50 Useful Travel Gifts for Men Who Don't Stay Still

50 Useful Travel Gifts for Men Who Don’t Stay Still

Jennifer Woods Gift Ideas

Find something special for the wanderer in your life with this list of travel gifts for men. We’ve collected sweet, useful, and funny gifts that will set him up for an amazing journey. Whether he’s headed for a business trip, gap year voyage, or dream vacation, he’ll love to own one of these excellent travel gift ideas.

The best gift for travelers is one that makes their trip more memorable. He might like a classy piece of luggage, a useful travel item, or a sweet piece of memorabilia to remind him of home. Take advantage of personalization options – you can choose colors and even monogram many of the items on this list.

50 Unique Travel Gifts for Men That Have Everything Else

50 Useful Travel Gifts for Men Who Don't Stay Still

Consider the length of his trip and the destination; camping gear won’t be useful on a two-day city vacation, while electronics aren’t always safe to bring to the top of a mountain. If your traveler is already extremely well-prepared, consider getting him a memento instead of a practical gift. A sweet keychain or piece of travel jewelry will remind him that he’s loved wherever he goes.

Men like gifts that are both fun and practical. Choose simple, professional items that he will be proud to display. Professional doesn’t have to mean boring, so don’t be afraid to select items with fun colors that you know he will love.

As you shop for a travel gift for him, remember that he won’t be on vacation forever. Choose an item that he will find useful in his daily life. Travel mugs, Bluetooth speakers, and journals are great for traveling and also compliment his regular routine.

The best gift ideas are ones that both encourage the traveler and remind him of you. He could buy himself any of these items; the fact that you bought it for him makes it that much more special. Find something sweet and meaningful to show him that you believe in his journey and know that he will come home soon.

Simple International USB Travel Adaptor

This simple little adaptor is the perfect travel gift for him. 4 USB slots will let him charge multiple devices on the road. Simply press a button and slide a switch to reveal the correct wall plug. This adaptor works for standard wall sockets in America, Europe, Australia, and Asia; no matter where he’s headed, he’ll be able to power up and get back online.

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Classic Handmade Leather Travel Rucksack

Make his journey excellent with a gift of the perfect travel bag. This handmade leather rucksack is sturdy, classic, and fashionable. The bag is big enough for a laptop and has an interior pocket for cords or small necessities. Choose from brown or copper leather to suit his style; this cool gift can be made even more personal with a custom laser engraving.

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Pocket-Sized Mini Tin Bluetooth Speaker

This unique gift idea is the size of a tin of mints but packs the sound of a full-sized Bluetooth speaker. The tin amplifies sound and keeps the speaker safe while he travels. The device has a 5-hour battery life and connects up to 25 feet away. This speaker is a simple, lightweight way to show the musical traveler how much you care.

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Men’s Monogrammed Leather Weekend Bag

Don’t let him bring a duffel bag for his next business trip. Instead, make him the star of the luggage carousel with this beautiful monogrammed weekend bag. These travel gifts for men are made from real leather and feature a classy interior lining. Choose the color of both the leather and the thread for total personalization.

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Pewter Airplane Paperweight and Desk Accessory

Some men dream of the sky even when they’re back at home. Give this fun gift to someone who never wants to keep his feet on the ground. Each pewter plane is engraved with an inspirational message. The clever design doesn’t fly, but it will keep his documents flat while he folds a paper plane to toss across the room.

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Squeezable Men’s Travel Toiletry Kit

These squeezable travel toiletries are an excellent cheap gift idea. The funny branding and streamlined design hide just how convenient and versatile these pods really are. Every kit contains shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, and a few other travel necessities. These toiletry sets make smart travel gifts for men; the pods are as tall as a key and completely TSA approved.

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Star Bead Paracord Travel Bracelet

Give him something to remember you by with this simple travel bracelet. The colorful paracord looks great with any outfit and will stand up to most weather conditions. A single silver bead adds fun and personality to the design. Many travelers collect bracelets from the places they visit; this small gift idea is a good way to start his collection.

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Pocket-Sized Beard and Moustache Maintenance Kit

Help keep his beard in perfect condition with this classy travel gift for him. Every pocket-sized kit comes with a comb, a beard brush, and a small pair of scissors. The tools are made from durable bamboo and will last through a lifetime of travels. Choose from three different colors to match the rest of his travel luggage and show off his personality.

