29 Nifty Mini Skirt Ideas

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Enter the world of fashion with the latest style in mini skirt ideas, wearing any one of these fantastic skirts. They look fantastic and stretch over a wide variety of styles. They are also easy to wear, easy to clean and are the latest in high fashion clothing. Great mini skirts provide a way to wear wonderful clothing and show off great legs. Check out some of the best options that will make you look smart, stylish and up to date.

29 Mini Skirt Ideas that will Make You Look Stylish and Up to Date

29 Nifty Mini Skirt Ideas

1. The High Life Mini Skirt

Source: facebook.com

Move through your daily activities wearing this tight pocket mini skirt. The zipper and Z shaped threaded front double stitching lets you wear it tight. The slightly raveled edged gives it a careless attitude, while it makes you look totally pulled together.

2. The Flared Legged Mini Skirt

Source: yoins.com

Look intellectually sexy with this pants legged mini skirt idea. The legs give the look of a pair of short pants with slightly ballooned legs. The pleated flap smoothly folds on each leg, giving a sophisticated, dressed up look.

3. The Tightly Shape Micro Mini Skirt

This short jean mini with the lovely embroidered flower below the left pocket is special. The skirt is tightly made with the essence of a pair of neatly designed shorts but in skirt form.

4. Fringed Mini Sheik Clothing

Source: facebook.com

Step out in this hot mini skirt and dance the night away. The waistband moves smoothly across the tummy covering the two pockets; one on each side. The material is a lovely white with white fringe along the edges of the skirt.

5. Punk Rock Mini Tight Fit

If you love a worn out look that harbors a lot of class wear this mini skirt with new patched holes. The skirt is short with a tattered jean look. It has the zipper front and hardcore stitch of well-worn jeans from another era.

6. Smooth Great fitting Denim Mini

A miniskirt with a pressed-professional look this skirt is smooth and neatly tailored. Yet, it is slightly sexy with subtle innocence. It has y stitched, Blue jean inner pockets and smooth look of a jean zipper to complete your ensemble.

7. Classic Mini with Fitted Blue Jean Look

This skirt has a standard blue jean persona, whether jeans are overalls or regular jeans. This skirt has the look. Double jean pockets with a tight inner pocket for that small keepsake is classic in this skirt. The small hemline is neatly sewed top, and bottom, with fine stitching along the waistband.

8. Cashmere Slip of Mini Skirt Sophistication

Wear this aspiring simple cashmere in style. Milk brown in a mini version is fun when combined with sweaters or shirts. Side slit pockets accent this beautiful mini skirt with its smooth hemline.

9. Wrap Around Mini Micro Skirt

This cute wrap around skirt in micro length wears well in any temperature. The tie back holds the skirt securely in place. While the multicolored earth tone shades make it highly versatile. Wear this skirt pulled tightly or lightly tied. The straight waistband allows it to fit comfortably.

10. Rough and Rowdy Mini Skirt

A tough lightly colored denim jean mini skirt with nicely sized jean pockets located in the back. This skirt is a micro thigh high mini with ruffled edges. This is a true mini and a necessary article of clothing for those in love with fashion. Grab attention while barely trying.

11. The Shapely Corset Dream Skirt

Show off that waistline, while lacing up the corset, located in the front design of the skirt at the same time. This skirt shows off a figure like no other. It is white, mixing with any color. This short length mini skirt shouts summer fun.

12. Ocean Waves Mini Skirt for Summer

Source: omei.co

This colorful mini wrap has undercover pants. Travel to exciting destinations in this colorful wrap around. Wear it to the beach a party or sit around a campfire and look gorgeous. Stay cool and look sexy in one sweeping blast of color.

13. Figure Changer in a Skirt

This skirt out-shines ordinary clothing. The energy of a video queen lurks in the cut of this simple waist that accentuates the figure. The waistband is wide. The front is double threaded with a clean line down the middle allowing the cloth of the skirt to lie across the hips.

