyer lemon, celery seed, garlic, rosemary, and hand-raked sea salt. It can be used to flavor almost anything. Santa Salt takes its red and green colors from peppercorns (red) and rosemary (green). Try Santa Salt in marinades and on vegetables. Friends Forever combines sweet and salty flavors for use on popcorn, in baked goods, and with fruit. The blends are created by hand and include organic spices and herbs grown locally around Atlanta, Georgia. Each blend is packed in a charmingly nostalgic 6-ounce tin.

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      Cute Pink Unicorn Mug

      This mug features a child-like drawing of a unicorn with a rainbow mane and tail on a background of light pink polka dots over a darker pink background. Below the unicorn is the message to either be yourself or be something as special and magical as a unicorn. The vibrant colors of this design are scratch and fade resistant, and the mug is microwave and dishwasher safe.

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      Unicorn Sweater

      This humorous, handmade sweater features child-like drawings of a few favorite things like unicorns, hamburgers, a brontosaurus, pizza, French fries, stars, diamonds, hearts, moons, and donuts. This sweater is made of polycotton fabric and can be hand washed in cold water or machine washed at 30°C (86°F).

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      Dr. Martens 1461 Iced Metallic Mallow Pink Oxford

      These gleaming metallic, iced-pink, leather oxfords are the perfect accessory for anyone’s unicorn wear. They shift and reflect icy pastel colors like magical elven shoes. This pair of low profile oxfords feature a three-eye lace-up and Dr. Martens familiar yellow top stitching. The dark, air-cushioned, slip-resistant rubber sole and slightly raised heel provides an attractive contrast with the lighter color of the upper. The shoes have a 0.5” platform and a 1.25” heel.

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      Unicorn Poo T-shirt

      You’ll have to find a person with the right off-kilter sense of humor for this funny t-shirt. The silhouetted unicorn on the front is dragging its rear end on the ground, like a dog does to wipe itself, and a rainbow is streaking out behind it. So this unicorn shits rainbows, literally. You can have this design printed on t-shirts for men, women, kids, and even babies. Choose from among different t-shirt styles and manufacturers and from a wide range of colors.

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      Vintage Unicorn Trucker Hat

      This unicorn harks back to the Middle Ages. The design features a unicorn with a lion’s body, mane, and tail; cloven hooves; and an unusually long, spiraled horn. The truckers cap features a back made of nylon mesh, and it adjusts from 43.1cm to 61cm. The hat comes in 11 assorted color combinations.

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      Cute Unicorn on a Rainbow Design Shower Curtain

      This whimsical shower curtain features a cute unicorn climbing to the top of a rainbow against a pink background. It could be the perfect gift to make a young girl happier in a new home when her family has to move. The shower curtain is made to fit standard-sized bathtubs. It’s made of 100 percent polyester and can be machine washed on cold.

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      Sunnylife Mini Unicorn Neon Sign Table Lamp

      This Sunnylife Mini Unicorn Neon Sign Table Lamp creates a retro unicorn that sets a party tone. The head and neck of the unicorn glow with blue light while the mane is pink and the horn is yellow. The lamp is made of glass and ABS plastic. Collectors of unique neon lights will enjoy this lamp as much as collectors of unicorns will.

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      Rainbow Pink Unicorn Notebook

      A silhouette of a rainbow-colored unicorn gallops across the pink cover of this spiral bound notebook with stars streaming from its horn. Look closely, and you’ll see that the body of the unicorn is printed as if made of mosaic tiles. This is a notebook to inspire a poet or a creative dreamer. This notebook contains 80 college-ruled pages.

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      Elodie Cute-Tea-Pie Unicorn Teapot Set

      This whimsical unicorn tea set features a large round unicorn teapot with a rainbow striped tail for a handle and a golden horn that serves as the spout. The cup is a baby unicorn with its own decorative golden horn and rainbow striped handle. The baby unicorn cup sits on a light blue saucer speckled with white polka dots that matches the lid of the teapot. The teapot holds 800ml (27 oz.) and the cup holds 180ml (6 oz.). The teapot, cup, and saucer are not dishwasher safe and should be hand washed.

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      Rainbow Pattern White Unicorn Personalized Trendy Barely There Phone Case

      Broad stripes in vibrant rainbow colors arc across the front of this Case-Mate Barely There phone case. A white unicorn with a flowing mane and tail stands in silhouette against the stripes. Personalize the case with a name, nickname, or a short, meaningful phrase. Feather-light, form-fitting Case-Mate Barely There cases give you access to all of your phone’s controls, ports, and sensors. They’re made of durable, impact resistant plastic, and they feature a slim, stylish profile with a bezel that protects the screen of your device from coming into direct contact with surfaces that could damage it. You can choose the correct case for your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy model.

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      ASOS Hipsters with Unicorn Print Five Pack

      These decidedly cheeky, form-fitting hipsters have a bit of fun with an irreverent play on the unicorn as the symbol of chastity. The five-pack includes two pairs of solid black hipsters, one pair of solid pink hipsters, and two pairs that are printed with quite demure unicorns in various poses – one with a gray background and one with a pink background. These machine washable hipsters have a stretch waistband and are made of cotton jersey which contains 94 percent cotton and 6 percent Elastane. Sizes range from XXS to XXL.

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      Magical Unicorn Poster

      This poster features an inspiring message in a mix of glittery, metallic-look gold fonts. Tell anyone on your guest list to be themselves, unless they can be something as rare and magical as a unicorn. You can have the poster printed on your choice of one of five papers.