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Sentimental World Map Signet Ring

Small jewelry items make good travel gifts for men who are sentimental or romantic. This unique signet ring will encourage him to travel the world, but it will also remind him to come back home. The ring is engraved with a small world map and can be plated in your favorite metal. This is a cute and sentimental present that any traveler would love to receive.

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Traveling Together Puzzle Pieces Keychain

Whether you’re actually traveling together or spending a few months apart, this awesome keychain will ensure that your hearts are never separated. Give him one keychain and keep the other half for yourself; the two pieces will fit together perfectly whenever you meet up. These keychains are made from stainless steel and feature a sweet and adorable engraving.

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Practical Electronic Cable Travel Organizer

Sometimes the best gift for travelers is one that makes packing easy. This cable organizer has a place for every cord in his electronics collection. Small straps and mesh pockets make it easy to keep chargers, spare batteries, and even small devices all in one convenient place. The case is water-repellant to keep important items safe in case of bad weather or accidental spills.

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Cheerful and Useful Eco-Friendly Travel Mug

This fun gift will make sure that he can enjoy a hot cup of coffee from anywhere on the road. The eco-friendly design is dishwasher safe and fits most cup holders. Pair one of these travel gift ideas with a few packets of instant coffee or tea; he’ll appreciate them during those long weekends at an unfamiliar hotel.

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Portable Glowing Lamp and Bluetooth Speaker

He’ll be able to turn any night into an enchanting evening with this glowing Bluetooth speaker. The warm light will softly flicker as he listens to his favorite music in a tent, at a picnic table, or next to a far-off river. This cool present only needs 4 hours to charge and will play music all day long.

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Men’s Roomy Leather Weekend Bag

Give him a classy way to pack with this large leather weekend bag. Each bag has plenty of space for luggage and features an interior zipper pocket for small items. Personalize the bag with a monogram and a luggage tag; he’ll never need to worry about the baggage claim if his initials are sewn right into his luggage.

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Anti-Theft Backpack and Laptop Bag

This backpack has everything the modern traveler needs. Multiple pockets allow for simple organization and storage. Connect an internal power bank and charge your devices from outside the bag. Use the headphone interface to listen to music completely hands-free. A password-protected lock over the main pocket keeps thieves away and makes this a great gift for people who travel.

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Soft and Comfortable Bluetooth Eye Mask

Give him a great night of sleep with this Bluetooth-enabled eye mask. The soft mask will block out light while the included Bluetooth speakers play his favorite music. Handy buttons on the side of the mask let him pause and adjust the volume without reaching for his phone. These masks are great gift ideas for travelers who can never sleep on the road.

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Detailed Cork Globe for World Travellers

Maps and globes make a good gift for people who travel. This fun take on a traditional globe will let him plan every journey. The globe is made from soft corkboard so that he can put a pin in every past or future destination. Each continent is detailed to show mountains, forests, and deserts. Choose either a large or a small globe to fit perfectly in his office.

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Ultralight Compact Nanodry Travel Towel

You should never travel without a towel. This pocket-sized towel is extremely absorbent and quick-drying. When he’s done with the towel, he can place it in the ventilated case and hang-dry it with the attached clip. This unique gift will help him pack less and do more on his journeys.

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Leather Hanging Men’s Toiletry Bag

Travel wisdom suggests that you unpack when you get to the hotel. This unusual gift just needs to be unfolded and hung in the bathroom to make him feel instantly at home. Several pockets organize his toiletries and provide easy access. The vintage leather design is water resistant and looks extremely classy with the rest of his luggage.

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Equipment Roll for Cooks and Campers

This clever equipment roll was designed for bartenders, but he’ll be able to use it for any set of travel tools. Straps and pockets hold each item in place; just roll up the waterproof canvas and hit the road. This is a cool gift for a camper, a cook, or an artisan who’s always struggling to pack another tool.

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Inspirational Destination Guide and Travel Tips

This sweet and inspiring book is the perfect gift for people who travel in pairs. Follow the authors on their journey around the world as you learn about interesting destinations and romantic travel ideas. The pages are full of breathtaking photos and interesting travel tips. This is a good gift for couples about to travel on their honeymoon or dream vacation.

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Warm and Comforting Portable Tea Tumbler

A hot cup of tea will bring comfort to anyone on the road. This portable tea tumbler can hold either hot or cold beverages; the removable cork sleeve keeps your hands away from the glass. This great gift idea includes a built-in tea strainer; he’ll be able to taste local teas or brew his favorite blend wherever he goes.

