50 Nail Designs To Spice Up Your Winter

By: Claudia Williams Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Winter is coming. The change in seasons means new fashions, clothing and accessories, accessories like your cute nails. How you do your nails reflects your unique personality. Your nails also have to compliment your outfit as you display your sense of style to the world.

50 Gorgeous Winter Nail Designs

25 Nail Designs To Spice Up Your Winter

Winter can be a dreary time. Fight the winter blas with some bright, festive nails. If that’s not your style, choose a more muted tone to compliment a darker wardrobe, or contrast your favorite white sweater. The potential is there to create an amazing new look through simple mixing and matching. There are many wintry colors and tones to choose from, including your favorite reds, blues, silvers and more.

Whether you’re going to an upscale winter gala, a family holiday get-together or just want your nails to look pretty, festive nail art is the way to go. If you’re out of ideas, here are 26 winter nail designs sure to make your winter wardrobe look fabulous.

1. A Dark And Snowy Night

A Dark And Snowy Night

Even if you like to keep things simple and classic like this polished navy color, you can add some holiday sparkle with an accent nail. Dense, glittery silver perfectly complements the rich navy hue of the rest of the nails. Keep your accent nails to one or two fingers for maximum effect.

2. Royal Purple Nails

Royal Purple Nails

The texture is an amazing way to rock an accent nail. It looks interesting while being quite subtle. This manicure has royal purple ombre and a single accent nail with snow-like powder on each ring finger.

3. Silver And Pastel Marbling

Silver And Pastel Marbling

Winter isn’t all about dark colors. Just check out this gorgeous matte multicolored manicure. Dusty pink and smoky blue go perfectly with white marble nail are and a hint of silver sparkle. If you love multi-colored nails but need to keep it toned down for work this is an awesome option.

4. Low-Key Winter Nail Design

Low-Key Winter Nail Design

Glossy gray is the perfect winter neutral. This color is deep enough to go with professional attire and warm wool coats and also with casual weekend outfits. Make sure to use two or three coats of polish to get full, glossy coverage.

5. Dark Chocolate Nails

Dark Chocolate Nails

Want a manicure that looks good enough to eat? Go for a yummy chocolate brown. It’s a super flattering neutral color for a manicure that goes with just about everything. Make sure to use a good base coat to avoid staining or yellowing your nails.

6. Nails Like Fine Wine

Nails Like Fine Wine

Wine colored polish is in between mauve, red, and brown. It is beautiful on just about every skin tone. Wearing it on almond-shaped nails like this is a very sophisticated look. You can just as easily wear wine colored polish on short nails or square nails, too.

7. Festive Winter Nail Design

Festive Winter Nail Design

Burnt orange nails is one of the signature colors of autumn. If you are a natural redhead or have fair skin, then this color will look beautiful on you. It’s a nice alternative to classic red manicures that are perfect for pumpkin spice season.

8. Fresh Snowfall Nails

Fresh Snowfall Nails

Neutral nails never go out of style and this pearlescent white is a great way to mix things up. The shimmer and hint of ice blue in this formula are like fresh snowfall on your fingertips. Since weight goes with everything this is one of the most versatile manicures you can have this winter.

9. Chocolate Covered Cherry Nails

Chocolate Covered Cherry Nails


Bring out your inner vixen with these chocolate covered cherry nails. This deep black cherry color is gorgeous on people with cool undertones. When you’re using a polish like this make sure to use a high gloss, durable topcoat. Reapply after two or three days to keep up that sleek shine.

10. Muted Purple Nail Design

Muted Purple Nail Design

Source: elmwatin.com

You’ll look lovely in this pretty purple nail design. The creamy muted lavender color would look adorable with a fair isle sweater and your favorite blue jeans. This is a color that’s close enough to neutral to be suitable for work but also playful and fun for the weekend.

11. Cool And Dark Nails

Cool And Dark Nails

Source: beautyill.nl

Transition your favorite bright blue spring and summer mani to this rich navy blue for winter time. This particular shade of blue is light enough that it can go with black without clashing.

