25 Fashionable Office Looks For This Fall

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As the colors change on the trees outside, we say goodbye to the light and airy summer styles and welcome the Fall season with office looks that are more textured in darker colors. Working in an office, unless you have a window with a view, you might not see the colors outside change but you can show your coworkers the transition with the following styles that are sure to make a warm impression. So, pull out your classic pieces and bring your style into the new season by adding some textured knits and warm colors to create twenty-five ensembles that are promotion-worthy on and off the clock.

The Many Office Looks of Fall: 25 Must-Try Ideas

25 Fashionable Office Looks For This Fall

1. Laced-Up to Perfection

A chunky short-sleeved sweater is just what the cooler days of Fall call for. This one has lace-up sides and a mock turtle neck for the perfect balance of cool and warm weather in one. Pair this with wide-legged trousers to complete the look and make your legs look longer.

2. Faux-Fur and a Real Ruffle

An airy, long-sleeved blouse with a front ruffle tucked into dark skinny jeans is a great balance of professional and casual. A pair of shiny high-heels dresses up the look along with a faux-fur jacket.

3. Classic Coat with Modern Pink

A knit blazer is a must have and for the perfect office look, grab a blouse with a touch of frill in the print and ruffle area. And for a pop of pizazz? Pink heels to match the flowers.

4. Check the Style on Those Pants

Printed pants are fun with the great cut and shorter length. A solid tee then gives you a chance to flaunt that statement necklace and colored bag.

5. Doubling Up on Style

A pencil skirt never goes out of style and giving it a “layer” gives it a modern edge. Pair with a simple tee and two-toned shoes for an office look that you have to look twice at.

6. Solid Style

Picking one color may seem boring but you can’t go wrong in black. A vee neck top with matching cropped pants and basic bag is as pulled together as it comes. Side bangs make this look perfect!

7. Classics Only Please

A button down white shirt with classic black pants combines two wardrobe staples to make an office look that you can’t go wrong with. A round pick bag makes it feminine and fun.

8. Let’s All Join the Navy

A navy V-neck jumpsuit is comfortable in and out of the conference room. Team it up with tan sandals and a fringe necklace for a little fun. A little chain link strapped purse finishes the look.

9. Hypnotize With Accessories

Source: express.com

Mid-rise skinny pants and a matching dark top that is a little longer, make the perfect canvas for a chunky statement necklace. A clutch in a soft color and alligator skin texture brings focus to your eye for accessories.

10. Nautical Day at the Office

A navy striped shirt takes command with a military style blazer and matching skinny jeans. Add cork wedge heels for height and to make your legs look super long.

11. Oversize It

Source: womenpop.com

A long open front jacket in a soft color adds both mystery and warmth. A large leather shopper carries is the perfect bag for a long day.

12. 24 Karat Style

A print blouse and simple pants make it easy to wear metal. The combo lets you draw the eye to the metallic links on your bracelet and purse. A gold belt and shoes tie it all together.

13. Rock That Meeting

Leather leggings and lace-up shoes are topped with a sheer print jacket and long necklace. This goes from the office to a concert without missing a beat.

14. Peek-A-Boo Print

An oversized Cardigan and leather bag are pulled together with leopard print flats. This is the perfect way to top off a classic white top and leggings combo.

15. Flow Charts and Fabric

An asymmetrical top can gain balance with gold cuffs and denim. This gives business casual a touch of elegance.

16. Block out Some Time and Style

This color block dress is flattering with the contrasting color. But the simple cut and neckline come with on the seam pockets that conceal and carry your necessities.

17. One Piece Wonder

This jumpsuit comes with a touch of lace at the neck and a high waist making you look twice. The sleeveless style shows off your tan and toned arms.

18. Leopard is the New Black

A tweed jacket and animal print belt and cuffs seem an unlikely pair until you see it yourself. The effect is business meets party.

19. The Business of Brown Leather

Business casual is ideal in this blouse and jeans. Brown leather touches, the bag, belt and shoes tie the look together.

20. Prep-School Girl

Source: polyvore.com

A polka-dot and ruffled button down shirt with a navy blazer gives the perfect touch of femininity to a classic uniform. Add jeans and leather accessories and the look is no longer for the boys.

21. I Take My Denim… Dark

Pair a white button down shirt with dark denim trousers for a winning combination. A brown leather clutch and matching belt and shoes can’t hurt.

22. Business as Usual?

A new spin on the basic business suit: Wide horizontal striped shirt and mixed shades of black. Darker tone on the waistband of the straight leg Harper pants gives it a feminine touch.

23. Nothing Shabby About This Chic

A halter style blouse and wide legged pants are pulled together with a skinny belt and green clutch. The simple chic ensemble goes from office to dinner after with no need to change.

24. I think this is ultra chic!

Source: hapatime.com

A high-waisted tweed pencil skirt with a simple sleeveless top goes glam when paired with metallic heels.

25. Let’s Split the Style

Split seams at the ankle of the tweed pants and the hem of the boat neck tee are just right-together. Black leather cuff bracelet and over-sized bag are the finishing touches.

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