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      Pop Active by Poprageous Unicorn Crop Top

      Give this star-spangled, unicorn gym bra to the powerful exercise diva in your life. The stars speak to her star power, and the rearing unicorn speaks to her energy. The slender curve of the turquoise and white stripes on the black background speak to dramatic style. The racer back and scoop neck allow her the freedom to move while the totally opaque, super-stretch, moisture-wicking fabric keeps her comfortable and dry. Made of 82 percent polyester and 18 percent Lycra Elastane, this crop top is machine washable.

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      DBigness Unicorn External Backup Portable Battery Charger

      Give anyone who wanders far from outlets the magic power of a unicorn to charge their iOS and Android phones, tablets, and other devices. It will also be appreciated by those who run their batteries down on their way to work or class while listening to music or audiobooks or playing games. They can charge this unicorn backup charger, and then take it with them. They won’t need to worry about finding an outlet or USB port, they can just plug into the unicorn’s USB port. The charger in the unicorn protects devices from short circuits, current overages, voltage overages, discharge overages, and over charges. The charger provides enough power for digital cameras, iPods and MP3 and 4 players, GPS devices, and Bluetooth devices as well as phones.

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      Believe in Yourself (and Unicorns) Spiral Bound Notebook

      This Believe in Yourself (and Unicorns) Notebook is the perfect gift to encourage and inspire the dreamer, creator, and adventurer in anyone, whatever their age. It’s the right place for recording all the things you want to do or try or all the things you are inspired to do or try, and then figuring out the steps you need to take to do them. This college-ruled, spiral-bound notebook offers 80 powerful pages of impractical dreams and practical plans for achieving them.

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      Typo 3M Unicorn Twinkle Lights

      Who thinks of housewarming gifts for kids? You can! The magical steeds on these unicorn twinkle lights add a fantasy touch to a little boy or girl’s new bedroom. The pink unicorns have blue horns, manes, and tails. Depending on how you position the wire, you can position the unicorns so that they appear to be rearing or galloping The lightweight lights are made of narrow sheets of plastic with a socket on the back for the light. Each strand has 30 lights and measures 3 meters or 9.8 feet long. There’s no need to worry about the location of an outlet because the lights are powered by three 1.5v AA batteries. These lights are for decorative indoor use only, and the batteries are not included.

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      Nails Inc. Sparkle Like a Unicorn Nail Duo

      This nail polish duo features two shimmering iridescent unicorn colors – lavender and blush pink. Wear the blush to add subtle glamor to a businesslike daytime look, or make a magical, fantasy statement with the lavender polish. The base of this polish includes a long-lasting formula. A wide brush aids in creating a flawless polish application. This small gift idea is among the best.

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      Bad Ass Unicorn Trucker’s Cap

      This Bad Ass Unicorn Trucker’s Cap features the head of an annoyed indigo unicorn that has clearly had enough of the sweetness and light and is just not going to be all that any longer. The unicorn is backed by a wide band of rainbow colors with the bad ass unicorn phrase above it’s head. The cap adjusts to fit head sizes from 43.1 cm to 61 cm, and comes in 11 different color combinations. The front of the cap is 100 percent polyester foam while the back is made of cool nylon mesh. Add this to the list of funny, fun gifts and to your list of unicorn accessories that add a different take to what it means to be a unicorn, because this unicorn shits rainbows.

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      Ditsy Purse

      This glitter bespangled clutch purse features a zip closure with eight slots for business or credit cards; two compartments for cash, shopping lists, unicorn stuff, or whatever you want; a zipper compartment; and two main compartments. This clutch can spend an evening out on its own or keep a larger purse organized. Add a little glamor to someone’s life and add this clutch to your list of useful gift ideas.

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      Cute to the Core Unicorn Critter Round Toe Casual Ballet Flats

      Just like the healing power of a unicorn’s horn, these 100-percent synthetic vegan leather ballet flats help heal and protect the earth. The unicorn’s face, with its rainbow-colored horn; light gray nose; smiling, pink mouth; and big, long-lashed eyes are hand embroidered onto the upper of the shoe. The shoes themselves also are handmade. For the white shoe, the cushioned innersole is a bright, happy, cotton candy pink, and the open edge of the upper is trimmed in the colors of the rainbow. For the purple shoe, the innersole and trim around the open edge is black. These shoes are available in full U.S. sizes from 5 to 10 in B (M) width only.

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      White and Gold Unicorn Jewelry Pendant

      Wear a unicorn charm on a necklace or carry it on your keychain. This tiny unicorn fits into the very center of the palm of your hand. Choose from 18” gold, silver, or leather choker length chains; 24” or 30” chains in or gold; or a silver key chain. This white unicorn, handmade from polymer clay, has metallic gold inner ears and a metallic gold horn, mane, and tail. Under the glaze, a fine, rubbed off coating of mica powder creates a magical, glittery, lightly copper-colored finish. This is a perfect small gift idea, but add it to your list of unicorn accessories and cheap gift ideas. It’s inexpensive, but it’s actually too charming to be thought of as cheap.

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      Rainbow Cross Body Bag

      If you know someone who loves bright, cheerful, unique handbags, this Rainbow Cross Body Bag could be on your list of perfect fun gifts. The bag has a removable gold chain, so it can do double duty spreading rainbow cheer to a room from a perch on a shelf, a bookcase, a nightstand, or a dresser. The bag closes with a zipper and is made of polyurethane.

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      51 Lovely Unicorn Gift Ideasthat Will Please the Unicorn Lover on Your Gift List

      Among these 51 unicorn gifts, there are sure to be several that will please the unicorn lover on your gift list. Some gifts are just for pure fun. However, now that you have had time to think about what unicorns symbolize, if you like, you can include a note letting the recipient know why you chose the particular depiction of a unicorn for them. It will add more long term meaning to your gift.

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