29 Stylish Gym Outfits

By: Avatar photo Andy Jones Updated: Mar 10, 2024


Don’t let them see you sweat…Or do, but look good while you’re doing it by rocking a totally hot gym outfit. You work hard for that body, so you might as well enjoy it. What could be better than an outfit that’s cute, comfortable and empowering? Celebrities like Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba practically live in their gym clothes. You’ll want to too when you see the list of 29 trendy gym looks that we’ve compiled. Toss out your stretched out yoga pants and boxy t-shirts. The new gym trends are tight and textured with fun graphics and flirty details.

29 Gym Outfits for Fashionistas that Like to Sweat

1. Criss-Cross Will Make You Jump

2.) Fingerless Gloves and Statement Sneakers

3. The Perfect Monochromatic Windbreaker

4. If You Dare, Wear Short Shorts

5. How to Rocky Your Workout

6. Cute Bootie Gym Bottoms

Source: ebay.co.uk

7. Party in the Back Workout Tank

8. iPhone Compatible Yoga Capris

9. Gym Wear You Can Wear Anywhere

10. Sheer Fade Effect Leggings

11. Racing Stripe Sporty Leggings

Source: zefinka.com

12. Draped Tank with Basketweave Detail

13. Classic Everyday Nike Gym Outfit

14. Retro Fly Girl Layered Look

15. Winter Ready Running Gear

Source: polyvore.com

16. High Visibility in Hot Pink

Source: rstyle.me

17. Comfortable Black Body Con Ensemble

18. Back Pocket Floral Sports Bra

19. Pretty Woven Contrast Tank

20. Super Versatile Everyday Fitness Basics

Source: polyvore.com

21. Maximum Support, Maximum Skin

22. Old School Adidas Logo Look

23. Neon Favorites by Nike

Source: babble.com

24. Body Contouring Striped Tights

25. Badass Biker Inspired Nike Pullover

26. Bright Activewear for Loud Ladies

Source: zulily.com

27. Mod Adidas Knee Graphics

Source: adidas.com

28. Cute Commando Inspired Class Clothes

29. Splattered and Sheer Ab-Baring Gym Outfit

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