My favourite this year – The kimono

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I loved wearing kimonos in the summer, on the one hang because I had brought them from Bali, which made me feel a bit special when wearing them, on the other hand because a kimono was an awesome accessory when activities lasted into the night, and as usual, we hung around at the bank of the Danube where the air was sometimes cooler than on the busy downtown streets.

I love the colours of the kimonos, these garments are often flashy, cheerful, made of light material, and you can find an appropriate one to an outfit of virtually any style. You can wear them with sneakers, jeans and a T-shirt or with a feminine dress, high heels, sandals, as well.With the advent of autumn, fortunately stores have introduced kimonos made of heavier fabrics more suitable for winter, for example this beauty from Zara. I mixed the styles a bit again, for the torn jeans and simple white top I chose a pair of more feminine platform sandals, balancing between being sporty and snazzy-in-high-heels.

I have collected a few more that have given me much inspiration.

27 Trending Ways to Style a Kimono Outfit

The eye catching kimono is a traditional Japanese garment that has been worn for centuries. Loosely translated, kimono means “the thing to wear” in Japanese, and that has never been more true than it is today. Long, flowy and comfortable, kimonos lend a delicate and feminine aspect to even the most basic of outfits. Whether paired with a swim suit or jeans, worn as a dress, or as a piece of outerwear, a kimono is sure to be the star of your outfit. While traditional kimonos are readily available and perfect as is, there are a number of modern takes on the trend. Kimonos are extremely versatile and can be purchased in a wide variety of styles, textures, and lengths, which pretty much guarantees you’ll find a kimono (or two or three) to complement your favorite outfit and satisfy your unique style.

1. Kimono Trench Coat Combo

Kimono Trench Coat Combo

2. Structured Navy Floral Kimono Coat

Structured Navy Floral Kimono Coat


3. California Casual Kimono Outfit

California Casual Kimono Outfit

4. Satin Metallic Kimono Maxi Blazer

Satin Metallic Kimono Maxi Blazer

5. Floral Embroidered Pajama Inspired Kimono

Floral Embroidered Pajama Inspired Kimono

6. Luxurious Velour Kimono Outfit

Luxurious Velour Kimono Outfit


7. Large Print Lotus Blooms

Large Print Lotus Blooms

8. Feminine Floral Floor Length Duster

Feminine Floral Floor Length Duster

9. High Fashion Gypsy Jacket

High Fashion Gypsy Jacket


10. Delicate Satin Lapel Jacket

Delicate Satin Lapel Jacket


11. Tropical Print Kimono Shirt

Delicate Satin Tropical Print Kimono ShirtJacket

12. Dainty Kerchief Kimono Shawl

Dainty Kerchief Kimono Shawl

13. Mixed Grunge Graphic Prints

Mixed Grunge Graphic Prints

14. Distressed Denim Kimono Outfit

Distressed Denim Kimono Outfit

15. Short Sleeves With Cropped Jeans

Short Sleeves With Cropped Jeans

16. Flowery Sheer Chiffon Kimono

Flowery Sheer Chiffon Kimono


17. Loose Lightweight Lounge Wear

Loose Lightweight Lounge Wear

18. Provocative Plunging Neckline

Provocative Plunging Neckline


19. Oversized Vintage Batik Coat

Oversized Vintage Batik Coat


20. Moroccan Print Caftan Kimono Outfit

Moroccan Print Caftan Kimono Outfit

21. Beautiful in Butterflies and Blossoms

Beautiful in Butterflies and Blossoms

22. Traditional Floral Kimono Duster

Traditional Floral Kimono Duster


23. Gothic Inspired Crushed Velvet

Gothic Inspired Crushed Velvet

24. Botanical Bohemian Chic Vibes

Botanical Bohemian Chic Vibes

25. Vibrant Floral Ankle Length Kimono

Vibrant Floral Ankle Length Kimono


26. Stepped Hem Statement Coat

Stepped Hem Statement Coat

27. Modern Kimono Shirt Dress

Modern Kimono Shirt Dress


My favourite this year – The kimono

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