25 Camel Coat Outfits to Stay Sexy and Warm this Winter

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Camel Coat outfits are a modern classic, and the best way to stay warm, chic, sexy, and sophisticated this winter. Though Camel Coats have been a fashion staple for decades, by mixing and adapting the age old style to 21st century aesthetic, fashionistas are turning heads as temperatures drop.

Chic and Sophistication: 25 Gorgeous Camel Coat Outfits

25 Camel Coat Outfits to Stay Sexy and Warm this Winter

1. White and Light Brown Juxtapose

White and Light Brown Juxtapose

This dark brown Camel Coat looks perfect matched and Juxtaposed by the light brown scarf, Suede pumps, and white pant suit. An air of sophistication and class is added by the draping of the coat, as well as the white handbag with light brown highlights.

2. Relaxed, Warm, Causal; Camel Coat

Relaxed, Warm, Causal; Camel Coat

Source: madewell.com

The white sweater and tight jeans give this outfit a relaxed, autumn look, while the knee length Camel Coat, not only provides warmth on cool evenings, but gives the look a touch of class. Hard blacks in the purse, shoes, and shades, offset the earth-tones of the coat and dress.

3. Sultry and Sophisticated Winter

Sultry and Sophisticated Winter

Source: lupsona.com

A light gray sweater overtop black yoga pants and matched by white fingernails is the perfect simple, yet sultry, Camel Coat outfit. By pairing this auburn coat with light makeups, offset by dark lipsticks and eyeliner, this outfit is great for going for afternoon coffee or a winter evening out.

4. Free Spirited Camel Coat

Free Spirited Camel Coat

A camel coat look for the freer spirit, this look echoes modern pop fashion with a dash of age old chicness. Tight jeans and ankle high heels give this winter fashion a head strong vibe, overcast by a long, full neck, Camel Coat design.

5. Warm, Dark Layers for Winter

Warm, Dark Layers for Winter

This grunge look harkens back to the early 90s Seattle scene with a stunning layered tribute. Using a baggy black top over a white tee, and ripped skinny jeans, this urban winter look pairs the Camel Coat with a renegade style perfect for the stage or the streets.

6. Chic, Sensual, Suave, and Sexy

Chic, Sensual, Suave, and Sexy

Source: womenpop.com

This sensual jumpsuit looking outfit will drive your significant other crazy from underneath the full length Camel Coat. Paired with open pumps and an oversized black bag, this outfit will have you at your most suave and sexy on weekend shopping trips, or late night dinners.

7. Camel Coats for Rebel Women

Camel Coats for Rebel Women

In brand tees, thick shades, tight jeans, and black heels, this autumn Camel Coat look screams rebel fall fashion. A knee length Camel Coat hangs over a simple girl-next-door outfit for a splash of elegance in this simple, yet sultry, look for colder weather. This is a great look to pair with long layered hair.

8. Vintage Look Camel Coat Outfit

Vintage Look Camel Coat Outfit

This elegant, classic, look speaks of a simpler times, and gives you an aura of old school class and confidence. A simple white sweater, tight jeans, and flats, lie under this luxurious knee length Camel Coat, partnered with oversized shades and medical bag for a modern vintage aesthetic.

9. Baggy Camel Coat Modern Aesthetic

Baggy Camel Coat Modern Aesthetic

A full length oversized Camel Coat hangs over jeans, sneakers, and a baggy sweater for a simple, urban, Camel Coat look. A sophisticated, yet straightforward, late year look, this is the perfect outfit for autumn exploring or enjoying Fall’s beauty.

10. Black on Black for Winter

Black on Black for Winter

Source: i.pinimg.com

Black is a preferred color for many in the cooler months, and this black on black Camel Coat look is a great option for looking your hottest in cold weather. Offset by white sneakers and white cap, the full length Camel Coat in this outfit pulls it all together for a tight, cohesive ensemble.

11. Gold, Denim, White and Black

Gold, Denim, White and Black

The denim undershirt in this outfit allows the black and white stripes of the shirt underneath to really pop. A knee length, light tan, Camel Coat is pulled into the attire and supported by the gold purse chain, which ultimately holds this outfit.

