50 Fun Star Wars Gifts to Show Your Loved Ones You Care

These 50 amazing Star Wars gifts for 2018 will give you new and exciting ways to show your loved ones you care. When selecting a gift for a friend or loved one, think about how they will use the gift and whether it is something that would pique their interest. Cool Star Wars stuff can be found for every type of fan, from casual fans to the most obsessed. These gifts are inspired by all of the Star Wars movies, from the prequels to the sequels and these cool presents range from practical to decorative.

Star Wars began in 1977 when the first movie was released in theaters. The movies built a cult following that quickly brought about a huge cultural phenomenon. Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi comprised the first trilogy. Anticipation built between each movie, making merchandise sales skyrocket. Along 16-year gap between the original trilogy and the prequels did not diminish the fandom in any way. It continued to grow as the years went by.

50 Adventurous Star Wars Gifts to Delight the Child in All of Us

      Star Wars appealed to all ages of moviegoers and paved the way for other science fiction franchises to succeed. Star Wars merchandise is so popular because moviegoers want a way to bring the happiness and excitement of the movies into their daily lives. They also want to show off how much they love the movies.

      Star Wars gifts are a great purchase for anyone who loves the movies. Being in touch with the things your friends and family love will make them appreciate your gift. You can find a type of gift that any Star Wars fan would love, from a small child to a serious collector. When you are searching for gifts from the movies, keep in mind how your friend or loved one might use the present and whether they like practical gifts or display items.

      50FunStar Wars Giftsto Show Your Loved Ones You Care

      Rolling BB-9E Droid with App Control

      In the Star Wars movies, this droid belongs to the fearsome First Order. This rolling droid is controlled by a mobile app. It can also roll around on its own. This droid is an entertaining toy for all ages. It is a great gift idea for the serious Star Wars fan.

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      Darth Vader Toaster Prints Star Wars Logo

      This unusual gift makes toast with the Star Wars logo. The product is not only an attractive accent to the kitchen countertop but makes excellent toast. Star Wars fans will be entertained by the printed logo on their breakfast. It is also available in the shape of a Stormtrooper helmet.

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      R2-D9 USB Car Charger

      This little droid makes an awesome car charger for all your USB items. The charger sits in the car’s cup holder. It makes a sound when a device is plugged in and another sound when the device is charging. This is a practical Star Wars gadget that any fan will love.

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      Silicone Oven Mitt to Handle Hot Items

      One of the more useful gifts with a Star Wars theme, this mitt is an excellent Star Wars gift for him. It can be put into service in the kitchen every day. The mitt is printed with the Empire symbol. This is a great gift idea for any Star Wars fan who loves to cook.

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      Star Wars Planetary Necklace for Her

      Beautiful planets make this necklace a super Star Wars gift for her. The planets featured are made of semi-precious stones. The necklace itself is made of surgical stainless steel and then silver-plated. This pretty piece of jewelry would show any female Star Wars fan that you really care.

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      R2-D2 littleBits Droid Inventor Kit

      This Star Wars gadget provides an educational experience for kids and older collectors. Users love this kit because it is easy to put together with the littleBits blocks. It makes a neat robot that can be controlled by hand, with a smartphone app, or can run on its own.

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      Lenovo Star Wars: Jedi Challenges Game

      This augmented reality game is a spectacular gift for Star Wars fans. The set features a VR helmet, a lightsaber, and a tracking beacon. The set can be used for a variety of great games including lightsaber battles, holo-chess, and strategic combat. This game brings the excitement of Star Wars into your home.

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      Star Wars R2-D2 Socks by Stance

      With engineered arch support and a reflective logo, these are high-performance crew socks. They are a nice small gift idea. This is a super unisex gift idea that is great for any Star Wars fan, whether or not they need a performance sock. Show your true fandom colors with these socks.

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      Black Series Luke Skywalker Action Figure

      Intended primarily for older kids and collectors, this 6-inch figure is highly detailed and fully articulated. This figure comes with a cloth cape. This Star Wars toy would make a unique display item in the home of any Star Wars fan, and any young fan would love to play with it.

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      BB-8 Cufflinks for Your Favorite Gentleman

      Made of enameled brass, these cufflinks make a super Star Wars gift for him. This is a small gift idea that will help any man show off his love of Star Wars while dressed in his best. These cufflinks are a good gift for Father’s Day, birthdays, and holidays.

