An amazing list of 50 birthday gifts for friends

An amazing list of 50 Birthday Gifts for Friends

Jennifer Woods Gift Ideas

It can be tricky to find the best birthday gifts for friends because you want to consider their likes and tastes, but you also want to find cool presents that will leave a positive impression.

When you are considering your options for fun gifts, it is important to think outside the box. Coming up with a unique gift idea that touches on a small part of a friend’s interest or personality is thoughtful and fun, and it is an important part of maintaining friendships.

Sort through this list of fifty unique gifs to find that just right birthday present idea for any friend.

The best 50 unique birthday gifts for friends

An amazing list of 50 birthday gifts for friends

Whenever a birthday rolls around, it can feel daunting to come up with inspired gifts for your friends. You can search through the mall for hours or scan page after page on Amazon and feel like you haven’t quite found the right thing.

Instead of spending all your precious time endlessly wading through generic and impersonal gifts, why not make it easier on yourself by using this meticulously curated list of fifty of the best birthday gift ideas? After all, birthdays are about celebration and good times, not whiling away hours in indecision and gift paralysis.

This list offers tremendous variety, featuring big and small gift ideas, expensive and cheap gift ideas, and playful and sincere gift ideas. With so many options, there is certainly something for everyone here. As you peruse, consider what trends and hobbies your friend tends to gravitate toward.

The best birthday gifts for friends are ones that they can use, that match their interests, and that reminds them of you. With this unique and long list, you are sure to find a gift that will suit your friend’s tastes and show them how much they mean to you. Happy birthday to your friend – and happy shopping to you!

Fun and Retro Personalized Record Doormat

Everyone loves fun gifts, and this one is a top choice for the music lover in your life. This cool doormat can be personalized to feature your friend’s name. Come up with something clever for this great gift idea. Another feature of this mat is its dark coloring. Dark-colored mats mean fewer stains and longer life.

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How-To Printed Cork Yoga Mat

Sometimes doing yoga on your own at home and at your own pace is the best way to do it. This mat gives your friend the freedom to explore positions on their own and to always have a convenient “cheat sheet” just below their feet. Give this to any friend you think would benefit from the practice of yoga.

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Sleek and Slim Genuine Leather Wallet

Unisex gift ideas can be tricky. Although traditionally a gift for men, this super cool card holder can be enjoyed by anyone. Made from high-quality Italian leather, this wallet is made to last. And although it is slim, it can hold up to 11 cards. The soft light brown coloring goes well with any outfit or bag.

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Enjoy Happy Hour Every Hour

This adorable clear and pink water bottle reminds you that, with the right attitude, every hour can be happy hour. With a one-liter capacity, you can fill with your favorite drink and even add some fresh fruit to diffuse into the liquid. And thanks to the wide hole through the top, you can clip it to any bag or even your keys.

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No. 2s for your No. 1s Feet

Knee-high in length, these super cool socks make a great gift for the teacher in your life, for your friend who loves writing, or simply for someone who likes graphic socks. The design extends all the way to the toe so even when the shoes come off, the illusion is merely extended, not ended.

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Steampunk-Inspired Exposed Edison Bulb Lamp

With three shining exposed bulbs all sitting at different levels, this looks like a lamp out of an inventor’s laboratory. Get this for a friend who enjoys gadgets and who enjoys a bit of fun and playful décor. With each piece available in multiple colors, you can customize it to create the perfect gift.

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Cute and Classic Mini Library

For the bibliophile in your life, you cannot go wrong with this adorable tiny library. With familiar titles and small books that even open for a page or two, there are so many cute petite books that create an entire collection. There is something charming about an in-home library; this one is so small it can fit in the littlest home.

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Cool Repurposed Bottle-Opening Skis

Many people who hit the slopes like to enjoy a cold brew after a long day. This one-of-a-kind custom-made bottle opener is the perfect addition to any ski or beer lover’s home. An expert at upcycling old skis, this item’s creator uses great tools and precision work for high quality and unique pieces.

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All-in-One Handmade Wooden Docking Station

This is a gift for the friend who has everything but has nowhere to put it. Offering a design that can hold nearly a dozen of your daily essentials, this small but mighty piece is a perfect gift. There is a place for everything so that cords don’t get tangled in glasses, and glasses don’t get scratched by coins.

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Scratch-Off 100 Best Albums of All Time

This cool scratchable poster is the perfect gift for a music aficionado who wants to round out their knowledge or for a friend who may have gotten into music a little late and has some catching up to do. No matter who you are, you can appreciate having the best albums of all time listed for you to check out and scratch off.

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Sanitizing Case for your Smartphone

Everyone knows that phones are gross. They are touched frequently without much thought. They are placed on dirty surfaces and sometimes even passed around to others. The gift of a clean smartphone is one that anyone could appreciate once they start to consider the last time they gave their phone a good cleaning. Useful gifts are always cool presents.

