50 Stunning Bob Hairstyle Inspirations That Will Give You a Glammed Up Look

50 Stunning Bob Hairstyle Inspirations That Will Give You a Glammed Up Look

By: Avatar photo Andy Jones Updated: Mar 10, 2024


Bob haircuts are totally having a moment right now. For those who are on the lookout for a bob hairstyle idea that does not require much effort to take care of and style, this is the place to look. A good bob can be flattering and is suited to a variety of different face shapes and body types. There are of course numerous different ways in which one can wear a bob which can be stunning and give you a glammed up look you have always wanted.

When many people think of bobs, they think of very short haircuts. While it’s true that many bobs are chin-length or shorter, the new crop of trendy haircuts includes medium bobs and lobs, which are shoulder-length bobs. There are so many different types of haircuts that fall under the “bob” category.

50 Versatile Bob Hairstyle Ideas to Have Fun With Your Hair

If you’ve been told that this cool look isn’t best for your hair type or face shape, disregard that misinformation immediately. This beautiful and easy hairstyle can work for just about anyone. Whether you want something shoulder-length and curly or you desire a look that’s chin-length and as straight as a pin, there’s a bob haircut for you.

Of course, deciding on a haircut can be totally overwhelming. To help you figure out which types of haircut would work best for you, here are 50 of the best hairstyles that are currently in vogue. We’ve included not only the details that you should give your hairdresser to get the look for yourself but some styling tips that you can use at home to ensure that your bob always looks salon-perfect.

1. The Wavy Bob

This kind of bob works best with those who naturally have wavy hair, though straight hair too can be styled this way to give you the desired look. The subtle waves provide more definition to your face, which is great in enhancing your overall structure.

2. The Classic Bob

The Classic Bob

This is one of the most basic kinds of bob hairstyles and can be done regardless of hair type. Depending on how you style it, this look can go from looking like a casual day hairstyle to a super glamorous red carpet worthy one.

3. The Messy Short Bob

Messy bobs are a great look for those who don’t want to spend too much time doing up their hair every morning. With a sharp cut, this look is a great, no-effort look.

4. The Blunt Messy Bob

Source: coveteur.com

Another easy way to wear the messy light brown hair bob is by getting a blunt bob cut, and then styling your hair onto one side to achieve the desired look. This hairstyle works best for those who have slightly wavy hair and can work for those who have straight hair as well.

5. The Sleek Bob

The Sleek Bob

The Sleek bob is perfect for those who have straight hair. But for those who don’t straighten your hair out, this is a good way to achieve this look.

6. The Pastel Bob

Pastel shades are one of the most trending hair colors this season, and a pastel bob is a great way to wear this trend. Tones of light pastel pink hair, powder blue, and even lime green work well to achieve this look.

7. The Platinum Bob

Another color trend that can vamp up the look of your bob is the platinum look. This would, of course, involve bleaching your hair to be an extremely light shade, and can be worn with a variety of bob hairstyles.

8. The Symmetrical Bob

Source: flickr.com

The symmetrical bob is a perfectly cut bob that is the same length on both sides, with the back usually shorter than the front. This look works well with straight hair and does not require much styling.

9. The Straight Cut Bob

The straight cut bob is the same length all through the hair, unlike the previous hairstyle. Highlighting your hair is a great way to wear this look, adding more definition to your bob.

10. The Straight Lob

A lob is a longer bob and is perfect for those who don’t want to cut their hair too short. The straight lob works well with straight hair but can work with wavy hair as well to create a messier look.

11. Side Parted Bob

The side-parted bob can work with a variety of bob cut hairstyles, and is effortless and requires little styling. Just part your hair on one side, and you have a side-parted bob that works no matter what the occasion is!

12. The Middle Parted Bob

Just like the previous hairstyle, this bob too can be done with a variety of bob cut hairstyles. This one requires you to just part your hair in the middle with a comb, and brush it out to create light waves for the perfect look!