12. Cheery Pink Winter Nail Design

Cheery Pink Winter Nail Design

You really can’t ever go wrong with a pale pink manicure. It’s the little black dress of nail color – it goes with everything. This cute holiday version features micro glitter accent nails in the same pale pink hue.

13. Silver and Cinnamon Nails

Silver and Cinnamon Nails

If you love to make a bold statement with me alert give this manicure a try. A rich cinnamon red features a single shimmery dot at the base of each meal. The accent nail is silver glitter with crackle topcoat for a gold foil-like effect. This mani is bold and beautiful!

14. Warm Mocha Cream Nails

Warm Mocha Cream Nails

Source: vibbi.com

A sandy mocha cream color like this will elongate your fingers. It’s a manicure that gives you timeless seasonal style. Make sure that you use a formula that covers evenly and do at least two coats so that you don’t have any streaks.

15. Quiet Tones With Glitter Splash

Quiet Tones With Glitter Splash

Multicolor nails are so much fun,. This manicure combines classic neutrals – baby pink and smoke gray – with a glittery gold accent. Make sure to use a high shine topcoat so that the creamy colored nails don’t look dull next to the shimmery glitter. This is a great choice for spicing up your classic burgundy nails.

16. Soft Winter Nail Design

Soft Winter Nail Design

Jelly colors are amazing because they give the nail polish a deep, luminous look without any glitter. This semi-sheer blush pink looks soft and pretty. You’ll probably have to do 3 coats to get it to look this opaque, or you can stay at 2 coats for a more sheer look.

17. Mature Maroon Nails

Mature Maroon Nails

This color will never, ever go out of style. It’s perfect for all ages and it’s a rare color that goes well with all skin tones. If you want something simple, feminine, and timeless, then this is the manicure for you!

18. Early Spring Nail Design

Early Spring Nail Design

Source: essie.com

Are you counting down the days until spring has sprung? Your nails can bloom even if it’s still snowy outside. Use nail guides to get even lines and layer on spring-inspired pastels with a shimmery tip to really make the look pop.

19. The Winter Party Flirt

The Winter Party Flirt

Red is the color of the season, and these nails fit the bill. Few colors make such a statement without any glitter or nail art. With these glossy, cherry red tips you’ll be the life of the holiday party. Now, where’s that eggnog?

20. Metallic Claw Nails

Metallic Claw Nails

Savage beauty? Yes, please. Stiletto nails in blood red, gold glitter, and crosses made of gold foil are not to be missed (or messed with)! You’re sure to turn some heads with these attention-getting claws.

21. Fresh Snow Under Moonlight

Fresh Snow Under Moonlight

Want a fun holiday manicure but nervous about bright colors and busy designs? Shimmery silver is perfect for you. Get all the glitz of holiday tinsel with the subtlety and versatility of a neutral hue. Best of all, metallic polish has the most staying power. A mani like this can last a full week without chipping.

22. Go Green Nails

Go Green Nails

Forest green is an unexpectedly lovely nail color for any time of the year. It’s especially fun around the holidays. File this one with navy and gray as a rich, dark neutral. As with all dark colors, a base coat is a must for even coverage and to prevent staining.

23. Rosy Red Holiday Cheer

Rosy Red Holiday Cheer

Rose red is a timeless classic. This rich cream formula goes perfectly with winter textures and fabrics. A red with blue undertones like this one is perfect for cool skin tones. This color is great for holiday parties, or when you just need to feel a little festive.

24. Muted Red Winter Nail Design

Muted Red Winter Nail Design

Sweater weather calls for warm, creamy colors like this muted red. If you don’t like bright red but want a rich color in the same family this is a nice toned down alternative. It’s a little more neutral and easy for everyday wear.

25. Shining Sapphire Nails

Shining Sapphire Nails

Gem-like colors are splendid for winter time. Blue shades like this sapphire cream are ultra flattering. Sometimes very dark colors can look patchy without multiple coats. Make sure to buff and use a base coat, then follow up with 2 or 3 coats of color. Since dark colors can stain skin, try using a product like liquid latex to keep the polish from bleeding outside the nails.

