31 Stunning High Heel Sandals

By: Avatar photo Andy Jones Updated: Mar 10, 2024


The high heel sandal has long been the semi-formal go-to for ladies looking to lengthen their legs. Like so many other fashion staples, this sexy shoe has evolved. Shoe design icons like Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin have embraced this popular style and made it their muse. While a simple black strappy sandal is still a must for every closet, you can just as easily find studded, bejeweled, feathered and Lucite designs. Now you can wear these once summer-specific heels year-round with everything form jeans to an evening gown and to any occasion. Our list of 31 stunning high heeled sandals will inspire you to wear your favorite shoe in new ways and to new places. Pair these looks with burgundy nails to really make them pop.

31 High Heel Sandal Styles You Will Love

31 Stunning High Heel Sandals

1. The Classic High Heel Sandal

2. Rock Them in Red

3. Don’t You Step on My Blue Suede Shoes

4. Vamp in Violet Velvet

5. Basic Black with an Asymmetrical Twist

6. Be a Corporate Goddess in Strappy Gold

7. Sky-High Thunderdome Sandals for Advanced Fashionistas

8. Bring Burgundy to Your Next Wine Tasting

9. My Metallic Pink Spirit Animal

10. Suede, Plaits and Spikes

11. Suede, Plaits and Spikes

Source: mehpic.com

12. Darling You Look Mauvelous

13. How to Show Off Your Foot Tattoo

14. Frilled to Meet You

Source: getfew.com

15. Back in Black for Winter

Source: essish.com

16. Stacked and Strapped in Velvet

Source: gojane.com

17. Grey Is the New Black

18. Fall Perfect Power Heels

19. Versatile Long Tie Chunky Sandals

Source: facebook.com

20. Add Edge to Denim with the Netted Trend

21. Satisfy Your Craving for Chocolate

22. Pointy Blue Flashback Stiletto Nails

23. Thick Strap Woven High Heel Sandal

24. Touch of Gold Open Bootie

Source: shoespie.com

25. Business in the Front, Party in the Back

26. Architectural Collared Jimmy Choo Sandals

27. Fringe with Benefits Heels

28. Super Chunky Neutral Contrast Sandals

Source: ebay.co.uk

29. A Summer Perfect Woven Staple

30. Party at Mount Olympus

Source: luulla.com

31. Honeycomb Netted Street Style

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