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      Sphero Star Wars BB-8 App Enabled Droid

      Controlled by a smartphone or tablet app, this droid is one of the cutest Star Wars gifts out there. The droid is 12 inches tall. The droid has an adaptive personality that changes over time as you play with it. This droid is a super example of cool Star Wars stuff. Any child or adult fan would enjoy it.

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      LEGO Ultimate Millennium Falcon Playset

      With over 7,500 pieces, this is an impressive LEGO set. The kit makes a Millennium Falcon spaceship that is almost 3 feet across. This would make a big impression as a Star Wars present. Any LEGO fan would love to have this set. If you are looking for a large gift, this awesome set would be great.

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      Funko POP! Luke Skywalker Figure

      Standing at 3.75 inches tall, this Star Wars figure from The Last Jedi comes with a walking stick. These figures may be cheap gift ideas, but everyone loves them. If you’re looking for a small gift idea, a POP! figure might be just what you need. They are available in dozens of character styles.

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      Star Wars Galaxy UW Boxers by Stance

      These boxer briefs are made of comfortable synthetic fabric and are perfect for sleep and daily wear. Customers love the fit and breathability of these boxers. These make a unique gift idea for him and a fun addition to his Star Wars stuff collection.

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      NVIDIA Titan Xp Collector’s Edition Graphics Cards

      With an impressive level of performance, these graphics cards come in Galactic Empire and Jedi Order styles. Driven by NVIDIA’s Pascal system, these cards will help computer games run quickly and show off stunning visuals. These are not cheap gift ideas, but serious gamers will love them.

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      Hasbro Star Wars 40th Anniversary Monopoly Game

      In this classic game, players move around the board collecting scenes from the original Star Wars movie. Customers love the details on the board and the game tokens. This is one of the top gift ideas for families to enjoy. It is a good gift for Star Wars fans and a neat collectible for Monopoly enthusiasts.

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      Nixon Luke Skywalker Safari Watch

      This Star Wars present features a comfortable leather band, easy to read watch face, and a Rebel Alliance symbol. The second hand represents Luke’s lightsaber. On the back, “I am a Jedi” is engraved along with Luke’s silhouette. This is a subtle way to show off your fandom every day.

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      SMS Audio Street by 50 Headphones

      These R2-D2 themed headphones have passive noise cancellation and comfortable memory foam cushions for all-day wear. Users were impressed by the good sound quality and comfort of these headphones. They are good for gamers and music lovers of all ages as well as collectors of Star Wars gadgets.

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      Bandai Poe's Boosted X-Wing Fighter Model Kit

      Model kits are a unique gift idea for collectors who would like to branch out from premade items. This model is Poe Dameron’s X-Wing fighter from The Last Jedi. This model is one of the cool gifts for kids to make with their parents. The fighter makes an awesome display piece when it is finished.

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      Star Wars Geeki Tikis – Series 1

      These ceramic mugs are fantastic gift ideas for the adult fan. Shaped like Star Wars characters in tiki style, these are funny unisex gift ideas. They are perfect for anyone with a home bar who likes to entertain. These fun gifts would be fantastic movie night companions.

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      Nevins Stormtroopers Backpack by State

      With room for a laptop and all of your daily essentials, this is a classy and high-quality backpack. The backpack has two compartments. It is made of nylon with a printed interior liner. This is a good gift for the adult Star Wars fan or for a responsible teen. It is one of the top gifts for 2018.

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      Limited Edition Boba Fett Quotes Mosaic

      This is one of the most unique Star Wars gifts. It is an art print depicting the bounty hunter, Boba Fett, and the art is made entirely of printed quotes from the character throughout the series. This is an unusual gift that will make a big impression on any Boba Fett fan.

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      Star Wars Chewbacca Electronic Mask

      Roaring like Chewbacca when the wearer opens his or her mouth, this is a funny Star Wars toy. Users love the authentic movie sounds. The mask is made to fit a child but it is a cool gift idea for an adult collector as well. This mask was made famous in a viral video and became very popular.

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      LEGO Star Wars The Last Jedi BB-8 Set

      This adorable LEGO kit is made for older kids and teens. It is one of the unisex gift ideas that any LEGO collector would enjoy putting together. Customers were pleased by the clear instructions and the quality of the finished droid. This is one of the cool presents for Star Wars fans.