26. Mrs. Claus Holiday Nail Art

Mrs. Claus Holiday Nail Art

These nails are just begging to debut at a Christmas party! Start with a shimmery red on all but the accent nail. Add alternating white and gold nail art with jewel designs over the red. Top off the look with a crisp white accent nail on each hand with white-on-white textured patterns.

27. Rich and Regal Purple Nails

Rich and Regal Purple Nails

A gorgeous deep, creamy purple like this is hard to beat. When you want to look and feel like a queen, it’s time to reach for the purple polish. Short to medium nails are perfect for this shade. Beware that darker cream colors (without shimmer or glitter) can look dull quickly. Reapply topcoat as needed to restore shine and extend the wear of your polish.

28. Opulent Rose Gold Crescent Glitz

Opulent Rose Gold Crescent Glitz

Crescent nails are the “flip it and reverse it” of French manicures. Add in color and some glitter and you’ve got yourself a set of glam party nails! Combining a soft neutral like this gray color with a glitzy glitter like the rose gold keeps this very trendy look classy and polished.

29. Twinkling Winter Starlight Nail Art

 Twinkling Winter Starlight Nail Art

Icy blue cream polish is the base for this bright and wintry look. The nail art is subtle yet special. Textured stars are placed on 2 accent nails and then topped with a coat of the same base color. The textured nail art trend is so versatile. This is one more way you can have fun with your manicure!

30. Sparkling Holiday Diva Marble and Ombre

 Sparkling Holiday Diva Marble and Ombre

Have a manicure as unique as a snowflake with this artsy look. French ombre, silver and white marble, and unapologetic silver glitter come together for one truly awesome winter style statement. Marbled nails are gorgeous to begin with, but using a touch of silver chrome nail polish in the mix really kicks this up a notch and ties in the silver glitter.

31. Ice Blue Hue Marble Nails

Ice Blue Hue Marble Nails

You’re (nails) are as cold as ice! Get glacial and give winter blues a whole new meaning with ice-inspired marbling. The deep ocean blue is like a beautiful frozen lake. Marbling with light blue and white looks like snow drifts atop the ice. Cool!

32. Black and Gray Mod Geometric Style

Black and Gray Mod Geometric Style

Nail Art doesn’t have to be all gemstones and flowers. You can also play with shapes and line patterns to create interesting looks! This edgy style is a little bit rock and roll. It’s just a basic black mani with one horizontal stripe and one vertical stripe to the tip. Who knew stylish, sexy nail art could be so easy?

33. Wearing My (Faux) Furs

Wearing My (Faux) Furs

Mink brown is neutral and classy as it gets. If you like to wear beige or sandy colors in warmer weather this is a beautiful winter alternative. This is simple enough to wear every day and classy enough to wear at a black-tie soiree.

34. Sparkling Winter French Manicure Update

Sparkling Winter French Manicure Update

If you’re hooked on French manis we totally get it. Even if you stick with this classic you’re not stuck with just one look. Just check out this playful edit. On one accent nail take your white tip diagonal across the nail. Center a small white gem in the center to complete the look. Now your French is party ready!

35. Early Spring Lilac Blossom

Early Spring Lilac Blossom

Summon warmer weather with a floral-inspired shade of lively purple. This creamy lilac is soft as a petal and bright enough to lift your spirits on dreary days. Sometimes you just need a little pick-me-up in your beauty routine. This color will certainly do the trick.

36. Shimmery Nude Nails and Glittery Gold

Shimmery Nude and Glittery Gold

Neutral nails can be party ready. Just add shimmer. This simple nude transforms with the addition of white micro glitter. An accent nail with chunky gold glitter topped with white icing stripes is fit for a cupcake. This lovely look proves that neutrals can be anything but basic.

37. Simply Snow Bunny White

Simply Snow Bunny White

Get ski lodge chic with simple white nails. A nice medium long shape with flat, creamy white is luxe and bold. It’s a great look whether you’re hitting the slopes or curling up by the fire. Let your style be inspired by the snow.

38. Sultry Matte Cabernet and Gold

Sultry Matte Cabernet and Gold

Cabernet red is a great nail color any time of the year. Adding a matte top coat and a gold foil accent nail really puts this look over the top. Matte is a beautiful finish to compliment the season’s heavier fabrics. This combo is sumptuous enough that you’ll forget you’re wearing wool.