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Slim and Sleek Wood and Leather Wallet

Practical and pretty items are great gift ideas. This beautiful blue wallet is slim enough to fit easily in a purse but large enough to hold keys, cash, and credit cards. With a unique and handcrafted look, this piece would fit well into the collection of any fashion lover and is a great gift idea.

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Grow a Beard Men’s Beard Care Kit

Men who grow beards often appreciate when their beards are admired. It takes time and patience to grow and carefully craft a well-groomed specimen. That is what makes this kit a good gift. Not only can you show your appreciation for their amazing beard, but you can give them the tools to keep it looking good.

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Customized Color Crescent Moon Ring

Available in three different colors, this gorgeous ring comes in any size and will look great on any finger. If you have a friend who enjoys jewelry but doesn’t want anything too fancy, this is a good birthday present idea. Although simple, it is quite lovely and looks good on its own or paired with other rings.

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Artistic Apple with a Technical Surprise

Thoughtful gift ideas for anyone who appreciates how things work, this apple looks red and juicy and delicious on one side, but a slight turn reveals a motherboard of circuitry. The apple is made of wood, giving it even more of a nature-meets-technology vibe. Many parts are made from recycled materials to make it eco-friendly

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Modern Vanity Mirror with Option Lighting

When coming up with birthday gifts for friends, a good gift is one that is also useful. This mirror is a top choice for friends who enjoy hair and makeup or who simply like to get a closer look. Including 24 LED lights, this mirror offers dimmable options to give the user the ability to determine the level of brightness.

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Super Cute Paper Crane Earrings

Sometimes a small gift idea is exactly the right gift idea. These petite crane earrings are handcrafted and can be customized to your friend’s favorite color. Since this is a unique gift idea, your friend will surely not have anything like this. Made of paper, these tiny birds are mighty but delicate; be sure to take care of them while wrapping.

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Refreshing Mojito Mixology Set

Birthday gifts for friends can come in all shapes and sizes. This complete molecular mixology kit doesn’t break the bank but includes everything you need to make your friend feel like a bartender. This kit not only includes needed tools but how-tos for the scientific side of creating craft cocktails. It’s an ideal gift for the aspiring mixologist.

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Leather Personalized Toiletry Bag

With many things marketed towards a specific gender, unisex gift ideas can be hard to come by. For instance, although marketed towards men, this awesome toiletry kit would be a great gift idea for a lady friend as well. You can customize the engraving making this a special gift that will be cherished and used for years.

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Head Lock Wrestler Bottle Opener

Let your friends show that bottle cap what’s what with this funny Lucha libre wrestler. This bright red bottle opener will become an interesting piece for friends and will remind them of you every time they pop open a Corona with their fierce red wrestler. Created for a Mexican design challenge, this piece is a neat and unusual gift.

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Customizable Branding Iron for Wooden Design

If you are looking for useful gifts for your entrepreneurial friends, then this awesome branding stamp is a good choice. Order this with your friend’s brand or initials to allow them to make their mark on furniture, equipment, or any other wood pieces they might have. Cool gifts like this are hard to come by making them a good choice.

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Color-Changing Cube Night Light

When considering birthday gifts for friends, it can be good to think of things anyone would enjoy. This super cool bedside cube serves as a reading lamp, night light, mood light, Bluetooth speaker, built-in microphone for phone calls, and alarm clock. This amazing piece of equipment weighs less than two pounds and is easily portable for on-the-go use.

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Funny Expletive Coffee Mug Gift

If you have a good rapport with your boss or coworkers and are certain that they wouldn’t mind a little bit of crass humor, then this coffee mug, with its humorous saying, is a playful and fun choice. With this kind of mug in the break room, your friend will never be at a loss for which mug is theirs.

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Women’s Socks Featuring Famous Art

What better way to show appreciation for art than to display it on some fun and funky socks? These socks have a casual and cozy feel, making them wearable every day. If you are looking for small cheap gift ideas that still pack a big punch of personality, these socks are a good option.

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Golf Ball-Shaped Whisky Ice

Those who enjoy whiskey know you want it cold, but you certainly don’t want to water it down using standard ice. That is why these chilled golf balls are awesome. They serve the same purpose as ice, chilling the drink, but they don’t melt and ruin your perfect drink. Ideal for golf lovers, whiskey lovers, or best, lovers of both.

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Six-Pack Beer Soap-Scented Sampler

Although you may not think of beer and soap as a natural combination, these soaps are scented with essential oils to create masculine soaps that are crafted with love from beer but smell divine. With a variety of scents and textures, this is a great gift idea for someone to try out a few different bars and then decide what they like.

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Pretty Pink Marbled Boss Lady

Everyone has women in their lives who rock. This cool mug doesn’t shy away from mixing feminine with strong, printing a loud and proud “boss lady” over a powerful pink marbling. Designed with gold font and edges, this mug will shine just like the friend you gift it to.

