Festival Hairstyles

29 Stunning Festival Hair Ideas You Need To Try This Summer

By: Avatar photo Andy Jones Updated: Mar 10, 2024


‘Tis the season – festival season that is, and it goes without saying that festival hair is the number one style accessory to get you noticed and elevate you to superstar status! Long, short, and anywhere in between, we have the perfect look for your locks to get you through every day of festival season and then some!

29 Amazing Festival Hairstyles That Will Put You in the Spotlight

Festival Hair Ideas

1. You Woke Up This Sexy

You Woke Up This Sexy

Source: wachabuy.com

Slightly messy, slightly styled, all sex appeal! This loose fishtail braid lays coolly over one shoulder and off the back and neck, allowing that sun-kissed skin to be on full delicious display. He won’t know which one to caress – but we bet he ends up playing with that luscious hair!

2. Chic Comfort Meets Sassy Style

Chic Comfort Meets Sassy Style

Keep cool and look beautiful doing it! Loose ends are kept perfectly off the face with this smart side-to-side braid ending in a sleek topknot that gathers hair off the back and neck for ultimate comfort and style. Casual enough for hanging out with friends and dressy enough to head out to dinner at the end of the day.

3. Classic, Carefree Festival Hair

Classic, Carefree Festival Hair

This fun herringbone-style braid pulls long locks off the back and to one side in a sweeping style that hangs down in a flirty fashion over one shoulder. Long wisps are left free to softly frame the face in this ultra feminine look. They’ll try to duplicate your style, but imitation is impossible when you make this look all your own.

4. Eat Your Heart Out, Goldilocks

Eat Your Heart Out, Goldilocks

The ultimate festival hair – long, loose, flowing waves combined with feminine, flirty braids and wispy tendrils caressing the face. This windblown look is perfect for any free spirit and requires minimal maintenance. What storybook heroine wouldn’t envy these sexy spirals and chunky, easy braids?

5. Sexy, Stylish Comfort And Ease

Sexy, Stylish Comfort And Ease

This style looks like it could have been done completely freehand, without a second thought to every hair being in place, and it still looks amazing! Mega braids are created on either side of the head and then tied in a simple knot at the nape of the neck for a glam look without all the work. A day-into-night look that will go from festival to campfire with ease.

6. Did She Or Didn’t She?

Did She Or Didn't She?

Party hair has never been easier or more classy! Everyone will wonder if you spent hours on that braid overlapping a sleek head of hair pulled under and secured in place, or if your hair just knows how to behave itself beautifully! Great for relaxing around a bonfire or rocking out in the front row.

7. Summer Of Love Redux

Summer Of Love Redux

Festival hair has never been so classic and cool! You’ll have everyone dreaming of music festivals of days gone by with this simple, fun style that combines the best of both worlds with chic double topknots and luxe, loose-flowing locks draped down the back. Show off your beautiful face AND your sexy long hair with this combo style.

8. Forever Young, Forever Fun

Forever Young, Forever Fun

Here’s a style that lets your youthful personality shine through to the max. Hair is parted down the middle from forehead to nape, then gathered and lightly twisted into high topknots on each side of the head. Add a pair of your favorite earrings and a cute necklace or two and you are set to be the star attraction at any event!

9. Summer Of Love Hair

Summer Of Love Hair

Has there ever been a more feminine hairstyle? A gorgeous, loose cable braid flows down the back, drawing hair back smoothly from the face and neck while leaving wispy tendrils and soft bangs to frame the face. Small sprigs of fresh blossoms placed throughout the braid add a fairytale vibe to the ultimate Lolita style.

10. Boho Chic And Casual

Boho Chic And Casual

The most relaxed yet chic hairstyle ever! Loose locks, herringbone-style braids, sleek hair, and casual knots all come together in one style to create a fun look that screams ‘rock star!’ Summertime celebration hair couldn’t be more perfectly defined. This style is great for practically any length of hair.

11. Get Beautiful And Go Style

Get Beautiful And Go Style

This style gives off such a simple yet sleek vibe you’ll want to wear it all the time, anywhere and everywhere! A sassy combination of relaxed, loose locks flowing down the back, chunky crown braiding, and fishtail side braids that blend at the back of the head and sit pretty atop a curtain of soft hair.

12. Twist And Shout Style

Twist And Shout Style

Source: luxyhair.com

Here is hair that fairly begs to be touched! A casual, chunky braid winds it’s way high around the back of the head while sitting crown-like atop gorgeous free-flowing waves that are perfect for any festival, bonfire, impromptu beach party, any exciting event that is sure to turn into the stuff dreams are made of.

13. Simple Style With Attitude

Simple Style With Attitude

Source: kkland.co.uk

Long hair gets a super-simple yet stylish look with this half-up/half-down ‘do. The top layer of hair is sectioned off, pulled straight up, then rolled down onto the crown, where it is secured in place and separated and spread out a bit with the fingers for a not-too-done look. The rest of the hair is left free and finger-combed into soft, touseled waves. Perfect for a laid-back day hanging with buds.

14. Rock ‘n Roll Royalty

Rock 'n Roll Royalty

Festival hair personified! This style seems to have been created simply by running the fingers through it, pulling it up, giving it a couple easy twists, adding a few random hair pins, and leaving the rest to gravity. Errant tendrils escape to play with the shoulders and neck in a flirty fashion. This is the perfect style for a day – and night! – of partying like a rock star!

15. Sleek, Sexy, Symmetrical Style

Sleek, Sexy, Symmetrical Style

Source: wachabuy.com

Nothing showcases long, beautiful hair like a stylish braid, and this one done in herringbone detail brings out all the luster of this gorgeous head of healthy hair. Turned under and casually draped over the shoulder, this is a great hairstyle for rocking out at a day-long festival.