13. Side Parted Symmetrical Bob

This hairstyle works best for those who already have a symmetrical bob, but want to change it up a bit. Simply part your hair from one side, and the other side will naturally have volume and a little more length giving you the desired look.

14. The Symmetrical Lob

The Symmetrical Lob

Just like the symmetrical bob, this one is the version for those who want to keep their hair longer from the front, but shorter from the back. The hair in the front should ideally be at shoulder level to achieve this look.

15. The Messy Lob

The Messy Lob

The messy lob is an alternative way to wear a lob and is great for those who have naturally wavy hair, although straight hair can be styled this way to get the look. This is one of the great bob hairstyle ideas that requires no effort!

16. The Ombre Bob

For those who want a subtle color that works well with a bob hairstyle idea, an ombre hue is a way to go. Depending on your skin tone, you can choose from a variety of bases which can all work well if done right.

17. The Beach Waves Bob

Beach Waves have always been one of the easiest go-to hairstyles for women, and pairing it up with a bob is just another way of changing up your look. Soft waves are the way to go for this and is also a brilliant look for the summer.

18. The Ombre Lob

The ombre hair trend also works well with longer bob hairstyle ideas. One of the best combinations to go for in this hairstyle is having a dark brown hair base with lighter browns or blonde highlights towards the tips.

19. The Beach Waves Lob

Source: thecut.com

Wearing beach waves on long bobs is also a good hairstyle idea for the summer. It gives you an effortless look that will last you the entire day, so you don’t have to worry about it getting messed up.

20. The Subtle Wave Bob

Source: google.hu

This kind of hairstyle works well for those who have slightly wavy hair. It is one of those hairstyles that you can have when you wake up in the morning with absolutely no fuss! For those who don’t want to have to put in much effort, this is the one for you!

21. The Defined Wave Bob

The Defined Wave Bob

This hairstyle requires a little bit of styling, with the front of the bob being styled into a well defined wavy form. This can be a super glamorous and sexy look if done right. Part the hair on one side to have a look that is a head turner.

22. The Frosted Tips Bob

This season, frosted tips are back, and fortunately, work extremely well with bobs. One way to wear this hairstyle is to part the hair on one side and wear the other behind your ear. This works well with messy bobs too!

23. The Puffy Bob

For those who like big hair, and want their bob to have a little bit more volume, this is the one for you. A bob doesn’t always have to be sleek and works well even with a bit of volume and bounce.

24. The Versatile Bob

For those who want a look that can be easily changed up, go in for a basic lob. You can either wear it with a side parting for a slightly asymmetrical look or with a center parting with slight curls for a more fun look.

25. The Big Wave Bob

The Big Wave Bob

The big wave bob is meant to accentuate your face, and draw out your jawline and cheekbones. This works well for those who have straight hair so that it can be styled to have just one big wave.

26. The No Fuss Lob

The No Fuss Lob

If styling your hair every day is not something you are in for, a simple middle-parted bob is a simple way to get a good hairstyle. It doesn’t matter what kind of hair texture you have since it works with all hair types.

27. Side Parted Beach Wave Lob

This hairstyle works if you already have subtle wavy hair which is cut to be a long bob. Simply part the hair from the side, and take just a little hair on the other side to achieve this look.

28. The Highlighted Bob

Highlights are the best way to give your basic bob a lot more definition and can vamp up your hairstyle significantly. A mix of lighter shades with darker tones is the way to go for this.

29. The Loose Curl Bob

Wearing your bob in loose curls is one of the few ways in which bobs work well with curly hair. This hairstyle needs a little bit of styling but is incredibly flattering if done right.

30. Loose and Natural

Loose and Natural

Selena Gomez was always known for her long tresses but decided to take the plunge and get a long bob haircut. Perhaps she was inspired by her BFF Taylor Swift, who got one of the most quintessentially cool haircuts of all time when she famously chopped off her long hair. Selena’s middle part bob is effortless and natural.

