27 Cool Leather Jacket Outfits For This Fall

By: Avatar photo Andy Jones Updated: Mar 10, 2024


When fall comes, a jacket outfit is simply a must have. Long coats can keep you cozy and protect you from extreme cold, leather jackets are warm and comfy as well as stylish: they can give you a flawless appearance on any occasion. If you are tired of wearing your old jackets and sweaters and want some chic twist in your wardrobe, we recommend you to check out this collection and select the jacket outfit of your choice and comfort. We really hope you will like this classy collection of leather jackets and will look forward to wear them.

Feel Warm and Cozy with These 27 Fapper Jacket Outfits

27 Cool Leather Jacket Outfits For This Fall

1. Faux Leather Biker Jacket

The Faux Leather Biker Jacket is fit for biker girls who love to feel confident through their jazzy look. It’s a triangular lapels studded with Silverstone hardware style with a collarless front having zipped cuffs.

2. The Zipper Effect

This jacket outfit with a lot of zips is classy and chic. The zipped pocket type area looks really cool. I personally have this jacket and I can assure you, it not only provides protection against chill weather but also make your appearance super stylish.

3. Own the Night Leather Jacket

Want to become a showstopper for Friday Night Gala? Well, this class moto jacket with zipper pockets can make you one. It has a collared neckline with an asymmetrical front zipper.

4. The Celebrity Fashion

Megan Fox looks ravishing in this jacket outfit. If you are drooling over Megan Fox’s look, do not hesitate to buy this sassy leather jacket and rock your entire day with it.

5. The Leather Motto Jacket

This leather motto, slate grey colored jacket is really fun to wear this winters. Pair it up with a stylish handbag and sunglasses along with a neck scarf and you are ready to go.

6. The Belt Designed Jacket

I am sure you cannot get your eyes off this photo. This leather jacket paired with a sexy leggings is the kind of outfit that can definitely make guys drool over you.

7. The Barbara Mortelo Look

Do you want to look stylish and sassy everyday just like Barbara Mortelo? If you are a true fan, I am sure you will not miss the chance of buying this really cool leather jacket that she is wearing.

8. The Floor Printed Look

This Faux Leather Jacket outfit with a dandy floral print can work best on a long and productive day whether you are attending a meeting or going for an official business.

9. The Bossy Look

Love to boss around in your office? This attire is perfect for you. You can pair it up with a classy woolen scarf and stylish glasses as worn by the girl in the picture.

10. The Elegant Leather Jacket

If there is a winter welcoming party near your neighborhood, I suggest you to wear this jacket outfit and let the world know your elegance and style.

11. The Jet Black Aura

This jet black leather jacket reflects a warm and lovable persona. So, if you are meeting a friend of yours who is willing to open up to you regarding their problems and need a shoulder to cry on, dress up in this attire and show your support.

12. The Dark Knight in the Dark

The leather jacket in this picture clearly gives the look of a dark knight with its pure black color. So, attending a masquerade party at night with a batman mask and this jacket will definitely let you stand out in the crowd.

13. The Bold and Trendy Look

This stylish leather jacket can be worn on places where you want to show your bold and trendy look like a hangout with your girlfriends or going on a shopping spree in winters.

14. The Zip Up or Zip Down Jacket

Source: zaful.com

With this zip up, trendy faux jacket, you got the option to wear it unzipped and be bold or zip it up to show a different look. Choice is yours.

15. The Vinyl Jacket

This Vinyl Jacket presents a rock n roll glamorous look. You can wear it in night parties and clubs. It has an edgy lace-up design in the lambskin leather.

16. The Street Styled Look

This leather jacket looks gorgeous with a trendy sweater and a pair of sneakers. This gives a rough, street styled appearance that looks quite trendy for this winters.

17. The Charcoal Leather Jacket

The charcoal colored leather jacket is made up of really soft leather. It helps you to move your arms around easily and comfortably. You can wear it on any occasion especially if you want to spend your winter weekends at your bae’s house.

18. The Patch Pocket Leather Jacket

This patch pocket leather jacket looks really trendy and cool to wear this winters. So, grab it and make it a part of your winter wardrobe.

19. The Born to be Wild Look

Source: maritsa.co

Do you belong to the category of girls who are born to be wild, wear biker jackets with boots and a devilish smile? Well, then you can have this jacket as your favorite winter attire.

20. The Devilish Look

Source: us.asos.com

Planning to attend a Halloween’s party this year by wearing something new and different? Try this hot, black leather jacket with a devil themed makeup and rock the party.

21. The Top Notch Swank Look

This leather jacket accompanied by a ripped skinny jeans can make your appearance swank and trendy. You can look super-hot with this amazing jacket.

22. The Pocketed Moto Jacket

This moto leather jacket with pockets can be your pick for this winters. It can be worn on any occasion and can make your day wonderful.

23. The Glazy and Shinny Jacket

Source: i.pinimg.com

You can wear this glazy jacket with a pair of ripped jeans to have a rough and tough look though out the day. A messy bun will add value to your appearance.

24. The Edgy Look

Wear this jacket with a plain white T-shirt and a pair of jeans that can give you an edgy and excited look. Try to wear it on your carefree and exciting days.

25. The Chic Look

Everyone will love you in this chic black leather jacket whenever you will wear it because of its style and appearance.

26. The Zippered PU jacket

Source: zaful.com

This Zippered PU jacket can make you look super sassy in the warm weather. It is comfortable and very stylish to wear and can be worn a simple winter morning.

27. The Nerd yet Pleasant Look

Source: noholita.fr

This leather jacket by Mango can make your day bright with a nerd look. It is small sized and really comfortable to wear. Its stylish look is preferred by many ladies.

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