25 Blonde Balayage Short Hair Looks You’ll Love

By: Avatar photo Andy Jones Updated: Mar 10, 2024


Even though we love dark brown hairstyles, we all want that beautiful sun-kissed look that so often adorns Hollywood’s leading heads. We imagine subtle variations of color and hue accenting the carefree curves of our loose curls. We can see the sunlight catching the golden shimmer that makes our tousled waves turn heads on the street.

25 Blonde Balayage Short Hair Styles to Dye For

25 Blonde Balayage Short Hair Looks You'll Love

In years past, our options were limited to lucky genetics or sitting for hours with our hair encased in tin foil while our hairdresser added highlights. But these highlights often ended up looking stripey and leaving a very defined line at the roots as our hair grew out.

That’s where balayage comes to the rescue. Balayage is a subtler, softer highlighting technique that creates a much more natural look and it’s perfect for curly hairstyles. No where is this technique on better display than in blonde balayage short hair styles. These short styles allow the stylist to paint in stunning, eye catching blonde highlights that look like they were the natural work of the sun.

If you think that rocking a blonde balayage short hair style might be the look for you, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve collected 25 of the best blonde balayage short hair styles here. These eye catching looks are sure to be the envy of your girlfriends. Not to mention they will perfectly complement your ombre nails And if you want something shorter try the pixie cut or the curly pixie cut. Gold nail designs go perfectly with these looks!

1. Classic Girl Next Door Short Blonde Hair

Classic Girl Next Door

2. Light Brown Hair Umber Roots Curled Lob

Umber Roots Curled Lob

3. Toussled Stormborn Platinum

Toussled Stormborn Platinum

4. California Sun Kissed Waves

California Sun Kissed Waves

Source: nouw.com

5. Red Carpet Natural Blonde Wave Short Bob Haircuts

Red Carpet Natural Blonde Wave

6. Office Chic Blonde Hair Colors Transition

Office Chic Blonde Transition

7. Rose Gold Hair Lob

Rose Gold Lob

Source: sheideas.com

8. Dirty Ash Blonde Hair with Weekend Texture

Dirty Blonde Weekend Texture

9. Iced Gold Shoulder Length Hair Curls

Iced Gold Shoulder Curls

10. Teased Tiger’s Eye

Teased Tiger's Eye

11. High Contrast Platinum Wave

High Contrast Platinum Wave

Source: peinados.ru

12. Amber Waves with Platinum Tips

Amber Waves with Platinum Tips

13. Molten Gold Cascading Curls

Molten Gold Cascading Curls

Source: modelbaru.id

14. Golden Stacked Bob

Golden Stacked Bob

15. Sleek Reverse Ombre

Sleek Reverse Ombre

16. Rodeo Drive Short Waves

Rodeo Drive Short Waves

17. Dirty Blonde Classic Short

Dirty Blonde Classic Short

18. Sandy Blonde Surfer’s Waves

Sandy Blonde Surfer's Waves

19. Caramel Hair Color with Windswept Lob

Caramel Windswept Lob

20. Sun Kissed Bangs Stacked Bob

Sun Kissed Bangs Stacked Bob

21. Teased Liquid Gold Lob

Teased Liquid Gold Lob

22. Fifth Avenue Golden Tease

Fifth Avenue Golden Tease

23. Silver Blonde Loose Curls

Silver Blonde Loose Curls

24. Amber Angelic Curls

Amber Angelic Curls

25. Platinum Front Lowlight Curls

Platinum Front Lowlight Curls

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