39. Black and White and Striped

 Black and White and Striped

Contrast colors are a fun way to mix multiple style trends into a single mani. This multicolored design uses white, beige and black in a creamy gloss finish. The accent nail is done in white marble nail art with a matte nails finish for contrast. The thin black horizontal striped nails are a final touch that pulls it all together.

40. Cinderella Sparkle Ombre Glitter French Tip Nails

Cinderella Sparkle Ombre Glitter French Tip

These party nails are fit for a princess. Ombre often starts from the tips. This manicure does things a little different. The French base is blended in ombré style so there’s not a sharp line between pink and white. The champagne colored glitter is most concentrated at the base and thins out towards the white tips. It creates a reverse ombré effect that’s sparkly and bright – perfect for a holiday bash.

41. Kaleidoscope Chrome-Tipped Ombre

Kaleidoscope Chrome-Tipped Ombre

Here is yet another way to kick up basic neutral nails. You don’t have to give up your favorite creamy nude pink to have festive fingers. All you have to do is add some silvery chrome ombré to your tips. The look is subdued yet celebratory.

42. Snow Queen White Glitter and Gems

Snow Queen White Glitter and Gems

If nail art is your jam then this manicure is for you. Bright white glitter shimmers like the driven snow. Nude pink keeps the rest of the look subdued so you can show off those icy gemstones. You will rule the winter with this regal look.

43. Glitzy Blizzard Glitter Nails

Glitzy Blizzard Glitter Nails

Celebrate the snow with your nail art and custom glitter. It all starts with sheer nude pink. Then layer on icy bluish white. Top it all off with patterns of chunky glitter and snowflake art. This is the look for any snow bunny who embraces the season.

44. Mod Matte Winter Wonder Nails

Mod Matte Winter Wonder Nails

Upgrade a simple short mani by mixing in a couple of complementary colors. The matte finish on this look gives it a mod 60s feel. The combination of deep grape purple, sky blue, and warm cream make a perfect winter palette.

45. Dreamy Creamy White Diamonds

 Dreamy Creamy White Diamonds

Simple white nails really do make a statement. They’re anything but neutral, yet they go with just about everything. With a simple white base, you can add assorted gemstone accents for some added glam. Keeping to white and silver stones makes the palette consistent and crisp.

46. Daring Tuxedo Black and Silver

Daring Tuxedo Black and Silver

This is a perfect look for a holiday black tie affair. Black nails are a bold look on their own. Even more so with a matte finish. A silver glitter accent nail on each ring finger lightens the look. The reverse ombre nails with the same glitter soften the edges and give the manicure a pretty transition effect.

47. Forest Brown Flora and Fauna

Forest Brown Flora and Fauna

This intricate design is just stunning. It’s like an extension of a beautiful fabric pattern that you’d wear to a formal event. The rich brown color is inspired by nature. The intricate line art of flowers and leaves keeps the botanical feel. The overall effect is warm, feminine and opulent.

48. Minimalist Neutrals and Gold Chrome

Minimalist Neutrals and Gold Chrome

There’s that gorgeous creamy white again! This minimalist mani uses glossy white as a base color and accents with a peachy nude. The accent nail is taken up a notch with stripes of gold chrome. As with all the best minimalist design, this manicure is simple and it makes a big impact.

49. Pretty Shiny Sugarplum Perfection

 Pretty Shiny Sugarplum Perfection

If you think that black is a little too harsh but you like the look of a dark color, then deep plum is the perfect color for you. This shade has plenty of drama but is also sweetened up a bit with a deep purple hue. A high gloss top coat helps the light catch the color even more. This manicure is sure to give you visions of sugarplums!

50. Cute Artsy Lavender Lustre

 Cute Artsy Lavender Lustre

A pretty lavender polish can basically do no wrong. Add a splash of modern art and you’re really off to the races! Since the color palette is simple (lavender and white), this manicure is actually pretty neutral. When you get a closer look you’ll appreciate the intricate art and textures in the accent nails.

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