31. Edgy But Demure

Edgy But Demure

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has one of the most awesome bob cuts in Hollywood. This look is slightly messy without appearing disheveled as if she stepped out of the shower and allowed her hair to naturally air-dry. For a look like this one, ask your stylist for some pretty long layered hair and layered hair, but nothing too short or choppy.

32. Elegant and Timeless

Elegant and Timeless

The messy and modern look is all well and good, but there’s something so timeless about a sleek long bob haircut. This pretty look is flattering for just about every face shape and will never go out of style. To get this look, ask for a long bob with minimal layers. For daily maintenance, style using a light smoothing serum and a flat iron, curling at the ends as not to create a look that’s too pin-straight.

33. Rock’n Roll-Inspired Asymmetrical Bob

Rock'n Roll-Inspired Asymmetrical Bob

If you’re looking for a haircut style that will ensure that you stand out from the crowd, ask for this awesome modern asymmetrical bob. This look is shorter in the back and longer in the front, with lots of piece-y layers to create that edgy feel that we all know and love. Styling a look like this is quick, as it just requires a bit of pomade and your fingers.

34. Layered Bob Fit For A Surfer Girl

Layered Bob Fit For A Surfer Girl

This bob haircut just screams “California girl.” It’s a shoulder length hair cut that’s slightly shorter in the back, although certainly not as dramatically asymmetrical as some of the other types of haircuts on our list. This cut is perfect for anyone with wavy hair, as it allows you to let your hair dry naturally for a nice tousled look.

35. Loose Chin-Length Waves

Loose Chin-Length Waves

This is a more traditional bob hairstyle, cut at slightly longer than chin-length. This bob haircut will work on a variety of hair types, whether your tresses are curly, wavy or straight. If you want loose waves like the model shown here, use a medium-barrel curling iron to curl pieces and then break up the uniformity of the curls with your fingers.

36. Sophisticated Dimension

Sophisticated Dimension

Color can really make or break any bob haircut. This long angled bob is truly brought to life thanks to honey-colored highlights that blend beautifully into the model’s dark hair. Ask your stylist for subtle highlights like these if you really want to give your bob haircut some sophisticated dimension. This look is trendy enough for play but elegant enough for the professional world.

37. Romantic Waves

Romantic Waves

This lob haircut is perfect for any woman who wants to experiment with the trendy bob haircut without losing too much length. Plus, lobs are extremely trendy haircuts for 2018. Styling is quite quick and easy. Either let your hair dry naturally or use a large-barrel curling iron, brushing thoroughly after curling to replicate the loose romantic waves shown here.

38. Choppy Side Part Bob

Choppy Side Part Bob

Different hairstyles look different on various face shapes, but aside part bob is almost universally flattering. A side part is also an awesome way to conceal if it’s been a few days since you’ve shampooed. To replicate the look here, use dry shampoo at the roots, massaging the product in with your fingers to eliminate oil and create volume.

39. Nice and Glamorous Short Bob Haircut

Nice and Glamorous Short Bob Haircut

It takes a daring woman to eschew the oh-so-popular lob haircut and opt for a daring short bob haircut. However, this layered blunt bob is nothing but glamorous and feminine. To achieve this look, ask for some subtle layers and side bangs around to face to add dimension. Style with a blow-dryer and a round brush for soft, elegant volume.

40. Hipster-Approved Long Bob Haircut

Hipster-Approved Long Bob Haircut

This shoulder-length bob cut is totally Instagram-approved. This look features extremely subtle layers, creating a look that is completely effortlessly chic. This is a great shoulder-length haircut for anyone who wants something that’s elegant without being too high maintenance. This look can easily be achieved by applying a bit of styling cream to damp hair and allowing it to air-dry.

