27 Magical Coachella Beauty Look Inspirations

By: Avatar photo Andy Jones Updated: Mar 10, 2024


Well, Coachella has been over for a while now, but the Coachella beauty look it spawned, not only remains, but it remains to be seen, as more glitzy and extravagant fashionable creations are stemming their way right out of the minds of some elaborate trend-setters!

Once implemented, in April 2017, at the annual Coachella Music and Art Festival, by some of the most idolized, famed celebrities, the Coachella beauty look set off sparks that exploded all over social media, magazines, fashion shows, and more.

27 Of The Most Authentic Coachella Inspired Beauty Looks

Coachella Beauty Looks

Now, this ritzy new chic style is taking fashion statements, to a whole new, artistic level, with rainbow, silver, gold or other vibrant flashy colored eyeliner, and shadows, not just being worn the traditional way – above the eyelids, but below them too!

Dazzling face art is being applied, utilizing diamonds, colored beads, and face glitter, not just for faces anymore, but is applied all over, to decorate the entire body.

Rings are being placed, two or more, per finger. While, multiple chains, and necklaces, or scarves are decorating necks.

As for hair, it’s being raised, ratted, braided, and colored vividly, but all in an upscale, fun, daring, and unpredictable kind of way.

One’s things for sure, ladies everywhere, are taking to the stylish Coachella beauty look, to raise eyebrows… not only yours but theirs too!

1. Twisted Tiger Lilly

Twisted Tiger Lilly

2. Golden Crescent Moon Stars

Golden Crescent Moon Stars

3. Shady Chic Esmerelda

Shady Chic Esmerelda

4. Neon Aqua Cats Eyes

Neon Aqua Cats Eyes

5. The Daisy Do Look

The Daisy Do Look

6. Exotic Eclipse

Exotic Eclipse

Source: livingly.com

7. Twisted & Two-Top-Twirls

Twisted & Two-Top-Twirls

Source: lupsona.com

8. Cali Crush Look

Cali Crush Look

9. Be Jeweled

Be Jeweled

10. Floral Wing

Floral Wing

11. Glitter Me Gold

Glitter Me Gold

Source: websta.me

12. Faced With Starz

Faced With Starz

13. Vivid Starckles

Vivid Starckles

14. Graceful Golden Speck Look

Graceful Golden Speck Look

15. Topsy Turvy Twists

Topsy Turvy Twists

16. Swedish Blend

Swedish Blend

17. Aqua Ipomoea Alba

Aqua Ipomoea Alba

18. Eternal Sunset

Eternal Sunset

19. Tinker Bell Toned

Tinker Bell Toned

20. Fierce Tiger

Fierce Tiger

21. Made in The Shade

Made in The Shade

Source: tumblr.com

22. Chic Ocean Breeze

Chic Ocean Breeze

Source: howtoboho.eu

23. A True Coachella Beauty Look

A True Coachella Beauty Look

24. Shades Of Fall

Shades Of Fall

25. Highlighted Corners In Sunrise Peach

Highlighted Corners In Sunrise Peach

Source: buzzfeed.com

26. Glittered Unicorn

Glittered Unicorn

27. Bronze Mermaid Goddess

Bronze Mermaid Goddess

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