16. Waterfall And Waves Fun

Waterfall And Waves Fun

This incredible hairstyle has it all, and it is all done beautifully! Starting at the forehead, hair is pulled back and woven into a loosely braided style that is criss-crossed at the back of the head via a pair of more defined side braids. The rest of the hair lays softly down the back, topped by a casually constructed herringbone braid framed by easy waves There is absolutely nothing not to love about this festival-ready hairstyle.

17. “I’m Here For The Party” Hair

"I'm Here For The Party" Hair

Can’t you just see this hairstyle on one of the top performers onstage at the season’s hottest music festival? Hair is parted down the center from front to back then braided beginning at the nape. Braids are stopped and secured at the crown on either side of the head and the remaining hair is formed into loosely twisted buns. A wisp of bangs can be left to play on the forehead or all of the hair can be worked into the buns for a sleek, off-the-face style.

18. Ultimate Earth Child Hair

Ultimate Earth Child Hair

Source: bytezza.com

No matter the season, no matter the celebration, this hairstyle will always be a classic! Flattering on anyone, the simple, casually constructed braids and slightly dishevelled crown let the world know that you take life just seriously enough to face the day beautifully yet without having to be overly serious. Absolutely perfect for a weekend-long outing.

19. No Faux Pas Hair Here

No Faux Pas Hair Here

Could a Faux Hawk possibly be any more sexy and feminine? This is the perfect festival hair in every way! This style will work great for lengths from mid-shoulder and longer. Handfuls of hair are sectioned at the top of the head, pulled up, and secured out of the way while two chunky side pieces are pulled to the back of the head and secured below the sectioned-off top hair. The top section is then braided beginning at the forehead and extending to the ends of the hair. The braid is pulled out and up a bit at the top of the head for volume to simulate a “mohawk” effect. Rock this look and people will be asking for YOUR autograph!

20. Poetry In Motion Style

Poetry In Motion Style

A soft and feminine hairstyle that perfectly showcases your facial features AND your luxurious locks. The top layer of hair is swept up and swirled into a chic topknot, loosely secured for a look that is just slightly unkempt. A hint of barely-there bangs are left loose at the sides of the forehead. The rest of the hair is free to caress the neck and shoulders for a romantic look that will put stars in the eyes of all who encounter you.

21. Braids And Beachy Waves

Braids And Beachy Waves

Source: stayglam.com

Festive hair can be seen anywhere: at the local hot spot, on the beach, at the best concert in town, and this style is classy enough for all three and then some! Thick, loose waves are crowned by chunky braids formed on each side if the face, pulled to the back of the head and secured underneath, giving the appearance of a single braid perched atop lovely tousled waves. Two simple and pretty styles in one!

22. A Style Perfect for Parties

A Style Perfect for Parties

If this hairstyle isn’t straight out of a modern-day fairytale, what is? Finger-combed to the back of the head, hair is braided beginning at the forehead in a unique “reverse fishtail” design, then secured about five to six inches from the ends, leaving a length of hair free. The loose hair is then separated and the top section is used to create a more sleek and structured “traditional” braid to the end of the hair. This hairstyle begs to be seen by everyone rocking through the festival season.

23. Goddess In The House

Goddess In The House

Simple, soft, and sexy, this hairstyle is perfect for long days chilling with friends, just being you. Long locks are left soft and natural, parted to one side with a playful twist and a braid created for a little something special. Easy and so much fun!

24. Rockin’ The Rainbow Locks

Rockin' The Rainbow Locks

Fun Fun Fun! Long, curly hair gets it’s ends playfully infused with bold jewel tones, making you the star of the crowd! Curls are separated with the fingers and the different sections brushed through with a multitude of vibrant colors. Choose any shades you like, and as many as you dare – you’re sure to be a hit!

25. Twisted And Terrific Style

Twisted And Terrific Style

Mid-length locks look gorgeous with easy twisted sections pulled back on either side of the head then tucked in and under to secure them at the back of the head. For an added feminine touch you can scatter a few sprigs of baby’s breath or a few daisies through the twists. Adorable and easy, and so flattering on anyone.

26. Sassy Waterfall Braid Style

Sassy Waterfall Braid Style

Tired of throwing those gorgeous long locks up into a boring ponytail or that same old braid? This easy-to-create look will wow everyone and have you feeling like royalty! Hair is pulled to one side and, beginning at the forehead, woven into a thick, cable-like braid it’s entire length ending over the shoulder to hang down the back gracefully. Just imagine the sexy over-the-shoulder glances you’ll give with this incredible braid framing your face!

27. An Explosion Of Sexy

An Explosion Of Sexy

Source: fabmood.com

Every festival has one: “that girl”, the one with THE most amazing hair. That will be YOU with this ultra-feminine style. Wild, full curls and waves intertwined and topped off with a pretty braid sitting atop them like a tiara. Flirty tendrils are pulled loose toward the face and curled for the ultimate girly look.

28. Glam Goddess Alert Style

Glam Goddess Alert Style

Source: stayglam.com

What better way to keep hair in check and look uber glamorous doing so? A headful of sleek, shiny braids with a unique basket weave-like look, divided mid-head and magically knitted into a single braid on either side of the head, draping the shoulders beautifully. Perfect hair for a day at play.

29. Festival Bunny Hair

Festival Bunny Hair

Source: stayglam.com

The perfect style for a day of rocking out, playing in the waves with friends, having the time of your life! Show off that beautiful face and some serious bling with this ‘do, pulled off the face and braided on both sides of the head beginning at the forehead, working back behind the ears and down to the very ends of the hair to create long, youthful braids that go perfectly with any fashion. You have the look, now get out there and take over the world!

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