41. Bob Haircut As Straight As A Pin

Bob Haircut As Straight As A Pin

There’s something so sophisticated about pin-straight hair. This simple middle part bob features no layers, creating a uniform look that’s undeniably chic. If you naturally have a curly bob, you can still achieve this bold bob hairstyle. Use a smoothing serum on damp hair and then blow-dry the hair straight. To get the pin-straight look, follow up with a straightening iron.

42. Soft But Modern Hairstyle

Soft But Modern Hairstyle

This long bob comes just past the shoulders, which makes it perfect for anyone who’s averse to chopping too much off. The cut is uniform in length, which is best for anyone who wants to style to be easy and simple. Use a curling iron to create some scattered curls and then brush them out to replicate these soft waves.

43. Cool Blonde Bob

Cool Blonde Bob

This slightly asymmetrical blonde bob plays with both multidimensional color and length to create one of the most beautiful haircuts for women. To achieve this stunning short blonde hair look, ask your stylist for a short layered bob with longer pieces in the front, in addition to blonde hair highlights.

44. Subtly Layered Bob

Subtly Layered Bob

If you love the asymmetrical bob looks on this list but worry that they might be a bit too edgy for your personal style, try this subtly layered medium bob. The hair is only slightly shorter in the back, creating a look that’s romantic and elegant but with a tiny bit of edge.

45. Perfect Low-Effort Hair Cut Idea

Perfect Low-Effort Hair Cut Idea

Many women opt for a bob haircut because they want a look that’s going to require less maintenance than longer haircuts for women do. This easy hairstyle features subtle layers and can be worn naturally to create a look that appears elegant but requires little to no effort whatsoever.

46. Wavy Long Angled Bob

Wavy Long Angled Bob

This angled bob haircut is definitely one of the best hairstyles in 2018. It’s a cool haircut that has a lot of dimensions but allows you to wear it messy and edgy or smooth and sophisticated. This bob haircut and others like it prove that a short hairstyle can often be more versatile than a longer one.

47. Modern Hairstyle For Adventurous Women

Modern Hairstyle For Adventurous Women

This short layered bob boasts long layers in the front and a whole lot of volume. It’s a daring haircut idea for anyone who wants a more modern hairstyle. To achieve this stunning look, use a hair powder to create lift at the root. Use a curling iron to curl sections sporadically and then use your fingers and some texturizing pomade to achieve this loose, messy look.

48. Straight and Angled Haircut Style

Straight and Angled Haircut Style

This is one of those trendy haircuts that can completely change your look. Ask for a straight angled bob haircut from your stylist. To maintain this gorgeous style, use a flat iron in conjunction with a finishing cream. While this style looks amazing on the model’s blonde bob, it will also work for brunettes.

49. Voluminous Medium Bob

Voluminous Medium Bob

Just because you have a bob doesn’t mean that you can’t also have some serious beauty queen volume. To style a medium bob like this, blow-dry your hair upside down. This helps to give the root some amazing lift, which creates height in the hair. Dry shampoo can also be used to give the hair that extra oomph.

50. Trendy Curly Bob

Trendy Curly Bob

Curly bobs are having a huge moment and could easily be considered the trendiest hair ideas of 2018. If you have curly hair and have been afraid to make the big chop, don’t be. Curly bobs are beautiful, unique and eye-catching.

50 Cool Ways to Rock the Edgy Bob Hairstyle

Whether it’s a pin-straight blunt bob or a wavy lob, there’s a hairstyle for just about anyone who wants to ditch their long tresses and rock something a little bit edgier. While many of these amazing haircuts look like they took hours to style, anyone who gets a bob haircut will see that they’re incredibly low maintenance but provide stupendous versatility.

If you’ve always been nervous about the idea of cutting your hair, hopefully, these different hairstyles have inspired you to finally take the plunge. After all, life is too short not to experiment and have fun with your hair.

50 Stunning Bob Hairstyle Inspirations That Will Give You a Glammed Up Look

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