29 Lovely Skirt Ideas For This Summer

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Skirt ideas have always been a hot topic among girls for a few decades. They may change in style and size but they are all time favorite dress for the ladies. This summer we have thought of introducing you to trendy and classy skirt ideas that can make your summers enjoyable and comfy. This collection will help you to select the best skirt for your classy look this summer as every single skirt idea described in it will touch your heart.

29 Skirt Ideas to change your traditional look for summers

29 Lovely Skirt Ideas For This Summer

1. The Printed skirt

This dark colored skirt with a colorful print can definitely become your favorite for this summer. You can wear it with a plain white shirt and carry a handbag to have a perfect look.

2. The skirt to show your innocent side

There might be a little devil hidden inside your body but your face demands to look innocent on certain occasions. This baby pink skirt with cutwork is the best to go with an innocent face as pink is a soft ad soothing color.

3. The Khaki Celeste

Are you planning to spend your weekends on a beach? Then this skirt should be your first choice. You can make it more comfortable by tying a knot on one end as shown in the picture.

4. The embroidered mini skirt

The elegant embroidery on this skirt will amaze you. This skirt with light colors can be worn on any occasion where you want to show your elegance. So, wear it with confidence and look graceful.

5. The floral beauty

The beautiful floral designed skirt with a tee can be your choice this summers. It can be paired up with a few accessories like a nice bracelet, a pair of sunglasses and sandals. So, look casual and classy with this floral skirt.

6. The navy blue and ivory print midi skirt

The navy blue colored knee length skirt with an ivory print can be your pick for a formal occasion. Printed skirts can be worn with plain light or dark colored tees. Here, you can wear a white shirt on top of this shirt along with a beautiful necklace and you are ready to rock any formal occasion.

7. The Polka Dots, women’s forever favorites

Many ladies always look for dresses with polka dots printed on them. Are you a polka dots lover? If yes, you can simply select this skirt idea for a fun day. This long skirt can look good with a white crop.

8. The abstract printed skirt

Source: etsy.com

This long skirt with a spaghetti strapped shirt is suitable for informal events where you want to show your carefree and enjoyable look. With this dress, you can carry a happy go lucky face that can amuse others.

9. The Lola Lace midi skirt

This lacy midi skirt with its peach color can make your day wonderful. You can wear it anywhere you like whether you are going to meet someone you love or you are going to put your best foot forward at the job, this lacy skirt should be your priority.

10. The buttoned mini skirt

If you want a break from the traditional midi skirts, then you can select this skirt idea. It can make you look different and stylish from everyone else with its unique design.

11. The high slit floral printed irregular skirt

Source: azbro.com

This irregular skirt can provide you with a unique and new look so, if you want to show off a little in front of your friends, this skirt can help you.

12. The check printed skirt

This blue colored check printed skirt idea can make you look beautiful on any incident. You just have to wear it with a light makeup and you are ready to go.

13. The light colored open slit skirt

Source: luvv.it

This skirt with its light grey color gives a very soft look to your personality. With its elegant design, it can be worn on any informal occasion or on adventurous trips.

14. The top trendy mini skirt

Source: webinspo.com

This buttoned light colored skirt is the latest fashion trend. If you are a fashion freak, you will definitely like to wear it with some accessory.

15. The pleated skirt

Source: wachabuy.com

Almost all the above mentioned skirts are light, soft colored. Well, this skirt idea is a bit different. This pleated skirt having a darker color is perfect to wear in the events held at night.

16. Seer sucker skirt by the sea

If you love to spend your days by the sea side and want to wear comfortable dress then this skirt can be your preference. Its blue stripes match with the waves of the sea so it’s a perfect pick.

17. Suede mini skirt

Source: lulus.com

Who says suede is a man’s material? Now a days women love to wear things made of suede. So, if you are looking for something made of suede, you can select this pink mini skirt.

18. The water melon skirt

This skirt is perfect for ladies who love fruits. They know the importance of fruits in their lives and know how well they can make use of their exotic colors.

19. The full length skirt

Source: wachabuy.com

If you want to keep elegance with style, then you should consider this full length printed skirt that can enhance your persona and can make you look fantastic throughout the day.

20. Long Ponte Pencil skirt

For all those ladies who love to be in charge at their homes and offices, this pencil skirt is suitable for them. With the help of it, they can put on a bossy look.

21. The Jackie skirt

This boho inspired Jackie skirt can go from day to night for any lady. If you wish to keep a really stylish and farm man’s look, you should consider wearing this skirt.

22. The feminine with a bolder touch mini skirt

This mini embroidery skirt can give you a bolder look along with your feminist appearance. You can wear it as a party dress on any function or birthday parties.

23. The plain maroon foot length skirt

This plain maroon colored skirt with slits can be your choice for a fun loving day. So, if you are planning a day trip with your girlfriends, you can select it.

24. The open slit foot length skirt

This open slit skirt can be worn on many occasions. Ladies who like to wear plain dresses can opt this skirt for their day.

25. The angelic skirt

This white box pleated skirt can give you an angelic look. Its pure white color can brighten up your normal days. So, wear it with style and impress others with your looks.

26. The Brown mini skirt

This dull browned mini skirt can be worn with a darker shade shirt or tee. You can wear it in alte night club parties or housewarming parties in summers.

27. Tan Suede skirt

Source: lulus.com

If you are thinking of going crazy with your friends on weekends, you should try this tan colored suede skirt that gives a perfect nasty and clever appearance.

28. The Jean styled skirt

If you like jeans but tired of wearing yours every day and looking for an alternative than you should select this mini skirt that gives an appearance of jeans.

29. The stylish jean colored skirt

This skirt like the previous one gives you an appearance of jeans so, if you want to carry a rough, girly look this summers, you can opt for this skirt with a plain shirt.

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