Wedding planning problems

5 Common Mistakes Brides Make While Planning a Wedding

By: Avatar photo Andy Jones Updated: Mar 10, 2024


Saying “I DO” is just the beginning of the wedding planning time; this is before the marriage even starts. All the decisions are to be made, and you are expected to be an expert on venues, flowers, catering, alterations, budgets, and music options; it’s simply overwhelming. Do you know how much fresh flowers cost? have references for catering? know someone who is capable of altering something as important as your bridal gown? know what kind of music you want and who to hire? It’s time to sit down and begin putting your thoughts on paper. You and your fiancé have your first opportunity to work together to create a memorable day for you and your guests.

Wedding planning problems

The Top 5 Unnecessary Headaches Brides Can Avoid

There is a time frame in which all of this planning has to be achieved, and there is little room for unnecessary errors because errors cost financially. We are going to cover five common mistakes in wedding planning and help you avoid these pitfalls so that you’ll have a wonderful experience planning your special day. You can get a jump start with knowing all the ins and outs of how to address each part of the planning process. Here is a list of the common mistakes brides make while planning a wedding, and how you can avoid these headaches!

1. The Late Start

It’s vital to have plenty of time for the planning of this big event. If you plan on having all the trimmings, they take time to execute. For example, most venues need at least a year in advance for marking the calendar. Deciding what type of venue also needs to be done before many other decisions are made because it will affect them. There is a big difference in catering an outdoor event, than an indoor event. Knowing your venue and its accouterments will help you with organizing your plans.

Rushed planning also affects your wedding dress. If you want to order a dress, they typically require 12-18 months for ordering and alterations. You can purchase a wedding dress off the rack, but it does cut your choices down. The dresses off the rack have been tried on by other potential brides, which may mean they are slightly dirty or have damage. These dresses can be professionally cleaned and repaired, but you need to know this before you get to the bridal store. Another option is to wear an heirloom dress. Heirloom dresses are treasures because they belonged to a family member, but remember they too take time to alter. Last minute and rushed alterations cost more money and have a higher potential of not being a positive experience. So, give yourself time for the wedding dress to be taken care of without rushing you and your seamstress.

2. The Absence of Marriage Counseling

Many couples are busy planning the wedding that they forget to plan for the marriage too. The wedding is a one-day event, whereas the marriage is for a lifetime. Marriage counseling can vary but is typically 6 months long. This is a great opportunity to work through potential issues and talk about expectations. A wedding without a marriage is pointless. Take time to find a marriage counselor and get started; it will help you get through the trials that are bound to come in the future.

3. The Lack of a Wedding Budget

When the word ‘budget’ is said, the common reaction is for eyes to glass over. In order to avoid the headache of overspending, set a budget. This will give you boundaries to work within, while you plan each section of your wedding. Divide your total budget into categories for each thing you will need: venue, dress, catering, music, flowers, rehearsal dinner, reception, invitations, etc…. If you spend more on one section than planned, then you know you need to take away from another section. By being committed to a budget, you will be able to breathe easier after the wedding. Think of the budget as your friend, an accountability partner who wants you to have fun and success.

4. The Shortage of Music Preparation

Now it’s time to choose the type of music you want. Many mistakes and miscommunication happen in this area of wedding planning. Again, deciding in advance opens your options, and waiting until the last minute is not advisable. The last thing you want is no music for your ceremony! Get it set on the calendar early and take away the stress of finding the right musician. Making a written playlist for the musicians is pertinent too. They need to know what you want them to play, and when you want them to play it. Remember to have music playing while the family is entering and exiting the ceremony; often times this is forgotten.

Musicians need to attend the rehearsal; time the walk down the aisle with the music is important, so they know how long the song needs to last. If you are punctual and organized this can be done fairly quickly. If you are still deciding on song choices, this is going to be a headache. During the ceremony you may have a moment where you have the unity candle, a cross puzzle, mixing of sand or such; this may be a time you would like a special song played. When the musicians know what you want ahead of time, it will run more smoothly.

5. The Depending on the Undependable

Throughout the wedding, you will be depending on others to get things done. Realize they may not have the passion for your wedding as you do, and this is normal. It’s important to surround yourself with dependable people and to leave yourself time to fix issues if they don’t follow through. While planning, think of situations that could go wrong and possible backup plans. This will give you confidence that you can overcome problems. Remember, the more you plan and prepare ahead of time, the fewer problems you will have with execution.

You’ll need people for set-up, and clean-up; which are often overlooked. You, the bride and groom, will be leaving out after your reception, but there are still many details that need to be addressed after you are gone. Putting someone in charge of making these decisions is important, and will relieve your stress. You don’t want to be worried about responsibilities when you are leaving for your honeymoon; you want to leave it all behind and enjoy your time together.

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Now that you have seen the 5 common mistakes that brides make while planning their wedding, you can avoid them, and have a better experience with it. Taking away these headaches will give you and your groom less stress associated with the planning, and more happy moments during this process. The wedding and it’s planning should be a happy occasion for you both to look back on for years to come. Learn from other brides’ mistakes, because you’ll make plenty of your own. Also, learn to have realistic expectations of yourself and others. By the time your wedding is over and your marriage begins, you’ll be the new expert giving out wedding planning advise!

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