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Cute and Clever Carry-on Cocktail Kit

Try this funny and cheap gift idea for a traveler who never wants to be without his favorite drink. Each kit comes with a shot glass, a bar spoon, and a bottle of syrup for the drink of choice. If he can find a bottle of something nice, he’ll be able to mix his favorite drink in the hotel, on the plane, or out camping.

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Travel-Themed Couple’s Promise Ring Set

If a plane is taking him far away, remind him that a plane will also bring him home. The thinner band is topped with a tiny airplane, while the thicker band features an identical cutout. This sweet set of rings is made from silver and can be ordered in any two ring sizes.

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Adventure Prompts Anywhere Travel Guide

If he’s never sure what to do at his destination, inspire him with these adventurous travel prompts. Each card suggests an activity that would work anywhere in the world. This is a good gift for travelers who are out of ideas or who want a unique memory at every destination. When not in use, the small box of cards fits perfectly in any travel bag.

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Personalized Men’s Leather Travel Wallet

This useful gift is large enough for a passport, cards, a phone, and a few accessories. The wallet also features an extra pocket for a tablet or a travel notebook. The entire wallet zips closed and keeps his valuables safe from strangers’ eyes. He’ll appreciate this cool way to carry his personal effects; make it his with a custom monogram.

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Men’s Large Leather Toiletry Bag

These toiletry bags have room for everything and are excellent travel gifts for men. Two included travel bottles are perfect for shampoo and conditioner. Mesh pockets make space for shaving necessities, a toothbrush, and plenty of other small bathroom items. Zipper pockets keep everything organized and ensure that he can access things at a moment’s notice.

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Beautiful Bound Paper Travel Journal

A travel journal is the perfect way for an artistic soul to record their voyage. This cool present features an intricate map-themed cover and dark, elegant paper pages. The book is small and will fit easily in his luggage. Give him this gift as a vote of confidence in his journey and his creative skills.

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World Map Personalized Leather Luggage Tag

This luggage tag is a sweet small gift idea for any traveler. One side of the tag features an engraved world map and has room for a custom message; the other side has space for the traveler’s name and contact information. The tag comes with a metal clasp that won’t fall off during the most hectic of journeys.

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Scratch-Off Hanging World Map Poster

This awesome gift will let him record his journeys every time he returns home. When untouched, the poster features a bronze world map on a black background. Every state and country can be scratched off to reveal a different color underneath. When he’s visited the entire world, the map will be a colorful reminder of his fantastic journeys.

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Portable Wooden Deblockle Strategy Game

Every group of travelers needs something to do when they camp for the night. This wooden board game only has a few pieces and fits nicely in a set of luggage. The design is colorful and unique; he’ll enjoy teaching new acquaintances how to play this fun strategy game meant for two players.

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Men’s Leather Travel Watch Roll

You don’t always want to wear a nice watch on the plane, but you do need it for that important business meeting. This soft leather roll is the perfect place to store watches or other jewelry items. Two pockets keep watches safe from scratches or water damage. Personalize it with his initials and choose a thread color that matches his luggage.

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Classic and Inspirational Refillable Traveler’s Journal

A good journal is the best gift for most travelers. This classy leather travel notebook includes bookmarks, a closing strap, and plastic pockets for photos or paper mementos. Choose from two colors of beautiful stained leather. When he’s filled up all the pages, he can simply swap them out for a refill and keep using his favorite journal.

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Navy Blue Hanging Toiletry Bag

Travel gifts for men should be both useful and stylish. This toiletry bag has room for every bottle in his bathroom cabinet. Mesh pockets and side pouches help keep everything organized. The bag folds and lays flat for easy packing and storage. When he gets to his destination, he simply needs to unfold the bag to be able to access every toiletry at once.

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Professional Engraved Leather Passport Cover

Give him this beautiful passport cover to help him travel in style. The front bears the crest of the United States of America; the inside panel has a space for initials, a name, or a sweet message. Choose from four leather colors and several monogram styles. The inside pockets have room for multiple passports, cash, and important cards.

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Sophisticated International Universal Travel Adaptor

No matter where he’s going, he’ll need to charge his devices. This cool piece of tech solves the problem of international wall sockets in a simple and effective fashion. Almost every plug type is included in the design; when not in use, all metal parts retract into the plastic case. These adaptors make good unisex gift ideas for anyone who travels internationally.

