25 Gorgeous Dresses With Lace

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One of the great things about dresses with lace is their versatility. You can wear them indoors and outdoors. They can be casual everyday wear, and with the right accessories, they can be transformed.

Dress for the cocktail hour, meeting your friends for lunch and appropriate for work. If you don’t know what to wear and struggle with outfit options – this is a great solution. Lace is a multi-seasonal and manageable detail, so you don’t have to put your favorites away when the summer gives way for autumn. You can look fabulous in lace even during winter. We have complied a list of gorgeous dress ideas with lace that are impossible to not love.

25 Game Changing Dresses with Lace

1. Summer Holiday Dress

Ladies white non-sleeve dress in two attached layers: a single-colored bottom layer and see through lace top layer. Emphasized collar and shoulders, mid-tight length and light material perfect for summer.

2. Casual White Outfit with Lace Skirt

None-sleeve top for ladies with a deep v shaped neckline. White short skirt with the bottom layer being solid white and top layer in intricate lace giving the outfit a sophisticated look.

3. White Dress with Lace Finish

Source: choies.com

Short white dress with exposed shoulders. Finish in lace material on the short sleeves and the bottom of the dress.

4. White and Yellow in Harmony Outfit

White top with detailed lace and short sleeves. The lace is intricate and is not see-through. A long yellow skirt that reached the floor and gives the outfit an elegant flow. Rock a long layered hair with this look and you will definitely turn heads.

5. A Sophisticated Evening Look

Read lace top with a deep neckline for the daring evening look. The short black zip-up skirt which is still very comfortable. Great outfit for a night out with friends in town.

6. White Lace Top with Straps

White lace top with comfortable shoulder straps. It supports the bust and isn’t see through, it’s perfect for hot days outdoors. The lace also gives it a classy look, especially if you go for pastel pink hair.

7. Simple Tunic Dress with Lace

A tunic dress is a comfortable alternative to dresses if you want to wear leggings and your favorite boots. Long sleeves and a higher neckline make this dress right for work. The white lace trim at the bottom takes it to the next level.

8. Knitwear Dress with Long Sleeves

Source: cupshe.com

Knitwear dress that doesn’t look bulky and fits well while not obstructing movement. The chiffon finish at the bottom makes it more flowy and appropriate for work or evenings out. Quite short so perfect for wearing leggings or tights underneath.

9. White Lace Top with Long Sleeves

This long coat-like lace outfit in white is perfect for an occasion when a jacket would be too much. It looks good and adds sophistication to any outfit.

10. Short-sleeved Dress in Two Colors

Dark blue short sleeved top from a comfortable material. The bottom part is a white skirt that ends below the knee. Accented waist and lace at the bottom of the dress.

11. Knitted Lace Two-part Bikini in Pink

Going for the vintage style? You should definitely check out this knitted lace bikini. It has different patterns and straps on the sides, and it’s comfortable and stylish. Just what you need for summer!

12. White Lace Dress with Long Sleeves

Source: wachabuy.com

This short summer dress is made from intricate lace. Long sleeves with ruffles mirror the ruffle strip at the bottom. A backless dress that ties behind the back securing the dress in place.

13. Long Crème Dress with Lace Skirt

Source: amazon.com

The sleeves of this dress have a little bit of lace on end making it look more playful. The Skirt is intricate lace. It ends under the knee and has a floral feel to it.

14. White Long Backless Dress

Source: shopbop.com

This white dress has a beautiful lace strap. It Ties behind the back to avoid falling off disasters. The bottom is an irregular line and lace allowing this dress to be a day and an evening look in one.

15. Black Floral Lace Tights

Source: listotic.com

These black tights resemble traditional fishnet. They have a playful floral pattern and can be worn under a pair of jeans or with a simple skirt or dress to create a sophisticated evening look.

16. Leather Skirt with a Zipper and Lace

Source: reiss.com

This skirt ends mid-tight. The zipper at the front is decorative and reveals a layer of lace when unzipped switching the skirt from enough serious to playful in one movement.

17. Black Dress with Lace Back

Source: livingly.com

This black zip-up dress has a little bit of sparkle on it. The lace on the back is delicate and resembles foliage on plants. The short sleeves are lace as well supported by a transparent material.

18. White and Purple Summer Dress

Source: amazon.com

This dress has lace on the top part of this sleeveless dress. It is held in place by a strap that ties on the back of the next. The shirt part has a floral lace pattern on it and is made from the flowy light purple material.

19. Light Top with Straps and Lace Pattern

Source: etsy.com

The top is irregular in shape and has a lovely floral lace design. It is sleeveless but has sturdy straps. More suited for warm summer days and comfortable to wear. Pro tip: purple hair can elevate this look in a cool and unique way.

20. Quirky and Playful Sleeveless Dress

As far as dresses with lace go this is a fantastic evening look. It has a more classic design and can be turned more conservative with a cardigan to cover the shoulders. The high neckline seems a little bit like kimono.

21. White Interesting Lace Summer Dress

Source: amazon.com

This is a great addition to the summer wardrobe as far as dresses with lace go. The lace design and irregular shape make this dress both classy and playful. No sleeves, so perfect for hot summer days.

22. Short White Dress with Lace Design

Source: lurelly.com

This dress has almost a tribal look to it. The waistline is accented with a ribbon. Ideal for summer cocktails on the beach or an evening out with friends.

23. White Lace Short-sleeved Top

This is a perfect top to wear with the skirt or your favorite pair of trousers. The lace is detailed and ups the game of the top. Crop tops are coming back into fashion, so this is a great addition to the wardrobe.

24. Flowy Sleeveless Day or Evening Dress

The top is made with intricate lace, and it seamlessly transcends into the bottom part of the dress. The waistline is accented. The light pink skirt part of the dress reaches the ground. It gives the outfit a lovely flow.

25. Blue Sleeveless Lace Dress

This blue short dress is perfect for days out and about, not to mention special events. Gorgeous blue tone with intricate lace on the top layer and around sleeves. Non-itchy and comfortable material easy to take care of. Mid-tight in length.

25 Gorgeous Dresses With Lace

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