29 Pretty Chic Summer Outfits

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Being a woman is not as easy as one might think; for instance, it isn’t easy trying to keep up with the latest styles of chic summer outfits due to the styles come and go so quickly. The fact that summer clothes are out several months before you even wear them makes it more difficult. You must make sure to really watch what you eat, because you want to be able to still fit into those cute summer dresses you purchased at Christmas time. This article is going to take us through some of summer’s most fashionable wear, (at least what’s in style for this Summer 2017!!

29 Hot & Chic Summer Outfits

29 Pretty Chic Summer Outfits

1. Stylish Mini Dress for Work and Play

This stylish little mini is perfect for those hot summer board meetings. The white blazer really sets if off to add a touch of professionalism with a casual flair. One could wear high-healed pumps or sandals as foot wear with this ensemble and it wouldn’t take away from the stylish look.

2. Sheer Sex Appeal in a Dress

Source: asos.com

This lovely flowing dress has a bit of sexiness to it with the slit hemline and low cut bodice. The sheer skirt also adds a certain sex appeal to the dress. I don’t think this would be a dress to wear to the office, this is more like a dress to wear for a date at the beach.

3. From Playtime to the Office

Source: postila.ru

This dress is looks very comfortable, for going to the lake or having a picnic. The back is open with crisscross broad straps. The pleated skirt gives the dress a formal appearance in which one could wear a blouse underneath if wanting to wear the dress to work. Without a blouse, however, the dress is too casual for the office.

4. Soft Pink and Lacey Femininity

Source: rstyle.me

This dress is pure femininity, the soft pink color and lace hemline that goes up mid-thigh. Definitely one of those chic summer outfits!! This dress could be worn to the office, a day at the lake, or even a wedding. A versatile dress, can be worn with nice sandal flats or high heels.

5. Cool Fun or Stylish Professional

Just looking at this dress screams backyard barbecue or lakeside picnic. The brown and white tine check box design dress looks so comfortable. Sleeveless, and looks to be made of a cool cotton fabric. Style can be worn at work with a small white jacket to add a professional touch.

6)Simply Feminine and Professional

Source: stylewe.com

This dress is simple in design, yet feminine, with ruffles at the neck and bare sleeve line. The belted bow waistline also adds a touch of classiness. I would recommend this type of dress for the office, or a professional lunch or dinner date where you aim to impress your meal partner on your business professionalism.

7. Sexy Summer Chic Outfit

Another one of those chic summer outfits. Pure white dress, with small butterfly like sleeves, and a skirt that flairs out, given the appearance of a smaller waistline, (and what woman doesn’t want to appear to have a smaller waistline than she has??)

8. Delicate Femininity at Work

This dress is so delicate. Sleeveless, with bows on each side of the waist, and the bows appear to be ribbons that go up and over the shoulders. Very feminine, cool dress. White with birds and tiny blue flowers and white lilies designed fabric.

9. Baby Blue Sexy Mini Dress

Source: vogue.com

This baby blue, sleeveless, mini dress has two dark blue bows along the side appearing to be all that holds the dress together. Very comfortable looking and gives the wearer a youthful appearance. More of a casual wear dress than office wear, due to the side slit makes it a little too sexy to wear to work.

10. Lace and Embroidery, Recipe for Success

Source: rstyle.me

This lacy, embroidery designed dress is perfect for lazy summer evenings, or just relaxing about. Definitely too casual for work, but great for a casual party or spending relaxing alone time with a special someone.

11. Pure Lace and Softness

Source: fichic.com

This dress is so beautiful, perfect to wear to a garden party, or a wedding, it is so lacy and delicate. One can wear pearls and heels with it, or switch it up and wear sandals and no necklace, the lacy neckline is beautiful by itself.

12. Professional, Yet Playful and Flirty

This dress is professional with the pleated blouse, and the skirt is not quite a mini, yet it’s not long either, the design is a recipe for fun and flirting. With just a hint of soft femininity with the delicate flower pattern on the skirt.

