35 Bohemian Looks To Go With Your Messy Bun

By: Avatar photo Andy Jones Updated: Mar 10, 2024


You know those days where you rolled out of bed late but still have to look hot as hell? Bohemian outfit ideas are your holy grail. With these looks, it’s okay to be a little undone, but you still look cute and put together, just add some side bangs and you’re ready to go!. How awesome is that? We’re definitely a fan. You also don’t need a backstage pass to Coachella or the Governor’s Ball to rock a loose-fitted dress or flowy top (although you’d fit right in). We’ve got 35 cool looks to give you all the “it’s summer and I’m doing my thing” vibes. Who wants a popsicle?

Go Bohemian with these 35 Stylish Looks

35 Bohemian Looks To Go With Your Messy Bun

1. Little Turquoise Romper with Delicate Silver Jewelry

2. Red-and-White Striped Shirt and Cut-off Shorts

3. Lace Detailing and a Maxi Skirt

4. Flower-Print Romper

5. Fringe Sandals Make this Outfit Pop

6. Matching Top and Maxi Skirt

Source: wachabuy.com

7. Floral Print Cold-Shoulder Top

Source: wachabuy.com

8. High-Waisted Printed Shorts

9. Show Some Leg in a Flirty Wrap Skirt

Source: wachabuy.com

10. The Perfect Dinner-date Outfit

11. Bohemian Outfit that’s All About Tassels

Source: omei.co

12. Be a Garden Goddess in an Open-back Floral Dress

Source: wachabuy.com

13. A Romper for Your Next Walk Through the Wildflowers.

14. Jumpsuits Solve the Outfit Indecision Problem

Source: webinspo.com

15. Be Different

16. Wrap Skirts = Two Seconds and You’re Ready to Go

17. Open-side Lace Top for Lazy Days at the Beach

Source: wachabuy.com

18. A Lovely and Charming Tunic Dress

19. A Loose Poncho will that Keep You Warm

20. Delicate Pink Lace Dress Yes

21. Perfect Outfit for Going from Errands to Drinks with Friends

22. Cute High-Cut Shorts

23. Wearing Robes out of the House is Totally a Thing

24. Cute Look that’s also Totally Effortless

Source: webinspo.com

25. Who Wouldn’t Want this Top?

26. Go Absolutely Charming with this Dress

Source: luvv.it

27. The Perfect Dress for Dates on Warm Summer Nights

28. Rompers and Flirty Skirts Go Well Together

29. Cute, Simple and Sexy

Source: roolee.com

30. If You Want to do Lace, Why not Wear it All Over?

Source: luvv.it

31. Made for the Beach

Source: luvv.it

32. Anyone Can Rock the Matching Crop Top/Skirt Trend

33. Gorgeous White Dress with Hat

34. Fringed Purse Makes this Outfit Pop

35. Another Lovely Romper

Source: lulus.com

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