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      Star Wars Cutesy Roll Plush Toys

      At 19 inches tall, these adorable cuddly toys come in Yoda, Chewbacca, and Porg styles. These toys have 360-degree detail which is printed or sewn on. These Star Wars toys are great gift ideas for a younger child, but any Star Wars fan would love to cuddle with them.

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      Star Wars 3D Mega Lamps

      This impressive Star Wars lamp is in the shape of the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo’s space freighter. It also comes in several other styles like R2-D2 and the Death Star. This Star Wars lamp provides a cool accent to any room. It looks especially awesome in a dark room.

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      Life-Sized Interactive Action Porg Plush

      Porgs are tiny bird-like animals that resemble penguins. They are adorable and appeal to children and adults alike. This ten-inch Porg toy “talks” when its belly is squeezed. It also moves its mouth, wings, and head. This is a sweet gift for the Star Wars fans in your life.

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      Star Wars Darth Vader Hilt Immersion Blender

      Practical and cool, this immersion blender is one of the most fun gifts for the cook in the family. The design is an homage to Darth Vader’s red lightsaber. This blender shows off the owner’s Star Wars style while making tasty soups and smoothies. It is a neat way to put some individual style in the ordinary kitchen.

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      Star Wars – R2D2 Socks by Cufflinks Inc.

      Cute R2-D2 graphics in red and blue decorate these men’s dress socks. Made in a comfortable viscose knit, these socks are durable additions to any Star Wars fan’s wardrobe. Designer socks are a fun way to add Star Wars style to your outfit on a workday.

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      Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker

      With this appliance, you can make waffles in the shape of the Death Star. This is a super Star Wars gift for her, or for anyone who loves waffles. Customers were pleased with the performance of this waffle iron. Enjoy making Death Star waffles with one of these useful gifts.

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      Star Wars T-65 X Wing Battling Quadcopter

      Flying up to 35 miles per hour, this drone is one of the coolest Star Wars gifts. It is easy to control by remote or with a mobile app. The drone has an attractive collector’s box that lights up and plays Star Wars music. The fighter can battle with several other drones at once. Customers loved the drone’s flying performance and themed box.

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      Limited Edition BB-8 Star Wars Blanket

      This attractive blanket combines a woven graphic of BB-8 with a Southwestern design in ombré colors. This Star Wars blanket is perfect for cuddling up on the couch on a cold night while you watch the movies. It is a hand-numbered collector’s edition woven from pure wool and cotton.

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      Star Wars X-Wing Fleece Robe

      Paying tribute to Poe Dameron’s X-Wing pilot suit from The Last Jedi, this cozy polyester robe is an excellent Star Wars gift for him. With printed flight suit details and a fabric tie, this robe is perfect for lounging at home. This robe has pockets and is one size fits all.

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      Columbia Limited Edition Movie Inspired Coats

      Modeled after the coats worn on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back, these jackets come in men’s and women’s styles – Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, and Han Solo. These are high-performance coats that will keep anyone warm in the great outdoors. They have many advanced features like Omni-Heat reflective fabric.

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      Moleskine Star Wars Limited Edition Notebook

      A classy Star Wars gift for the writer in your life, this notebook is hardcover with rounded corners and an elastic closure. The notebook has acid-free paper and comes with Star Wars stickers. A colorful design of a space dogfight between X-Wings and TIE fighters decorates the cover.

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      C-3PO Click Jotzone Star Wars Gift Set

      This classy gel pen and journal make a perfect gift for any writer or business person who needs to take notes. The pen is lacquered in metallic gold with a C-3PO head design. The notebook has a padded leatherette cover with C-3PO’s face and the movie logo.

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      Uncle Milton Star Wars Science Lightsaber Kit

      This build your own lightsaber kit can be hung on the wall as a neat night light. It is modeled after Kylo Ren’s lightsaber in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. The lightsaber has a pulsing light effect and makes sound effects from the movies. It has a remote control for convenient operation. This is a cool gift idea for any young Star Wars fan.

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      Awesome Saber Shaped Space Keys

      One of the most unusual cheap gift ideas, these keys come in several different sizes to fit most standard locks. Their unique lightsaber design will give your keychain a lift with Star Wars style. These keys are novel and will get noticed. You can have them cut at your local hardware store if you order them online.

