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36 Breathtaking Loft Interiors

By: Avatar photo Andy Jones Updated: Mar 10, 2024


We have all thought about it at least once or twice in our lives, simply packing up a few of our favorite things and just moving to an open spaced loft. We dream about becoming a minimalist and adore the coziness an open loft has to offer. For some of us, this may not be realistic, but for some the only thing stopping them is what kind of loft they should choose.

36 Loft Interiors That Will Take Your Breath Away

Loft Interior Designs

Finding and creating the perfect loft interior can seem intimidating. It usually entails tall ceilings, open spaces, and sometimes not a lot of storage. The best thing about loft interiors are the blank canvases they hold. From modern rustic, to eclectic or boho, any style you love can be completed in a loft. Take the leap you have always wanted today and make the transition to loft living. Here are 36 loft interiors that will completely take your breath away.

1. We Love White Brick

We Love White Brick

2. Let’s Stay Home

Let's Stay Home


3. Amazingly Modern

Amazingly Modern


4. Call My Style Boho

Call My Style Boho


5. All The Views

All The Views


6. Light Up The Loft

Light Up The Loft

7. Cozy Vintage Dreams

Cozy Vintage Dreams

8. Eclectic Vibes

Eclectic Vibes

9. Brick All Around

Brick All Around

10. Clean Cotton White

Clean Cotton White

11. Roll Away With Me

Roll Away With Me


12. The Black Features

The Black Features

13. Rustic Nights At Home

Rustic Nights At Home

14. Look Down And See The Town

Look Down And See The Town

15. Live In Nature

Live In Nature

16. Classic Loft Style

Classic Loft Style

17. Open All The Windows

Open All The Windows

18. Close To The Outdoors

Close To The Outdoors

19. Cold Winter Mornings

Cold Winter Mornings

20. Our Neutral Loft

Our Neutral Loft

21. Living Room Library

Living Room Library


22. Natural Wood Floors

Natural Wood Floors

23. Make A Bold Statement

Make A Bold Statement

24. Floral Accents

Floral Accents

25. The Swing Is Calling

The Swing Is Calling

26. Cozy Up With A Good Read

Cozy Up With A Good Read

27. See The Sky

See The Sky

28. My Modern Loft

My Modern Loft

29. Easy Storage

Easy Storage

30. A Loft Illusion

A Loft Illusion

31. In Awe Of Vintage

In Awe Of Vintage

32. Small Statement Pieces

Small Statement Pieces

33. Let’s Hang At My Place

Let's Hang At My Place

34. Work From Home

Work From Home

35. Loving The Natural Brick

Loving The Natural Brick

36. Bold Loft Chandeliers

Bold Loft Chandeliers

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