13. Bring on the Summer & Autumn Days

This outfit is a perfect fit for Summer turning into Autumn weather. The old fashion faux paux is never wear white after Labor Day. The black mid-sleeve blouse and white skirt with black flowers is the perfect way to transition from Summer to Autumn.

14. Poofy Skirt with a Retro-Flair

This skirt has a hint of a retro-flair to it. Almost like the 50s meets the 21st century. The black short sleeve blouse fits nicely with this white with large black circles on a poofy skirt and belted waistline. Adorable, to wear to the office or on a date.

15. Sweet & Innocent or Naughty but Nice?

Source: lolobu.com

This dress has a look of sweetness, with the short sleeves tied in bows, however, the fabric gives the illusion of seeing her skin through the fabric. Plus, with the satin shine to the fabric, and the belted waist, gives the whole outfit just a hint of sex appeal.

16. Sexy through and Through

This dress looks almost like a Japanese Kimono. It’s flowery fabric flowing about like a satin robe. A woman would have to have a lot of self confidence to wear this.

17. Just a Hint of Naughtiness

Source: showpo.com

This playful dress is delicately designed pink flowers and green leaves,sleeves that are mid-length, there is an opening in front, that is lined with eyelets giving just the hint of naughtiness.

18. Let’s Take a Midnight Stroll

This floral-design skirt and off the shoulder sweater is the perfect outfit for those chilly midnight strolls along the beach. Just the hint of skin showing in the midriff area to tease your date.

19. Glamorous Back-Drop Outfit

The long flowing to the floor skirt and full back showing top spells a concoction of glamour and sexiness. This is the type of outfit one might wear (with a date, of course) to see the opening of a well-known play or opera.

20. Glamorously Relaxed Outfit

A sleeveless white blouse, with a full-length skirt, belted waistline. This is the sort of outfit one might wear to a concert on the lawn, where ever wearing sandals or going barefoot a plus!

21. Wanna-be Hippy Style Outfit

A layered flowery skirt, and a T-Shirt tied at the waist. What better way to relax on a Summer day? Oh, and forget about any type of shoes, this outfit requires none!!

22. Easy, Breezy, Walk Through the Park

Source: cichic.com

A peach-colored, small-pleated, long flowing skirt with a over-sized, mid arm sleeve white blouse tucked in at the waistline. It’s classy, yet still comfortably relaxed enough to wear some sandals and go on a quiet, soul-searching walk either by yourself or with a special person.

23. Casually Out-Fitted for Work

A pink flowing long skirt and a little grey short-sleeved, blouse, with a button-up neckline, leaving the top button open adds a certain flair to the whole outfit. Casual but not too casual. Can go from the office to the beach. (Have all your beachwear stored away in that over-sized purse that doubles for a beach over-night bag!)

24. Mid-Length Flowing Skirt

This periwinkle colored skirt isn’t ankle length, but it still flows like is it. Top it off with a white sleeveless blouse tucked in at the waist, you are ready for the office on casual Friday and the night life afterwards!

25. Poofy Sleeves Meet Form Fitting Skirt

Not everyone can wear an all-white form fitting dress, but if you have the shape , got for it! The poofy elbow length sleeves set off this sleek form fitting knee length dress.

26. Anyone for Some Rock-Climbing?

Source: oasap.com

I’m not sure about rock climbing in this hot out fit. But it is comfortable looking. Long blue dress with large floral prints, a side-slit to show off your thigh a bit. A halter neckline in front, extends to a halter back. Very chic and pretty.

27. A Simple Night on the Town

Source: jessakae.com

This dress is simple, yet glamorous. Long skirt, and sleeves that stop mid arm’s length. A serious style but with the pink floral design adds a touch of flirtatiousness.

28. Dancing in the Park

Long length dress, gray back ground fabric with large pretty white flowers. A halter neckline, and slit skirt going just above the knee. Perfect for waling through town on a hot summer night.

29. Jail-House Rock

Source: shein.com

Not really a jail-bird, but this cute little mini dress in black and white stripes is just cute enough to go any where in!

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