27 Pretty Summer Outfits

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It is time to be looking at pretty summer outfits that are comfortable and will make you a lovely sight to see. All of the ensembles are very sweet with some styles that are classic with just a touch of naughty. From casual to evening wear, these outfits are ready to kick-start your new exciting summertime wardrobe. Picture your sassy, stunning self, wearing these smartly designed pretty summer outfits.

27 Smart, Flirty and Pretty Summer Outfits

1. Kick About Super Stripe Dress

Source: shein.com

You will be noticed in this sweet little black and white stripe basic dress. It is a staple in your summer wardrobe as it is a go anywhere, anytime, throw on for most occasions.

2. White Lace Very Vinca Romper

Source: lulus.com

You will look cool and fresh, even in the heat, with this airy white romper with inset lace and lace back panel. Peek-a-boo button front just adds to the allure.

3. Southwestern Native Sunset Geo Shift

This shift is a head-turner with its bold geometric design and its southwestern desert colors. It is great for shopping or going for a stroll on the beach as a swimsuit cover.

4. Pleasantly Peasant Seersucker Pinstripe Shift

Nothing like mixing it up a bit. This shift is designed with a boho, off the shoulder neckline, using a classic seersucker fabric. Just one of many pretty summer outfits made for you.

5. Peek-A Boo Papaya Sizzler Shift

You will look hot in this long sleeve, slit back, dress. Great as evening wear, it can be dressed up or down showcasing runway accessories or worn plain. Perhaps adding scarf could be the only thing it needs to set a mood.

6. Lacey Taste Floral Boho Romper

Ready to feel cool and flirty in this “barely there” floral fabric romper. This design is sweet and sexy at the same time with a boho look that will make them wonder if you are naughty or nice.

7. Fun Blue Bohemian Stripe Romper

Casual and cute is the way you will feel in the flirty high bodice romper. Who knows, it might bring the gypsy out in you as you keep all eyes on this multi-stripe, multi-patterned summer delight.

8. Breezy You Island Paradise Sundress

No wardrobe is complete without a sundress and this one will make them think you just returned from an island paradise. The sharp contrast of pastel with dark border highlights will set off a summer tan for a “just returned” tropical holiday look.

9. Basic Blue Summer Style Romper

This spaghetti strap romper that showcases a panel front bodice is a low frills style. It will set-off any accessories that you will want to add to suit your mood for the day.

10. Palazzo On The Plaza Ensemble

Source: wachabuy.com

All eyes will be on you as you strike a pose in this two piece palazzo pant and bustier style top. It is sophisticated in style and tends to add an allure of mystery to the lucky woman who is wearing it.

11. A Casual Avenue Stroller Ensemble

You will be comfortable and yet stylish in this flowing tee top and geo designed shorts ensemble when strolling down the street window shopping or meeting your friends for lunch. The top is the perfect backdrop for your favorite accessories.

12. Just Naughty Enough Black Romper

Source: m.romwe.com

They may think you are out strolling in your favorite teddy wearing this lacy black romper when out and about. Heads will turn when you boldly accent your figure in this “no hide” one piece design.

13. Tea Time Tee Shirt Ensemble

Source: polyvore.com

Be ready to relax in this tee shirt and shorts ensemble after a day at work or while on a holiday. Casual and cool with a splash of sassy is a great summer time addition to your wardrobe.

14. Just A Little Formal Romper

Source: lulus.com

Do you need to be cool, sexy, and look a bit formal at the same time? This romper will be your “go-to” for these types of occasions. The belted waist is certainly a wonderful way to accent your figure.

15. Mesmerizing Not Just Anyday Dress

Once you catch their eye, they will not be able to look away when they see you in this cute and fun casual dress. The striped designed patterns will keep them looking while you casually walk past.

16. Day and Night Floral Strapless Ensemble

You will always be the belle when attending a day or night social event in this black tube top with a tropical print pants ensemble. And, it has just the right amount of sassy.

17. Taking the Plunge Basic White Dress

Every closet needs that basic white summer white dress and yours is no different. Why not add a daring detail like a deep v front plunge neckline. One of many pretty summer outfits that should be in your closet.

18. Just A Touch Of Harem Slacks

What a sophisticated tease these harem style pants give to any complete outfit. They are designed for day or evening wear depending on the occasion.

19. Boho On The Go Ruffled Blouse

Source: lulus.com

Designed to complete any casual ensemble, this flirty blouse can be worn off or on the shoulder. The tassel can double as an accessory.

20. Arabian Nights And Days Ensemble

Source: wachabuy.com

This white lacey midriff bodice and long flowing skirt will bring out the romantic, exotic side of you, and anyone else that admires you when you go out in public.

21. Let Me Be Casual Shorts Set

On hot and humid days, you will still look refreshed and cool in this knock around tee shirt and shorts set. The edging on the shorts will just remind them how cool you are.

22. Sweet And Sexy Street Wrap

This is your not so basic black wrap outfit that lets them know you are in control. The neck collar with the deep plunge will keep them guessing about your next move – sweet or sexy.

23. Daring Plus Darling White Romper

Straight on this romper is just darling but a closer side view shows the long cut-out arms that can be quite daring if you wear it ” au natural” underneath.

24. It’s Fun Time Shorts Set

Source: polyvore.com

Nothing like a spot of tea and relaxing in a casual and comfy v-neck tee shirt and pretty shorts with a cut-out border hem. If sitting around is not to your liking, this outfit is great for a round of golf or a game of tennis.

25. No Hassel Tassel Shorts Set

Source: omei.co

This halter top is designed with a sweet folksy tassel accent matched with a pair of drawstring shorts. The shorts have a special scalloped hemline that adds another touch of sweetness.

26. Street Smart And Savy Dress

This basic striped sleeveless dress can function in so many ways. Use it as a basic dress or a beach cover-up. It could be worn as a long tunic with pants or jeans. Let your imagination have fun with this one.

27. Just Too Sweet Summer Romper

Source: zkkoo.com

Sweet, cool, and airy describes the spaghetti strap romper with a two-tone floral design. The tassels and lace border make you irresistible.

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