12. Cool Weather Casual attire

Cool Weather Casual attire

Another excellent example of the great relationship between denim and Camel Coats; this outfit is slightly more casual than the last, but still packs an air of sophistication. A unassuming white tee overlaid with a denim undershirt and knee length coat could be your roll out of bed autumn attire.

13. Loafers, jeans, and rolled-up sleeves

Loafers, jeans, and rolled-up sleeves

This baggy Camel Coat serves to provide a layered winter look for professional, or casual, cool weather get togethers. Black loafers with gold inlays tie this outfit together, assisted by the gold chain on the mail-boy style bag, and gold jewelry.

14. Gray, Overcast by Camel Coat

Gray, Overcast by Camel Coat

Source: amazon.com

This gray stripped look uses the light brown Camel Coat to really allow the rest of the outfit to pop. With black loafers, stripped shirt, and gray slacks, this dark ensemble gives its staring role to the full length coat.

15. Short Coat and Winter Blacks

Short Coat and Winter Blacks

A perfect rainy fall day ensemble, the thigh length coat overlays an all black outfit, complete with black rain boots. Like our last outfit, this piece gives its most prominence to the short coat and provides the look with a clean, sensual, look.

16. Tight Clothes Under Baggy Coat

Tight Clothes Under Baggy Coat

This dark Camel Coat with long, hanging, scarf, encompasses a tight outfit of jeans, sweater, and high heeled boots. A look that balances heavy, loose fitting winter wear, and taut fall clothing perfectly, This ensemble is chic, warm, and fashionable.

17. Simple, Black, White, Camel Coat

Simple, Black, White, Camel Coat

Another simple black on black outfit under knee length coat, this ensemble is juxtaposed by clean, chic, white sneakers. A great look for fall concerts, autumn walks, and winter contemplation, this outfit complements your sense of style with no hard effort needed.

18. Autumn Colors for Chic Attire

Autumn Colors for Chic Attire

Source: facebook.com

Using tans and whites in this outfit gives it an aura of comfort, stability, and confidence. The light colors of the sweater and shoe tops to pattern with the tans of the Camel Coat and tan soles give this ensemble balance and grace.

19. Winter Sexy; Heels and Coat

Winter Sexy; Heels and Coat

Another sultry fall outfit to warm up your cool autumn evenings, this sexy black on black, Camel Coat wrapped, attire, comes complete with leopard print pumps, and tight knee-ripped pants. A soft, thigh length Camel Coat gives this sensual outfit a touch of class.

20. Simple Brand Name Sophistication

Simple Brand Name Sophistication

This beautiful Chanel Camel Coat offers a quite touch of sophistication and grace to this black on black suit outfit. With tan open heels, black leather purse with gold inlays, and dark oversized sunglasses, this look is perfect for the fashionable professional.

21. Gold Jewelry and Camel Coats

Gold Jewelry and Camel Coats

Source: halftee.com

The gold inlays of the blouse in this autumn fashion staple perfectly draw the outfit together. This luxurious look uses the flash of gold jewelry, fine clothing materials, and of course the tan thigh length coat, to make the overall attire really pop.

22. Urban Fall Bohemian Style

Urban Fall Bohemian Style

This simple urban style echoes the bohemian culture of New York City’s legendary nightlife. With an oversized white sweater, and ripped knee jeans, this elegantly disheveled look brings it all together with the light colored, knee length, hooded Camel Coat.

23. Sneakers, jeans, sweaters, and style

Sneakers, jeans, sweaters, and style

Source: i.pinimg.com

A perfect attire for bonfires, hayrides, and fall family fun, this style combines fashion with function to make for a all inclusive autumn look. A black turtle neck over dark jeans and clean, white sneakers, is overlaid by a warm, cloak like, waist length Camel Coat for a simple cool weather look.

24. Hot Style for Cool Evenings

Hot Style for Cool Evenings

The open v-neck t-shirt under the full length coat in this ensemble is just enough flirt for your Autumn nights out. Accompanied by tight, ripped jeans, and lace-up heels, this outfit can boost your confidence and make you look your sexiest.

25. Winter Nights; Simplicity and Grace

Winter Nights; Simplicity and Grace

A sophisticated and graceful black on black number, this outfit is offset by the sparkling Nike sneakers and baggy full length Camel Coat. Black and white collide in this outfit in balanced perfection and are maintained by the light brown of the encompassing.

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