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Lightweight Waterproof Outdoor Pocket Travel Blanket

This blanket folds up small enough to fit in a pocket and is a unique gift idea for any traveler. From picnics to camping trips to surprise stays at a friend’s house, this small blanket unfolds into a warm and waterproof cloth that suits most situations. The blanket also comes with small metal stakes to help it stay flat on the ground.

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High Definition Retractable Monocular

This monocular takes up half the space of a pair of binoculars but provides equal magnification. This unusual gift is suited for campers, sports fans, or anyone who wants to see a little farther into the distance. The scope expands to increase magnification and retracts when not in use. This is a good item to tuck into his luggage so that he can see even more breathtaking views.

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Monogrammed Leather Toiletry Bag with Handle

A good toiletry bag is a must for travel organization. These leather bags come in multiple colors and sizes; choose the small size for a day traveler or the large size for the man who will be gone all month. Beautiful monogrammed initials make sure that he’ll never mistake his toiletries for someone else’s.

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Men’s Travel Toiletry Kit and Carrying Case

This complete toiletry kit will let him finish packing and get on the road. The kit contains shaving cream, shampoo, and other essentials. Several skin-care products are included to keep him feeling fresh and focused. The small travel bottles fit within TSA specifications. The striped carrying bag keeps everything organized; even when the products are gone, he’ll want to use this bag for his next voyage.

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Leak-Proof Collapsible Travel Water Bottle

Hydration is important, but water bottles take up a lot of space. This colorful solution is completely collapsible. When he’s finished his beverage, he just needs to fold the container and store it with the rest of his things. The twist-off top keeps the water inside and makes sure his possessions stay dry. Each bottle is made from durable, shatter-proof silicone for even the roughest adventure.

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Super Lightweight Collapsible Camping Backpack

When camping gets mixed with regular travel, the two sets of items often conflict. This clever backpack folds up into a compact and packable square. He can take this as a day bag when he needs it and store it with his luggage for the rest of the trip. The backpack is waterproof and large enough to hold most day trip essentials.

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Our Adventure Scrapbook and Photo Album

He might have everything he needs for the trip, but does he have somewhere to display his photos when he gets home? This sweet photo album is the perfect memento for an excellent journey. The embossed cover features a miniature globe and a loving title. The pages are bound with tied cords; simply add extra pages to make room for more travel memories.

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Gray and Navy Hanging World Travel Map

This cool and professional world map is a great addition to any traveler’s office. An included box of pins lets him mark all of the locations he wants to travel to or places he’s already been. Don’t forget to shop for a matching frame; he’ll want to put this useful gift on display immediately.

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Insulated Picnic Lunch Travel Bag

This insulated picnic bag is a good gift for anyone who wants to snack on the go. The large main compartment has room for wine bottles, entire lunches, and anything else that might need to stay hot or cold. Two straps at the bottom of the bag are the perfect place to store a picnic blanket. Whether he’s going camping or planning a romantic date, this bag will make sure he’s ready to go.

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Seek Adventure Men’s Travel Shirt

The inspirational statement on this shirt shows encouragement and confidence. The design features a van driving up to the mountains under a starry night sky. These shirts are great unisex gift ideas for travelers who are about to leave; remind them to follow their dreams and never stop looking for adventure.

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The Place to Be Travel Guide

Inspire a journey with this beautifully printed travel guide. 240 breathtaking locations are featured; full-page spreads are accompanied by tips, descriptions, and important travel advice. This guide makes a great coffee-table book or airport reading material. Give this gift to an adventurer who doesn’t know where he wants to go quite yet, or pass it on to a wanderer looking for his next destination.

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50 Great Travel Gifts for Men on Vacation

These travel gifts for men are simple, stylish, and perfect for almost any voyage. Before he leaves, make sure he’s set up with a good bag, plenty of organizational tools, and something fun to take on the road. Don’t forget to include a few travel comforts; coffee cups, eye masks, and toiletry kits make traveling so much easier.

When you’re coming up with travel gift ideas, remember that no two men are alike. A professional leather passport cover is great for a businessman, but a young man might prefer a journal to record his thoughts and experiences. Everyone likes useful items like wall chargers or luggage tags; pair these gifts with something personal to make a sweet and thoughtful statement.

The best gift ideas come from the heart. Choose a present that speaks to his personality and shows confidence in his ambitions. Wherever he’s headed, he should know that his journey will eventually bring him home. If you would like to be stylish while traveling take a look at our best online jewelry stores!

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