33 Glamorous Sandals Inspirations

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This is summertime and surely you have a favorite sandal idea in mind, but remember just one pair of sandals may not cover the adventures you have planned. Make a list of your summer wear and choose styles that will complete your fashion needs. Is it flats or heels, thong or cross banded, Gladiator or ankle strap? There are so many choices to make your summertime wardrobe special. Match your outfits seasoned with sandals that set them off and these choices make you look like a fashionista. Does it show that we had you in mind when we chose these sandals to present just for your taste and sense of style? Time to take a peek!

33 Great Sandal Ideas For Every Occasion

33 Glamorous Sandals Inspirations

1. Just A Touch Of Gold Thong

Source: buckle.com

Here is a sandal that shines with just a small band of gold to catch that summer sun. It will let you shine even on cloudy days. What a great sandal idea!

2. Sugar and Spice Ankle Strap Sandal

This scalloped edge beauty is comfortable and sexy at the same time. You will turn heads without missing a step when you surprise them with this three season sandal.

3. Step Lightly Ankle Strap Sandal

The combination of a sweet scalloped band together with a slim ankle strap make a sandal that can be for day or evening. They are just delicious.

4. Such a Sashy Thong Sandal

Source: jane.com

This fabric top thong can be worn with pants, shorts or your favorite sundress. This sandal is so comfortable you will forget you are wearing them. Time to sashay out the door.

5. No Tassel Hassel Gladiator Sandal

Is it time to be flirty in the gladiator style sandal with those teasing tassels? Those peek-a boo ankles and open toes are all it takes to make them look. Be sure to wink.

6. In The Know Braided Thong Sandal

You will look smart in the braided accent thong sandal. Give them that “ask me anything” look when strolling down the street or sitting down to lunch in these beauties.

7. Bold Weave Gladiator Thong Sandal

Source: mehpic.com

Look sweet, yet send the message of “don’t mess with me” when wearing these ageless understated woven ankle gladiator sandals. These wear well with shorts, capris, and dresses.

8)Mama Mia Floral Open Toe Sandal

This sandal has everything from the thin wrap ankle strap to the open toe floral band accents. A perfect combo with a flirty sundress. Is this a great sandal idea or what!

9)Bangladesh Beauty Fringe Thong Sandal

Just imagine being in a foreign market place wearing these fringe beauties. Let them guess if you are the world traveler you look to be. These thong slides will take you wherever you want to go.

10)Touch of Lace Strappy Thong Sandal

Studs and lace accent this closed heel strappy thong sandal. You can decide whether to be hard-line or soft when wearing these “make a statement” footwear. Just the right accent for shorts or capris.

11. Softly Bound Open Toe Sandals

Source: poshmark.com

Your feet will love to be bound in these open toe close fitting sandals. You will have a great supporting fit while looking sexy on your walking venture. The shorter the shorts the better.

12. No Slip Slide-On Sandal

Source: oasap.com

The bands will keep your foot secure in this easy slide on sandal. Great, even around the house, these slide-on shoes are always a must in every closet. These will be one of your go-to sandals.

13. Rags To Riches Toe Hold Slides

Source: etsy.com

These slides shimmer with rhinestones and mock coins while adding bands of fabric trim to complete a most sophisticated look. Time to hit an open air market and fit right in.

14. The “Band-It” Slide Sandal

A multi-banded toe hold slide sandal is great for a quick escape out of the house or from the pool. They could steal your heart while you steal others.

15. The Bow Tie Open Toe Sandal

Source: bobbies.com

Formal or not, this sweet footwear has a bit of a “come hither” message with its leather tie and open toe. What person could resist your charms when you wear them on a sultry summer night?

16. Happy Strappy Everday Sandal

Source: polyvore.com

This classic woven strap sandal has been a favorite for decades and no wonder as it gives a great fit for walking all day working or shopping. Great for weekend strolls also.

17. Buckle Me In Strappy Ankle Sandal

Source: poshmark.com

These extremely well-made walking sandals will last for years if you are good to them. The comfort and support may just give you happy feet all day long.

18. Lightly Feathered Thong Strappies

You will think your feet have grown wings with this light weight thong sandal having a feather style accent. They may even think you are an angel. Don’t forget to wear your halo.

19. Struck Gold Studded Closed Toe Sandals

Shining is what it is all about. Add sophistication and you will be on everyone’s party list in these runway style beauties. The closed toe weave just adds to the allure.

20. Punch Out Peep Toe Stilettos

These airy open side stiletto heel sandals will add a sway to your walk and will let them know you are ready for anything. And you are!

21. Those Rambling Rhinestone Thong Sandals

Source: facebook.com

Your feet will be the center of attention anywhere with these shimmering rhinestones and gemstone style accents thong sandals. You know they can’t help but look. Time to shine!

22. Woven Concho Open Toe Slides

Not just another southwestern style slip-on shows that you know your way around in the city or in the sand. They will add just a touch of native to your summer outfit. Perfect the look with side bangs!

23. Just A Little Sophisticated Heel Sandal

You are ready for anything and everything in these cane woven open toe heels. Office or play, you will show the look to pull off any challenge that awaits day or night. These sandals will show them you know how to win.

24. Tasty Lacey Ankle Strap Sandal

Source: modcloth.com

Looking sweet in this white lace open toe with ankle strap sandal may fool them but looking sweet and being sweet may be two different things.

25. Peek-A-Bow Strappy Thong Sandal

Source: rstyle.me

Just barely there is the way you will feel wearing this pair of thong sandals. The bow is added just to tickle their fancy. Oh, what a cute sandal idea this is.

26. Pathfinder Open Toe Classic Sandal

Source: luvv.it

This is the perfect walking sandal to get you where you want to go. Just slip it on and you are half way there. With the proper TLC, they may be around for a while.

27. Sweet Braid Woven Thong Sandal

Source: swell.com

This little knock-around sandal is light weight but not light on looks. The light magic is in the side weave and the “look at me” spell is in the braid.

28. “Sturdy As She Goes” Banded Sandal

This cross banded sandal will be able to handle any strolling or hiking adventure you decide to take and they will make you look good at the same time. It is time to take that adventure wearing these.

29. Let’s Mix It Up Heeled Sandal

Source: shoespie.com

Ready to party in these tri-toned, open toe, square heel sandals with a cute strappy ankle tie. It’s OK, they will know you are a flirt when you crash the party in these beauties.

30)Take A Hike Open Toe Sandals

Source: polyvore.com

When sturdy is what you need, this is the sandal that can handle the job. Adjustable to fit your foot and your plans, you won’t regret your choice when adding this sandal to your shoe collection.

31. The Golden Slipper Thong Sandal

Golden Beads and rhinestones make this a gem of a sandal. The gold ankle and thong straps appear to be an after thought but you know it takes all of it to make the glamour work. Now you just need to work it.

32. Strappily Bound Black Flat Sandal

This sandal is airy but not fragile, just like you. It lets them know you mean business in a “go-lightly” sort of way when you stroll out in these strappy sandals.

33. Ready To Deal Ankle Strap Heel

They will know you are on top of your game when you wear these low heel, cut out sandals with a strappy tie. When wearing these, it tells them you are ready to deal and to ante-up.

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