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Catch up on Retro Wonder Woman

This box set featuring every episode of the original Lynda Carter Wonder Woman makes a great gift idea for any inspiring woman or comic book lover in your life. Proving that female superheroes can be just as awesome and powerful as their male counterparts, Wonder Woman paves the way for strong female leaders – and stellar gifts!

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Delicious and Delightful Spa Basket

Birthday gifts for friends can come in all shapes and sizes; the main criteria is that you find something your friend will like. This spa basket is something no one could resist. Filled with fabulous lavender-scented goodies, with this basket you are not only giving a physical gift but the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation.

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Gorgeous Genuine Leather Cotton Paper Journal

Most people wish they wrote more, and with this gift, you can give your friend a little encouragement. Featuring soft cotton pages and beautiful leather binding, this lovely and thoughtfully crafted book is easy to get lost in. With a spot for your favorite pen, your friend will always be ready to jot down ideas, thoughts, and feelings.

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Deluxe World Travelers Scratch-Off Map

Seeing the world is an admirable goal, but remembering all the places you’ve been can be tricky. This map will help your friend relive the memories of their journeys and also encourage them to dream of the places they have yet to see. Offering fun geographical facts, this is so much more than just a map.

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Multi-Pocket Hanging Leather Toiletry Bag

If your friend is always on the go, then chances are they may need a new toiletry bag. This bag is a great choice, featuring a hanging hook, four storage compartments, and a cool sleek look. Folding up easily for storage in a bag or suitcase, this bag can go anywhere and will hold all overnight essentials.

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Create Your Own Sculptural Lamp

Friends who are crafty will love being able to design and redesign their own lamps at will with this unusual gift. Available in sets of 50 to 240 blocks you’ll help to inspire fun creations for years to come. These blocks even offer a sound-activated mode allowing them to be turned on and off with a clap or a whistle.

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Exposed Edison Bulb Book Ends

Most book lovers also enjoy the unique. This funky light up bookend will serve multiple purposes for your friend’s library. Designed to keep everything in place, they also light up the room and can be used as a reading lamp or a light source for finding your favorite title. Available in four beautiful colors.

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On the Go Portable Blender

Great birthday gift ideas come in all forms. Kitchen gadgets are always cool and can make for really unique gifts. This compact portable blender is great for anyone who is busy. Great for parents making meals for toddlers, or a smoothie on the way to the gym, take it anywhere.

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Portable Petite Gen and Tonic Kit

The perfect small gift idea for the jet-setter in your life is this all-in-one portable cocktail kit. Offering everything you need for a perfect gin and tonic besides the booze and a bit of club soda, your friend will be flying in style and sipping a high-class cocktail. Great for multiple uses so they can enjoy whenever they travel.

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Crafty Adventure Scrapbook for any Occasion

No matter what special day you and your friend are celebrating, taking the time to document your amazing adventures is a thoughtful and much-appreciated gift. Fill this book up with the funny and crazy antics you and your friend have faced, or give it to them blank and tell them you look forward to helping them fill the pages.

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Rose Blossom Aromatherapy Spa Box

Breathing in the fresh scent of wild roses is a relaxing treat that you can now give to a friend. This box comes with seven elements all designed to inspire complete relaxation. Each item can be used individually or can be combined for one big spa day. Another great feature is that it comes pre-gift wrapped.

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Refocus and Relax with Mindfulness Cards

Being reminded of the important things in life is always a gift well received. These cards will help your friend re-center and reconnect with themselves and the world around them. Offering prompts and exercises to promote everything from rest to kindness, these cards will help teach your friend to take a deep breath and relax.

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Beautiful Cork Yoga Rolling Wheel

A rolling wheel is a useful tool for any athlete or yogi, and one which they may never have thought to get for themselves. Sore muscles and aches are unfortunately a common part of many people’s everyday lives. This beautiful wheel helps relieve pain and tension with a gentle rolling motion that will have your friends feeling more relaxed.

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Adorable Brown Baby Boy Bow-Tie

Birthday gifts for friends can always extend to their kids. This absolutely adorable baby boy bow tie is a top choice for a friend’s baby shower or child’s birthday party. It is cool and sophisticated, and you can be assured that they will look so cute in it. Made of high-quality materials, it will stay put and be comfy on their little neck.

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Artistic Music Lover’s Playing Cards

These incredible and inspired playing cards feature fifty of the world’s favorite musicians, from Beyonce to Freddie Mercury and so many in between. This is a perfect gift for music lovers of any age and may inspire them to get to know some of the artists featured that they may not be as familiar with. Rock on!

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50 of the best birthday gifts for friends for their next big day

No matter what gift you decide on, be sure to give it from the heart. If possible, take your time when deciding on a gift. Try to notice the little things your friend my like and surprise them with a gift they may not expect. They will be grateful for your thoughtfulness and will have something they are sure to enjoy.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, and be sure to enjoy the shopping process. The pleasure you get in finding the perfect gift is often reflected in the gift itself, and the satisfaction of giving a friend something they love is like no other.

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