14. Button down Flaps on a Skirt

Wear a skirt with a snap. The appearance of buttons in the zipper area presents a sassy- careless mood when matched with pockets on each side. The Y framed seams are visible on sides and front, offering a cowgirl look.

15. Stripes and Ruffles Work Together

Swing into fashion with one of the mini skirt ideas. This attractively spun stripped wrap skirt with the ruffled hemline s a delightful piece for any season. It crisscrosses in the middle leaving a waste line that blends into any shirt worn. The outfit might have the appearance of one piece.

16. Chic Print Patterns in a Skirt

Stand out in a crowd with lovely printed corduroy mini skirt flowered fabrics. The print of flowers and vines flows over the skirt with bright colors splashed over the entire skirt. His multi-colored fabric mixes and matches with an amazing group of colors and fabrics.

17. Slick and Sexy Leather Mini

If the interest is in looking sleek and sexy is what you have in mind. There is no way to miss in this smooth-tight miniskirt. Wear it at your leisure while sauntering into a room with confidence. This almost seamless skirt with the zipper down the side is a wonderful wardrobe piece for dozens of occasions.

18. Easy to Wear Button Hole Skirt

The six button hole jean mini skirt is a wear anywhere basics. The mood of this skirt with its double seamed sections is reserved. The hemline and waist are seams and the skirt is without pockets. The skirt is neat and casual.

19. Brown Tone Mini Fitting Skirt

This is one of the simply cut mini skirt ideas that are designed to fit the shape of your body. The material is light. The pockets are simply cut, allowing the material to lie on the body naturally.

20. Light Blue jean Mini Casual

Source: facebook.com

The color is basic blue jean with the ability to make looking great come easy. Put this skirt on and it fits without effort.

21. Looped Jean Pants Mini Skirt

This material looks very much like Blue jean pants without the pants section. The pockets are jean cut and the appearance of the front zipper. This is tough jean materials with sturdy Y seams and jean buttons.

22. Relax in Spring Linen Skirt:

The linen mini is a way to look great and stay cool. Light shirts and soft days are a real invite for this skirt. The waistline has belt loops. The skirt has Y seams. Yet everything about this skirt says easy to wear. The tail of the skirt is frayed cloth but in a welcoming way.

23. Zip Up and Wear Your Mini

Source: facebook.com

Small seams, no pockets, and one zipper makes any skirt an easy wear. This color-dipped skirt is a match for most wardrobe collections. It is mini but not too mini. This is active wear at its best. The skirt is easy to clean material, easy to jump into, no worries.

24. Plain Suede Accentuates the Wardrobe

The plain suede skirt with zipper let the wearer set fashion trends wherever they go. The length hits the legs just right and the golden color highlights any event.

25. Jean Styled Short Skirts Change Fashion:

Styles of skirts have moved up and down. Now, the mini skirt is here with blue jean pockets and tough stitching in every crevice of the fabric. Wearing this skirt is as easy as a well-sewn pair of pants. However, the airflow is extremely better.

26. Stitched Denim Jean Mini Skirt

Source: facebook.com

This lovely two pocket stitched skirt puts a twist on the basic jean mini skirt. The material is lighter with a thinner hemline and six button-down front loops. These are not as heavy as the usual jean material. The skirt has belt loops but is held securely by the buttons.

27. Salmon Mini Offers Style Changes

This look of suede in this salmon colored mini skirt is lovely for work or play. Look good no matter the time of day. The zippered skirt with one button down and two pockets makes it easy to wear the miniskirt.

28. Checkerboard Linen Wrap Skirt Ideas

This skirt is airy, wrapped around and tied at the waist. It is not difficult to clean and the plaid board of checks keeps it looking cool.

29. Chocolate Suede is the New Mini

Wear this little skirt to a party, game or a sit-down dinner with friends. The color is subtle and the length is nicely done, no confusion, just a great look.

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