31 Super Sexy Lips Inspirations

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The season of eye-poppingly plump sexy lips is upon us. Even though a nice pucker is never out of style, we are in an age where your face pillows are given the opportunity to take center stage on every occasion. From bold and fresh metallic hues to stark mattes, there are plenty of ways to adorn your trout pout and stop passersby in their tracks. From the best colors and brands, to some tips to make sure your lips never lose that ebullient puck, here are 31 looks for notoriously sexy lips.

31 Looks for Notoriously Sexy Lips

1. Meet Matt(e) Hughes for Long-lasting Nudes

If you are looking for a lip balm that keeps with a nude palette, but still pops and plumps then Meet Matt(e) Hughes is the lip balm for you. It is a long-lasting liquid lipstick that will stay fresh through many kisses, latte sips, and hot summer days. Nude nails go perfectly with this look!

2. MAC Powered Powdered Pout

Source: amazon.com

For a gentle powdery yet plump look, cast your net no further than classic MAC to cover your sexy lips, while Make Up For Ever is the perfect liner that fades into the hue.

3. Soft Baby Pink Plumpkins

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For a youthful and playful lip, you can’t go wrong with a soft baby pink. Make sure your lips are moisturized with a layer of lip balm before applying your color for a healthy sheen.

4. Daring Ombre Matte Lips

Source: preen.me

If you’re looking for something a little more daring, then sculpt the contours of your lips with a faded ombre look giving your lips the appearance of a natural pout.

5. Sculpted Hot Pink Matte Lips

Channel your inner Lolita with a hot pink lip that is the epitome of fun and sexy. Do a deep contour around your cupid’s bow to punch up the volume. This color goes great with dark brown hair.

6. Nude Liquid Lipstick

Anastasia Beverly Hills offers a long-lasting liquid lipstick that offers a matte look. Go for a cool nude for a barely-there look that you won’t be able to kiss or drink away. Matte nails go perfectly with this look.

7. Liquid Suede Lipstick for Smoothness

A staple of undeniably sexy lips is being smooth to the kiss. NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks glide on for a finish that looks matte, but feels like silk.

8. Flower Petal Inspired Pouts

Source: preen.me

Get artistic with your matte lipstick application by taking color and design cues from nature. Play with hues found in orchids, lilacs, and other fun flowers for head turning lips.

9. Angelina Jolie Matte Lips

Show off every crease in your lips for a look that is as simple as it is enticing. Simply apply your nude colored matte lipstick with no finish and you are good to go!

10. Metallic Lip Crème

If you are looking to catch attention when you are walking down the street, then Jouer Metallic Lip Crème is the way to do it. For an unmistakable shimmer this weightless lip topper can add a sheen to any lip color.

11. Nudes on Nudes

Complement your nude lips with a nude nail polish as well. Soft pinks are great offsets for semi-nude matte lipstick.

12. Bejeweled Lip Accessories

A great way to add a bit of attention to your pout is by adorning jewels in interesting positions to accent your choice of lip color. Adhesive jewels as well as piercings and rings can add an unconventional yet attention-grabbing dimension.

13. Lingerie Liquid Lipstick

Liquid lipsticks are all the rage, and NYX’s addition is as long-lasting and as lush as the rest. However, finish your matte with a healthy natural glow by adding this to your pucker.

14. Dark and Glam

There is nothing more glamorous than a dark and mildly gothic lip color. Add an extra layer of drama by choosing from the deeper end of the color spectrum.

15. Light Lip Cream

If you are looking for a lip cream that feels light and airy on your lips, but offers bold colors, then look no further than Smashbox lip cream.

16. Dramatically Curvy

Make it look like your lips popped out of a cartoon by rounding out your cupid’s bow with a hard line lip liner, and end up with a look that is fun, flirty, and sexy to boot.

17. Ultra-matte Lips

Crate a stark contrast with a bold color, and a super-matte finish that leaves no detail underneath. Like a wall of paint, your pout will take on an out of this world quality.

18. Purple Ombre Process

A good ombre lip is a process with several steps from conditioning the lips, to outlining, to filling and final blending. The end results are undeniable with a color and mix that is sure to gather attention, especially if you pair it with purple hair.

19. Glossy Twist on Classic Red

Add metallic gloss to the traditional red lipstick for a dose of fun and vibrancy. Dos of Colors is the perfect gloss to get the job done. Ombre nails will make this look irresistible!

20. Liquid Kylie Jenner Pout

Get the popular plump Kylie Jenner look with NYX Liquid Suede in a shade of brown. Offset a brighter hued hair and nail color while still allowing your lips to take center focus of your face.

21. Smooth Metallic Pucker

Source: photorank.me

Mix a metallic shimmer with a smooth lip suede with NYX cosmetics. Keep the glossy shimmer for lips that look irresistibly kissable.

22. Subtle Earth Tones

For a lip look that is undeniably natural looking, mix an earth tone lipliner with a soft matte lip crème for a simple baby princess lip.

23. Brown Hued Paint Swatch

Do a professional lip contouring to create a look that has depth, color, and a healthy outer sheen. Using a pencil, lipstick, and an outer coat of gloss gives you lips worth sinking into.

24. Electric Red Lips

25. Gloss-like Matte Finish

Get a lip color that goes on as easily as a gloss, but is unmistakably matter, made by the one and only Kat Von Dee. Stay flirty and sexy by sticking to earth tones in your selection.

26. Youthful and Full Blushing Pout

Recall your younger days with a lip color that has a youthful blush. Crème lipsticks in matte are a great choice as they can smooth away imperfections for a plumpness that resembles baby skin.

27. Care for your Matte Lips

One key to making sure your lips stay gorgeous is to make sure you pick the right way to care for them. Choosing a color that also has important ingredients such as Vitamin E will ensure that your pucker stays plump for years to come.

28. A Roseberry Pout

Source: poshmark.com

Create a pout that is sensual and sexy lips all at once. With hues of rose and pinks this is the perfect springtime and summer lip color.

29. Metallic Red Shimmer

On the other end of the spectrum of reds you can opt for a slip-n-slide of reds and moisture to accentuate your lips. Red is the go to for super sexy lips, and the sheen makes it all the more enticing!

30. Blending Eye Color with Lips

Your lips don’t exist in a vacuum, and is best accessorized with a matching eye color blend. Thick lashes and contoured eye brows can take a standard matte lip to ultra-glam.

31. Encrusted Sparkly

For lips that look like they stepped out of a jewelry case, go with a deep red with sparkles of diamond dust embedded. Not only will you look like a million bucks, your face will be brighter.

31 Super Sexy Lips Inspirations

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