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      Wesco R2-D2 Star Wars Alarm Clock

      This fun Star Wars alarm clock is shaped like the faithful R2-D2. The clock projects the time while the alarm is going off. It can also project the time when a button on the unit is pressed. The unit makes authentic movie sounds for a whimsical way to wake up in the morning.

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      Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-Ray

      This complete set covers the first six movies, from The Phantom Menace through Return of the Jedi. This box set has high-quality video and digital sound. These Blu-Rays also have 40 hours of special features to go with the six movies in the set. This gift would be excellent for any fan who is just starting out with the series and needs a complete set.

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      Star Wars Ice Cream 3-Pack

      This unusual gift is made of three kinds of Star Wars-inspired ice cream that can be shipped frozen to your home. First Order is a deep dark salted chocolate. Resistance is a mix of brown sugar and vanilla bean. The Force has a balance of light and dark with sweet cream and chocolate. This gift is great for anyone with a sweet tooth.

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      BB-8 Enamel Ear Jacket Earrings

      These adorable earrings are the best Star Wars gift for her. The earrings are shaped like the charming little droid, BB-8. They are stud ear jacket earrings made of a zinc alloy with steel posts and enamel details. These would be a super present for a teenage or adult Star Wars fan.

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      Star Wars Plush Bouquet 3.0

      This plush bouquet is an adorable alternative to flowers. The nine plush characters include droids, Chewbacca, a Porg, Han Solo and Leia. The plushes can be detached from the dowels and then replaced for display. This bouquet would make a lovely gift for the Star Wars princess in your life.

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      STANCE Star Wars Disturbance Men’s Socks

      These awesome socks come in Stormtrooper and Kylo Ren designs. They make great Star Wars gifts. These are classic cotton crew socks that anyone would love. Try these socks when you need something to lounge in or something to wear with your favorite sneakers. They are a great gift for men and women who love Star Wars and cozy socks.

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      BB-8 Hooded Sweatshirt for Women

      This is one of the prettiest Star Wars sweaters for women. It is a traditional zip-up hoodie with a 60% cotton – 40% polyester knit fabric. The design is inspired by everyone’s favorite little droid, BB-8 and has applique designs that bring him to mind without being too cartoonish. These Star Wars sweaters would make an excellent gift for a woman who loves Star Wars.

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      LEGO Star Wars Rebel U-Wing Fighter

      This playset is based on the movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The set comes with over 650 pieces and is intended for ages 8-14. The starship design is unique to Rogue One. The set comes with six Star Wars figures including Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor.

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      Star Wars Nerf Captain Phasma Blaster

      This bolt-action blaster can hold up to 5 darts. The darts are glow-in-the-dark for nighttime play. The blaster also makes laser sound effects from the movies. This gift is good for any child who loves Star Wars, or for anyone young or old who likes to play with Nerf guns.

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      Chewbelta Car Seatbelt Shoulder Cover Pad

      Covering a regular seatbelt in plush brown fur, this is a funny gift for any driver that loves Star Wars stuff. Drivers can pretend to be Chewbacca when they use this car seat belt cover. The belt cover has a bandolier design like the character wears in the movies.

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      Star Wars Women's Vintage Rey T-Shirt

      This Star Wars T-shirt features a vintage Rey design. The design is comprised of a triangle with the Star Wars logo, a setting sun, and the character Rey with a lightsaber. The T-shirt is 90% cotton, 10% polyester for a comfortable fit. This Star Wars T-shirt is great for girls and young women who want to show off their Star Wars style.

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      I Love You and I Know Hand Towels

      These hand towels feature one of the funniest yet most touching lines from The Empire Strikes Back. When Han Solo is about to be put in carbonite, Leia tells him “I love you,” and he simply replies, “I know.” These are cute his and hers towels and would be a super wedding or engagement gift for Star Wars fans.

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      50 Super Star Wars Gifts to Bring the Galaxy Home

      These cool gifts will give your friends and family the fun of watching the Star Wars movies. These gifts come in a wide variety of price ranges so there is something for everyone. Little children will love the plush figures, while adult collectors will enjoy the decorative items. Give earrings or cufflinks to go with more dressy outfits. Some of these gifts, like socks and underwear, are both practical and funny.

      Whatever you choose, your friends and loved ones will enjoy using these special Star Wars gifts. They can show off their allegiance to the Resistance or the First Order while having a fantastic time.

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